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The Dark Secret


At the age of 4, Caveira has lost her father due to heart cancer. After the incident of father death. The family has hard time to get things together and eventually lost everything that they have. . The story of Caveira is based on Rainbow Six Siege's operator as BOPE. But the small story has been mystery until now. You will know the past and what has happen to them.

Action / Adventure
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August 12, 1993. In Salvador, Brazil. At the age of 4, Caveira has found out the hard and sad truth of her father's death. He has died from heart cancer at the age of 44. During that time, the family has issues with their relationship with each other. Eventually, they have been forced to move out to the nearby city in Brazil. Caveira's mother has some personality changes before her father death, but she don't know what or why exactly the case of that reason. When they reached to the next city in Brazil, Caveira has lost her eight brothers during the journey. Half of them got caught by Brazil police for escaping the country and other has died due to starvation and heat stroke.
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