Blue Moon


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Chapter 14-Co-Captain

I don't know how long it took Peter to convince Derek of his cause. I don't know when Derek came back for me. I don't know when I got to the boys' locker room at school. I don't know when Peter finally let up the pressure in my head and allowed me to think clearly. But when he did, I was laying on the shower floor at Derek's feet. The floor was wet, and my hair was splayed across the tiles, curling in the water.

I could hear Scott's voice above me, saying, "If they're holding me back from becoming a psychotic nut-job like you, I'm okay with that."

"Maybe you could try and see things from my perspective," Peter suggested. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was screaming at myself to get up. I was fighting to stop Peter from whatever he was doing to Scott. I was going to slap Derek back into his senses. But I couldn't; the majority of my brain was spinning endlessly. I thought it went something like,

"He's your father!"

"He's a sick son-of-a-bitch!"

"Derek's your cousin, not your brother."

"He'll never be my father."

"Wait, then who's my mother?"

"Kate was right. That's where his power over me comes from."

"Does that mean he'll let me decide when to turn me?"

"You say that like you want to be a werewolf!"

"Do you want to be a werewolf?"

My scream melded with Scott's and I became aware of the fact that we were alone again. "Ami?" Scott gasped his voice ragged and weak. He was lying on the tiles, wrapped only in a towel, but I didn't mind.

"I'm here, Scotty," I murmured, crawling over to him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, lifting himself up onto his side to look down at me.

"Physically, yeah, I'm okay. Mentally, I will be once my brain shuts off. Emotionally, no, I won't be for a while. Peter is my biological father," I replied, burying my face into his shoulder. He sucked in a breath and I let out a sob. "My god, my father is a murdering werewolf monster!" Later, I would thank Scott's werewolf warmth for lulling me to sleep as I cried, because he was able to get dressed and get me home with Stiles' help.

I spent Wednesday out of school, having told my mom the truth. At least, I'd told her that Peter Hale was my biological father. She knew his medical situation; she knew the Hale story. She worked at the Hospital; she knew Peter Hale and his nurse had gone missing from the long term care center. So she let me sleep in Scott's room while he was at school. I was craving comfort, and since Derek had turned his back on me, all I had was Scott. Danny and Lydia couldn't know; they had to be kept safe. Jackson was being an ass, insisting on getting the bite. Stiles was not the right person to go to, since he was trying to figure out how the murders were connected. And Allison wasn't safe to talk to until she knew the truth about Scott, Derek, the Alpha, and her family. And all I had of Scott right now was his empty bed.

I was so tired of waking up in a new place. When I woke up the next time, I was curled up in a tiny ball on my mom's bed. She was running around her room, putting on jewelry while trying to do her makeup. "Mom," I rasped. "Sit down and do one thing at a time," I told her.

"Oh, you're awake. I didn't want to leave you here sleeping while I went out," she said.

"Where are you going?" I asked curiously. "You look amazing."

"Strangely enough, I'm going on a date," she told me, and I giggled tiredly. "Which reminds me, I need to go tell your brother that I'll be home late tonight," she added. I nodded and dropped my head back down into the nest of blankets I'd managed to make.

Vaguely I remembered Scott telling me he had to keep an eye on Jackson, so I checked my phone. I had a number of them, and I slumped down tiredly. One was Danny, sending a really sweet message to make sure I was ok. Stiles had warned me that Chris had approached Jackson, who was now determined to get the bite. Said idiot texted me that my brother was a freaking asshole. I quickly replied that Scott was not; Jackson was just too stubborn to realize Scott was trying to help him. Allison sent me a picture of a strange arrow-head, but I told her I'd never seen anything like it. She then responded with a picture of the damage the arrow had done to the tree. I told her she probably shouldn't be playing with it, in case something happened. But I was really trying to keep her from her from figuring out the truth.

I also had a number of emails from my teachers. They all said the same thing; besides an agenda for the classes I'd missed, there was the assurance that I'd already learned the lesson and done the work for it. So I didn't worry about that at all.

No, it was a text from Lydia that caught my attention and woke me up. "Did you know Jackson asked Allison to the winter formal?"

"No, I thought Allison was going with you," I replied.

"Apparently not. You're still coming dress shopping with us though, right?"

"Yeah, I just have to swap shifts with Erica. Let me know what day we're going so I can tell Coach I can't make it to practice."

"Why do you have to go to practice again?"

"I keep the book, Lyd. I'm like a manager or whatever. Coach said he's getting me my own team sweatshirt. The store's gonna think he's crazy for taking such a tiny kid for the team."

"It' not like you're playing right?"

"No, but I wish I could."

"They'd kill you, you know that. That's why you stopped playing in the first place."

"I know, but I miss it. It reminds me of my foster brothers."

"Aw, sweetie. I'm sending a hug."

"Thanks. I needed one, even if it was through a cell phone."

"That's what I'm here for, Pixie."

"Believe me, Queen, I know. " with that, I shoved my phone in my pocket, smiling.

After the doorbell rang for the third time, and my mom started yelling for Scott to get the door, I gave up on falling back asleep. I staggered down the stairs, only to be caught by a horrified Scott. "I'll tell her," my brother threatened.

"That I used to be a catatonic invalid with burns covering half my face? Good luck with that," Peter Hale, aka miracle medical rep going on a date with my mother, replied.

"Fine, then I'll tell her you're my biological father," I hissed, and this time Peter looked a little hesitant.

"If you hurt her, if you even touch her," Scott told him.

"Scott, if I may interrupt your listing of the top five most impingent sounding threats, for a moment? Try and remember that I've been in a coma for six years, don't you think I'd like to have dinner with a beautiful woman?" Peter stopped him. I had to admit, that was a pretty valid argument, but it wasn't the one he was using.

"Just half a second, sorry," Mom called, running around in the back hall.

"Mom, it's on the kitchen counter," I called back to her.

"Or maybe you think I've come up with an idea. Like how it might be easier to convince you to be part of the pack if your mother is, too," Peter went on.

I snarled at him, stepping around Scott. "If you want Scott and me at your side so badly, turning my mother isn't going to gain you any favor. You've already ruined both of my brothers' lives," I growled at him. Scott pulled me back, shielding me behind his shoulder.

The humanized Alpha came in, forcing Scott and I to back away, and told us, "You need to understand how much more powerful we are together; the two of you, and me, and Derek." Then he turned his attention to Scott, asking, "Did you know that some of the most successful military operations during the Second World War were the German U-boat attacks? Do you know what they called them? Wolf packs. Did you know that? Or are you failing history as well?"

"I know the Germans lost the war," Scott snarled.

"I think you'll find that most historians would argue that as failure of leadership, and trust me, we don't have that problem here," Peter told him smugly.

"But we will. It's in the nature of every great power that rises to fall," I snapped softly.

"I'm ready, I'm ready, sorry again," Mom appeared at my elbow, kissing my cheek. She took Peter's offered arm, and I growled in the back of my throat.

They'd started down the walkway when Scott said, "Mom!"

She turned around, replying, "Yes? Sweethearts?" She gave us both her look, and I didn't know what to say.

"Have a good time," Scott managed to say.

"Not too late, mister," I added, making my mom smile. Then we had to watch our vulnerable, unsuspecting mother get in the car with a psychotic, murdering werewolf.

"Go, get dressed," Scott ordered. "Get Derek, he might listen to you" he added. I heard him talking to Allison as I swapped my sweats for jeans, shoved my feet into running sneakers, and zipped up a track jacket over my tank top. I fled out the door behind my brother, darting into the darkness of the woods. For once I wasn't afraid for myself; Peter couldn't hurt me if he was heading across town with my mom.

When the Hale house loomed out of the darkness, I stumbled, shocked. I was already there? Had I really run that fast without noticing? I chalked it up to anger and fear as I darted for the front door. Somebody was coming through the woods behind me, so I hid in the back of the house, under the stairs.

"Is it safe? I don't want rafters falling on my head," Jackson's voice reached me easily through the darkness and I felt my pounding heart stop.

"Go ahead," Derek sounded a little strange, like he used to when something bad was happening and he'd lied to me to keep me calm.

"What's in here?" Jackson asked, and I just wanted to yell in frustration. Why did all the bad stuff have to happen at the same time? Why was it that we could never deal with one thing at a time?

"Everything you want," Derek replied, and I understood. Jackson thought he was getting the bite. Then the door opened, and I heard Derek tell Jackson to trust him. The door closed, and I straightened slowly from my crouch.

"This house; it's the same house," Jackson realized.

"What did you say?" Derek asked, startled. I was too, but neither of them actually knew I was there. Well, Derek could probably smell me and hear my heartbeat. So, he was probably fully aware of the fact that I was there.

"I've dreamt about this place. I remember the staircase, I remember these walls, I remember everything," the younger boy told him.

"You've been here?" my brother demanded.

"No, never. I dreamt it," the blonde assured him. The hair on the back of my neck rose, and I knew I didn't have much time left. There was a pause, and Jackson realized, "There's no one else here." Derek must have given him some look, because my friend asked, "And no one else is coming?" My heart clenched; was Derek actually going to kill Jackson? I heard Derek's claws come out, and Jackson fell, probably onto the staircase as he tried to back away. "No, please, please don't, okay? I'll shut up. I'll never say another word again. I'll leave Scott alone. Please, you can't do this, please," my friend was openly scared now; he was crying as he spoke. "I don't deserve it," Jackson sobbed.

"I think you do," Derek told him.

"No!" Jackson protested.

"Look around you!" Derek shouted. "Wouldn't there be someone here trying to save you?" he asked. "There's no one here!"

"Yes, there is," I said calmly, stepping around the staircase into the front hallway.

"Ami," Jackson gasped, but I ignored him. I might be saving his life, but I was still furious with him.

"You don't get to do this! You can't kill him, not without killing me first," I snarled at my brother, wondering where this courage was coming from.

"Fine," he snarled back, grabbing me by the wrist and yanking me against his chest. I looked up at him, fury and betrayal burning in my eyes, and he threw me against the door behind him. "There's a reason. No one cares that you drive an expensive car. No one care that you have perfect hair," he told the boy sitting on the stairs. But I understood. I remembered a time when Derek had been a lot like Scott, sweet and caring with everyone, not just me, but that part of him had been locked up behind a cold exterior after the fire. He didn't want to see anything change it in Scott, and Jackson was one of the people who pushed Scott the worst. "And no one cares that you're the captain of the lacrosse team," he added, furious.

"Excuse me? Co-captain," Scott corrected from the top of the stairs. Then my younger brother leaped off the stairs, landing in front of Jackson, fully shifted. He looked over his shoulder at the other captain, who gasped, and I scrambled out the door.

"Jackson, go!" I shouted, but it was drowned out by Derek's roar as he shifted. I rolled to my feet in the yard, crouching, and looked up.

Kate Argent stood over me, a triumphant smirk on her face. "Well, well, well, I guess the training with my brother is paying off," she sneered at me, firing a crossbow through the window of the house.

"Cover your eyes!" I heard Derek yell, and I dove away from Kate as the hunters around her opened fire on my old home. I snarled, drawing two knives Chris had taught me to conceal at my waist. But Kate just laughed and turned her attention to the house. A big, brutal looking man approached me, and I leaped away, dancing around him the way Chris had been teaching me.

But a roar from the house distracted me, and I saw Derek charge onto the porch. "Derek, no!" I screamed, flinging one of my knives towards the shoulder of a hunter aiming at him. Upon seeing me, Derek hurled himself into the line of hunters, sending them flying as he placed himself in front of me. But Kate had her tazer, and one shock from it sent Derek to the ground. The hunters who could still move over-powered him, snapping iron cuffs closed around both his wrists and ankles. And with him down, I was left with only a single blade to fend off Kate.

After seeing what the tazer had done to my brother, who could heal from its effects, I knew it was my biggest threat. "If you can't eliminate it, then neutralize the biggest threat first, Ami," Chris had told me. So I threw the knife, watching it rip the tazer out of Kate's hand, and grinned at her savagely. I was still grinning when something slammed into the back of my head, sending me to my knees as blackness washed up in front of my eyes.

Kate's voice woke me, and I found myself lying on a wet cement floor, propped against a beam of some kind. I was tied with my hands stretched above my head, and when I titled my head back to look, Derek was there. My brother looked down at me, and I saw the wires taped to his shirtless side. He was standing, shackled with his hands above his head in chains and thick cuffs. "Derek?" I murmured feeling blood matted on the back of my head. He was shifted, and I could smell Wolfsbane somewhere in the room. I pulled at my hands, but only succeeded in making myself bite my lip in pain.

"Ami, keep quiet, okay? No matter what they do, just keep quiet," he whispered to me. "I'm so sorry."

"I chose to fight back, Derek. I wouldn't be a Hale if I hadn't," I murmured.

Then a door in the front of the room opened, and Kate walked in. She went to a light sitting on the table, and looked over her shoulder. A second girl appeared out of the gloom, and I instantly dropped my head, hoping my hair would hide my face. Kate turned on the light and Derek roared above me. I heard Allison gasp, and Kate asked, "Isn't he beautiful?"

Derek snarled at her, then turned towards Allison and roared. I could feel the blackness coming back, and closed my eyes, focusing only on my last thought. 'I'm so sorry, Scott. I'm so sorry.'

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