Blue Moon


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Chapter 17-Omega

When I was finally released from the hospital, my bedroom was full of flowers, cards, and even a ridiculously cute teddy bear from Isaac. I was still weak, and my body was hypersensitive to touch lately. The doctor said it was because of the electrocution.

As bored as I had been in the hospital, I'd at least been allowed to visit Lydia every day and Scott had shown up after practice every day before he went to work. When I'd asked him about the haircut, he'd just said that the long hair felt too young. I had smiled sadly, remembering Derek having gone through the same thing.

Derek had snuck into my room pretty much every night, but he was always gone when my mom came to check on me. Allison and Danny had shown up frequently, so I was well aware of the going-ons at school. Allison told me, through tears, how Chris had nearly killed Scott, but it was easy to see that she and Scott weren't exactly keeping away from each other. But that might have been because Allison wasn't as angry as she should have been, instead, she was thinking about Scott sneaking over. Her French blue was a welcome, familiar sight after being stuck in the hospital surrounded by suffering strangers.

And the day Jackson stopped by; I knew instantly that he'd gotten the bite. He wasn't very good at masking his own agenda. But of course that was because I could read his emotions like an open book.

The afternoon I got home, I realized it was a full moon. And I'd left Lydia, who may or not be turning into a werewolf, alone. Scott was already gone, running around the woods to go see Allison. Stiles was probably still at the hospital. Distracted, I moved to the window to look up at the moon, and heard the wail. I gasped, clutching my ears, and realized it was Lydia. "Shit, shit, shit, oh you moron!" I scolded myself. Grabbing my phone, I hit Derek's speed dial, and waited.

"Ami? What's wrong?" he asked, but I didn't care that somehow he'd known something was wrong.

"You heard that right? It's Lydia. Find her, please, before the cops or hunters do," I said, pacing nervously across my room.

"I'm going," he assured me, and I heard a door close.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Working on the den," he replied. The den was the new house he was having built up in the woods since he neither wanted nor could repair the old Hale house.

"Hurry, please," I whispered before I hung up. Closing my eyes as I sat under the window sill, I realized the moon was affecting me too. All the feelings were amplified and I searched my head for the bouncing yellow I knew would be Stiles. When I found it, all I read was worry. He knew Lydia was gone. Scott' cocoa and Allison's blue joined him, threading their way closer to the yellow, which I'd learned meant they were all together. All three of them were worried, but they weren't sitting around waiting like I had to.

Suddenly a new feeling came to me, but I recognized the color. Isaac's innocent baby blue was reading confusion and fear, and then the fear became panic. Another color joined him and it was scrambled and cloudy, but it wasn't wolf-like. I knew how to distinguish the wild, primal drives of a wolf from the emotions of a human, and this was neither. And then I sighed in relief. Derek was there, briefly in Alpha form, and the cloud fled. It was strange, I'd never felt something like this. There wasn't even a real color to it, just a sense of a being. Everything seemed to calm down after that, though I was still able to read Scott, Allison, and Stiles.

They were confused, then worried again. Scott was resigned, and I stifled a laugh as I read his conversation with Chris and the two hunters. I ignored the two lackeys, not needing any more colors to sort through, though I wondered how many I could really handle. I had to know the person to hold onto the color, because the hospital patients and staff had just been faint flickers. It had been enough for me to know they were there, but not pinpoint where or who they were.

As I dozed off, I felt my brother grow triumphant, and Stiles and Allison were impressed. My little brother was turning into a badass, so I supposed the haircut helped. 'How long will it be before he asks for a tattoo?'

When my mom shook me awake in the morning, I found myself in my bed, a warm spot smelling like Derek fading beside me. "Can I go to school?" I asked, hopeful.

"The doctor wrote you a note to get you out of PE, so give these to the office and your teacher. Call me if you get tired, alright? I'm sure the teachers will understand if you want to leave," Mom told me. I hugged her excitedly and then scrambled up to get dressed.

I settled for a purple sweater and knit beanie with jeans and boots and briefly wondered if I should tuck my two knives into my boots. They were small, and easily concealed, and I felt better carrying them with me. So I did and went about doing my makeup. I didn't want anyone looking at me like I was broken, so I did my best to cover up the bruises still fading on my jaw and forehead.

Scott looked at me proudly as I came down the stairs, but I knew he was worried. "I'll be fine, Scotty," I assured him, hugging him. He was gentle, which I didn't mind, sine I would be the first to admit I still hurt.

"Let me know if anyone bothers you," he requested. I sighed, wondering how I was going to ever get a boyfriend with two protective, possessive werewolf brothers guarding me. I nodded, swiped my bagel of the counter, and looked up as Derek came into the kitchen.

With my mom still thinking it had been Derek to find me, she'd told him he was welcome over anytime. He was uncomfortable around her though, even though she seemed to like him. "Ready?" he asked, taking my bag off the kitchen table.

"Finally," I cheered, and he just smirked at me. I grinned at Scott over my shoulder as I left, but he just rolled his eyes and waved.

Danny was the first to see me as I got out of the Camaro, and he came running over to hug me. "I'm sorry, I'd stay, but I have morning practice," he sighed, setting me back down.

"It's okay, Danny. Derek's gonna walk me to the office," I assured him. I reached up, pulling him down by the front of his shirt, and kissed his cheek. "Go, before Coach makes you run suicide sprints for being late," I ordered. He laughed and took off, joining Jackson as they headed for the locker room.

"I am?" Derek asked, looking down at me.

"Yes, you are, that way people stare at you, not me," I told him with simple finality. He shook his head, but slung his arm around my shoulders as he escorted me to the office.

Gray annoyance. Really, they thought I'd care?

Yellow disbelief. How could he not care about beautiful, perfect, missing Lydia?

"Can you help Scott look for Lydia tonight? I'm really worried about her," I murmured. Derek nodded as the principle and the nurse joined us.

"Ms. McCall, I'm glad to see you back at school," the principle told me, smiling warmly.

"Believe me, sir, I'm glad to be back," I replied, handing him the note from my doctor. He read it before passing it to the nurse.

"If you feel worse in any way, come straight to my office, alright, dear? I don't want you tiring yourself out," she requested.

I nodded and the principle dismissed me, allowing Derek to walk me to my first class. The teacher looked up when we came in, but didn't say anything as my brother walked me to my seat. "Call me if you need me," Derek whispered as I sat. I looked up, meeting his eyes and nodded. He kissed my forehead, a protective rumble faintly reaching my ears, and then he was gone.

I don't know how I managed to take notes in class. Colors swirled around my head and all of them had names. When I put my head down, I heard the whispers and saw the colors. The gossip was easy enough to tune out, but the curiosity and worry wasn't. it was like I was seeing my notebook with one eye and the colors with the other. If I closed both eyes, I could still hear the whispers and feel the emotions.

In Chemistry last period, I gratefully claimed my seat by the window, letting the sun warm my back. It was a relief to know that Harris and Stiles hadn't changed at all, though Harris did tell me not to worry about the quiz until next week.

Disgust. That was black blood. Worry. Why was Jackson's blood black? Danny's mint green suddenly bubbled to the front of the whirlpool, and I looked up.

Horror. My blood…was black. Panic. Was this because of the bite? That was Jackson as he fled the classroom. I scrambled in my bag, searching for my phone, unsure if Derek would be able to feel whatever was happening to Jackson. But I stopped searching when I felt the blue-gray join the dark gray.

Contempt. I was not part of Derek's little pack.

Confusion. What the hell was happening to him? Had my bite done this?

I put my head down, keeping my mental eye on Jackson as Derek left. The blonde boy eventually came back from the bathroom, and I met his worried eyes. Making a calming motion with my hand, I watched Danny give him a confused and worried look. Jackson took a deep breath and Danny leaned around him to look at me. I shook my head, urging him not to ask questions. The tall boy couldn't find out anything; he'd be in so much danger if he knew the truth.

As I was walking towards my locker after school, I saw Scott hiding behind a corner, watching Allison protectively. "Hey, Scott, I got this," I murmured, walking passed him. "Nice dress," a boy standing nearby told her as she went to close her locker.

"Nice camera," she replied. I moved up to her side, putting my hand on her arm as two girls across the hall started talking about Kate.

"Her sister, her aunt, the one who murmured all those people," one said.

"You mean the crazy bitch that killed all those people?" the blonde asked. I caught Allison's chin, pulling her gaze to me instead of them.

"Yeah, the fire, all those animal attacks, it was her aunt," the first girl told the blonde.

"Are you kidding me, I sit next to her in English," the blonde replied. But she already knew. They were just being plainly mean.

"Find a new seat," the first girl laughed meanly. The blonde laughed, and I felt Allison squeeze my hand as she slammed her locker shut and walked away.

I let her go, knowing she was walking right towards Scott, and turned to the two bullies. I stalked up to them and both shrank away from me. "Allison had nothing to do with any of that," I snarled. "So why don't you keep your immature mouths shut, grow up, and get over it? You're also going to apologize to her tomorrow in class when you sit next to her. And don't expect me to be forgiving."

"Sorry, Ami," the blonde murmured.

"Tell that to Allison," I snapped, stalking away. Allison was sad and afraid, but it faded as Scott reassured her. I smiled at the thought of my brother being warm and comforting, knowing Allison trusted him the way I trusted Derek. Speaking of Derek, he was there as I closed my locker, taking my bag and my books. "I don't want people seeing me as broken, yet you're the worst offender," I sighed. He looked down at me, and I didn't need to ribbon of blue-gray to tell me how protective he was feeling. It didn't surprise me when he took my hand and walked me out to the Camaro. I had to admit that I was tired, and my head hurt. The good thing was once I left the school behind; I left behind most of the colors. He headed for my house, where I was going to have maybe an hour to relax before the funeral.

"Here," Derek murmured, pressing a bottle into my hand. My eyes fluttered open to see the Tylenol label, and I immediately twisted off the top. My brother laughed softly, passing over a water bottle as I shook out two pills. "How do you feel?" he asked. I sat up; realizing he'd carried me up to my room without my noticing.

"Honestly, it feels like I have a dozen tiny, glittery, colorful fairies flying around my head inside this whirlwind that won't go away. And that's right now. At school, there was a fairy for every person in the building. If I touch someone, their fairy-their color-comes right to the front and floats there for however long I'm in contact with the person. If I don't know a person, I can't see their fairy-the color I mean-but I know it's there. The better I know a person, the bigger their fairy is. The closer I am, the brighter the color. Like you, right now, you're a blue-gray, and your fairy is sitting right at the front of the whirlwind," I told him.

"Fairies, not pixies?" he teased, glancing over. I whacked him, though pixie was a better description of the front of the ribbons of color. Huffing, I perked up as Stiles was freed from detention. Allison was confused and Chris was regretting holding the funeral. I caught a glimpse of Victoria's insistence before I saw a dark burgundy red I recognized. 'what the hell is Matt doing at the funeral?' I thought as a horn honked from outside.

When I opened the front door, there was Stiles, waiting for me impatiently. "Come on," he rushed me, and I grumbled quietly. Derek laughed behind me, tossing the pill bottle to the younger boy. Then the young Alpha kissed the top of my head and jumped in the Camaro. I grabbed my gray leather jacket from the coat rack and locked the door behind me as Stiles started the Jeep. Climbing in, I searched around Allison for the cocoa brown I knew was Scott, and found him easily enough. He was confused, and very wary.

Matt was suddenly startled, then annoyed, and finally wary. Scott became worried. Stiles parked the Jeep in the woods around the cemetery and we ran through the trees. I caught a sense of Chris's resignation and acceptance as a new pixie appeared in front of him, but I couldn't see the newcomer's color. The pixie was a sense that felt similar to Chris but older. Then the color moved to Victoria's cerise and finally stood before Allison.

"He's over here," I murmured, following the ribbon of cocoa brown right to my brother.

"Yo," Stiles whispered as he dropped into the leaves behind Scott. I crouched on the other side of the angel marker's base, and saw the white haired man standing before Allison. "Who the hell is that?" Stiles asked.

Scott's worry grew, and I shrank back as Allison looked over. The man looked over, and Scott and Stiles hid. "He's definitely an Argent," Scott told us. The boys moved to look again, but I stayed hidden, trying to get a good read on the new Argent's pixie. A brief flash of Scott and Allison's love interrupted me, and I sighed.

"Hey, Y'know, maybe they're just here for the funeral. What if they're the non-hunting side of the family? There could be non-hunting Argents, that's possible right?" Stiles suggested.

"Stiles, the only thing I'm getting from that guy is that he's a hunter," I whispered.

"You know what they are? They're reinforcements," Scott replied, and then the boys were yanked up away from me.

I looked up, seeing a furious Sheriff Stilinski, and got to my feet with arguing. "The two of you are unbelievable, and then you drag a girl who should technically still be in the hospital with you," the Sheriff growled. "Pick up my tie," he ordered Stiles.

"I know, I'm supposed to ask," Stiles said as the Sheriff pushed them ahead of him. I followed, developing a limp as I realized how tired I was. He dragged the boys all the way to the cruiser, where he shoved them in the back and let me sit up front.

Then the radio went off, and a scared officer spoke. "I didn't copy that, did you say four-one-five-Adam?" the Sheriff asked.

"Disturbance in a car," Stiles hissed.

"They were taking a heart attack victim T.O.A, but on the way to the hospital, something hit them," the officer replied.

"Hit the ambulance?" the Sheriff asked, incredulous. As he spoke, I noticed the his pixie was a very secure mahogany brown. Behind me, Stiles grew worried as Scott became curious.

"Copy that. I'm standing in front of it right now. Something got in the back. There's blood everywhere, and I mean everywhere," the officer told him.

"Alright, unit four, what's your twenty?" the Sheriff asked.

"Five and post. I swear, I've never seen anything like this," the officer sounded kind of panicked, and Stiles and Scott shot out the back door.

"Alright, take it easy, I'm on my way," the Sheriff assured him. "As for you too," he turned around to talk to the boys, and I saw that the backdoor was wide open. I shrugged when he looked at me, and buckled in silence. "You might not want to see this, Ami," he told me. But after everything that had happened with Scott and Derek and Peter, I was pretty sure I could handle it. I shrugged again, and he started the car. Turning on the lights, we sped away from the cemetery.

When we pulled up, I couldn't feel the same clouded and scrambled pixie as I had when Isaac was attacked. But I could feel a lonely wolf. I got out, following the Sheriff so I could get closer, and felt Scott and Stiles nearby. Scott was suddenly resigned, but he'd picked up a scent. Stiles was worried, and insistent. Then Scott left, but I followed his emotions through the woods. A new pixie, one giving off loneliness and anger was there, and Scott went after it, shifting as he gave chase.

Stiles came up from the woods, and I listened with one ear as the Sheriff berated him. Meanwhile, the new pixie shifted to a wolf, and Scott became confused. They fought and Scott gave chase again. But as I stood beside the Stilinski's, my head shot up. A magenta pink pixie was getting closer, and I knew it well. I took off, running down the road towards it as Lydia stepped out of the fog, completely naked. "Lydia?" Stiles asked, catching sight of her. The girl was freezing, shivering and pale, her hair a tangled mess. Yanking off my sweater, leaving me in just a tank top and jeans, I helped her into it, using my tiny body to block her bare one from the view of all the, male only, officers.

"Lydia!" Stiles yelled, getting her attention.

She looked up, realizing where she was, and asked in a really weird voice, "Well, is anyone gonna get me a coat?" I laughed softly, pulling off my scarf and beanie. Pulling her hair up, I stuck the beanie over it, and then wrapped my scarf around her neck. Sheriff Stilinski came over, handing me his jacket, and I slid her arms into it. It was long enough on her to fall all the way to her thighs, hiding the rest of her from view. Tucking the still shaking girl against my side, I pulled her to the cruiser, turning her away from the ambulance.

As I turned the heat on for her, I caught a glimpse of panic and restriction from the strange wolf, and Scott was suddenly confused. Derek was there, dragging Scott away, his protective side flaring. Chris and a number of his hunter lackeys surrounded the strange wolf, and the old hunter was there too. The wolf flared in pain, and was human again, his pixie confused and afraid.

The old hunter was triumphant and particularly spiteful. I got the sense that he hated werewolves just for existing, similar to how Kate had felt. But where Kate had loved to play with them and laugh at them, this man just wanted them gone, eliminated. Scott became afraid and struggled, but Derek was strong enough to hold my younger brother back from running to the lonely wolf's rescue. That wolf became afraid, and Chris was a little surprised.

Then the other wolf cut off, dead, and Scott was horrified. Derek was worried, but he used the opportunity to make a point to Scott about being part of a pack. Scott was confused and afraid, Derek furious and worried. Chris too, was angry, angry with the old hunter. But the old hunter was angry too, and insistent. He was so full of hate, and then I realized he was Kate's father. He was using Peter killing Kate as an excuse to kill all werewolves.

I fell back against the seat in the cruiser in horror and fear, but smiled when I realized Lydia was asleep on my shoulder. Curling protectively around her, I stared out the window over her head. Absently, I tried shifting my eyes and grinned when I saw the flash of purple. But I had to duck my head when the other ambulance showed up to take Lydia back to the hospital. It took one whine from Lydia and a glare from purple eyes to convince the EMT's to let me ride with her. She shied away from the paramedics, and as her fear came to me, I placed myself in front of her. I couldn't help it; apparently Peter and Kate forcing me to shift had brought out all the werewolf personality traits in me.

Pale and wide eyed, the young EMT handed me a blanket to wrap around Lydia's legs, draping another over my now bare shoulders and arms. But I shook it off, wrapping it around Lydia instead. I hadn't spent two days, completely naked, out in the woods overnight. "I'm fine," I insisted, ignoring the fact that he was staring at my chest. Then an older, female EMT shooed him up front and sat on the bench across from us.

"You take good care of your friend," she observed as the ambulance took off, lights flashing.

"I was raised by an extremely protective family; I guess it rubbed off," I shrugged, making her smile softly. But I stopped paying attention, since Scott had fled Derek, returning to the house. Derek went to the train depot he'd turned into a kind of hide out while he had the house built, but I knew he wouldn't be there once I got home.

When we got to the hospital, I learned that there was something extremely comforting about the thankful hug of a distraught mother. Mrs. Martin threw her arms around me the instant she was assured by the doctor that Lydia would be just fine. I hugged her back, catching sight of my own mother over her shoulder. My mom was smiling proudly, having heard from the EMT woman how helpful I'd been. When Mrs. Martin finally let me go, I hugged Lydia gently and left the mother and daughter to themselves. Outside the hospital, I called Derek to ask him to pick me up and followed it up with a call to Allison to tell her that Lydia was found and on her way to fine. But we were both worried about the strawberry blonde and I knew Scott would be once I shared my finding.

When Lydia had appeared in the woods, I'd seen a knot in her ribbon of color. The pink ribbon was broken by the murky knot, and I couldn't get a solid reading on it. It was the same scrambled feeling I'd gotten when I'd heard her wail the night she'd vanished. I knew Lydia wasn't a werewolf, but Peter's bite had clearly done something to her. I just didn't know what that something could be.

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