Caged Wonderland


Halo Three: Harley:

With the fifth gate opened, stronger demons came into the living world. Just like the ones before them, they too wanted homes made out of flesh and blood. It wasn’t just the children and tadpoles who saw them this time. The demons would try and deal with them after they were all settled in the living world. A couple of them would wreck havoc in their own way.

She opened her eyes in the deep night sky. She hadn’t seen Ikebukuro since World War II when she was floating over it next to her boss. Tonight, she looked around below her.

I made it.

Now, she had to find a vessel to call home.

She flew over the city looking for a body dying or dead. Her first choice was an old man dying of a heart attack. His wife tried to call for an ambulance as he clutched his chest. He gasped for air as he started sweating. Meanwhile, she in the sky looked at the old man on the sidewalk.

No, too old.

She flew over them and resumed her search. A younger, fat man looked to be choking outside of a convenient store. He held his half-bitten sandwich in his hand. The man stumbled around, trying to breathe. She looked at him as he tried to get the food out of his throat.

No good.

She flew away and resumed her search again. This time, she came upon a gang fight in the middle of a junk yard. She tried to see through the muscled and skinny men exchanging blows with knives, fists, and a spiked ball. She could keep up with each rapid movement. So many humans to choose from.

That’s when she spotted her.

A woman lay on the ground bleeding from a deep stab wound to the chest. Her breathing became labored as blood poured from her heavy bust. Two gangsters dressed like punk rockers tried to contain the bleeding.

“Stay with us, aneki,” one of them said. She in the sky looked down at the dying woman. She looked rather attractive despite on tattoos on her torso. Her short shorts, ripped pantyhose, black ripped top, and jewels screamed boss. She in the sky smiled at the black spiked heels.


She flew straight down to the woman dying on the ground.

The dying woman sat up with a jolt. She turned to the two shocked men by her side.

“Boss?” one of them asked. The woman turned to face him.

“So this is what it’s like,” she said. “I miss this feeling.”

“Huh?” the other thug asked. The woman jumped to her feet.

“What are you standing around for?” she asked. “We’ve got a war to finish! Get to it!” The woman marched forward into the fray. The men looked at each other wondering what just happened. Their boss looked over her shoulder.

“What are you doing standing there for?” she asked. “Come on already!” The thugs reluctantly shrugged and followed behind. The woman smirked to herself as she walked closer to the battle.

Meanwhile, another demon floated around in the sky. He too wanted a vessel. This had to be a special vessel for him. He had always taken male bodies to possess. For a long time, he waited for that damned gate to be opened.

Tonight he would make the most of it.

He made his way to Ikebukuro Ekimae Park. When he looked down, there was a couple sitting on the grass, making out. The man inched his hands towards his girlfriend’s breasts. She gently tried to push him away. He tried again, but she pushed him off.

“What’s the matter?” the boyfriend asked. His girlfriend shook her head.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she lied. Her boyfriend frowned.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” he said. His girlfriend shivered with her hand to her chest.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I just can’t…” He rolled his eyes.

“Again?” his boyfriend asked.

“I know I keep putting this off,” the woman reasoned. “It’s just…” He in the sky observed the couple talking. He had his eyes on the boyfriend. The man had some nice muscles to his arms and torso. The demon watched as excited thoughts ran through his mind.

He will do just fine.

Timing had to be everything to a possession. The wrong moment could just upset everything and plus, the target wasn’t alone. Maybe he could wait until the man seduced his girlfriend and he got up and went to the car for condoms or something. For now, the demon waited patiently.

“What?” the man asked on the ground. “Don’t you love me?”

“I do,” the girlfriend said. “I’m just not ready.”

“Well then, when?” he asked. She shrugged and shook her head. The man gave her a sympathetic smile as he put his arm around her shoulders.

“Aw, come here,” he said. “I’ll wait as long as I have to.” His girlfriend looked up at him, wide-eyed.

“You really mean that?” she asked. Her boyfriend laughed and held out his arms wide.

“I love this mu-!” he shouted to sky.


His girlfriend screamed as long brown claws stuck through her his chest. Blood splattered all over her white blouse. Blood ran down his open mouth. The attack happened so fast that neither one had time to react. She couldn’t even see the creature attacking her boyfriend. The claws were yanked out of the dead man and the body fell on her lap. A pair of golden eyes rested on her. He in the sky panicked.

Oh shit! That bastard killed my target! Looks like I don’t have a choice!

The faceless creature moved in for the kill. The poor woman shielded her eyes as she started screaming. But then, nothing came. She lowered her arms and found herself alone.

“That was close,” the demon said in her body. He paused and looked down at her chest. Right away, he spotted the two giant breasts on her chest. How could he not reach down and touch them?

“Hm,” he said, fondling his vessel’s breasts. “This is different.”

W-W-Who are you?

“Oh, you’re still here,” he said. They froze when they heard sirens in the distance. A flashlight flashed in the woman’s face.

“Police! Are you okay, miss?” a police officer asked. She put up her hands and shielded her eyes. He would have to take the new body out for a spin later.

Shiki looked at all of the files in front of him on the table. Clean, too clean. The Tandeki Group had no major criminal records attached to their name. Osamu had been arrested for petty crimes in the past. Shoplifting, vandalism, a couple of fights at his school, but this all took place when he was still a minor. Other than that, nothing really stuck out. The mob executive frowned.

“I do not like this,” he muttered.

Something didn’t sit right with him about Rampo Biotech. Nobody Kazamoto talked knew what they did for a living. The building itself had been around since the seventies. Rampo Biotech didn’t become officially active until about 2010. However, there had been reports of activity in the building as early as 1999.

Clearly there had to be something shady going on. But why look up the Tandeki Group and Rampo Biotech? Call it a hunch. Then there was the issue of Akabayashi’s death.

Yes, that issue.

Who put the curse out on him? Akabayashi had many enemies in the past, but they didn’t seem like the type to go the curse route to put an end to him.

Also, what kind of curse was this? Akabayashi didn’t seem like the type to feel something like that. Was that woman he was saying a witch? Anri said something about seeing the Red Demon with a rotting corpse in bed. Who was that skeleton he was found with? Of course, the people were stumped by all of these questions. Kazamoto couldn’t come with any information either.

Shiki rubbed his forehead. Despite the headaches this created, he just had to find the truth. The mob executive looked at the notes in front of him again.

-Earlier in the Day-

Akane sat on the swings of her school playground. None of the children were playing like they normally would. They spoke in hushed toned with their orange paper lanterns by their sides. Occasionally, they will look up at the sky and see the dragons known as Paranoia and Intolerance floating by. Like her classmates, she too could see the ghosts and demons wandering around the city. She saw the dragons flying around in the sky. The teachers and parents were starting to believe the children at this point.

“You can see them too, can’t you?” someone asked beside her. Akane turned her head. A boy about her age dressed in a school uniform sat next to her on the swings. She gave him a strange look at his Totoro hat on his head.

“Yeah,” Akane said at last.

“I see them too,” the boy said. “Oh, my name is Kawamata Goro.”

“Akane,” she said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Goro said back. The children bowed their heads at the swings.

“You can see them?” Akane asked.

“Yes,” he said. “I used to talk to this man dressed in a black coat every night.” The mob princess’ eyes widened.

“A man dressed in black?” she asked.

“Yes,” Goro whispered.

“What does he want with you?”

“I don’t know. He never talked back. The man would stand outside my door and stare at me. Mama had to put charms around all over the apartment and in our rooms. She thought that I was playing around until I kept telling her what I saw.” The little boy shivered. “It’s kind of creepy to think about it.”

Akane looked down at her lap. She had heard the stories of children being spirited away by demons in the streets at night. Despite being a powerful branch of the yakuza, her father and grandfather wouldn’t let her go out alone. Security around her grew tighter after Akabayashi’s passing.

“How long will we be seeing them?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. Both children shivered. It didn’t help that even the adults started to look worried at this point.

“Look! There’s another one!” a girl on the playground yelled, pointing at the sky. “There’s another dragon!” Akane, Goro, and the other children rushed over for a look. And sure enough, three dragons now flew in the skies of Ikebukuro.

Henshuubyou and Fukan’yo drifted in the skies when they heard rumbling sounds like footsteps in the clouds. The dragons took into human form and sank to their knees. The younger of the two instantly bowed. A man with long blonde walked up to them. He had tiny mirrors sewn to his red, white, and black kimono.

“Yo,” he said, waving.

“Brother!” Henshuubyou said.

“Welcome home, Kyoei-nii,” Fukan’yo said. The older dragon looked around.

“We’re short a brother,” he said. Henshuubyou and Fukan’yo lowered their heads.

“Oh, other gates aren’t open yet, I see,” the older dragon said. “That’s okay.” He hugged his little brothers.

“We can wait until he comes along,” he said. “I missed you so much.” They turned into their dragon forms and started flying around in the sky again.

On the ground, the gangster woman looked up, smiling.

“Beautiful,” she said. She pulled out her vessel’s phone and looked at the screen.

“I wonder what’s going to happen next,” the woman said to herself.

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