Blue Moon


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Wolf Moon pt 1

Author's Note: So, here's another Scott has a sister fic, but I'm hoping everyone likes it. I'm making Ami Scott's adopted sister, but they're the same age.

Disclaimer: Clearly I do not own Teen Wolf, or I wouldn't be posting on here. Ami is mine, please don't copy.

Chapter 1: Wolf Moon

As I climbed out of the shower, I could hear my brother's music playing next door. Before I hurried into my room to dress, I knocked on the second door to Scott's room and heard the music pause. I pulled on a pair of Scott's old sweats and a Beacon Hills tank top I'd stolen from Danny before blow drying my long brown hair. Sitting in front of my vanity table, I heard boards creaking. Joining Scott in the hall, I heard it again, coming from the front porch. "Stay here," he whispered, zipping up a sweatshirt and grabbing Melissa's old baseball bat from when Mr. McCall had still been around.

A moment later, I heard him yelling, and a voice that sounded like Stiles crying out "Whoa!" Laughing, I ran down the stairs and peeked around the doorframe, seeing my brother's best friend hanging upside from the porch roof.

"Stiles, what the hell are you doing?" Scott demanded, lowering the bat.

"You weren't answering your phone!" Stiles squeaked. "And neither were you!" he said, turning to me. "Why do you have a bat?" he asked.

Scott looked at the bat and tried to explain, "I thought you were a predator."

"A predator?" Stiles scoffed.

"It's nothing, Sti," I told him, taking it from Scott and putting it inside the door.

"Look, I know it's late, but you gotta hear this. I saw my dad leave twenty minutes ago. Dispatch called, they're bringing in every officer in the Beacon Department and even the State Police," Stiles said, still hanging upside down.

"For what?" Scott clearly didn't understand why Stiles was so excited about this, and honestly, neither did I. I snuggled into Scott's side, slipping under his arm, and he absently wrapped me in a hug as a chilly breeze blew around us.

"Two joggers found a body in the woods," Stiles told us, jumping down to the lawn.

"A dead body?" Scott asked, leaning onto the railing. I giggled when Stiles popped back up, reaching up onto the railing.

"No, a body of water. Yes, dumbass, a dead body," Stiles replied, making me laugh quietly.

"What?" Scott asked, glancing down at me.

"That was a stupid question," I murmured, tilting my head to look up at him. I barely came up to his shoulder. Stiles climbed up onto the porch, and I reached up to brush a leaf out of his hair. He bowed, lowering himself to my height, and then straightened as I stepped back.

"You mean like murdered?" Scott questioned him.

""Nobody knows yet, just that it was girl, probably in her twenties," Stiles explained.

"Wait, hold on. If the police found the body, what are they looking for?" Scott realized.

I knew this was trouble when Stiles said, "That's the best part." I shook my head, trying to tell him to stop, but he continued, "They only found half."

"Oh, ew," I gasped, stepping back, my eyes going wide.

"We're going," Stiles declared.

"No, I'm most definitely not," I protested. "No, no, no," I gasped, and then realized it was falling on deaf ears as Stiles lifted my tiny form over his shoulder and tossed me in the back sheet of his Jeep. "Stiles, I don't even have shoes or a sweatshirt!" I yelped, but Scott had already climbed into the passenger seat. Stiles started the car, effectively trapping me in the backseat. "No, I don't want to help you find a dead body!" I cried, uselessly.

Within minutes we had pulled up to the reserve. "We're seriously doing this?" Scott demanded, slamming the car door.

"You're the one always bitching that nothing ever happens in this town," Stiles reminded him, leading the way.

"Not without shoes, we're not!" I yelled as they started walking away.

"There's a sweatshirt back there, but you might have to go barefoot," Stiles told me, handing a flashlight over. Grumbling about idiot teenage boys, I pulled Stiles' lacrosse sweatshirt over Danny's tank top and jumped down into the leaves. Jogging after them as they headed into the woods, I realized just how dark it was here.

"I was trying to get a good night's sleep before practice tomorrow," Scott protested, hesitating at the edge of the trees. Then he realized that Stiles had the flashlight and hurried after his friend.

"Right, cause sitting on the bench is such a grueling effort," Stiles scoffed at the fate the boys had suffered last year.

"No, because, I'm playing this year. In fact I'm making first line," Scott informed him. I rolled my eyes, but I knew how hard my brother had been training over the summer to be good.

"Hey, that's the spirit. Everyone should have a dream, even if a pathetically unrealistic one," Stiles replied. It seemed even the creepiness of the dark woods couldn't shake him of his trademark sarcasm.

"Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?" Scott asked.

I groaned when Stiles paused. "Huh. I didn't even think about that," he replied easily, as if it was no big deal.

"And, uh, what if whoever killed the body is still out here?" Scott pressed, looking up at the rain started to fall.

"Also something I didn't think about," Stiles admitted.

"Oh, my god, Stiles! What have you gotten us into?" I gasped, wincing as I stepped on a branch. As Stiles started up the hill, I heard Scott wheezing, and I sighed. And realized I was going to have to climb the hill barefoot. "Does this get any worse?" I groaned to myself, knowing my feet were going to be cut, bloody, and bruised when we got home.

"It's comforting to know you planned this with your usual attention to detail," Scott said. He paused, leaning against a tree as he dug in his pocket, and wheezed, "Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one holding the flashlight." As I passed him, I shoved my flashlight into his hand, and followed after Stiles, picking my way through the leaves with a wince pretty much every step. The leaves were cold and wet, and I seemed to hit every fallen branch and rock in my path.

Stiles flopped onto the ground at the top of the hill, and I fell on top of him. He barely even reacted, and I cursed not only my small stature but slim figure too. I barely weighed a hundred pounds fully dressed. Scanning the trees as Scott fell beside us; I realized why Stiles had stopped. A line of flashlights signaled to us that the police were headed this way, and I could hear the dogs barking too. Stiles scrambled up, taking me with him as I clung to his back, only to call, "Come on!" to Scott.

Slipping back onto the wet leaves, I reached for Scott as he called, "Stiles wait up!" He took my offered hand, and we tried to run after our friend, but my bare feet and Scott's asthma were not making it easy. "Stiles!" I called, yelping when my foot caught a rock. I went down, forcing Scott to stop, and he called Stiles one more time.

If I'd been looking, I would have seen Stiles slow down to a walk and turn back to us, or I would have seen the officer behind him. Instead, the dog's bark and the flashlight beam made me jump, and I heard Stiles yell out as he went down on the wet leaves. "Stay right there!" the officer ordered, and I saw Scott duck behind a tree.

Briefly I wondered why I was hiding, because revealing myself meant I could go home and get out of the rain. But Scott was hiding, and I wasn't leaving him alone out here. I hunched down behind the rock I'd tripped over when I heard Sheriff Stilinski's gruff, "Hang on, hang on! This little delinquent belongs to me."

I couldn't hear Stiles' response, but I knew it would be stupid and eye-roll worthy. They must have talked for a minute before the Sheriff raised his flashlight to scan the darkness around him. "Scott, Ami, you out there? Scott? Ami?" he called. Then the flashlight went down and Scott shuffled over to me. He handed me the flashlight and took my hand, lifting Stiles' hood over my hair.

"Scotty, I don't like this," I whispered when the trees started creaking.

"It'll be ok, Ami," he murmured, leading on, though considerably more slowly than Stiles had. When he paused in the little clearing, I shivered, the mist turning the already dark and stormy night into plain creepy. He shook his inhaler, raising it to his mouth, when the deer burst out of the trees.

I screamed, falling to the ground as I tried to scramble away, and Scott went down with a yell behind me. One deer fell in its panic, flailing as it raced back to its feet, and one huge hoof grazed my side, throwing me into Scott. Then they were gone and the woods were still again. "God," he said, getting to his feet. He lifted me up, and then took out his phone.

"What are you looking for?" I asked when he started scanning the leaves.

"My inhaler," he replied. I groaned, knowing it would cost us a lot to replace one, then moved away to shine my flashlight on the wet leaves. I had moved closer to him, more afraid of the darkness than I thought when his phone light ran over something that made him go back. When I saw the girl's face, I screamed. Realizing this was the body, Scott jerked back with a yell, and he tumbled down the hill we'd struggled to climb earlier. I saw his phone fly out of his hand and retrieved it from the leaves before starting down the hill. I was too eager to get away from the body, and slipped, sliding down to the big tree where Scott had stopped before.

"Scott?" I called, and saw him jump over a fallen tree. He had only taken two steps when he stopped. "Scott, come on," I pleaded, hating how afraid I sounded. He turned to look behind him, and we both saw the dark, bulky form of the animal. It leaped, landed on top of my brother as he turned away, and I gasped, ducking behind the tree. I had nowhere to run, so I shut off the flashlight as I heard my brother's pained cry. Pulling the hood further down over my head, I willed myself into a tiny ball, terrified and shaking, tears spilling over my cheeks.

Something scrambled through the leaves, heading away from me, and I realized it was my brother. But I couldn't stop the whimper when I realized that meant I was alone, with no phone, with the beast that had just attacked my brother. I heard something moving in the leaves, and heard heavy panting nearby.

I shrunk down, and the movement was probably my mistake, because then I went flying, the beast looming over me when I landed. "Open your eyes," a raspy voice crooned, but I had never shut them. Sharp claws dug into my chin, forcing me to turn and face the beast holding me. I was met first by sharp fangs and horrible breath that made me gag before I lifted my eyes to its face. Then wished I hadn't.

Glowing red eyes bored into my terrified blue ones and I knew no matter what I did, they were going to be burned into my memory for a long time. "Please, don't kill me," I begged, and it released my chin.

"I don't want to kill you. You are perfect for the bite," it replied, but I was too terrified to understand. I shut my eyes and leaned away when it lowered its head to my face, and whimpered when it sniffed at my hair. "But not yet, my pretty little pup," it added, and then it was gone. Curling into a ball, I sobbed, my fear completely overwhelming me as I lay there.

"Get up," a deep voice ordered me, and I jerked away from the hand on my shoulder with a scream. I hadn't even heard anyone coming.

"Oh my god, please don't kill me," I begged, scrambling to get away.

"I'm not going to hurt you. What are you doing out here?" the man asked, stopping me easily.

"My friend…police…found a body…brother…we found it…monster…red eyes," I tried to speak, but everything came out jumbled and confusing and I couldn't slow down.

"Easy now. Try again. Just say yes or no, ok?" he asked. I nodded, pulling my legs up to my chin. "Did the police find a body?" he asked.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Were you out looking for it with your friend?" he guessed.

"Stiles. His name is Stiles. His dad is the Sheriff," I replied.

"You and your brother found the body out here when you were looking?" he went on, taking my hand in his. He was warm, though his hands were rough and nearly twice the size of mine.

"Half of a girl," I told him, closing my eyes against the images that flooded my head.

"Where did you find her?" he reached over to take my other hand now, and I realized how cold and very vulnerable I was.

"Up there, on top of the hill," my tears were falling again now, and he raised one hand to wipe them away.

"You're okay, I've got you," he told me, releasing me, a warm weight settled around my shoulders, and I looked down to see a leather jacket. "Come on, up," he ordered, lifting me easily. He carried me with little effort all the way to the edge of the woods, where he set me down on the road. "Wait," he told me, holding my arm. An SUV zoomed past, and around the bend ahead of us, I heard a yell and the screech of brakes.

"Scott!" I cried, recognizing the yell. "It's my brother," I gasped, whirling to the man holding me. I finally got a good look at his face, seeing the dark hair cut short and spiked in the front. He had a sharp jaw and high cheek bones, but the only accurate word for his appearance was strong.

"Go," he told me, releasing me.

"Take your jacket back," I realized, shrugging it off when he went to step away. I handed it over and said, "Thank you. And thank you for finding me." He nodded, and by the time I realized I didn't know his name, he was gone. I took off down the road, my bare feet slapping the wet pavement, and rounded the bend to find my brother standing in the middle of the road.

"Scott!" I cried, leaping into his arms.

He caught me, stumbling, and pressed his face into my dripping hair. "Oh, thank God," he murmured. We both jerked, looking up instantly when the howl drifted through the darkness, and I grabbed Scott's hand. He led me down the road, and soon we were stumbling into the house. Dripping and soaked to the skin, we both ended up in another shower, and then I had to help Scott bandage the perfectly shaped bite in his side. But when it came down to finally going to sleep, I ended up crawling into Scott's bed with him, the red eyes still burned inside my head.

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