The Dark Times Will Pass


Illidan picked Sarah up, cradling her to his chest. Glancing down at the body of the young woman in his arms he said, "You are mine now, outsider." Three weeks have passed since Sarah Metcalfe was found at the site of the road accident. She has undergone therapy, doctors & hospital visits to ensure she is physically fit, yet she has still kept her adventures in Azeroth secret, locked away from everyone, including her best friend Drew Stewart - her "faithful puppy". One night, Sarah unexpectedly finds a way back to Azeroth. Drew witnesses her disappearing through a portal, so what does a faithful puppy do? Runs run after its master of course. The war with the Legion continues. She learns Khadgar has moved on, and so she must too, but she does so by choosing a particular path. One that will lead her straight to Illidan Stormrage.

Fantasy / Adventure
AJ Wright
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Author’s Note

Hello, and thank you for returning to me on another trip with Sarah Metcalfe to Azeroth. This time, she has used “Introduce a Friend” albeit unintentional...ha!

A bit darker than the last story, The Legion’s Catalyst and in many ways harder to write for me, but fun nevertheless.

I have veered right away from some of the game content, bringing some encounters out elsewhere as opposed to Blizzard, or bypassing them altogether...this is intentional for the way I want my characters to develop and interact with recognised NPC’s.

Again it is primarily a love story, so I hope no-one will be offended at some of the’s just a fantasy trip after all of some poor wretch who loves the game and the whole Warcraft universe.

No portion of this book may be translated, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from AJ Wright/NightElflady. These are very personal creations, that have taken me a long time to create, do not disrespect that.

NPC’s and lore references from the Warcraft universe are owned by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. Warcraft, World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

My O/C’s and their story development/interactions are strictly mine. All Rights Reserved © AJ Wright/NightElflady.

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