Blue Moon

Code Breaker

Author's Note: Okay, wow, this is awesome! This is the last chapter for season 1! Only 2 seasons lefts! Think I'll finish before 3b comes out in January? Btw, everything in italics is happening in Ami's head. If it's in a single quote, it's Ami's thoughts.

Flowering birdies-You'll learn, don't worry.



Andrea-Half. She's what Derek calls a mix, and Kate, meanly, calls a mutt. She can't fully shift, only her eyes, but she was born with wolf hearing.

Sarah-She hates Peter, much like how Scott and Stiles feel. She's perfectly willing for Derek or Argent to kill him, but she'll do it if she gets the chance. And no, you'll understand eventually.

Chapter 16-Code Breaker

'Had Kate known the whole time? Did she know that I would have a connection to the Alpha that was twice as strong as Scott's? Had that been her plan? And why was I getting these dreams?'

Sighing as I leaned against Derek's leg, still too weak to rise, I tilted my head back to look at him. His head was bowed, but he didn't look like he was in pain anymore. Which meant he was healing, and he would be strong enough to break free. Hopefully before Kate came back to kill us. As I sat there, harsh emotions hit me. Images came with them, and I closed my eyes to focus on them.

Heartbreak. Allison had seen me change. Rage. Peter was ruining everything that had finally gone right. Fear. Chris knew I was the second Beta.

Terror. The girl I love was bleeding out in my arms.

Loathing. The girl I've loved since third grade was dying right now and I was helping her attacker.

Triumph. I finally had a way to get Derek back.

Fury. My own sister had done this to my daughter, my baby girl, and she just sat there egging me on. Confusion. She had a motive and I wanted to know what it was. Decision. She was leaving, and she was taking Allison with her so I could clean up her mess.

Worry. Were my own parents going to treat Scott the way Kate had held Derek and Ami? Guilt. Ami was probably dead and no one even knew she was missing. Horror. My boyfriend was a monster. Resolution. Scott was not a monster; the Alpha was.

Indignation. He couldn't send me away like this. He needed me to catch the Alpha. I'd already caught one and a half of them.

Horror. That was his nurse, and she was definitely dead. Disgust. He was now holding the laptop case that had been up against a decaying body.

Heartbreak. I'd tried. I'd tired to explain to Allison and now everything was ruined.

Confusion. How could that smile and those words come from the same boy who became a werewolf?

Determination. Derek was alive. I had to find him. And he was going to help me end this. Realization. There was more to Peter's motive than we'd thought.

Pain. Why did werewolves love to slam fragile humans?

Worry. She had to be okay. My beautiful, amazing princess had to be okay. Indignation. This wasn't my fault!

Fear. He was going to kill people and I was helping him. Anger. He was manipulating my best friend into killing people.

Determination. I was going to find them.

A howl I'd only heard once before reached my ears, and I jerked upright against Derek's leg. "Scott!" I gasped, looking up at my brother. "He's looking for us!"

"Then let's help him," he growled, his jaw clenching as he lowered his head. I watched his eyes shift to blue, and then he threw back his head. His howl shook the basement, and I smiled. Scott would find us now.

It took a few minutes, but I heard the door slide open and looked up. "Ami," Scott cried, running to my side.

"I knew you'd come," I whispered, resting my head on his shoulder as he hugged me. "Get Derek down," I murmured, "before Kate comes back." He nodded and stood, and I leaned against Derek again.

"Someone's coming!" he gasped as he opened the first cuff.

"Hide," Derek ordered him. He nodded and darted back out the door, closing it behind him. I closed my eyes as the door slid open, but I knew it wasn't Kate. Sighing with relief, I turned away from Derek, knowing if I didn't I'd just get hurt. The hunter man had not been above hitting me to make Derek furious last time he'd come. And it had worked only so magnificently. Yes, it had made Derek roar and snarl and snap his teeth. Sure, Derek probably would have ripped the man's head off if he'd been able. Yeah, I hurt like hell from the kicks to the ribs and the punches that had split my lip. But no, it hadn't made either of us talk.

I lifted my head as the big man came back and turned the light on so he could see Derek. "Ready to have some more fun?" he asked with a malicious smile. "Do be honest, my knuckles are kind of hurting, so I brought some help," he told my brother, holding up a baseball bat. It was wooden; it would shatter on Derek after a few blows. "I need to warn you, I used to play in college," he smirked, bringing the bat back for a strike. I crawled away only to have the man plant a foot on my back and hold me to the floor.

Then he swung, and I heard Derek catch the bat. "I brought a little help too," my brother told him. On my back, the foot twisted as the hunter turned. I looked up to see Scott standing in the doorway, looking rather pissed off and dangerous. Derek punched the guy, and he went flying off my back to slam into a cement wall.

Immediately Derek ripped off the wires taped to his side, and I remembered that mine was still attached to my arm. It wasn't like I could feel anything anyway. Pulling the tape off my wrist, I looked up as Scott walked over. "Scott, help me with this," Derek requested, pulling at his manacle.

"No," Scott replied.

"What?" the older Beta asked.

"Scott, please," I whispered, reaching out to grab the edge of the table.

"Not until you tell me how to stop Peter," the teen told him, ignoring me.

"You really want to talk about this now?" Derek demanded.

"He's going after Allison and her family. He's going to kill them," my younger brother explained.

"So what?" Derek yelled.

"So tell me how to stop him," Scott prompted.

"You can't!" my elder brother snapped.

"Not alone, Scott," I murmured. I was trying to gather my legs under me, but it wasn't working very well. Apparently Derek wasn't the only one who didn't handle electricity well.

"Alright, I don't know when Kate's coming back, so just get me out of this right now!" Derek yelled. "Get me out right now!"

"Scott, she'll kill all of us, and she'll start with him if she comes back," I told the brunette.

"Promise you'll help me," Scott ordered. Then I realized he knew something.

"You want me to risk my life for your girlfriend? Huh? For your stupid little teenage crush that means absolutely nothing?" I looked up sharply at this. I knew the one who'd changed him in high school had been a girl. Could this be it? Had he risked himself for her and failed? 'Are you trying to protect him from what happened to you?' "You're not in love, Scott. You're sixteen years old; you're a child!" Derek told him harshly.

"Maybe you're right," Scott considered. "But I know something you don't," he added. I watched Derek carefully, and managed to raise myself onto my knees. The anger at Scott faded instantly as the smaller of my brothers continued talking. "Peter said he didn't know what he was doing when he killed your sister, right? He lied. Remember this?" Scott was holding up a piece of paper, and Derek's eyes widened.

Fear. The hunters were looking for Scott.

Fear. Allison's father was looking for Scott.

"This is what brought your sister back to Beacon Hills, right?" Scott asked.

"Where did you get that?" Derek asked, and I realized it was the paper that had been under his windshield wiper the day we'd kidnapped Dr. Deaton.

"My boss told me three months ago someone came into the clinic asking for a copy of this picture. Wanna know who it was?" Scott replied.

"Let me see, Scott," I murmured, but he went on without turning.

"Peter's nurse. They brought your sister here so that Peter could kill her and become the Alpha. And that's why you're going to help me," Scott finished. The look on Derek's face was the most emotional I'd seen him around Scott, and I hated the fact that it was because of Peter. But the anger was real, and it gave me the strength to gather my legs and force myself to my feet. "Just say you'll help me and I'll help you unlock your other," Scott told him, turning his back on Derek. But even as anger gave me my strength, it allowed Derek to rip free of the manacle.

Scott turned around, surprised, as Derek rubbed his wrist. My older brother looked up at my younger; his jaw clenched in fury, and said, "I'll help you." Scott nodded and I watched as Derek pulled on his shirt and jacket. Stuffing his wallet and-was that Scott's phone-in his pocket, he handed me my jacket and sneakers. "Help your sister," the older wolf snapped at Scott, ripping the paper from his hand.

"You okay?" Scott asked as he hurried over.

"I'm getting these really weird feelings. Like, I think, they're coming from everyone else," I murmured as he helped me into my sneakers. "Like right now, I'm pretty sure Chris is looking for you to go after the Alpha. He's got Stiles and I think Jackson. Stiles is really mad. Chris, wait Stiles just told him Kate set the fire," I rasped, the feelings flashing through my head.

"How do you know?" Scott asked, lifting me onto his back.

"I wish I knew. I've been getting these dreams and feelings since Kate started torturing me," I explained.

"And Kate made her shift," Derek said, starting out of the basement once I was secure on Scott's back.

"Wait, you shifted?" Scott gasped. He followed the older Beta out of the room, but Derek had to lean on him once we got out of the underground tunnel.

"Just my eyes. And get this; they're purple, not yellow," I whispered as we climbed the hill.

"Wait, hold on," Derek panted, stopping behind us. "Hold on," he called, and Scott turned around. "Something doesn't feel right," he explained, looking around.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, looking around too. I lifted my head, dropping to the forest floor, a knot starting to form in my stomach.

Triumph. Everything was coming together perfectly.

I shook my head, blinking, as Derek replied, "I don't know. It's kinda like it was-"

"No! Don't say too easy!" Scott cut him off. "People say too easy and bad things happen." Derek rolled his eyes and Scott asked, "Do you think finding you too was easy?" I touched his arm, a sound catching my attention, but he went on, "Getting away from Allison's dad, none of this has been easy!"

"Fine, you're right," Derek sighed.

"Thank you," Scott breathed, turning to head for the Hale house.

Then a familiar sound made me whirl as Derek fell behind me. I saw the arrow in his shoulder and cried out as his pain laced through my head. He rose, but went down with a second arrow in his thigh.

Triumph. I had them. And Allison was doing it all for me.

I snarled as I realized the feeling was Kate's and Derek yelled, "Scott, your eyes!" I dropped, burying my face in my arms and heard the flash bolt explode above me. Scott went down, landing on top of me, and I heaved, trying to lift us up. Derek yelled in pain as he ripped the arrows free, and Scott struggled to rise.

"Come on, let's go!" Derek coaxed, trying to pull my brother up. I lay still, my brothers' pain overwhelming what little strength I had. Kate walked over to me, but dismissed me as no threat before she followed Allison. The younger girl looked back at me, and I lifted my head to meet her eyes.

Guilt. Ami was dying. And I was hurting her brother as she did. Anger. They deserved this. They'd put Lydia in the hospital. Confliction. Scott and Ami had never hurt anyone.

"Scott, go!" Derek yelled and I felt him hit the leaves as he collapsed. 'What the hell is happening to me?'

Hopeless. Kate was going to kill me and I couldn't save Scott. Failure. I'm so sorry, Ami, I failed you. "No, Derek, you didn't fail," I breathed.

Fear. Kate was going to kill Derek and probably me too.

"Allison, I can explain," Scott said.

"Stop lying. For once, stop lying," Allison snapped, her anger clear in my head.

"I was gonna tell you the truth at the formal. I was gonna tell you everything," my brother told her. "Everything that I said, everything that I did," he started to explain.

"Was to protect me," she interrupted.

"Yes," Scott assured her.

"I don't believe you," she told him, but I could feel her heartbreak. She wanted to believe him, so badly.

"Thank god," Kate sighed. "Now shoot him before I have to shoot myself."

"You said we were just gonna catch them," Allison protested.

"We did that. Now we're going to kill them," Kate replied, firing. I screamed as Derek's pain hit me, my hands clawing at the leaves as I tried to drag myself to him. "See, not that hard," Kate assured her niece.

Horror. She'd killed him!

Fear. She's gonna kill me!

"Oh, no, I know that look. That's the you're-gonna-have-to-do-it-yourself look," Kate sighed.

"Kate, Kate, what are you doing?" Allison gasped, grabbing Kate's arm. But the huntress pushed the younger girl to the ground as I watched. Clenching my teeth, I inched forward, desperate to reach Derek.

Fear. I'm going to die. And Ami's going to be alone.

"I love those brown eyes," Kate admitted, as if it were a shame she had to take the light from them.

"Kate!" Chris's voice called. The hunter walked onto what had once been the driveway saying, "I know what you did. Put the gun down."

"I did what I was told to do," Kate said, her voice low and angry.

"No one asked you to murder innocent people. There were children in that house. Ones who were human." Chris sounded calm, but his hurt, his betrayal were swimming around my head. Allison's horror only grew, and I bit my lip to block them out as I crawled towards my brothers. "Look what you're doing now. You're holding a gun at a sixteen year old boy with no proof he spilled human blood. We go by the code; nous chassons ceux qui nous chasse."

"We hunt those who hunt us," Allison whispered as she translated. Of course she spoke French. Her last name was French for silver.

Shock. My own brother was aiming a gun at me.

"Put the gun down," Chris ordered as I reached Derek's feet.

Nudging him gently, I moved slowly to his head and met his eyes. He was alive. "Get it out," he whispered, and I nodded. Crawling around to his other side, I pulled the front half of the arrow out of his leg with shaking hands. But the bullet would be another matter entirely. I jumped as the gun went off and realized just how seriously Chris took this code.

"Before I put you down," the hunter threatened his sister. She lowered the gun as I watched, and Scott's relief made me bow my head.

Then the front door creaked open, and I looked up. "Allison, get back," Chris ordered.

"What is it?" the girl asked, getting to her feet as her voice shook.

"It's the Alpha," Scott told her, and I felt his anger rise.

He shifted, and suddenly, his human feelings vanished from my head. They were replaced by primal, instinct drives, and I realized I could feel the wolf inside him. I turned my attention back to Derek, peeling his jacket and shirt away from his shoulder so I could see the bullet wound. "Done," I breathed, seeing that the bullet had gone all the way through. The wound was already healing, but slowly, since there were three different wounds, and his body hadn't healed from the torture yet. Then I shifted around to face the house, placing myself in a crouch between the Alpha and my fallen brother.

The power coming through the connection to the Alpha drove me down, pressing me into the leaves. I snarled in rage at being forced to submit as the Alpha raced past me. Chris went down and his feelings cut off. 'Was he dead or just unconscious?'

Then Allison went down, her fear escalating as her bow flew from her hand. Scott went down, the pain knocking him back into human. "Come on!" Kate roared. "Come on!" Then her pain came to me, and I jumped as her gun went off once, then a second time. She cried out as Peter broke her wrist, and I snarled again. As much as I hated Kate, I'd wanted her to kill Peter. I watched as the human Alpha threw the huntress onto the porch and then carried her by her throat into the house.

"Derek, get up!" I ordered, watching Allison run, unarmed, into the house. "Get up! You have to stop him!"

"I'm up," he growled, turning blue eyes to me as he crouched over my prone form. I stopped fighting the whirlwind in my head and collapsed into the leaves. Derek nudged me with his nose, the wolf form of a kiss, and went to Scott. My head dropped to my arms as Kate's fear, Peter's fury, and Allison's horror hit me. Then Kate's feelings cut off, but there was an absence that Chris didn't have that told me she was dead.

Allison's horror changed to fear, but I felt Scott's instinctive drive to protect her rise. Derek's animalistic desire to avenge his fallen sister and Alpha took over, and I knew my brothers stood together against Peter. I could just barely hear them fighting over the storm in my head and looked up. All I could see was Allison trying to wake up her dad.

Pain and anger became the dominant drives in my head, and Peter's triumph was slipping away. He was losing control of the Alpha, but managed to hang on. "Allison!" I croaked. She looked up and I motioned for her to get back.

Derek went down, dazed, and I snarled. A minute and two flashes of the Alpha's rage later, Scott became afraid. Any sense I had of Peter was swallowed up as the Alpha broke loose, and I shrieked in pain as his power forced my eyes to shift. Scott went flying out the window, and Allison looked up, afraid. The Alpha leaped out the window, growling, and the sight of him drove all the feelings out of my head. My own fear and rage propelled me to my feet, but Scott had already kicked free of the Alpha's grasp. "Derek get up!" I hissed, knowing Scott and I couldn't fight the Alpha.

A car horn made me jump, and the Alpha looked over to see Stiles and Jackson standing on either side of the Porsche. Stiles threw a flask straight into the Alpha's hand. "Oh damn," the boy swore as the Alpha roared at him.

"Allison!" Scott cried, throwing the bow to her. The girl fired as the Alpha raised the flask to throw it, and flames exploded along the beast's arm. Pain and rage and fear drove me back to my knees, but I rose with a terrific snarl. I watched Jackson throw another flask that enveloped the Alpha's body in fire, and the beast roared. I moved up to stand beside a crouching Scott as he hissed at the Alpha. Looking at each other, yellow met purple then stared at red.

Allison fell back, out of arrows, as the Alpha still seeking his revenge turned on her. Scott yelled and leaped, kicking the Alpha back as I darted in front of Allison. We watched, horrified, as the Alpha fell to his knees and shifted back to Peter. I gagged at the sight of the mutilated flesh and watched my uncle fall. Then Allison moved towards Scott, and I scrambled out of the way. She knelt beside my brother as I sank down to a crouch, my whole body shaking with the effort of standing.

Relief. Scott's struggle was over.

Confusion. Would fire actually kill that monster?

Scott pulled back from the girl, turning away as she knelt beside him and caught his chin. I smiled as Scott shifted back and Allison kissed him. "Why did you do that?" he asked her. Shaking my head, I let my eyes fall back to their normal blue and watched Derek come out of the house.

Resignation. My daughter loves the creature I'm sworn to kill.

I sighed, relieved, but tilted my head in confusion as my brother knelt over Peter.

Desperation. If Derek killed Peter, I was stuck as a werewolf.

"Wait!" Scott cried. "You said the cure comes from the one who bit you!"

Confliction. How could I risk him becoming the Alpha if it wasn't true?

"Derek, if you do this, I'm dead," Scott pleaded.

Guilt. What if I do this and it would have saved him?

"Her father, her family, what am I supposed to do?" Scott begged.

Anger. He'd killed my sister.

Disbelief. Did McCall really not want this power?

Shock. Derek wouldn't actually do this to Scott would he?

"You've already decided," Peter rasped.

"Derek…" I murmured, "Not alone."

"I can smell it on you!" Peter snarled.

"Wait, no, no, no don't!" Scott cried as Derek ripped Peter's throat.

Betrayal. He'd taken my only chance.

Horror. He'd killed him.

Dread. Did this mean…

Success. Derek would give me what I wanted.

"I'm the Alpha now," Derek said, and his voice rasped with power. I stood, my feet pulling me to him on their own violation. He wrapped his arms around me when I reached him, backing us both away from Peter's body. Catching his chin, I searched his eyes, ignoring the fact that they were red, and quirked an eyebrow. "I'm okay," he assured me softly.

I nodded, and then allowed him to carry me to sit on the front stairs. "What are we doing with the bodies?" I asked. Everyone moved closer, Chris relinquishing his hold on Allison to Scott.

Derek turned to Chris, his eyes back to normal, and asked, "Are you okay with everyone knowing she set the fire?"

Argent straightened, taking a deep breath before he met the new Alpha's eyes. "What do you propose?"

As Derek laid out the plan, I raised my hands, seeing how badly they were shaking. Stiles and Jackson took turns pulling me to their chest, and I sighed. I stayed on the stairs as Allison handed her necklace to Chris, my eyes closing no matter how hard I tried to keep them open. "What are you going to do with him?" Chris asked.

"Bury him," Derek replied.

Love. Allison had forgiven me. Relief. The Alpha was done ruining my life. Worry. Was Derek going to be okay as the new Alpha? Concern. What had happened to my sister? Scott was walking towards the Porsche with the other two boys. His emotions shone a warm, comforting cocoa brown that reminded me of sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Love. Scott would be okay. I could handle this. Grief. My aunt, whatever she'd done, was gone. Allison's feelings were very appropriately French blue. The girl picked up her bow, then found her quiver and waited for her father at the edge of the woods.

Contentment. Scott was safe and our lives could go back to normal. Worry. The doctors said Lydia was okay; was she becoming a werewolf? Relief. The girl I loved was alive. The bright, bouncing yellow was pretty distinct, and could only be Stiles as he was regulated to the back of the Porsche, being the smallest.

Satisfaction. The Alpha was dead. It was over. Dread. When they found out Kate broke the code, they'd all come. Acceptance. This was only the beginning of something new. That was Chris as he nodded and picked up his gun and Kate's. A dark hunter green now accompanied the man's emotions, allowing me to pick them out of the swirl in my head.

Devious. Derek doesn't exactly seem upset at being the Alpha now. Greedy. It's my turn to get power. Calm. The monster was gone. It didn't really surprise me to see that Jackson was a charcoal gray as he slid into his rightful place behind the Porsche's steering wheel. But the greed worried me; was he going to ask Derek for the bite?

When Derek returned to the porch, having buried Peter's mutilated body under the floorboards of the living room, I noticed that his color wasn't the red I'd expected. Instead, I saw blue-gray as I picked out his feelings. Guilt. Scott was probably angry with me. Fulfillment. Laura had been avenged. Relief. I don't have to carry the weight of the truth about the fire anymore. Confusion. Something was happening to Ami now, and I didn't understand what it was. Worry. Will Ami accept me as the Alpha? Affection. It was her that gave me strength.

I looked up at him and managed a weak smile as he picked me up. "The police are on their way," he murmured, settling back on the stairs as he cradled me in his lap. "She said an ambulance is coming for you."

"Stay," I pleaded, my head resting on his chest. His heart beat steadily under my ear, and I calmed enough to sleep in his arms.

I woke to sirens and flashing lights. When I realized Derek was gone, I struggled against the two EMTs strapping me to a stretcher. Sheriff Stilinski came running over as I sought my brother. "Shhh, Ami, you're okay," he assured me.

"Derek," I gasped, still unable to see him.

"He's just answering a few questions, Ami. You have to hold still now so they can get you on fluids," he replied, taking my hand.

"Please?" I asked, but my brief strength was gone.

"He's right here, kiddo," Mr. Stilinski stepped back and Derek was there, his eyes wide and worried. He didn't have to say anything, just took my hand, and I calmed. His other hand came down on my shoulder as the EMT slid a needle into the inside of my elbow. Somehow, I fell asleep, and didn't wake up until my mom came running into my hospital room. Crying, she threw her arms around me, minding the various tubes and lines attached to my arm. The nurse tending me assured her I was already on my way to recovering completely. So then she had to turn to a very uncomfortable Derek and thank him profusely for finding me.

Scott and Stiles joined me next, but they soon left to sneak into Lydia's room. When they came back, they were both confused. "Will she be okay?" I asked softly. Mom had gone back to her shift, though she promised to spend the night in my room once she got off.

"The doctors said she'll be fine, but she's not healing like I did. She's not a werewolf," Scott assured me. I nodded, relieved, and too tired to think on it any more than that.

"Go, Scott, go be with Allison," I whispered. When he looked at me, I shrugged with one shoulder. "I'm fine." He leaned over, kissed my forehead, and lead Stiles out. I drifted off to sleep, but woke easily to a warm touch.

"How do you feel?" Derek asked softly.

"Sore, tired, and cold," I whispered. He smiled and I shifted over on the bed, making room for him to sit next to me. Once he had, I cuddled into his warmth, and felt his arm come around me. "You'll stay, right?" I murmured.

"Of course. I'll never leave you alone, Ami," he assured me.

"Pack takes care of its own," I remembered, letting my head rest over his heart again.

His arm tightened around me and he whispered, "You'll always be pack." As I drifted into real sleep, I felt him nuzzle my hair, and caught a glimpse of blue-gray. Content.

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