Blue Moon


Author's Note: I really hate this episode…and I made some changes to fit my Derek's-not-a-fugitive plan.

Thanks to Marine 76 for reviewing! Also, to the guest called Teresa, I'm really glad you like Derek's role! It means a lot that you took the time to let me know!

Chapter 12-Lunatic

"I'm coming over to take Scott out and get him drunk. You should come too," Stiles told me over the phone. I hadn't left my room since Derek's death. School had been cancelled, a curfew imposed, and I hadn't cried since that night.

"Why, because the full moon is tomorrow?" I asked quietly. I was staring at my cracked window, still expecting Derek to throw it open and drop into my room. It hadn't sank in that he wasn't coming back.

"We all need a little time away from the world," Stiles told me, and I agreed softly. Hanging up, I dropped my phone on the bed. Going out meant I had to get up and get dressed. So I pushed myself up to dress in dark jeans, black boots, a long sleeve green v-neck, a lightweight gray zip-up sweatshirt and my leather jacket. I could almost imagine Derek's teasing, "You look so much better dressed like that than those dresses that Lydia puts you in."

With a sigh, I moved back to the window, gazing at my broken reflection and the nearly full moon. Resting my head against the glass, I welcomed the cold sting. It made a very good pillow until Stiles thumped on my door.

"Ami, are you coming?" he called through the barrier.

"Yeah, give me a minute to put my shoes on," I lied. I heard both boys head down the stairs and got up. Though I knew I wasn't going to find it, I looked for my triskele locket, desperate to have something, anything of my elder brother. I didn't look long enough for the tears to fall, instead I tucked my phone in my jacket pocket and hurried out to the Jeep, where Stiles was waiting. He let me climb into the backseat before he got in, and then we're walking through the Beacon Hills camp ground. "Stiles, where are we going?" I asked.

"Just follow me, Pixie," he called over his shoulder. Scott walked with his head down, and I realized why I was so nervous. Scott was giving off a really weird feeling.

"Where are we going?" Scott asked.

"You'll see," the other boy said leading us passed a closed building. I glanced up at the moon and shivered. For once, it wasn't bringing me any comfort. I couldn't even look into the woods for blue eyes watching over me.

"Look, we really shouldn't be out here. My mom is in constant state of freak out from what happened at the school," Scott protested.

"Well, your mom isn't the sheriff. There's no comparison, trust me," Stilinski replied.

"Will you please just tell me what we're doing out here?" the brunette snapped.

"Yes! When your best friend gets dumped…" Stiles started

"I didn't get dumped. We're taking a break," my brother corrected.

"Alright well, when your best friend gets told by his girlfriend that they're taking a break, you get your best friend drunk," my brother's best friend crowed. He held up a bottle of whiskey, and I sighed.

"How'd you not smell that? I could smell it in the car," I told Scott, sitting down on the rocks with my back against the one Scott sat on. I ignored them entirely as Stiles got completely wasted, and I noticed that my brother was drinking too. But he wasn't showing any signs of being drunk. "Thank god for werewolf metabolism," I murmured, scanning the trees.

I could hear somebody coming and sat up as Stiles reached for the bottle again. A bigger, black hand took the bottle, and Stiles dew back. "Well, look at the two little bitches getting a drink on," the black guy sneered down at Scott and Stiles. When he saw me, he corrected, "Oh, two little bitches and a little whore." I bristled at his words and half expected Derek to come out of the woods, punching the lights out of these idiots.

"Give it back," Scott ordered. I glanced at him, hearing his scary voice, and tensed. This was not about to go well.

"What's that little man?" the black guy challenged.

"I think he wants a drink," the white side-kick dude leered.

"I want the bottle," Scott said in a low voice. I glared at the white guy, giving him my best Derek glare.

"Scott, maybe we should just go," Stiles suggested.

"You brought me here to get me drunk, Stiles. I'm not drunk yet," Scott told him. The black guy scoffed and took a swig of the Jack as Scott got to his feet. He went right up to the bully boy and said, "Give me the bottle." The black guy shook his head, a smug smirk on his face. Now I got to my feet and stepped up onto the rocks. Scott lowered his head, and the black guy's eyes went wide. "Give me the bottle of Jack," my brother ordered his voice thickening as his claws shifted out on the hand behind his back.

"Scott," Stiles warned, seeing the claws.

"I'd give him the bottle," I told the bully-boy and his lackey. Scared and moving slowly, the bully handed Scott the bottle, but Scott took it, and threw it against a tree. The glass bottle shattered, and I flinched at the sound.

"Let's go," Scott ordered, and I jumped down beside Stiles. I heaved him upright and ran after my brother, ignoring the looks on the guys' faces.

"Okay, please tell me that was because of the break up," Stiles requested as we walked towards the Jeep. "Or because tomorrow's the full moon." Scott yanked open the passenger door for Stiles, but I shot through first, climbing into the back as Stiles asked, "Going home now, yeah?" Scott nodded, and Stiles passed out into the seat.

When the alarm clock went off at seven, I just buried my head under the pillow as Mom came running in. The news, of course, was about the attack at the school and the hunt for the killer. "We should probably set this to buzzer," she sighed, sinking to a crouch beside the bed. "You guys alive in there?" she asked, pulling the blanket off Scott's head and the pillow off mine.

"No," we both groaned.

"Not ready to go back to school?" she realized.

"No," we chorused.

"Want to stay home another day?" she offered.

"No," we sighed.

"Want a brand new car?" she asked. When my head shot up and I guessed Scott had reacted, she said, "Me too," with a smile. I groaned, but Scott shoved the blankets off. That was my cue to disappear into my own room to get dressed. "This isn't just about what happened at the school, right? I mean, it's about what's-her-name? Do you want to talk about it?" she asked as I slipped out.

"Not with you," Scott snapped, and I sighed. The full-moon effect was getting worse.

"Hey, I've been through a few break-ups myself you know, disastrous ones actually," she defended.

"I don't care about your break ups, Mom. I'm gonna get her back," he rebutted her, slamming the bathroom door.

When I joined her at the breakfast table, I was dressed in skinny jeans, low boots, and a simple white off the shoulder shirt with brown trim. My hair was tied up in a loose braid, and I knew if Derek had seen it he would have untied it. "Give him a few days, Mom. He'll be fine," I assured her.

She nodded and reached across the table to take my hand. "How do you manage this, Ami? How have you coped with everything and still be as amazing as you are?" she asked me.

"My foster mom used to tell me that as long as I have somebody to love; I have somebody to cope for," I murmured. She nodded, and I smiled at her. "It'll be okay, Mom," I added. I got up to hug her and she pulled me into her arms.

"Am I ever going to meet this Derek boy who keeps driving you?" she asked when I straightened.

"How about when you're not in your bathrobe," I teased, and she pursed her lips.

"Probably a good idea. We don't need to scare him off," she replied. I laughed, though it hurt to lie to her, and headed out the door, where I literally ran straight into a wall of human flesh. I bounced off, and looked up to see Stiles smirking at me. Glowering at him only made the smirk widen, so I walked passed him to slide into the Jeep.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Scott's starting to annoy me. I get the whole Alpha-ordeal is hard to deal with, and that Allison breaking up with him is making him unhappy, and that the full-moon is messing with him, but he doesn't have to be mean to our mother," I explained.

"Forget Scott for a minute, Ami. Are you okay?" he told me.

"No. No, I'm not okay. I'm terrified because a psycho-murdering monster wants to turn me into a werewolf. I'm exhausted because I can't sleep without Derek because every time I close my eyes, all I see are red eyes. I'm worried about Scott losing control and killing someone. I'm afraid the Hunters will come after him. I'm sick of pretending everything is normal when my life has literally gone to the wolves. I'm tired of feeling helpless when something happens. I'm so freaking far from okay that I don't even know what to do!" I told him. With my little rant over, I fell back against the seat and dropped my face into my hands.

"Breathe. Look, I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea, but maybe you could ask Mr. Argent to teach you to protect yourself," he suggested. I gave him an incredulous look and then considered it. As much as I hated Kate, I didn't really have a problem with Chris or Victoria. I nodded and tried to relax as we pulled into the school lot. He parked and turned to me in his seat. "We're human. The best people to ask for lessons are humans whose entire history is hunting things like the Alpha," he told me.

"I'll go see Mr. Argent after practice," I decided, meeting his worried brown eyes. He nodded and leaned over so he could crush me into a hug before I got out. I was met by Danny, Jackson, and Lydia at the top of the stairs. Danny clearly knew it had been us, because he wrapped his arms around me the instant I reached him. I sighed longingly as I hugged him back, burying my face in his jacket. He felt so human, so normal, and I knew there was no way I was telling him the truth. I had to protect my friends from the other half of my life, the part I called my "night life."

I tried to ignore the whispers about the attack during the day, but that was easier said than done. I couldn't talk to Allison, since she was too wrapped up in the whole Scott issue. Lydia was back to being shallow, a sure sign she wasn't going to be willing to talk about the attack. Scott was being, well, full-moonish. Jackson was calm, but he had this look that made me shy away from talking with him. Danny didn't know what had actually happened, and I wasn't about to tell him. And I couldn't tell anyone else the real truth without looking crazy or getting my brothers killed.

So I was left sitting with Stiles outside the main office as we waited for his dad before Chemistry. When the Sheriff finally came out of the office, we got to our feet, and the Sheriff came over. "Don't you both have a test to get to?" he asked.

"What's going on?" Stiles asked. "Did you find the janitor's body yet?"

"I'm working on it," Mr. Stilinski assured him. "You go take your test," he suggested, glancing down at me as he did to include me in the order.

"Alright, Dad listen to me," Stiles started.


"This is really important. You have to be careful tonight, especially tonight," Stiles told him.

"Please, Mr. Stilinski, just be careful?" I asked softly.

"Stiles, I'm always careful. I will, Ami," Stiles' dad replied, looking between the two of us.

"Dad, you've never dealt with this kind of thing before, okay, at least not like this," Stiles pointed out.

"I know, which is why I brought in people who have; the State Detective," his dad assured us, looking over at the men waiting for him. The one in the suit caught my eye, and I knew instantly that he was a hunter. "Go take your test," he told us gently, realizing how concerned we were. Stiles sighed, and I quickly hugged Mr. Stilinski before I hurried after his son.

Sitting beside Danny and behind Lydia for our test, I should have been able to focus. Except the full moon seemed to be affecting me too. I could hear every little thing in the room, and I wasn't the only one. So I wasn't surprised when Scott bolted. I nodded to Stiles, and he ran after Scott. I went up to Mr. Harris, leaning down to whisper, "Sir, Scott, Stiles and I were in the school during the attack."

He looked up at me, the anger in his eyes fading instantly. I really wanted to swipe the pity of his face, but for now I needed to use it to my advantage. "Very well, Ms. McCall. Tell your brother he'll need to make the test up when he's ready," he told me. The word brother made me flinch, and I bit my lip, looking up to avoid crying. When I was in control, I nodded gratefully and returned to my seat to finish my own test. It took me the entire test period to finish, something that didn't normally happen, since every new little sound distracted me. When I handed in the test, I saw that Stiles had come back and already finished. But Scott wasn't there.

At lunch, I avoided everybody and escaped to the library with a bottle of water and a sandwich. There was a blonde girl I recognized sitting in the lounge area, and she started when I sat down opposite her. "Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked her softly. Her eyes were wide as she shook her head. "Thanks," I murmured, putting my bag down. "You're Erica Reyes right?" I asked. She nodded, her cheeks flushing as she looked away. "Hey, epilepsy is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm a foster care kid and adopted," I told her. She looked at me, her wide eyes a little less afraid, and I said, "If you're looking for a job, Mr. Roberts has an opening at the bookstore. It's a quiet job, and he lets you read all you want."

"Really? He'd hire me?" she asked, probably thinking I was pranking her.

"Sure. His son has epilepsy. He'd totally understand," I assured her. "Just come in and I'll talk to him for you. I need someone to share my hours because I'm taking classes afterschool, and I bet you'd be perfect at the bookstore," I explained.

"Thanks Ami," she murmured, and I smiled at her. We sat in companionable silence until the bell, and then parted ways. I liked Erica, but there was nothing I could do about her self-esteem. It didn't really surprise me that she knew my name, but I thought my knowledge of her's had shocked her.

When I got to the lacrosse field after school, Scott wasn't there yet. I moved down to sit behind Stiles and asked, "Where's Scott?"

"Talking to Lydia about me," he replied.

I groaned and whacked him upside the head before starting to climb the bleachers. And I would have made it to my favorite spot if Coach Finstock hadn't called me down. "Your brother is co-captain now. And you spend an awful lot of time here for a girl who doesn't play lacrosse," he told me.

"I played, Coach, I just haven't since I started working. And seriously, you made the two biggest rivals on the team the co-captains?" I replied. I was allowed to get away with some level of sass with him, well, with most of my teachers actually.

"So you get the sport, huh? Good girl. How about you keep the book for me?" he asked. I looked at him, surprised, and nodded. I went to all the practices and games anyway; I might as well do something while I was there. "That's my girl," he clapped me on the shoulder and sat me down on the end of the bench.

I was handed a score book and a play book by the assistant coach, who grinned at me welcomingly. I rifled through the books and looked up in time to see two of Jackson's buddies slam Scott down. "Focus, Scott," I muttered as he flipped back to his feet. Then he slammed Stiles back to go again. "Knock it off, Scott. You need to stay in control," I hissed. But then I noticed that Danny was in goal. "Shit! Scott, no!" I gasped as my brother knocked the two defenders away. And bashed Danny in the face.

"Danny!" I cried, launching myself off the bench. I ran across the grass as Jackson reached him and dropped to my knees. Once Jackson rolled him over, I lifted his head into my lap, regardless of the helmet. "Easy," I murmured, seeing the blood running down his face. "No, Jackson, don't," I murmured, noticing the blonde glare at my brother. I sat back as the trainer took Danny's helmet off and checked his eyes with the little flashlight.

"Is he okay?" Lydia asked from behind me.

"Yeah, looks like he just has a bloody nose," Jackson told her.

"What?" she asked.

"Your lipstick," the captain said, and I looked over my shoulder as she wiped at it.

"Wonder how that happened," she laughed it off, but I knew Jackson wasn't convinced.

"Get him up," the trainer told me, putting away his flashlight.

"Jackson, help me," I requested. I picked up my best friend's helmet, stick, and gloves as the third member of our trio lifted the taller boy up to stand on his feet. "Bring him to the bench," I told him. I ended up sitting with Danny through the rest of practice, checking his pulse and eyes like the trainer instructed, and drove him home. He didn't have a concussion, thank god, or I might have killed Scott. I was still furious with him, especially after having heard his conversation with Stiles.

On my way to talk to Mr. Argent, which was considerably closer to Danny's house than mine, I got a text from Stiles saying he was locking Scott up for the night. I sent back an assurance that I was staying out of the house tonight. When I knocked on the door, Allison's mom answered. "Hi, Mrs. Argent," I murmured.

"Sorry, sweetie, Allison went out to the sporting goods store for new archery equipment," she told me.

"Actually, I'm here to ask Mr. Argent for some help with something," I told her. Her eyebrows went up, but she let me in with a smile. "Thank you, ma'am," I murmured.

"Chris? Ami McCall is here to see you," she called into the garage.

"Ami," Mr. Argent greeted me gently. He knew I was friends with Allison, and that I'd been in the school that night. "What can I do for you?" he asked, sitting down opposite me in the living room.

"I'm not going to feign ignorance, sir. I know all about the werewolves and the hunters. I know about the Alpha killing people in town. And I know the Alpha was after Allison that night at the school," I told him, cutting to the chase.

"How is it you know all this?" he asked, straightening in surprise.

"I was raised by a family of werewolves," I replied. At his look, I explained, "Before Melissa McCall adopted me; I was in the foster care of the Hale family. I'm well aware of the fact that Derek was a werewolf, but I assure you, he was a Beta, not the Alpha. We don't know who the Alpha is. If I knew, I'd tell you, because I want him dead too. He killed my brother."

"And you're coming to me because?" he asked.

"Because the Alpha has nearly bitten me twice. The first time, Derek showed up in time to drive him away. The second time, Stiles Stilinski distracted the Alpha. The point is, the Alpha can do things to me to render me helpless, and I don't like it. He can control me, shutting down my ability to react, but I'd like to at least stand a chance to stop him before it gets to that point," I said. I was surprised at how calm I was in a house of Hunters.

"When you say control, what do you mean?" Kate Argent asked, stepping into the room.

"I mean there's this voice in my head, like a Beta has to their Alpha, but I'm not a werewolf. It speaks to me in my head, with growls and snarls and howls, never words, whenever the Alpha is nearby. He used it to paralyze me and knock me out. If the Alpha gets close enough, this feeling in my stomach comes with him, and it hurts enough to send me to the ground. And when he used the power of an Alpha, he can force me to submit," I told her. She moved around to sit in a chair, and Mrs. Argent joined us, setting a plate of cookies on the coffee table. I took one, murmuring a thank you to her, and she smiled.

"You're sure you've never been bitten?" Kate asked me.

"I think I would know if I had, wouldn't I?" I replied. "If I was bitten, I'd either be a werewolf or dead."

"Except for the part where this Alpha has control over you like you're his Beta," Mr. Argent told me. "Is it possible you share some kind of parental bond with him?"

"I don't think so. My foster parents both died in the Hale fire. I know it's not Melissa. Scott's father was never my father," I assured him.

"What about your biological parents?" Kate asked.

"No one knows who they were," I answered, realizing it was a possibility. "And Derek and I have no idea who this Alpha is. We've never been able to catch him." I told her. "Look, I just wanted to know if there was some way you could help me. I don't want to be a werewolf, but if I can't protect myself from the Alpha, I'm going to be one very soon."

"We can help you, can't we Chris?" Victoria told me.

"I'd say so, but not tonight. And my daughter is not to know about any of this, understood?" Mr. Argent told me.

"Of course, sir. Thank you for the cookies, Mrs. Argent, they were delicious," I said, standing.

"Why don't you take some with you? I always seem to make too many," she told me, rising as well. Before I could protest, she'd placed some on a paper plate, covered it, and handed it to me.

Mr. Argent walked me to the door, where he said, "Come back Wednesday around five and we'll get started." I nodded and left with a thank you. The bookstore wasn't far away, and I figured it couldn't hurt to get to my shift a little early.

Shaking my head to dispel my fear of the quietness, I let myself into the bookstore and set the cookies on the coffee counter. Bandit greeted me happily, and I saw that Erica was curled up in one of the recliners with a book. "Hey, Erica," I said, moving over. She looked up, startled, and I smiled. The blonde offered a timid smile in reply, and I left to find Mr. Roberts. When I did find him, he was happy to meet Erica and let me share my hours with her. We arranged that Erica would come right after school and start at three. She'd stay until six, and then I'd take over and stay until close at nine. We also agreed to rotate the Saturday afternoon and evening shifts. I'd show the blonde around tomorrow and show her how to do inventory and ring up purchases during my shift.

When I got home, Scott was still gone. But a few minutes later, I heard him limping into his room and dropping on the bed. I stood at my door, waiting for him to fall asleep, but Scott said, "Wait." My brow furrowed, wondering if he was talking to me, but then he continued. "I can't do this," Scott said. "I can't be this and be with Allison. I need you to tell me the truth. Is there a cure?"

"For someone who was bitten? I've heard of one, I don't know if it's true," a familiar voice replied, and I gasped. I didn't believe it. I couldn't. I'd only just believed that he was dead.

"Well, what is it?" my younger brother demanded.

"You have to kill the one that bit you," my older brother told him. Tears ran down my face, out of anger, joy, or heartbreak I wasn't sure.

"Kill the Alpha?" the smaller Beta exclaimed. I leaned against the door, horrified at the idea of Scott facing off against the Alpha as I reeled in shock.

"Scott," Derek said, moving closer. "If you help me find him, I'll help you kill him," he promised, and I backed away from my door. I was sure they both knew I was there, by scent or the sound of my racing heart.

Footsteps sounded in the hallway, and I felt my bed bump against the back of my knees. The door opened as I sank onto my bed, and I covered my mouth with my hand. Derek stepped into my room, holding his hands out, and I stared, unable to bring myself to believe it. "It's me. I'm real, Ami," he promised, moving close enough to drop to his knees in front of me. "I'm alive," he assured me as he took one of my hands in his. Drawing the hand to his chest, he pressed my palm under his jacket.

A steady thump-thump beat against my hand as warmth radiated through my body. "You're alive," I realized, and choked on a sob as I buried my face in his shoulder.

His arms came up, pulling me against his chest as he stood. Laying down in my nest of blankets, he pulled me with him, shedding his jacket and shoes as he did. I lay with my head on his chest, my fingers wrapped around the pulse point in his wrist as I listened to the steady beating of his heart. Looking down at me, he used his free hand to wipe away tears that just kept coming. By the time fell asleep for the first time in four days, he had his hand against my neck, feeling the much weaker flutter of his anchor's heart.

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