Blue Moon


Author's Note: God, Kate is such a bitch! (Sorry) And, I have no way of going through the events of the dance, since I actually need Ami missing the dance for a later rant, so I'm sorry if you were hoping for it!

Sarah- No, you didn't misunderstand. He didn't know. And yeah, it's supposed to be weird, except she knew it wasn't a date. And no, not until Peter told them both at the hospital.

Chapter 15-Formality

My state of unconsciousness didn't last very long. Kate shocked me awake, and I realized I was hooked up to the same conductor as Derek. I glared up at her only to see Allison standing over me, horrified. "What are you doing? She's my friend!" the brunette gasped as electricity arced through my body.

I screamed while above me, Derek did the same. Pulling my knees up to my chest, I bowed my head forward, not wanting to see my brother had he was forced in and out of shifts. "Is it gonna kill him?" Allison asked.

"Oh, come on kiddo, don't get all epic on me now," Kate protested. I sobbed as Derek screamed, trying to reach for him but knowing I couldn't.

"What is he?" my friend asked.

"Shape-shifter, lycon, werewolf," Kate laughed. "To me he's just another dumb animal." Then she got up and moved closer, and I flinched away. "Come here," she ordered Allison, parting Derek' lips as I looked up. "See this right here? These are canines, also known as fangs, made for the tearing and rending of flesh. Not something you find on those cute leaf-eating herbivores, is it?"

"Is this a joke to you?" Allison demanded.

"Sweetheart, there are werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me. How else do you think I stay sane?" her aunt replied.

"So, it was him at the high school and all the other animal attacks?" Allison asked, afraid she'd been wrong.

"There's actually three of them. Another younger one, like him, called a Beta. Your little friend down there is a half-breed, a mutt. One of her parents was human. Her other parent is the Alpha. The Alpha is the pack-leader, bigger, stronger, and nastier. Those are the real ugly ones," Kate explained to her walking her out. I looked after Allison, wondering how we were ever going to be around each other again if I survived this.

Ami's dream (Scott POV)

When I woke up in the examining room at the clinic, I looked around wildly, seeking my sister. When I couldn't see her, I rolled off the table only to have my knees buckle under me. "Welcome back to the land of the conscious," my boss said, catching me gently. "Doing okay?" he asked as he braced me with one hand on my chest. I looked up tiredly, and he suggested, "Maybe you should sit down, huh?" I nodded, touching the bandage on my ribs as the front door rang. "Hello?" the vet called. But when there was no answer, I sniffed at the air.

I knew that scent. And I knew it as much as I hated it. Deaton started to walk by, to go check it out, and I grabbed his arm. I hoped my eyes explained my concern, and he covered my hand with his reassuringly. He smiled, noting my protectiveness of him, and headed out front. "I'm sorry, but we're…" he trailed off for a minute, seeing Peter standing in the doorway, then finished, "We're closed."

"Hi there, I'm here to pick up," the Alpha explained, his voice making my lip curl in a snarl.

"I'm not sure I remember you dropping off," my boss replied, his voice cold now.

"This one wandered in on its own. And I was wondering if you'd seen another one, probably wounded, female, and small. She's missing," Peter told him. This made my pulse quicken. 'How could he not know where Ami was? What did he mean my sister was wounded? And why wasn't he mentioning Derek?' I thought as I crouched in the far corner of the room.

"Even if it did, I can't help you, we're closed. And I'm sorry, but I haven't picked up any strays for a few days," Doc answered calmly.

"Oh, I think you can make an exception this one time," Peter suggested. "Don't you?" he was clearly used to intimidating people, but Deaton was standing up to him well.

"I'm sorry, that's not going to be possible," the older man replied. Was he really standing up to the Alpha just for me? I mean, yeah, I loved my boss, even saw him like the wise uncle of the family, but this, this was suicidal. "Maybe you could come back during regular hours," Deaton suggested, fully knowing Peter wouldn't.

"You have something of mine," Peter finally dropped the nice guy act as he said; "I'm here to collect it."

"Like I said," Deaton replied, taking a step forward. I begged him silently to back up, to not get any closer to the insane Alpha. "We're closed."

'Damn, here he comes,' I thought, pulling back closer to the wall. I heard Peter shift his weight to step forward, which would bring him through the gate. But there was a kind of sizzling sound, and he stopped. His claws raked the gate and he said, "Mountain ash. That's an old one." Then something slammed against the wall, and I sucked in a breath.

Now I was really wondering if Deaton was trying to get himself killed. "Let me be as clear as possible. We are closed," he told Peter, his voice very different from what I usually heard. It was low, cold, and threatening. Where had this guy been when Derek had kidnapped him?

Peter turned away, then murmured, "There are others who can help me get what I want, Scott. More innocent and far more vulnerable."

I knew the threat, but it took me a minute to realize he meant, "Allison." Then the Alpha left, the bell jingling, and I leaped up, scrambling into the spare shirt Doc kept for me in his office. "Thank you, I promise I'll be better when I get this all sorted," I told my boss, hurrying out the door.

"Sit," he ordered me gently. He handed me the office phone and said, "Call Stiles. I don't want to be re-bandaging that because you ran home." I smiled wryly up at him, leaning against the wall as I called my best friend. Stiles got there in a few minutes, his Jeep surprisingly okay after we'd crashed into my mom and Peter.

When I got home, and realized I couldn't find my phone, I had Stiles call it as I ripped apart my room. "Call it again," I begged.

"It's not here," Stiles replied, having called it six times already. I dropped to the floor to look under my bed as he continued, "So you lost your phone, why don't you just get a new one?"

"I can't afford a new one," I told him. He should know that, since I used my upgrade after Derek smashed my last phone. Oh, so that's where those shoes went? "And I can't do this alone. We have to find Derek."

"Well, A, you're not alone, you've got me! And B, didn't you say Derek walked into gunfire. He sounds pretty dead."

"Except Ami's missing, and she was there that night. Plus, Argent's plan was to use Derek to get to the Alpha. They're not gonna kill him," I told him, standing in the bathroom doorway. The bathroom was a sure sign Ami hadn't been home in a couple of days. My clothes were strewn all over the floor, and she always made me pick them up, saying she didn't want her first sight in the morning to be my boxers.

"Alright, then just let them do what they're planning," he suggested. "They use Derek to get to Peter, keeping Ami alive and safe in the meantime, problem solved."

"Not if Peter's going after Allison to find Derek," I protested. "I can't protect her on my own and look for Ami, which means we need to find Derek first." I was scrambling through my computer games, hoping, but knowing my phone wasn't there. "Just help me," I pleaded, throwing a ball at his head.

"You probably lost it when you two were fighting," he said as I went through the shelves on my desk. "Do you remember that; when he was trying to kill you after you stopped him from killing Ami after she interrupted him trying to kill Jackson? Are you starting to see a pattern of violent behavior here?"

"He wasn't going to kill anyone," I insisted, "And I'm not letting him die."

"Could you at least think about letting him die? For me?" he pleaded.

"I can't. He tried to help me, and he's kept Ami safe, and he's the only one who can find her!" I told him, only to be brought up short by the sound of worn old brakes. My head snapped up, recognizing the sound of Mom's car.

"What?" Stiles asked, still sitting on my computer chair.

"My mom just got home from work," I sighed. As I listened to her leaving a message, guilt settled lower and lower in my stomach. I wanted to tell her the truth, why Stiles had ruined her date that wasn't a date. But I couldn't even tell her that Ami was missing.

"She okay?" my best friend asked. I knew he really liked my mom, and considered her a motherly figure in his life after losing his own mother. I hoped he knew I felt the same way about his dad as I shook my head. "What's she doing?"

"Crying," I admitted, moving to sit on the bed.

"Scott, you can't protect everyone," he tried to tell me.

"I have to," I told him, because if I didn't protect him, Ami, Mom, Allison, Jackson, hell, even Lydia, who would?

When I woke up next, all I wanted to know was what day it was. I just wanted to know how long I had until I was reported missing. I just needed to know if I was ever going to be a normal teenage girl and go dress shopping for the winter formal that I still didn't have a date for. Groaning as my muscles convulsed again, I let out the sob I'd been fighting back and realized just how much I hurt. "Why? I asked Derek, my voice raspy and hoarse from the screaming and dehydration.

I wasn't expecting him to answer me, seeing how low his head hung. "She thinks you're a mix, that you can be forced through the shift. Once you do shift, she'll have reason enough for holding you. She'll say your eyes are blue to give Chris a reason for her killing both of us," he managed to tell me.

"But I'm human," I whispered, my fear finally escaping. She was going to keep torturing me until she reached a stopping point that I didn't have.

"Not entirely. If the Alpha is your father, then you're really half wolf. The human gene was dominant enough to repress the shift, but now that your father is an Alpha, he can force you to change. See, sweetie, there's two ways for a mutt to become a wolf. Either an Alpha bites you again, risking a complete rejection of the change and killing you or your sire becomes an Alpha and forces you to change," Kate explained to me, crouching in front of me as she returned. She cupped my chin in her fingers, her nails digging into my skin, and I met her eyes. "And you don't want to be a werewolf, do you, sweetheart?"

"Leave her alone," Derek snapped.

"So why don't you be a good girl and tell me who the Alpha is. You might even be able to save your big brother if you do," Kate coaxed. I stared at her, blinking. I wasn't really hearing her anymore.

"Ami, don't," Derek ordered.

"Oh, tired are we?" Kate asked, letting go off me as she stood. My head dropped, my chin hitting my chest, and I felt my hair fall over my face. I couldn't look up as Kate went through Derek's wallet and both of our jackets and phones. "Come on, Derek, he killed your sister. You know, either you're not telling me because you want to kill him yourself or for some reason you're protecting him," she said, back to the business at hand. I didn't like either of those options. If Derek wanted to kill Peter, he wanted to be the Alpha. If he was protecting Peter that meant Peter was his Alpha.

Her laugh did make me raise my head enough to see that she had his license and was holding it next to Derek's face. "Look at that sour face," she crooned, lifting Derek's chin the way she had mine. "I bet you always used to get people coming up to you saying, 'smile, Derek, why don't you smile more?' Don't you just wanna kick those people in the face?"

"I can think of one," he told her, and I'd never been more relieved to hear his sarcasm.

"Promise? Because if I thought you'd be that much fun, I'll let you go," she replied. With a sigh when she got no answer the huntress moved back over to the table and picked up Derek's phone. "Alright, let's see, nothing, nothing, nothing, god I hate this detective crap," she muttered.

But I was leaning my head back to look up at Derek, who seemed to be getting stronger. But I knew he was tired when he asked, "Are you gonna torture me or talk me to death, huh?"

"Oh, sweetie, I don't want to torture you, I just want to catch up," she said with a smile. I felt my eyes widen and dropped my head back onto my knees, wishing I could turn off my hearing. "Remember all the fun we had together?" Kate asked.

"Don't respond, don't respond, don't give her anything," I breathed, not liking at all where this was going.

And he didn't listen, shocker. "Like the time you burned my family alive?" he snarled. I jerked against my ties, my teeth biting into my thigh to keep from making any kind of noise.

Of course it had been Kate. Derek had loved her.

Said manipulative bitch laughed and told him, "You know, I was thinking more about the hot crazy sex we had." I blanched, really not wanting to hear this, but having to know all the same. "But the fire thing, yeah, that was fun too," she added, openly admitting to the fact that it had been her to set the fire that took my entire family when I was ten. Derek lunged, but was brought up short by the manacles around his wrists. I snarled against my leg, but Kate was a little distracted tormenting my brother. "I love how much you hate me," she said, "remember how this felt?"

'My god, did she just lick him?' I gagged as Derek roared, gnashing his fangs in her face.

"Sweetheart, I really don't want to torture you," Kate said as Derek gasped, forcing himself to shift back. Then the door rolled open and I looked up through my hair. "But he does," she told us, walking out.

The man walked up, kneeling beside me first. He lifted my chin in far rougher fingers than Kate and I met his eyes blankly. "Well aren't you a pretty little thing? Don't tell me you've got the whole Beauty and a Beast thing going on here?" he leered in my face. I jerked as far forward as I could to snap my teeth at his wrist, but he yanked his hand back so all I caught was sleeve. Spitting it out, I glared up at him and he slapped me so my head snapped to the side, knocking me out with ease.

"You want me to take her to the formal?" Jackson repeated, shaking his head at Stiles' weirdness. I didn't blame him for that, since I was giving Stiles a look too.

"I don't want you to, I need you to," I corrected.

"Screw you. You know what, screw you too. In fact, screw each other," Jackson replied, but he hadn't walked away yet.

"Hey, you know he saved your life, right?" Stiles asked.

"He left me for dead," Jackson corrected.

"I got shot for you," I protested.

"Oh yeah, show me the bullet wound," the blonde demanded.

"You know it healed," I admitted.

"Convenient. By the way, where's your sister? She's got my homework," my co-captain asked.

"Missing, because she went to that house and stood up to her older brother to save you from your own idiocy. We think a hunter has both of them. Look, just do it for Allison," I replied. I put emphasis on the fact that Ami was missing because of him, and knew that had gotten a reaction. "Okay, she's in serious danger; I'm talking around the clock danger, and she needs someone to keep an eye on her at the dance," I told him.

"Just have her dad do it, okay? He's the one actually equipped to handle this," the mule suggested, revealing how much he actually did pay attention.

"How am I supposed to do that and keep him from finding out about me?" I demanded, like I hadn't already thought of that one.

"Not my problem," he sneered, glancing at Stiles. When he went to walk by, I slammed my arm on his locker, stopping him quite effectively. I was rather proud that I could do this to him now, as payback for the beginning of the season.

"You're her friend too. You are. All that time that you spent with her to get to me; you can't tell me you didn't get to know her and like her. It's Allison, it's impossible not to like her!" I told him. He raised an eyebrow, and I took it as agreement and pushed on, "You can't tell me that you don't care if she gets hurt."

"What if I get hurt?" he asked.

I knew he wanted me to tell him he wouldn't, but I wasn't lying to him. "Then it's worth it," I told him.

"Not to me," he snapped, pushing us out of the way.

"Well, I shouldn't say I told you so," Stiles started, "because it's not strong enough. How about I'm always right and you should listen to what I say and never disagree ever, ever, for the sake of your wolflihood?"

I ignored him, determined to make this work. Clenching my jaw as I tried to hold my temper, I had an idea. Jackson had seen me shift. And he'd been terrified…"I'm not done," I told Stiles.

"You're not done?" he repeated as I walked around the lockers after Jackson.

"One more thing," I said, making the blonde turn around with a sigh. I growled, letting my eyes and fangs shift through. Jackson panicked, throwing himself against the door as I took a single step forward.

In the hallway by Allison's locker, Stiles and I watched from the corner as Jackson made plans to pick Allison up. The blonde looked over, and the smile dropped off his face before Allison made him laugh again. "Hey don't worry, I'll still be there," Stiles assured me.

"I'm still going," I told him.

"Is that such a good idea? Do you even have a date?" he asked.

"I'll bring Ami if we find her in time," I decided, since I needed to spend more time with my sister anyway. Plus I could keep her safe that way.

"Do you have a suit?" he pressed.

"Not yet," I admitted.

"Do you have a ticket to the formal?"

"Not yet," I sighed, realizing how woefully unprepared I was for this stupid dance.

"A ride there?"

Sighing as I pulled back against the wall to face him, I told him, "No and no,"

"So you're going to ride your bike to a dance that you're not even allowed to go to without a date, suit, or a way in, with werewolves and werewolf hunters all out to kill your little werewolf ass?" when he summed it up like that, I just had to smile.

"Yeah. Gonna help me?" I asked.

"Hell yeah," he assured me without hesitating. I laughed as he threw his arm around my shoulders and led me down the hallway.


When Kate came back in a new outfit, I guessed it was now Thursday. This meant that unless no one had noticed, I was officially missing. I didn't have the energy to look up now, since I was painfully aware of the fact that I wasn't a werewolf and couldn't heal. Kate sat in the wood chair by the generator thing, listening to a message from Chris.

Though my body was shutting down, my mind was still working fine, and it was easy to realize that Kate hadn't authorized that strike with Chris or Victoria. Which meant no one knew where we were. As I sat there, wondering idly if Chris would have been proud of the way I'd fought, I tried to lick my cracking lips with a sand-paper tongue. There was no doubt I was in worse condition that Derek. He might have been getting a rougher treatment, but I wasn't healing at all.

"Unfortunately, Derek, if you're not gonna talk, I'm gonna have to kill you both. So say hi to your sister for me," she decided, reaching for the dial that would turn on the electrical charges again. I knew if she left it high enough, for long enough, my body would just stop working. And I didn't think Derek could heal fast enough to wait for the battery to die. "You didn't tell her about me, didn't you? The truth about the fire? Or did you?" she asked. Then she got up, drawing an excited breath, and whispered, "Did you tell anybody?"

But Derek didn't reply. I turned my head to the side; it was all I could do to look at him, and felt him turn his eyes on me. "Oh, sweetie, that's just a lot of guilt to keep buried," she crooned. "It's not all your fault," she started, and I felt him look away from me. I sagged, my head falling onto my shoulder, so that I was able to see his feet. "You got tricked by a pretty face," she laughed. "It happens. Handsome young werewolf mistakenly falls in love with a super hot girl who comes from a family that kills werewolves," she laughed at the end, and I wished I were strong enough to have put my blade in her heart that night at the Hale house.

"Is that ironic?" she asked. "Is it ironic that you're inadvertently helping me take down the rest of the pack, again?" Her laugh was really starting to make me mad, but that was okay, because it was focusing my mind, bringing me out of my torture induced stupor. "Or just a little bit of history repeating?" she asked, moving over to the box that would kill us. I could feel Derek's guilt as he looked at me, and I tried to force my head back. But I couldn't. "History repeating," she murmured thoughtfully.

Then she stopped my heart with the words, "It's not Jackson, is it? Oh, no, no, no, he's got a little scratch on the back of his neck, but he's not in love with Allison. Not like Scott."

When she turned to me, she drew a knife and cut through the rope holding me up. "You'll be dead by tomorrow night anyway," she laughed, stalking out.

I collapsed, my freed hands falling into my lap as I fell over sideways into a puddle. I was shaking, instinctively curling in on myself as my hair fell around me in the water like an inky cloud. "Ami, roll over, please," Derek said softly, but I couldn't find the strength.

'What's the point? She's going after Scott,' my body whispered, urging me to just give in, close my eyes, and never open them again.

"Ami, please, you have to look at me," he whispered.

'I'm dying, Derek. Let me die in peace.'

"Ami Hale, look at me!" he growled, and I flinched.

'Ami Hale…Hales do not give up. Hales do not go down without a fight,' my heart realized, and I opened my eyes. I did it slowly, but I managed to push myself over onto my back. My head fell onto his foot and I sighed. He was still warm. Even in soaked jeans after however many days of torture, he was warm. "Hale…" I breathed, and he nodded.

"Always," he assured me.

I looked up to meet his eyes and managed to say, "Not alone."

"No, Ami, you'll never be alone," he promised.

"No…you. Not…alone," I told him, and I realized I'd forgiven him. "Love you," I sighed, closing my eyes as I drifted off into the welcoming arms of nothing.

I was sitting in the woods, perched on a rock. There was an almost full moon and fog, but I was calm. Derek was sitting on the ground beside my rock, looking up at me. His eyes, god his eyes. They were so full of emotion that I reached down and touched his cheek. My hand looked so delicate against his face, like the hand of a tiny fairy. "I'm so sorry, Ami. So, so sorry. You were supposed to be safe, Pixie. She killed everyone and drove the rest out. You would have been the last Hale in Beacon Hills. You would have been innocent, and let the past rest," he told me. He was begging me to forgive him, but there was nothing to forgive him for.

"Derek, what was I supposed to do? Hide behind the name of my new brother and mother? Someone would have asked eventually. They would have figured out I was in the fire. Somebody would have figured out Eric threw me out the window as he burned," I replied.

The scene shifted so that I was alone, but I knew I wasn't really. I could hear a woman's voice singing, in a language that sounded like Gaelic. As I sang alone, I realized it was a song about some sort of spirit and an ancient tree. "Who are you? Are you my mother?" I called into the wind, but the voice just kept on singing.

Then I was standing on the lacrosse field, and Lydia was lying there, bleeding. Jackson was running towards her, screaming her name, and when I fell beside my best friends, my hands passed right through her. And I woke up, bolting upright, gasping for breath as pain laced through every bone in my body. I rolled over, seeking my reflection in the water on the floor, and stared.

My face was pale and stained with tear tracks and a line of blood. My eyes were wide and sunken into my face. Bruise colored bags hung under my eyes. Spots of blood flecked my white lips as I licked them. But as I grew angrier and angrier, and felt the pressure of the Alpha's power in my head, I locked eyes with my reflection. Slowly my eyes glowed, turning yellow, and then an even stranger thing happened.

My werewolf eyes turned brilliant purple.

I jerked back, falling against Derek with a groan and looked up at him. His eyes widened and I used the puddle to shift back. "That's all I can do," I realized, my voice barely above a raspy breath.

"She was right. The Alpha can force it on you," he told me.

I nodded and said, "Except he won't get the chance after tonight. Because if the Argents or you don't kill him, I will."

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