s e r e n d i p i t y

By | AimiAkaibara |

Romance / Fantasy


Yoongi is a normal man in a small city where lingers boats and waters; a man who doesn't even express care to the world except with his "close" friends. He considered life as a waste, and he yearns for something to change his life. Yoongi dreams of living a life that he deserves to be, but his fantasy remains hidden. When his best friend, Hoseok invited Yoongi over to the bar for a drink, Yoongi decides to take a sip and leave since he is not the kind of person who can handle crowds - not a social and party person - as soon as he leaves the house after a sip of alcohol, he walks over beneath the ominous yet beautiful moonlight to the edge of the beach side for a munch on his favorite snack, dried seaweed. The moonlight so peaceful and elegant; little does he know that the drop of his dried seaweed would bring forth the myth from the deep.

e p i g r a p h

“ his beautiful voice and eyes, i finally found my serendipity, my true love“ -Min Yoongi

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