Blue Moon

Night School

Author's Note: Oh my god this chapter was so nerve wracking to write! I'm making some changes, because well, Derek can't be a fugitive for what I have planned.

Thanks to Flowering birdies and Marine 76 for reviewing!

Chapter 11-Night School

Slowly the pain coursing through my body faded, and I became aware of the fact that the Alpha was crouched over me. I could see my locket dangling from his claws, and a rush of panic paralyzed me. 'I'm completely defenseless against a monster who wants to turn me into a werewolf.' I realized.

Then he spoke, his voice slurred by fangs. "Don't be afraid little one. You'll make a great wolf," he told me, lowering his head towards my side. Then we both heard the door close, and he jerked up, like he'd caught a scent. "Human," he growled, crawling over me.

'Stiles,' my brain gasped, but my mouth wouldn't open to scream at him to run. The Alpha walked around the side of the Jeep and crouched, ready to spring. Then he charged and I was left, frozen, on the pavement. Until he came back, and I watched from the ground as he ripped the battery free from Stiles' Jeep. Throwing back his head, he howled, and I clutched at my ears. Pain was throbbing through my head, and dimly I realized that the Alpha was causing it.

Then the Alpha bounded away, and the pain faded. I pushed myself up, and looked for Derek's body. He was lying in the leaves, pale and still and covered in blood. "Oh my god, no," I gasped, staggering to my feet. "Derek! Derek no! Please no! Derek! Please wake up! Derek please!" I screamed, pleading as I sobbed. Grief washed over me, sobs ripping through my chest as I stumbled against the Jeep and sank to my knees. The shock of losing my elder brother and closest friend was too much for my already horrified and terrified mind, and I sank forward onto my hands. Tears streaming down my face fell onto the pavement dropping like glittering jewels in the moonlight, and a tightness in my chest made my breath catch. "Derek," I whispered, pain and grief locking my eyes on the body of my brother. A scream tore its way free, and the Alpha howled in response.

A few minutes later, Jackson's Porsche pulled up. I tried to lift my head to call out to Jackson as he got out, but the fog was rolling up in front of my eyes again. Faintly, I could hear Jackson and Allison talking, but I couldn't make out their words. If I had been able to hear her, I would have screamed at Allison not to go into the school, and for the three of them to get out of there as fast as possible. Furious snarls echoed in my head, making black spots float before my eyes. Trying as hard as I could to fight it, I was no match for a furious Alpha, and everything went black.

I woke to someone shaking my shoulder. "Ami!" a terrified Lydia cried. I groaned and opened my eyes to see her and Jackson standing over me. They were both pale, and I knew I wasn't much better.

"I'm okay," I rasped, letting Jackson help me to my feet.

"What are you doing out here?" she asked.

"And where's your dumbass brother?" Jackson added.

"He's inside with Stiles. Someone hit me in the back of the head. You have to go. Someone's trying to kill people," I lied, then spouted out the truth.

"Allison's in there!" Lydia gasped. I swore under my breath and grabbed Jackson's wrist, pulling him towards the school. His girlfriend hurried after us, until she declared she needed to use the bathroom. "There's one right here," she said.

"Are you kidding me?" Jackson asked. "You have to use the bathroom now?"

"Lydia, we don't have time," I murmured.

"Yes, now. You have a problem with me having basic biological functions?" she asked Jackson, ignoring me.

"You know, I'm starting to have a problem with all of your functions," Jackson snapped. Lydia drew back; looking like he'd slapped her and disappeared into the bathroom. I danced nervously and weakly from foot to foot until Jackson called, "McCall!" I whipped around and instantly spotted the figure half hidden behind the door frame at the end of the hall. My head throbbed, and I knew it wasn't my brother. "Scott?" Jackson tried, taking a step back. I backed towards him, stepping out of my flats as I did. I really needed to reconsider my footwear selections. "Derek?" Jackson asked. His voice was softer, way more afraid as we kept retreating.

Then the figure dropped to all fours and crossed the hallway. The voice in my head growled, but faded as he disappeared. Lydia came out of the bathroom, and asked, "Did you find them?" but when neither of us answered, still staring down the hallway, she turned to look.

Jackson sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, and I knew the wounds Derek had given him had not only yet to heal, but the Alpha was using them to cause Jackson pain. Just like he was doing to me in my head. "No," he said, "no." I stepped back into my flats, temporarily relieved.

Lydia sighed and pulled out her phone. "He given you his excuse yet?" she asked Allison. The other girl replied and Lydia said, "Meet us in the lobby." As the redhead walked away, I felt Jackson grab my elbow and realized I was still shaking. I let him support me, since I knew that the next time the Alpha took control of my head, I was going down. Lydia called Allison again just as she burst through the doors to the lobby, and we came across Scott, Stiles, and Allison.

"Finally," Lydia said, "can we go now?"

Then the voice in my head snarled, and I looked up. There was a thud in the ceiling, and Jackson let me go. He took Lydia's hand as Allison moved closer to Scott. Stiles reached out for me, seeing how pale I was, and I took his hand, my heart still racing. "Run!" Scott ordered, and Stiles took off for the stairs, pulling me with him. The others followed; Lydia slowed down by her heals. An enraged roar made me falter, but Stiles hauled me upright and kept running. I looked back, my eyes meeting the glowing red, and we burst through the double doors. Scott locked them behind us, but I knew it would do no good if the Alpha was angry enough.

"Help me get this in front of the door!" Scott told Jackson, and they started moving the milk cooler. That's when I realized we were in the café.

"Scott, wait, not here!" Stiles said, and I stumbled against a stack of chairs when I saw the wall of windows.

"What was that?" Allison asked. "Scott, what was that?" she demanded.

"It was in the ceiling," Lydia sobbed.

"Just help me!" Scott replied. "Stack the chairs!" he ordered the girls.

"Guys!" Stiles tried to tell them. "Just wait a second! You guys, listen to me!" But everyone kept moving stuff in front of the doors. "Can we wait a second?"

"Scott, look!" I said.

"Guys! Stiles talking. Can we hang on one second please?" he finally had to resort to yelling "Hello?!" Everyone whirled around, and he continued. "Okay, nice work. Really beautiful job, everyone. Now what should we do about the twenty foot wall of windows?"

Horrified looks came over the others as they saw the windows, and I sank onto the table. Lydia was holding Jackson's arm, and Allison had Scott's hand. But everything was spinning to me, and pressure was sitting in my head like a time bomb. "Okay, can somebody please explain to me what is going on, because I'm freaking out here," Allison sobbed, turning to Scott. "And I'd like to know why." But Scott didn't answer, and she pleaded, "Scott."

He came to me, wrapping his arms around me, and I murmured, "Don't. They'll be terrified if they know."

He looked at Stiles, who stepped forward and said, "Somebody killed the janitor."

"What?" Lydia asked.

"Yeah, the janitor's dead," the skinny boy told them.

"What's he talking about? Is this a joke?" Allison asked.

"Somebody knocked me out in the parking lot, so, no, Allison, it's not a joke!" I cried, snarling at her. She backed up a step and Scott caught my chin. He stared into my eyes and I breathed, only for him, "He has control over me. I can't fight back."

"Who killed him?" Jackson demanded.

"No-no-no-no, this was supposed to be over. The mountain lion…" Lydia said.

"Don't you get it, there wasn't a mountain lion!" Jackson snapped.

"Who was it?" Allison demanded. "What does he want? What's happening?" she wasn't crying yet, but she was close. "Scott!" she finally yelled.

"I don't know!" Scott told her, letting me go. "I just…if-if we go out there, he's gonna kill us," he added.

"Us?" Lydia asked. "He's gonna kill us?"

"Who?" Allison asked, turning to Stiles as I swayed, holding desperately onto Scott's arm. "Who is it?" she demanded, and the other two turned to look at him. He looked to me, but I sighed, shaking my head.

Scott sighed, then straightened and said, "It's Derek. It's Derek Hale." Stiles jaw dropped as I wrapped my fingers around Scott's wrist.

"Wait, Derek killed the janitor?" Jackson asked.

"Are you sure?" Allison asked.

"No, Scott, it wasn't Derek. It couldn't be. He wouldn't do this," I whispered, my voice soft and broken with grief.

Absently Stiles wrapped his arm around my shoulders, knowing exactly why I sounded so heartbroken. "Did you see who hit you?" he asked.

"Yeah. He's blonde, blue eyes, smaller than Derek," I replied. I was thinking of Peter Hale, but of course, it wasn't him, since he was wheelchair bound and practically in a coma.

"Then he's in here with us. And if we don't get out now, then he's going to kill us too," Scott told them.

"So it's not Derek?" Allison asked.

"It can't be," I told her.

"Call the cops," Jackson ordered Stiles.

"No," Stiles refused instantly, since he knew what was really hunting us.

"What do you mean, no?" the taller boy asked.

"I mean no, you want to hear it in Spanish? No!" Stiles snapped. "Whoever it is killed three people. We don't know what he's armed with."

"Your dad is armed with an entire Sheriff's Department!" Jackson exclaimed. "Call him!"

"I'm calling," Lydia decided, pulling out her phone.

"No, Lydia, would you just hold on," Stiles went to stop her, but Jackson pushed the smaller boy back. Instantly, Scott moved to stand between them, and I caught the chairs before I fell. The Alpha was messing with my head again, but the feeling in my stomach wasn't there, so I assumed that he wasn't near.

"Yes, we're at Beacon Hills High School. We're trapped and we need you to…" Lydia trailed off, and then stared down at her phone in shock. "She hung up on me," she told us.

"The police hung up on you?" Allison exclaimed.

"She said they got a tip warning them there was going to be a prank calls about a break in at the high school. She said if I called again that they're gonna trace my phone and have me arrested," the red-head explained.

"Okay, then call again!" Allison urged her, thinking if they traced it they'd find us really here.

"No, they won't trace a cell," Stiles told her. "And they'll send a car to your house before they send anyone here."

"But, what? What is this?" Allison covered her face, and then got angry. "Why does he want to kill us? Why is he killing anyone?"

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Scott asked, and I looked up.

"Is he the one that sent her the text?" Lydia asked.

"What text?" I asked, moving to walk over. Stiles reached for me, helping me stand beside him.

"Allison got a text from Scott saying to meet him here," Jackson explained.

"Scott's phone is broken. Somebody had to use a computer to hack Mom's account and send it through the number. There are two people behind this," I realized.

"Is he the one that called the police?" Allison asked.

"I don't know!" Scott shouted, and Allison bit her lip before she turned away with a hurt look.

"How the hell could he know? It's not like any of us heard who called!" I snapped, moving to stand on Stiles' other side.

"Alright, why don't we ease back on the throttle here, yeah?" Stiles asked, pushing Scott away and pulling me with him.

"God, I totally just bit her head off," Scott realized.

"And she'll totally get over it, there's bigger issues at hand here," Stiles replied. "Like how do we get out alive?"

"But we are alive," Scott said. "It could have killed us already. It's like it's cornering us or something."

"So, what, he wants to eat us all at the same time?" Stiles asked.

"No, Derek said it wants revenge," Scott told him.

"Against who?" Stiles asked.

"Allison's family?" Scott suggested.

"Maybe that's what the text was about," Stiles realized. "Someone had to send it."

"No, it won't kill us. He wants you in his pack and he was going to bite me before Stiles came outside," I told him.

"I've never loved you so much for doing something so stupid," Scott realized, looking at Stiles as he pulled me into his chest. His heart was beating wildly through his sweatshirt, and I took a deep breath.

"Okay, ass-heads, new plan," Jackson ordered. "Stiles calls his useless dad and tells him to send someone with a gun and decent aim. Are we good with that?" He asked the girls behind him.

"He's right," Scott told Stiles, and I nodded. "Tell him the truth if you have to, just call him."

"Stiles, the police and their guns are our only chance," I murmured.

"I'm not watching my dad get eaten alive," the short haired kid told Scott.

"Alright, give me the phone," Jackson ordered, grabbing Stiles' shoulder. Stiles whirled, punching Jackson square in the face, and Scott let me fall so he could pull Stiles away.

"Jackson!" Allison exclaimed, running over. She knelt beside Jackson, asking, "Are you okay?" Stiles sighed and pulled out his phone.

But on the floor, I gasped, my stomach suddenly twisting. "He's here!" I told Scott.

Something slammed the door, and Lydia jumped. She ran to Jackson as he got up, but I crouched on the floor. The others backed away as Stiles said, "Dad, we're at the school, okay? We're at the school."

"Oh god, oh my god," the strawberry blonde gasped, clutching Jackson's arm. I saw screws bouncing out of the locks, and groaned as the angry snarl blocked my ears from inside my head.

"The kitchen. The door out of the kitchen leads to a stairwell," Stiles suggested.

"Which only goes up," Scott protested.

"Up is better than here," Stiles reminded him, hauling me to my feet. We scrambled out the backdoor just in time. The boys charged up the stairs, Allison pulling Lydia, who still had on her heels. I followed the best I could, but just like in the parking lot, the Alpha was rendering me helpless and frozen. I caught them as Lydia opened the door to Mr. Harris's room. Allison yanked me inside, and I fell against a table as Scott stuck a stool under the door handle.

A single growl from the Alpha had me on one knee as he passed by the door. When he was gone, Scott asked, "Jackson, how many people can fit in your car?"

"Five, if someone squeezes on someone's lap. We'll fit if Ami and Allison sit on you two," he replied.

"Five? I barely fit in the back," Allison hissed.

"It doesn't matter. There's no getting out without drawing attention," Stiles told them.

"What about this?" Scott asked, moving to the other door. "This leads to the roof. We can go down the fire escape to the parking lot in like seconds."

"That's a deadbolt," Stiles told him.

"The janitor has a key," my brother realized.

"You mean his body has it," Stiles corrected.

"I can get it," Scott assured him. "I can find it by scent, by blood," he whispered.

"Well, gee that sounds like an incredibly terrible idea, what else you got?" Stiles replied.

"I'm getting the key," my brother declared.

"No, Scott," I choked, rising to my feet. I grasped the table, but I wasn't swaying anymore.

"Are you serious?" Allison whispered.

"It's the best plan. Someone has to get the key if we want to get out of here," my brother told her. I wanted to cry, realizing how selfless and brave this was. Scott's werewolf protectiveness was here already; he wasn't going to let anyone die.

"You can't go out there unarmed," Allison argued. I just shook my head when he grabbed the board pointer.

"Well it's better than nothing," he said.

"There's got to be something else," Stiles told him.

"There is," Lydia said, nodding her head at the chemical cabinets.

"What are we gonna do, throw acid on him?" Stiles asked.

"No, like a fire bomb. In there is everything we need to make a self-igniting Molotov Cocktail," she told us.

"Self-igniting…" Stiles repeated.

"Molotov cocktail," Lydia finished for him. Everyone looked at her and she realized she'd let down her stupid mask. "What? I read it somewhere," she assured Jackson.

"We don't have a key for that either," Stiles told her. Jackson sighed, and rammed his leather covered elbow into the glass window.

I watched Lydia make the cocktail, but as Jackson handed her a bottle, I cocked my head. I inched closer to the window, still using tables for support. I looked down and saw that Derek's Camaro was still sitting in the parking lot. Fresh tears threatened to spillover, so I dug my nails into my palm and bit my lip. Jackson could clearly tell that something was wrong, and clasped my shoulder, meeting my eyes worriedly. But I shook my head not willing to tell him the truth, and he stepped back to Lydia's side. "Lock it behind me," Scott ordered Stiles. I turned around in time to see Allison kiss my brother, tears running down her face.

Stiles and I followed him to the door, and I stopped him quickly. "Whatever you do, don't shift. He'll take control," I whispered as I hugged him. Stiles nodded to him and locked the door behind my brother. I couldn't believe I'd just let Scott walk out on a suicide mission after losing Derek to the Alpha and I pressed my hands over my eyes in fear and worry, trying to calm my wildly beating heart.

Then I moved back to the window, concentrating on my brother's footsteps and the faint sounds of opening and closing doors. The distinct smell of the flask faded quickly as he walked down the hall. I closed my eyes and sat down on the floor, away from Allison and her ridiculousness. "I don't get this," the girl said after a little while. "I don't get why he's out there, why he left us, and I can't stop my hands from shaking," she continued.

I looked up at this as Jackson said, "It's okay, it's okay, it's going to be okay." He was holding her hands in his, and I got to my feet.

Moving Stiles over, I wrapped my arms around the girl sitting on the desk and murmured, "Listen to my heart. It'll calm you down." She leaned her head against me, and slowly, as we stayed there, I could feel her racing heart steadying out. Having someone else to focus on calmed me down enough to try to think of another plan of escape in case something happened. It was always good to have a plan B in this town. Especially when something as bad as the Alpha was going around trying not only to get revenge but build a pack at the same time.

Then my head shot up, and I heard a slam. My heart jumped, and in my arms, so did Allison. "It's okay," I murmured. "it's just me," I assured her. I knew it was the sound of the bleachers slamming into place. Typically it took a few people to push them row by row back against the wall. But if the Alpha shoved them all at once, they'd only need one push to keep closing.

"Jackson, you handed me the sulfuric acid, right? It has to be sulfuric acid; it won't ignite if it's not," Lydia spoke up. She was looking at the bottles on the table, her brow furrowed as she tried to remember smelling the sulfuric acid as she'd used it. But she didn't remember it.

"I gave you exactly what you asked for, didn't I?" Jackson growled at her.

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure you did," Lydia replied, looking a little afraid.

A minute later, a howl shook the school. "Shit," I gasped, falling off the desk as I jumped. Allison and Lydia covered their ears, but Jackson was driven to his knees beside me. He was holding the back of his neck as I clutched at my head. "Scott," I gasped before all I could do was scream in pain. Stiles knelt beside me, his hands coming up over mine. As the howl stopped, I raised my head and he scrambled to his feet.

The girls lifted Jackson as I got up with Stiles' help, and I backed away from them. I knew Scott had been forced into a shift, and the Alpha was gone. "Seriously, I'm okay," Jackson ripped away from the girls and backed into me. I moved towards the window, clutching a table to remain upright.

"That didn't sound okay at all," Allison told him.

"What's on the back of your neck?" Stiles asked. Jackson slapped his hand away as Lydia moved over to me.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Over sensitive hearing plus getting hit in the back of the head made that hurt way more than it should," I explained, laughing it off. But I cast a worried look at Stiles, because that howl hadn't been like Scott's. That had been laced with the power of an Alpha.

"Look, I said I'm fine," Jackson insisted.

"It' been there for days. You won't tell me what happened," Lydia reminded him. Of course she'd noticed.

"Like you actually care," Jackson retorted and I stepped in front of Lydia. I snarled at the blonde, knowing full well that all Lydia did was care about him. Then I heard footsteps, and I pulled Lydia and Allison away from the door. The boys followed, and I knew they were Scott's.

"Alright, can we not argue for a half a second here?" Stiles asked. I kept my eyes on him, seeing Scott in the window of the door behind him.

"Where's Scott? He should be back by now," Allison said, and I reached out for her. She took my hand, but whirled around when we all heard the snapping sound. We all saw Scott's face through the window, and Allison cried, "Scott!" She knocked the chair away, but Scott had locked the door, and it wouldn't open now. "Scott!" she yelled, banging on the door with her hand.

"What's he doing?" Lydia asked. Allison started screaming, and I grabbed her wrist. "Stop!" Lydia ordered her. My head shot up and then she asked, "Do you hear that? Listen." The sirens made all of them run to the window, but outside the door, I could hear Scott panting. Until he shifted back and unlocked the door. Allison ran to him, jumping in his arms. He wrapped her into his chest as the others shouted to get the police's attention.

When Sheriff Stilinski got there, Stiles and I ran straight to him. Lydia and Allison were sobbing, relieved, into their boyfriends' leather jackets, and I really needed a hug now. He led us out of the classroom as more cops arrived to escort the others. Scott told him what had happened before I'd gotten to them, and I stuck to my story of a baseball bat to the back of the head. I gave him a description of who I'd claimed to have seen, but I felt really bad for not telling him the truth.

"Either of you two see him?" the Sheriff asked.

Stiles shook his head, but Scott said, "Yeah, he was blonde." Then he asked, "What about the janitor?"

"Still looking," Mr. Stilinski replied.

"Did you check under the bleachers, under?" Scott pressed.

"Yeah, Scott, we looked. We pulled them out just like you asked. There's nothing," Stiles' dad told him.

"I'm not making this up," Scott snapped, his anger rising. Through his fingers, I could feel his pulse rising, and pinched his palm.

"I know, I believe you, I do," the man said.

"No, you don't!" Scott cried. I knew he could hear Mr. Stilinski's heartbeat, so I let him go and leaned against Stiles tiredly. "You have this look like you feel bad for me, like you want to believe me, but I know you don't," my brother told the Sheriff.

"Listen," Mr. S. said, "We're gonna search this whole school. We're gonna find him. Okay? I promise." Then the Sheriff was called away and I reached out for Scott. "Stay, all of you," Stiles' dad ordered as he walked away, pointing at Stiles.

"Well, we survived dude," Stiles said, holding out his arms. "You know, we outlasted the Alpha."

"No, we didn't," I sighed.

"It's still good, being alive, right?" Stiles asked.

"When we were in the Chemistry room, he walked right by. You don't think he heard us? You don't think it knew exactly where we were?" Scott replied.

"Well then how come we're still alive?" Stiles asked.

"It wants me in its pack," Scott told him, falling quiet as a detective walked by. "But first I think I have to get rid of my old pack.

"What do you mean what old pack?"

Scott hesitated then explained, "Allison. Jackson, Lydia," then he paused and admitted, "You."

I looked up at Stiles and realized his eyes were threatening to water. "The Alpha doesn't want to kill us," Stiles realized.

"It wants me to do it," Scott finished, turning away. "And that's not even the worst part."

"How in holy hell is that not the worst part, Scott?" Stiles demanded. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and his arm automatically came around my shoulders.

"Because when he made me shift, I wanted to do it. I wanted to kill you. All of you," Scott told him. Stiles' arm tightened around me, and I looked up to see how stricken he was. Scott hung his head, and I reached out with one arm to take his hand.

"What about Ami?" Stiles suddenly asked.

"What?" Scott and I asked, looking at him.

"When you said you had to kill your old pack, you didn't say Ami was part of it. Does the Alpha want you to kill her too?" Stiles questioned him.

Scott thought about it and then said, "No. He wanted me to bring her to him. He wants her too." Then he looked up and something caught his eye.

Stiles and I followed as he strode over to the ambulance. "There you are," Dr. Deaton said from where he sat in the back of the emergency vehicle.

"How-how did you?"

"Get out? Not easily. From what they tell me, I'm alive because of you. I think I owe you a raise," the vet told him.

"Guys come on, let's let the EMT's do their job. You can talk to him later," Sheriff Stilinski told us, taking Stiles by the arm.

Then Scott ran off, and I looked after him sadly. Stiles pulled me into a hug, and I snuggled into his side, just eager to feel safe again. I watched as Allison walked away, but there was nothing I could say to my brother to heal a broken heart. Not when my own was shattered with grief.

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