Caged Wonderland


Halo Six: Kyoei:

[I am Kyoei, the vanity dragon. Like what you see? My body is covered in many mirrors. I am the most beautiful dragon ever. Okay, my brothers are just as beautiful as I am. Together, we make the skies that much more appealing. But alas, we are short one brother. He’s still locked away in the sixth gate. We are powerless to go and free him. All we can do is fly over the city feeling incomplete. But, Ikebukuro looks so much more active as usual. The demons below are sure spicing things up.]

-Aoba and Kururi-

“Are you doing it right?” Kururi asked as she looked down at her right foot in Aoba’s hand. He sighed as he painted another coat of dark blue on the big toenail.

“Keep your foot still,” Aoba complained. He frozen as he glanced up to see his royal highness glaring at him.

“Please?” he was quick to ask. Kururi perked up. The girl posse all sat around in her room. Two of them were texting back and forth to each other.

“Hey, Kurui,” Tsukiyama said. “There’s a party Shinjuku tonight.”

“Really?” the queen bee said with a cat like smile. “Girls, we’re going out tonight!” Her friends squealed in delight. Aoba rolled his eyes. Another party, great… His mind went back to the discovery about how Mairu died in utero in this timeline.

“Tell me what happened,” Aoba pleaded with Izaya.

“What do you say?” the information broker asked on the leather couch. Aoba frowned and puffed up his cheeks.

“Really?” he asked.

“Hey, say it or you will get nothing,” Izaya said. Aoba glared at him as he dropped his shoulders.

“Please?” he asked. Izaya sat back and shrugged.

“Years ago, dad took mom with him on a business trip,” he said. “Mom was about four months pregnant with my sisters at the time. By day three, mom started to bleed down there. Dad took her to the nearest hospital. She suffered a miscarriage. Mom and dad were heartbroken, of course.”

“Miscarriage?” Aoba asked. “But…” Izaya held up his hand.

“I’m not done,” he said. The boy closed his mouth.

“Thank you,” Izaya said. “The doctors suggested that she have a dilation and cutterage surgery done. Everything had been scheduled. But on the week mom was going to have it done, the doctor found a heartbeat. He suggested that she still have the procedure, but it would be an abortion. They said that Kururi-chan would be brain dead at best. That she would need extensive care around the clock. She could be disabled and ruin our lives. But, mom refused to do it. She didn’t care, she just wanted to precious baby.” He looked rather angry, at least only a second, before calming down.

“Anyway, Kururi was born healthy,” he said, handling Aoba the hospital files he had been digging up for weeks. “The doctors all called it a miracle. But our sister died in the womb.” The boy looked at the files for himself. Izaya looked to be telling the truth. The information broker looked up at the ceiling.

“Anything else you want to know about my family?” he asked.

“No,” Aoba said. He turned and walked out of Izaya’s office.

“You remember that still owe for my hard work, remember?” the information broker asked after him. That only made the boy walk out of the office even faster.

Remembering those words made Aoba shiver.

“Aoba-kun!” Kururi shouted in present day. “Don’t get nail polish on the carpet! I just had it cleaned this morning!”

“Huh? Oh, sorry about that,” Aoba said. He went back to finishing his ‘girlfriend’s’ toenails.

“Thinking about that invisible sister again?” Tsukiyama asked. The girls giggled as Aoba’s face turned red.

[The poor miniature king is trapped in a hell his mate has created. As her friend laugh at his misery, he plans to try and get his lover’s twin sister back. Only, he doesn’t know how to and has to deal with the hell that his love built. Now, he also has to pay back her brother in some way for his services.]


Around noon, Shingen invited the tadpoles out to the park. He gave them exact directions for today’s tests. Only wear gym clothes and sneakers. His test subjects looked just as confused as they stood waiting in the park.

“Why are we out here in gym clothes?” Anzu asked.

“I haven’t worn this since high school,” Megumi said as she tugged on her shirt.

“I don’t like this,” Tetsu said. A white van pulled up to the tadpoles standing around, waiting. Shingen and Emilia stepped of the vehicle. The older doctor pulled out a huge crate of items. Tetsu floated his arms across his chest.

“What are you all up to now?” he asked. “Why the hell are we in gym clothes?” Shingen set the crate down on the ground.

“We’re to have mini-sports day,” he said simply.

“What?!” the other tadpole asked.

“W-Why?” Mikado asked.

“To test the new augmentation in your bodies,” Shingen answered. He and his wife began settling up the obstacle course.

“The object will be like your typical sports day at your schools,” Shingen explained. “You’re just going to complete ten challenge and my wife Emilia will time you.” The field researcher pulled out a small black stopwatch. She already had a whistle around her neck. A collective groan filled the air.

“Come on,” he said. “Aren’t you curious about what all you can do now?” The tadpoles didn’t speak. Somehow, this crazy doctor knew how to strike deep when needed.

“So what if we do?” Tetsu asked.

“Again with the questions, Aso?” Shingen asked. “Look, these tests will be easy and they won’t take long. The sooner we get finished, the sooner you can leave, got it?” Again, the tadpoles didn’t speak.

“Okay,” he said, breathing out. So, the tadpole sports’ day began. First, they had stretch to get ready. Shingen had them do push-ups, sit-ups, long jump, crunches, lifting small weights, throwing a basketball, kicking a soccer ball, hitting a baseball, and two types of running. The couple tested the tadpoles on strength, speed, and endurance. Emilia had her jaw to the ground the whole time. Shingen couldn’t keep him with their movement with his eyes before the gas mask.

“Impressive,” he said. It looks like Nebula might be right about these tadpoles. The test subjects weren’t tired and didn’t even break a sweat. Shingen cleared his throat.

“Thank you for your time,” he said. “You are free to go. We will be in touch.”

[My brothers and I don’t have much to say about these tadpoles. They really are starting to stand out more and more each day. Some demons already hate them. They might even want them dead. Still there are even some that want to push them to stand out.]

-Minami Naoki-

I have always been an asshole. I do not like people touching me. I don’t try to touch them either. I have my reasons. Those will become clear eventually.

I am in my second year of grad school. I didn’t care in the beginning, I just did to make my parents happy. They seemed to be concerned about me. They kept trying to push me to be more “normal” in their eyes. I just shrugged it off and went along with it.

I unlocked my apartment door.

“I’m home,” I muttered. I don’t see the point. I live alone anyway. Well, there was a maid, but I fired her. I took off my shoes and walked into my apartment. I didn’t expect to be doing much today. I walked over to my desk and started on my homework. I grew up rich. My family and I never had to worry about money. They made sure that I had the best in life. With the best comes expectations. I didn’t mind it at first. As long as I got attention, I would be fine. My parents, grandparents, and teachers showered me in it. When I got older, they expected me to have the perfect grades and to be on my best behavior.

Pretty soon, I got bored.

I just closed off everyone around me and just did my work just to keep them off my back. It’s been like this ever since. After that one incident when I was eight, it got worse.

I clicked my pen and turned the page. Thinking about that incident now makes me angry. That bastard stole my life and stuck me with this power. I’ve tried to limit myself to only using it for good people. After that, we cannot touch again.

I was working on page fifty-six of my English workbook when my phone rang. It’s probably Ayumi, grandma, or mom calling to check on me again. Aside from my problems from that incident, I’m fine. They don’t seem to be convinced by that, however. Time to humor them for a little bit. I groaned and reached over for my phone. A confused look waved over my face. Heh? I do not recognize the number. I’ve answered unknown caller before and that bastard’s voice has filled my ears. I shouldn’t answer it again. I really shouldn’t…

“Hello?” I asked.

“Is this… Minami Naoki?” a woman’s voice asked. I narrowed my eyes.

“Why?” I asked. I could hear whispering in the background of the other line. It sounded like two people, a teenage boy and a woman, telling the caller what to say.

“My name’s Fukao Megumi,” the caller said. “Does the name Chou Mori ring any bells to you?” The color drained from my face when those words hit my eardrums. I saw a vision of this conversation when I had an episode in my school library. But it still shocked me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’ve all been victims too,” Megumi said. “Listen, can we meet up somewhere? We don’t want to hurt you. We just want to find the others and talk.”

“Why should I even trust you?” I asked. “You could be working with that bastard to lure me into a trap.” I could hear more whispering over the phone.

“Who’s that with you?” I asked.

“Minami-san?” another woman asked.

“Now who is this?” I asked.

“My name is Naomi,” she said. “Just want to help each other out through this mess. Please let us help you.” I looked at my phone and frowned.

“Fine, whatever,” I muttered.

“Where do you want to meet?” Naomi asked.

“There is a library near my apartment,” I said. “I will send you the directions.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Whatever,” I muttered. I hung up, turned off my phone, and went back to my schoolwork. Why did I do that? Old habit, I guess.

-Izaya and Mari-

“How long has your computer been like this?” Izaya asked.

“Weeks,” Mari said. They both stared at her laptop on her desk. Yoemon-sensei’s face stared at them, smiling like a possessed cat.

“I can’t turn it off,” Mari said. Izaya waved his hand in front of the screen.

“There is something else,” his sex buddy said. The information broker turned his head as she pulled out her phone. Mari pulled up the e-mail. Izaya took the phone and looked at the screen. The address came from the dead professor. Yoemon-sensei must have scheduled the message to send as soon as Mari cleared the second level of the Dis Program. The message only contained a video attachment. Izaya tapped the screen. In the video, Yoemon-sensei sat in a dark room with a light on his face. His pushed up his glasses.

“Hello, Otomo-chan,” the late professor said. “If you are getting this message, that means you have cleared the second level of the Dis Program. You are wondering why you see my face on your laptop. Don’t worry, I just loaded my consciousness into the program. It’s going to spy on your computer or anything. If you are curious about what all the Dis and I can do, you have to keep decoding the program. May the odds smile upon you.” Izaya looked over at Mari’s laptop. Yoemon-sensei’s face that much creepier. Mari shivered and closed the laptop lid.

[She can’t hide from the dead professor’s eyes. He’s holding her laptop hostage. But, this is only the beginning. The more she decodes, the more he takes over. So why doesn’t she stop? Well, there is her mother spying on her progress, so…]

-Ryoko and Harley-

Meanwhile, the demons were adjusting to their new bodies. Once Harley settled in, she began her search. What she was looking, she wasn’t too clear herself. She spotted an office lady with long dark brown hair in a ponytail dressed up in a dress suit. The woman walked around as this was her first time in high heels. Harley tilted her head.

“Is that…?” she asked. The gang leader ran over to the office lady.

“Itami?” she asked. The office lady froze and looked up.

“Harley?” she asked. “Is that you?” The gang leader smiled and turned around.

“You like?” she asked. “This vessel was about to die in the middle of a gang fight. So, I just jumped right in.” Itami whistled.

“Impressive!” she said.

“Thanks,” Harley said. She tilted her head. “And you… what’s with that vessel? You usually go after men. Did you want to try something different?” Itami threw back her head and groaned.

“This wasn’t my first choice,” she said. “Her boyfriend got killed by some monster. So, I killed the monster and took over this vessel.”

“It looks great on you,” Harley said out of sympathy. The possessed woman glared at her.

“Shut up!” she snapped. Her face turned so red. Harley smiled.

“So, what is your vessel called?” she asked.

“Ryoko,” the office lady said. “Kita Ryoko.”

“Ah,” Harley said.

[They are just starting to love this world. I can’t do the same until our final brother is here. It will only be a matter of time.]


A man walked up into the hospital. He ran to the front desk with a shifty look on his face. The receptionist recoiled but kept a professional look on her face.

“Can I… help you?” she asked. The man slammed his hands down onto the desk.

“I need to see a doctor!” he said.

“Okay…” she said. “Please take a seat, sir.”

“It’s not me!” the man shouted. “It’s for my wife! It’s really bad! Please can’t you help her?” The receptionist stared at him with big eyes.

“O… Okay… Please take a seat and I will call someone,” she said. The man shook but walked over to waiting area and took a seat. The receptionist called up one of the first available doctors. Meanwhile, the man started biting on his thumb as he thought back to his wife’s detonating condition. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal!

He tightly shut his eyes as his stomach turned.


Chiharu looked down at the toilet with the small brown bottle in her hand. She twisted open the lid and was about to pour the liquid in. But then, she froze. Chiharu knew what she had to do, but she just wanted the pain to stop.

She shut her eyes and drew back the open bottle. Chiharu walked out of the bathroom.

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