Divine Dreams ~FanFic Ver~


FanFiction Version In a world of Gods and Guardians there is one couple that hopes there reincarnated love will survive. Will it or will there love die like the last?

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Crunch! Snap!

Goes the leaves and twigs under my feet as I ran. My legs feel like jelly but I will myself to keep running.

How can a casual stroll in the woods turn into something like this? Running for my life from some kind of monster.

“Aaahhh.” Roars the beast chasing me but it sounded human. Not just any human. It sounded like my brother. But he’s far away in college. Before I could stop the beast calls out in my brother’s voice.

“Jessabelle! Stop running will you! It’s me Shawn!”

Hearing hi- it call me by my real name kept me running. My brother never calls me by my real name.

It’s not him

It’s not him...

When it noticed I didn’t fall for its trick it roared again and kept chasing me.


I ran faster seeing as IT’s running faster to catch up with me.

I didn’t look back and kept running. The trees flew by fast and I didn’t know where I was anymore. I don’t recognize anything but I didn’t care as long as I keep running I might find a small town where I can hide from that Thing!

“Jessy? Is that you?”

That voice. How?


I slowed down and came to a stop. I turned around and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Dad?” I asked the person in front of me.

“That’s right pumpkin. It’s me.” He said and opened his arms.

“How? I saw you die.” I said and without noticing it I took a step closer.

“That doesn’t matter now. Why don’t you give your old man a hug?” He asked opening his arms more.

“Trust me I would love to give my 3-years-long-dead-dad a hug but you’re not him.” I said and turned to run again but was grabbed my arm.

I turned and saw the person who said he’s my dad but he changed. His face looked rotted and IT had teeth as sharp as knifes.

I was terrified. I was frozen.

“Now girl listen to your father and hold still.” It said in a deep growling voice.

I couldn’t move as its teeth showed. It was just about to bite into my shoulder when a gunshot was heard and the creature yelled out in pain.

There was a person behind it. Concealed by the shadows. His eyes shining in the dark.

Who knew that this is how my life almost came to an end but also when my greatest adventure will begin. And it all started with Divine Dreams.

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