I Hate One Direction

Double Trouble

The Hotel wasn't that far off from where I lived but I was way too lazy to walk there on my own so I decided to get Faye's lovely brother to drop us off on his way to his Yoga class.

"There it is..." I stared in awe of the luxurious five-star hotel and smiled as I rolled down the car window.

"You know... as much as I want to admire the beautiful structure of this hotel, I'd rather get on with our mission today. Time is money Lize, tick tock," Faye nudged my elbow as she held the car door for me. "Thanks bro! Meet us back here in about an hour or so after you're done with class." She informed him and he drove off shortly after. The moment we reached the twelfth floor of the hotel, Faye stood in the elevator, stunned. "Wow, they weren't kidding when they said it'll be tough to get inside,huh?" I heard Faye huffed. Pfft. Tough? More like impossible. Mission impossible. Pun intended.

I turned to look at the doors that lead to One Direction but found more than fifteen huge giant bodyguards, shielding the doors like a barricade . The hairs on my arms stood still. "What's the matter? Scared?" Faye smirked as she turned to me.

"Pfft. Not at all," I lied, brushing it off.

"So...What's the plan?"

I smiled, waggling my eyebrows. "That," I said as I pointed to a young lady dressed in her twenties that just walked by just a while ago. Noticing she had a 1D authority pass clipped on the side of her dress, I figured she could possible be one of the managers—meaning she surely had authority to enter their rooms. She had long brown hair and fairly tanned skin, which was a bonus since I had some similar features, making it easier for me to impersonate her. "Wait here," I instructed Faye as I ran towards the lady, bumping into her on purpose. At the same time, I clipped off her pass and hid it behind my back.

"Oh my god— I am so sorry!" I bowed my head forward slightly, feigning innocence.

"Ugh, honestly... Teens," She rolled her eyes in frustration and simply walked away without responding to me. How rude. I turned to Faye giving her a thumbs up before making my way to her.

" It seems to me like this may actually work. Miss Angelic. Her hair color seems pretty similar to yours, don't you think?" Faye giggled as she took the pass in her hands.

"Miss Angelic? Well, she wasn't much of an angel when I bumped into her," I scoffed, taking the pass from her. "She'll probably be back realizing she dropped her pass. I only have about..." I glanced at my wristwatch, "15 minutes or less. You wait here at the side and keep a look out. Text me a letter if you see her anywhere near," She nodded as I instructed. "Okay, here I go. Wish me luck!" I took a deep breath before walking calmly towards the guards clipping the pass on my shirt. "Hi. Uh.. I'm here to talk to my boys," My fake british accent started to kick in a few seconds later, which made me shiver a little. One of the bodyguards leaned in closer and took a look at my pass but seemed a bit suspicious of me. I thought on my feet and continued, "Had plastic surgery. See, now my wrinkles are gone," I smiled wryly.

"Oh," one of them responded, ushered me the way in. I swear I heard Faye laugh quietly in the background. Knocking on the door, one of them called out to the boys, "Miss Angelic is here to see you boys." Stepping into the room, I heard a raspy voice answer.

The view wasn't quite what I expected. I don't think two half-naked British boys are exactly a pleasant sight. I blinked oddly while they blinked back, with much confusion. Previously, one of the two were busy playing video games while the other looked as if he was trying to search for something, which I'm guessing would pants since he was half-naked.

"Well, you're certainly not Angel," Harry said, dropping his jeans on the ground, showing his boxers. I assumed it was a nickname for Ms. Angelic.

"Sorry to disappoint uh.. what's your name again?" I wrecked my brain, trying to remember which one was which. "Louis.. is it?" I bit my lip, taking a wild guess.

"Is this supposed to be a joke? How can you not know who we are? And that's Miss Angelic's pass! You're one of those crazy fan girls, aren't you—"

"No no no! I'm not! I just need your help!" I tried puling off my British accent but I started to panic at the same time.

"I know you're not British, I know a fake hasty accent when I hear one," His face started to turn angry. "Ugh.. they just won't stop, will they?" He sighed in frustration. "Look, we literally just kicked some random kid out. So please leave before we call security—" He stepped forward but then his friend interrupted.

"Now now, Harry. She seems to be in quite of a panic there. Let's hear her out," His friend held Harry's shoulder to assure him that it's fine.

"Thank you uh—"

"Louis. The name's Louis," he smirked, taking out his hand.

"Noted." I smiled back, returning the handshake. "See, I need your help. This bitch in my school blackmailed me by using my big secret against me and she's not afraid to post it on the internet. I can't let this happen. I don't have much time to tell you the whole story now but could we maybe meet a later time? I know that you guys are really busy but I honestly just need about half an hour or so."

"Wait— what does this have to do with us?" Harry furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"I started this whole 'I hate One Direction' Feud on Facebook and I'm extremely sorry about that. Unfortunately, now that dog face of a girl is forcing me to apologize to you boys and have Niall tweet about it for proof."

"Oh so you're that Facebook hater girl? What's your name again.. ooh Liz right?" Louis asked.

"Yes. It's Lize with an E. But I took the status down. And I sincerely apologize... so please, can I have all of your autographs and have Niall tweet about me?" I wasn't called a drama queen for nothing.

"Why should we do you that favour if you hate us?' Harry frowned, folding his arms across his chest.

"It's not really you people that I hate. It's your fan girls! I wasn't thinking straight when I posted that and I really regret it. I'm really sorry—"

"Hey Louis, have you seen my— woahhh who's that? Another fan girl?" Niall came in, looking surprised.

"Niall!' I ran towards him and grabbed onto his arm. "I need you to tweet about my apology to One Direction. Like, right now. Miss Angelic will come here any minute now! This is a life and death situation!" I panicked.

"Wha— what's happening? What's this girl talking about?" Niall looked utterly confused. I had a hard time trying to figure out what he was trying to say over his thick irish accent. Bzzz. My heart jumped at the vibration. It was probably a text from Faye. That did it. It was over. My life was over.

"Guys, please, you've got to help me," I pleaded, looking at Louis. Damn it, I've never begged anyone before, this is so embarrassing. We all heard a loud knock on the door.

"Here," Louis handed me a small crumpled piece of paper that he took out from a pair of jeans.

"What the heck is this?" I frowned at it.

"We'll meet again soon. At a proper time," He smirked. The next thing I knew, the bodyguards barged in and dragged me away. Literally.

"Thanks guys!' I managed to shout out. I turned around only to face Miss Angelic glaring at me, flaring her nostrils.

"Stupid child!" She fiercely snatched her pass from my top, almost ripping it. Guess she had something against children too. She then flipped her hair in my face, walking back to where she was headed.

"Did you get it? Did they tweet about you?" Faye asked while taking out her smart phone, checking her my twitter page.

"No... but I got—" I slowly opened up the piece of paper, "his number?" I furrowed my brows in confusion.

"What? You got his number? What the hell, I thought you hated them?' Faye raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah I do... but I didn't ask for his number. He just gave it to me because there wasn't any time left. The bodyguards dragged me out of there. Plus, Miss 'Flaring nostrils' over there almost freakin' ripped my top," I pouted.

"But hey, at least you got their number. Now all we have to do is call them and meet them at a secret place somewhere," She said. "Oh by the way, was Harry naked?" She asked eagerly.

"Yeeah. Half-naked, but still blinding. But come on now, let's keep it Pg-13 alright?" I rolled my eyes at her.

I sent him a text. Yes. A text. I didn't wanna call him in the middle of their rehearsal. That'd be really bad timing. But well, the sooner the better.

Hey uh... it's Lize. I don't really know what to say right now but are you guys free after your rehearsals? I kinda need your help fast. I'll tell you the entire story later on.

The funny thing was— he answered almost immediately.

Oh, hey! :) That was fast. It's Louis by the way. ;D Sure we could drop by after our rehearsals.Is tomorrow at 2pm fine? I could pick you up in our limo quick and then drive around places.Then after we're done we could drive you home. Bring sunglasses and a scarf so paparazzi wouldn't recognize you.My manager has a meeting with the other agents so that's the best time we could meet up. :)

Great! Perfect! The sooner the better.:) Thank you so much Louis! Oh and I almost forgot.Could you bring pictures and autographs of everyone in the group while you're at it? I hope it not too much to ask. :/

Louis: Oh, no worries, Love ;) Sure, haha!

Well, that escalated quickly. Who knew I'd be meeting up with a band whom I previously called 'Tone-deaf Monsters'. I smiled as I lied down on my bed, feeling assured that things would go well.

"So? When are we meeting them?" Faye nudged my hand as she laid beside on the bed, her eyes never left the television screen.

"We?" I looked at her, oddly.

"Oh, come on! I didn't just get through all that just so you could have some one-on-one time with the world's biggest boy-vocal group. They're one direction. I must be crazy if I let this opportunity slide," Faye frowned.

"Ugh. Fine," I sighed as I started texting again.

Oh sorry about this but uh... My friend, Faye, wants to come along. She's partly why I got to the hotel int he first place so I kinda owe her. :/ Can she come along. Only the two of us?

Yeah, yeah! Sure! No worries, Love! Really:)- Louis

Thank you, again! :)

"All right, done. Happy now?" I looked at her.

"Very." She patted my head.

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