Do I hate you? (Jungkook x Reader)


Your mom's friend has financial problems, so your mom decided she could stay together with her son at your house for a while. You didn't mind until you find out her son was the asshole you met on the street the other day. Did your hate for him remain? Or did they develop into feelings?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Just another normal day at school. But luckily it was Friday. I just had to endure this last lesson.

″Mika your hair is so pretty today″ one of my classmates said to Mika. Mika is one of the popular girls here at school. Only because she has a lot of money though. And I would be lying if I said she was ugly. But still I don’t like her. She didn’t really bully people but she still was all full of herself. And that annoyed me, she acts like she is better than anyone else.

″Of course, isn’t it always pretty″ she said cockily. That’s what I mean. Well whatever I don’t really interact with her or anything, and I want to keep it that way. *Ring* Finally school is over.

″Y/N wanna go to that new cafe that just opened?″ My friend asked but I had to decline.

″I’m sorry I cant. My mom asked to come straight home after I finished school. She had something to tell me. Maybe she is finally going to give me a puppy!″ I said excitedly. I wanted a puppy for a long time, but my mom always said no. But this time she sounded quite excited herself and she said I would like it. So I was hoping that maybe she would get me a puppy.

″Its okay another time maybe″ my friend said. I nodded and said my farewell before heading home. I plugged in my earplugs and walked down the street while listening to music until I bumped into someone’s chest and fell to the floor. One of my earplugs fell out of my ear and I gave an annoyed look to the person that was standing in front of me. My eyes widened, he was so handsome. He had beautiful almond shaped eyes and cute little lips. His hair was black and covering his forehead. I eyed him from head to toe and he was wearing ripped skinny jeans with a black sweater and a beanie. I looked back at his face and he arched his eyebrows.

″What? Aren’t you going to apologize?″ he asked me. He sounded quite pissed. I stood up and fixed my clothes.

″Apologise? Who me? You should apologize″ I hissed at him. Who does he think he is. I fell on the floor and he doesn’t even help me but wants me to apologize. No way I’m gonna do that.

″Tsk whatever″ he said and walked past me. What a rude guy. I don’t care if he is handsome he is an asshole. Glad I will never see him again. I walked my way to the bus station and headed home.

I just arrived home and I could see my mom standing in the doorway.

″Come in, Come in″ she said excitedly. Alright, now she was really getting me curious. I walked into the living room and saw my dad sitting at the dining table.

″So″ my mom began after she closed the front door and entered the living room.

″You know my friend Mrs.Jeon right?″ she asked me and I nodded my head. I have seen my moms friend a couple of times. She is a really nice woman and I heard she divorced her husband 3 years ago.

″Well she has some financial problems right now. So I decided to let her stay with us for a while together with her son″ my mom spoke. Honestly I didn’t mind Mrs. Jeon was a really kind-hearted woman and her son was probably too, although I never met him. And they had trouble so why not help her out right?

″I don’t mind. Was that what you wanted to tell me mom?″ I asked. Cause why would I like this?

″Yeah. I wanted to have your approval too. Cause they will be coming today″

″And why would I like this?″ I asked her still not knowing why I would be glad about this.

″Her son is around your age. So I thought you would be excited about that. Maybe you can finally get yourself a boyfriend″ my mom said wriggling her eyebrows.

″No thanks″ I replied.

‴But where are they going to sleep again?″ my dad asked finally speaking.

″We only have one guest room, and wouldn’t it be weird to let a woman sleep in one bed with her son who is 18 years old″ my dad added. He was pretty right, I looked at my mom who was thinking.

″We can let Mrs. Jeon sleep in the guest room... and maybe her son can use Y/N’s room″ she said and my eyes immediately widened.

″What! NOO! Where am I supposed to sleep?″ I asked begging her with my eyes to not let him use my room.

″You can sleep in me and your dad’s room on a mattress.″ she said and I instantly protested.

″Then you can share the room with him″ she said and I still protested.

″I can’t share a room with a boy. And he is even my age!″

″Then you have no choice but to stay in our room for the time being″ my mom said and I gave in.

″Ooh she texted me that their here″ my mom said after checking her Phone. She ran to the front door and opened it. Mrs. Jeon came in and she was breathtaking. She was a really beautiful woman and looked very young. After that her son entered and my eyes grew big while my finger started pointing at him. Once he saw me he did the exact same thing mirroring my actions.

″YOU!!″ we both screamed at each other making everyone in the room look at us. I thought I would never see this asshole ever again guess I’m wrong.

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