By gucci.

Romance / Humor


Park Jimin likes Min Yoongi's coffee. Sort of.


The air smells of freshly cut grass and rain.

Jimin rushes past multiple people, desperately finding some sort of shelter from the pouring rain. He eventually spots a coffee shop, and after about a minute of contemplating whether or not he wants to be stuck in a place filled with mothers looking for bean juice, he enters quickly.

Bean juice, Jimin inwardly slaps himself for that use of the word. It's called coffee.

"Sir?" Jimin's thoughts are interrupted by a tired, low voice.

He looks over to see a man standing at the counter, clearly agitated.

Jimin gasps a bit. "Oh! Yes. Coffee." he walks up.

As the man puts in his order, Jimin looks at his name tag.


"Your name?"


Yoongi gives him a look. "Isn't that a girl name?"

"Unisex." Jimin corrects and Yoongi just rolls his eyes a bit, writing his name on a cup and sliding it across the counter.

"That'll be 7.50."

"Oof," Jimin huffs, reaching for his wallet. "You guys really want money."

"I've never seen a cheap coffee shop."

"Damn right," Jimin hands him 8 dollars. "Keep the change."

Yoongi gives him a weird look and gives him his receipt. Jimin smiles. "Thank you, Yoongi."

Yoongi scoffs a bit and watches with big eyes as Jimin walks over to the side. He leans on the counter and asks, eyes sparkling, "How long have you worked here?"

"About a year. Since December."

"Ah, October already~" Jimin stares off blissfully. "Pumpkins."


"It's my birthday soon," Jimin hums. "You should make me a birthday coffee~"

"I will not," Yoongi gives him a slight smile. "But happy birthday."


Jimin's name is called and he goes to get his coffee, then stands next to Yoongi again.

"People are going to think you're in line."

"But I'm not. I'm holding my coffee."

Yoongi just goes silent.

Jimin takes a sip of the coffee. Bitter.

Yoongi looks at him, a little alarmed when he sees the other having a coughing fit.

"What's wrong?"

"Tastes like shit."

Yoongi smirks a bit. "Put creamer in it."

"Why would you give me black coffee?"

"You didn't specify what kind you liked. What do you expect from us?"

"To read my mind, obviously." Jimin sips his coffee again. Bitter.

"You are a weird one, Jimin."

Jimin gives him a radiant smile. "Thank you."

Yoongi just looks away and sighs. "I'm guessing you never actually wanted to come here," he says quietly. "It's pouring outside and we're the only closed space for miles."

Jimin points at him and gives him a crooked smile. "You got me."

Yoongi sighs and looks at the door as a man walks in. "Well, fuck me in the ass." He mumbles.

"You like him?"

"Far from it. Bastard. He's so rude- hey! What would you like?" Yoongi interrupts himself and gives a smile to the man.

"Coffee." the man says plainly.

Yoongi looks down and grabs a cup, starting to write on it.

"What? You're not going to ask for my name?"

"I already know it." Yoongi responds, giving him an uncomfortable smile.

The man huffs and Yoongi slides the cup across the counter, causing the man to huff yet again. Yoongi tells him the price, the man pays and complains, then leaves.

Jimin whistles. "Really is a bastard."

"He's also my ex."

Jimin whistles again. "Damn, kitty cat, you make poor decisions."

"Kitty cat?"

"You remind me of a cat."

"I'll take it as a compliment."

"Please do." Jimin smiles and takes another sip of his bitter, bitter coffee.

"Prostitution." Yoongi says out of nowhere.

Jimin frowns. "What?"

"I would sell that man to prostitution."

"I don't think he'd be very successful." Jimin jokes and Yoongi gives him a slight smile.

"Is this a touchy subject? Prostitution?"

"I think so, but we're talking about it anyway."

Yoongi looks forward. "I guess we are."

The coffee shop interaction gave Jimin an electric buzz the rest of the day, gave him a reason to smile in the face of tragedy, which was the weather. He ended up going into a store to buy a bunch of coffee. Not that he'd drink it but... maybe he can invite Yoongi?

Don't get whipped already.

Jimin entered the coffee shop the next day and perked up when realizing the place is empty.

"Business sucks today, huh?"

"It sucks everyday, dumbass."

Jimin gives him a mischievous smile. "Hot chocolate."

"Not coffee?" Yoongi asks, looking a bit disappointed. "It's my personal recipe."
"In that case, coffee."

Yoongi gives him a smile and puts in his order. After all is done, Jimin leans on the counter.

"Personal recipe?" Jimin asks, pushing for details.

"I walked in drinking coffee and the manager at the time stole it. Then he made me share my secret," Yoongi smirks a bit. "I'm a talented cook."

"You don't cook coffee."

"I guess that reflects my cooking skills."


"Any other hobbies?" Jimin asks, smiling.


"Ooh, piano?"

Yoongi smirks. "I'm good with my fingers."


"I also rap."

Jimin teases, "Tongue technology, too. We should totally hook up."

Yoongi rolls his eyes a bit. "What do you do?"

"Ballet," Jimin sighs. "And I sing."

"You have a woman name and woman hobbies."

"Sexist. I'm calling the feminists."

"They're not all bad." Yoongi claims.

"None of them are bad," Jimin corrects. "The bad ones aren't feminists. They just claim they are."

"How can you say such a controversial statement yet so boldly?"

"It's my talent."

"I love it."

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