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-Smut Serie- Finally, you found a job that would pay you enough to help get rid of your dad's debt. Your mom died years ago and because of that your dad took a bad path. Eventually, he ended up in jail but the huge amount of debt that he had to pay was now your job. You finally found a job that paid you a lot. Altho serving men in a tight, short skirt wasn't really your thing. It was the only way to get rid of you fathers debt. If working there wasn't worst enough then you didn't know your boss Taehyung yet. Or should I say pervy boss?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Note: This is a smut story which will contain a lot of sexual content. If you’re underage I recommend not reading it, and if you do it’s just at own risk😂🔞

Finally I found a good job that paid me enough to get rid of my dads debt. Not all at once of course. My dads debt was way too big for that. Ever since my mom died my dad started to walk a bad path. Last year he ended up in jail and the huge amount of debt that he had, was put on me. Now I have to work my butt off to pay it off, and besides that I still need to pay my own rent and stuff. Why is life so hard? I took a refreshing shower and quickly blow dried my hair. I walked up to my closet and grabbed a simple light blue skinny jeans with a white blouse to wear, and some flats to go with it. I made myself something to eat and before I knew it, it was already time for me to get going. I wouldn’t want to be late on my first day. I checked my phone to see which bus I should take. Once I got on it was only a matter of time before I arrived at my new workplace. There I stood in front of the doors of ‘Starlife’ I took a deep breath and made my way inside. The small bar was filled with men talking, eating and drinking. There were also a lot of women’s walking around, all dressed in a tight fitted black skirt with a white blouse. The women were serving the men and taking orders and some even seated themselves by them while talking. Guess you could call this some kind of hostess club.

″Hello can I help you?″ a beautiful girl asked coming up to me.

″Ah yes I’m here to start my first day of work″

″Whats your name?″ the girl asked while inspecting me. I immediately bowed politely.

″My name is Y/F/N nice to meet you″ she smiled warmly and nodded her head.

″Follow me″ and so I did. She brought me to the back of the bar and it was really big there. We entered a locker room, guess we change here. And on my way I saw another big room where we had our breaks.

″So first let’s get you changed. I will grab your clothes for you″ I nodded my head and waited patiently for her return. Once she returned I changed into the clothes who fit me perfectly. I never wear tight skirts like this so it was kind of new.

″Woow your figure is really pretty″ the girl said amazed making me blush a little.

″Thank you uuhm″

″Oh I didn’t introduce myself yet. I’m Iseul″ I shook her hand and smiled.

″Come I will show you around″ I followed her out of the locker room and we headed to a door next to the locker room.

″Here are the showers″ she said opening the door and my eyes widened. It was really big and pretty inside. Better than my shower at home.

″Now here we have the room, that we have the break in″ she said leading me to the door I saw before. That room was also really big and luxe. There was a big table with chairs to eat on, a big tv screen and expensive couches. The room was really beautifully decorated. Maybe working here wasn’t as bad as I thought. Iseul showed me the kitchen and after that, we entered the bar again.

″So I don’t know if you know how it works here, but I will explain anyway. So our job is just taking orders and serving the people who come here. There might be a chance that one of the men or maybe even women asks you to join them and you can’t say no to them. The only thing they will do is talk and they are only allowed to touch you a little, but they can’t go too far. If they do that they get immediately kicked out. The good part is you get a tip. The only time when you can say no if you want to is if you wear a golden button, just like that girl there.″ Iseul pointed at a girl who was busy taking orders from some men.

″That button means that you only take orders and serve them nothing else. The people who come here know the rules, so they won’t even ask you″ I nodded my head understanding her explanation.

″When do you get a button?″ I asked.

″When the boss says you need to wear it. He usually gives it to the girls who are uncomfortable with accompanying men″ Iseul explained and I nodded my head. The fact that she said ‘he’ means the boss is a guy. He actually sounded quite nice. Iseul looked at her watch and soon other colleagues came our way.

″Come on, the boss will arrive in a bit″ I followed her to the break room together with the other colleagues. I introduced myself to the rest and we talked a bit until the door swung open.

″Boss good morning!″ Everyone said happily and my eyes looked at the doorway. My eyes widened at the sight of a handsome guy standing in the doorway. He was wearing a white blouse, the sleeves rolled up and a pair of dark jeans. He had brown hair and his eyes were just a beautiful dark brown color.

‴Goodmorning″ he replied smiling and I felt my heart melt.

″I see the new one has arrived″ he said looking at me making me gulp.

″Nice to meet you I’m Y/F/N. I promise to work hard″ I said bowing. He came up to me narrowing his eyes. He came super close to me our faces just inches away.

″Give her a golden button″ was the only thing he said before turning around to walk away.

″Miss L/N I want to see you in my office after you got your button″ he spoke with his back facing me and then left. Iseul handed me the golden button and I pinned it on my clothes.

″Uhm where is his office?″ I asked softly and Iseul smiled.

″I will show you the way.″ We went past the rooms she showed me before and turned around the corner. There stood a big dark brown door with the word office on it.

″There you go″ she said smiling and waved before disappearing. I took a deep breath and knocked twice on the door.

″Come in″ I heard a male voice say and I slowly opened the door. I entered, closing the door behind me and stood still seeing the boss seated in a big chair behind a really big desk.

″You wanted to see me sir″ he nodded his head and motioned me to sit down across of him. I quickly scanned around seeing that his office was really spacious and also had a couch and a flatscreen tv.

″Y/N″ he said and I immediately turned my head his way and straightened my back.

″Yes sir?″ he chuckled at my reaction before looking back at a file that he was holding.

″So your 23?″ I nodded my head and he looked back at his file. I started to get really nervous about any questions he could ask me. He suddenly put the file on his desk and stood from his seat.

″It says you live alone right now, is that true?″ he said walking up to me and leaning against the desk looking down at me.

″Uhm yes″

″Why?″ he bent over bringing his face closer.

″Uhm..... my mom died years ago and my dad is in jail″ I answered softly looking away.

″Single?″ I turned my head back to look at him with a confused look.

″Are you single?″ he asked again and I slowly nodded my head. Why is he asking such questions?

″Stand up″ he said while getting his face away from mine. I slowly stood up from my seat standing in front of him. He looked at my body from head to toe. He suddenly pulled me by my wrist, pulling me close.

″What are you doing?″ I asked slightly angry because of his actions. He smirked a little making me mad. I suddenly felt him squeeze my ass while he brought his mouth to my ear.

″Get to work″ he whispered before letting go of me. I gave him an annoyed look and left his office. I need to control myself, there is no way I’m getting fired on the first day.

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