You Complete Me


A different rendition of what could have happened during the main story line of 'The Labyrinth.' A boy runs it this time, and his 'enemy' is more willing to help him... but what exactly are his true m

Fantasy / Romance
Faith Clifford
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

WARNINGS: boyxboy, language, blood, psychological, sadism, adult situations for future chapters

"I don't suppose you'd want to help me get through here, would you?"

A young man in a white wife beater and plain black jeans with rips at the knees stood before a large stone wall. He wore white lace up shoes with scuffed and dirt covered laces. His long ebony streaked fuschia colored locks framed his handsome face in soft flips that pointed outwards. A silver embellished necklace reading 'Aoi' hung around his neck, telling of his identity.

In front of him stood an unusually small creature, about four or so feet in total height.

"Ah but get through where?" a cheery but teasing question leaves the creature's mouth as it flips back its bright blonde curls and grins a sharp toothy grin. He wore a dark red suit made of some soft fuzzy fabric, but no shoes, and seemed to hold a rather "I'm a queen so treat me like one" attitude.

"There!" Aoi says and just as he was about to point at the walls, the creature turns its head away.

"Whats there?" he asks. Aoi sighed in frustration and tries again.

"The door to the walls!"

"What door?"

At this Aoi growled with utter despair and slumps onto the wall.

"It's pointless asking for anything!" he cried hiding his face. At this, the small creature stops examining his primly styled nails and looks back with a slow swivel of his head.

"Not... if you ask the right questions," he hints subtly and grins. Aoi slowly lifted his head, and realized what exactly that was supposed to mean.

"How... Can you help me get into the walls?"

The creature's attitude does a full 360 and he exclaims happily as though discovering a much kept secret. A happy expression crosses his face and his reddened lips curl upwards.

"Ahhhh, now that is more like it!" He smiled and walked past Aoi to a rather mossy and vine covered area. He pushed a bit of them back and revealed – lo and behold- a huge stone door with strange and cryptic carvings nestled into the surrounding walls. "You gets in... there."

As they neared the door it miraculously swung open, the ancient metal hinges squeaking and groaning under the weight.

Aoi swallowed hard and looked back at the creature.

"Well... who are you anyway?"

"Ruki," came a haughty answer as though expecting Aoi to know him. But the unknowing look on the others face a few seconds later makes him frown displeasure. "You uh... Really going in there, are you?"

Biting his lip, Aoi looks into the now much bigger maze and takes his first hesitant step inside.

"Well yes," he answered. 'I'm afraid I have to."Without waiting for an answer he steps further in, shuddering as a cold damp air covered his arms in goose flesh. The moldy moss covered brick walls extended, seemingly indefinitely. He swallowed back another ripple of fear and looked at Ruki, 6nly to find him... gone.

"Ruki? Where did you go?"

The doors stood open and silent, not another soul passing through. So Aoi sighs and looks around.

"Oh so cozy ain't it!" That familiar voice cackles near his left ear, making him flinch in utter panic and terror and swivel to where the voice came from. And there, as haughtily as ever, stood Ruki, a hand on his hip. "Hahahaha! Scared you didn't I? Teeheehee..."


"Now," the blonde interrupts and begins to circle tauntingy around Aoi. "To get to where you desire to be, you must first make a choice; left? Or right?"

Saying this he extended either arm in the directions of the passageways, a rather impish smirk on his lips. Aoi looked either way before looking at Ruki.

"Well... which way would you go?" he asks.

"Me?" Ruki says and puts a hand to his chest. "I wouldn't go either way."

Aoi tsked in annoyance and rolled his eyes.

"If thats all the help you're gonna be you can just go."

Ruki huffed and pokes a finger at Aoi's chest before going to a nearby wall.

"You know what your problem is? You take too many things for granted. Take this maze for example; even if you get to where you want to be, you'll never get out again. This place keeps you, holding you until you find yourself not even wanting to leave."

"That's your opinion," Aoi says as he decides finally on taking the right.

"Well, its a lot better than yours!" Ruki said with a humph and proceeds to the door. Aoi watched the small creature walk away and pursed his lips.

"Thanks for nothing, Ruki chan..."

"Aghh its just Ruki! And don't say I didn't warn you!" the blonde retorted and glared one last time at Aoi before storming out. He flinched as the doors slammed shut, sending dust up in clouds. Aoi sighs and looks back around himself. The walls were silent, cold and uninviting. But at the same time... strangely beckoning... He shook his head and blamed it on his overactive imagination.

"The only time when I would kill to have Reita with me right now..."

He spoke fondly of his annoying but dearly missed little brother. Who... With a pang of deep regret and sadness, now lingered in the castle he had set his heart on reaching. But he looked up to the walls only to find that he couldn't see so much as a few feet over the walls. Only the same orange glow of a near to set sun. Aoi began to walk, avoiding tripping over the fallen branches as he did so with caution.

And only now did the words of his conversation with his brother's kidnapper echo deep in his skull. He once more began to regret all of this.

A tall mysterious figure stood at an opened balcony window, the wind from the cold rainy night swishing around his pale, illustrious white hair. His dark lined eyes shone purple and gazed at the young male before him. He wore a tight black leather top that covered from the left side of his shoulder to the wrist, and on the right only a strap. The top came to just above his belly button to show off a perfectly toned and desirable body.

His legs were clad in tight black pants that had random slits and cuts in them as complicated patterns to show off his lean legs, his thighs mostly.

"You're him aren't you..?" he whispers fearfully. "The Goblin King."

The man smiled and gave a small laugh, but didnt answer. He only continued to stare... Aoi felt a deep rooted fear race through him as he looked upon the stranger.

"Please, give him back if it's all the same."

"What' s said is said," the man chuckles and crosses his arms.

"Please give him back... I didn't mean it!"

"Ohh," the man chirps in amusement. "You didn't?"

"Please? Where is he?"

The man narrowed his eyes and gave small smirk, speaking in his deep velvety voice.

"You know very well where he is," came the answer. "And why he is there."

Unwilling to say much more, Aoi tries again. This time with fresh tears pouring down his face in such a shameful manner. But he couldn't care less at this point.

"Please, I need him back! He must be so terrified-"

"Aoi," the man cuts off with a loud voice. Out of nowhere the man is before him, a red snake is in his hands, curling and coiling around the man's fingers. After a few brief seconds the man glares at him and speaks in a low, threatening voice. "Do not go against me."

Sudenly the snake is being flung at his neck. In a state of panic, Aoi screams in terror and grabs for the snake, only to feel a soft fabric under his fingertips. Hurriedly he flings it to the ground, where it lays dormant for a small nanosecond before transforming into a small creature, one he recognized as indeed a goblin. The creature stood, cackled in a throaty harsh voice and scuttled off to some unknown area of the room.

Aoi swung his head back up to meet the eyes of the man, who was now grinning like a madman and with a hand on his hips.

"You're in no way a match for me, Aoi. Just give up..."

"I can't," Aoi whispers. "It isn't that I don't appreciate what you're trying t do, but I just need to have him back..."

"Aoi my darling... Go back to your room. Play with your books and your little... gadgets. And forget about the baby." After the raven stood resolute for a moment the man decided to continue. He brought up his bare arm with the black glove on his hand and lets a clear bubble materialize inbetween his fingers. "I've brought you a gift."

The boy looks upon the object with teary eyes, which begins to harden and was now rolling effortlessly through the mans hands in a dizzing defiance of gravity.

"Wh... What is it?"

"It's a crystal, nothing more... But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams... Do you want it?" The boy once more ignored the gift, and made the man pull back his hand. "Then forget the baby."

"I can't... Now where is he?"

The man sighed and turned to the window, beckoning Aoi to come closer.

"He's there, in my castle." Aoi looked out and felt his heart drop to his stomach. There beyond the window was a dismal, bleak landscape, the sky red as sunset and the ground bone dry, cracked and dusty. And off in the distance, a massive dizzying structure he percieved as a maze, sprawled across the horison. The walls created twists and turns meant to fool whomever set foot inside. And nestled right smack dab in the center, a dark castle towered over the maze and giving an ominous feeling even from so far away. "Do you still want to look for him?"

In the blink of an eye, both Aoi and the stranger were whisked to an area near the maze, a small hill just overlooking the walls. A subtle breeze stirred up the red dust around them and made his eyes hurt.

"Is that... the castle beyond Goblin city?" he asks and turns to the man. However he gets no answer and only more discouragement.

"Turn back Aoi," the man pleads. "Turn back before its too late."

And for a second the boy could swear he saw desperation in those cold violet eyes. But it disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

"I can't," Aoi says again and gulps. "Don't you understand that I can't?"

The man sighs and looks upon the boy with genuine concern.

"What a pity."

Aoi once more examines the maze, his stomach doing flips.

"It doesn't look too far," he said confidently, yet nearly jumped as that smooth voice murmered into his ear.

"It's further than you may think. Time is short..." Aoi watches as the mans hand points to a tall clock tower not far from where he stood outside the walls. Only this clock had what looked to be thirteen hours instead of twelve. Both the small and large hands rested on thirteen. "You have thirteen hours in which to solve my labyrinth before your baby brother becomes one of us... forever."

And the man gave a small playful smile to Aoi, boldly caressing his face and making the boy blush before stepping back and fading from view. Inside his head, Aoi could hear the mans voice in a low sultry whisper that sent shudders through him.

"Such a pity..."


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