Blue Moon

Shape Shifted

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Feelings (Readings from the ribbons of color) vs. Regular

Chapter 18-Shape Shifted

Derek clearly did not understand the expression let me put shoes on first. Then again, neither did Stiles. Because now I was sitting in the train depot, in an old train car, with no shoes for the second night in a row! Derek was going through an old trunk, looking for a book his mother had stashed there for nights of the full moon. I however, was experimenting, seeing how far the ribbons in my head extended before I lost them.

I was using Isaac as a guinea pig, since I knew him well enough to have established a solid ribbon. But I didn't know him like I knew Scott or Derek, so keeping track of his pixie was harder. I'd found that if I imagined the colors like ribbons, all I had to do was find the pixie that would bring it to me. But Isaac might not have been the best one to choose for this. He was nervous, afraid to tell his father everything in case he reacted badly. I didn't like Mr. Lahey. The one time I'd been over Isaac's house to drop off Economics notes, the man had leered at me, calling me a whore. He had a really ugly, mean rust colored ribbon.

When the two ribbons pulsed with changes in emotions, I closed my eyes. I wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of what was actually happening instead of getting just emotions. Isaac was hopeful and relieved, but Mr. Lahey was giving off a feeling I didn't like. It was…angry yet falsely calm. Then I got worried. Mr. Lahey was being cruel, letting some of his anger slip through. Isaac instantly became afraid, and I gasped when I saw the pitcher fly through the air to shatter over Isaac's head. A brief moment of pain told me Isaac had been cut, and then he was angry.

"Ami?" Derek asked, leaning over me. I waved him away, trying to see what was going on at Isaac's that suddenly astonished Mr. Lahey. Isaac panicked, taking off, and my eyes darted open.

"You bit Isaac!" I snarled, fury making my eyes flash purple.

"How do you know that?" he asked, taking a step back.

"He healed, in front of his dad, and thought of you! When did you bite him?" I growled, getting to my feet on the seats.

"The night after he was attacked at the cemetery," he told me calmly. "He wanted it. I warned him about the hunters and the risk of it killing him, but he said he didn't want to be afraid anymore," he explained.

"Did you give him a choice?" I snapped.

"Do you think I'd do that?" he demanded, his eyes turning red as he got mad.

"Well, when were you gonna tell me you were building a pack that apparently I have no say in?" I asked. "Did you really think you could hide a werewolf from a girl who can literally read people like a bulletin board? Did you think I wasn't going to notice?"

"Calm down!" he snarled. I huffed, crossing my arms angrily, but let him talk. "I wasn't going to tell you in case the bite didn't work. But apparently it worked," he explained.

"Does he know about Scott and I?" I asked, relaxing a little bit.

"He knows about Scott. I haven't told him about you," he replied.

"Why haven't you told him?" I wasn't angry anymore, just curious.

"I figured you'd react like this when you found out and didn't want to risk getting Isaac's hopes of a pack-mother up only to have you leave," he sighed.

"Wait, did you just say pack-mother?" I checked, slightly shocked.

"Well, yeah. All your friends seem to trust you with everything and come to you when they're having problems. Plus you know how a pack works. You don't mind do you?" he told me.

"I just thought a pack-mother was the Alpha female," I explained, sitting back down.

"Well, you kind of are the Alpha female. Scott and Stiles listen to you, and you're my anchor after all, so it doesn't really matter that you can't fully shift. The pack mother doesn't have to be an Alpha's mate or an Alpha," Derek sounded a little confused. He was wondering why I wasn't happy about this.

But I was happy; it was just kind of surprising. "I'm your anchor?" I exclaimed. 'How many revelations was I going to get in one conversation?'

"You always have been. You were for the others, too, even Liam," he sat down beside me, taking my tiny hand in his.

I didn't know what to say to that, so I didn't say anything other than, "Isaac's almost here. He's really freaked out." He nodded, getting to his feet to wait for the new Beta, and I suddenly became aware of the fact that Mr. Lahey's ribbon was gone.

I searched for the ugly feeling and found it fading. Annoyance had been replaced with fear, and then the ribbon had been severed in half. "Uh, we might have a problem," I murmured, my stomach sinking.

"Derek! Derek!" Isaac's voice yelled, his ribbon pulsing with pain and fear and confusion. He came pounding down the stairs into the depot, and appeared at the door of the train car.

"What's wrong?" the Alpha asked from where he was leaning against the end door.

"It's my dad. I think he's dead," the younger boy told him. His heart was pounding loud enough for me to hear it, his eyes wide with fear. He was also dripping wet; it was probably pouring outside.

Derek straightened, moving out of the shadows, his eyes fading back to normal as he left the darkness. "What did you do?" he asked, sensing the worst.

"That's the thing. It wasn't me," Isaac swallowed, and Derek looked down at me.

I nodded; this was the problem I'd read. He crouched, allowing me to climb onto his back before he pushed Isaac out of the car. "Show me," he ordered. I sighed and flipped my hood up over my hair; I really wasn't in the mood for rain. But I went anyway, because the depot creeped me out. At least Derek was warm.

When we got back to Isaac's dad, the police had found the car and taped off the area. They were already working the scene, so we didn't stay long. Derek took Isaac home, telling him to go to school in the morning and try to stay calm. Then he brought me home and left. While he was retrieving the Camaro to hide it down the road for the morning, I jumped in the shower and got ready for bed. Scott was out with Allison and Mom had a late shift, so when he came back, I ordered him to take a shower.

I didn't know when he'd left clothes here but I knew I had two of his Henley's, a pair of dark jeans, and a pair of sweatpants that still fit him from when he'd gone to Beacon Hills High. So I threw his sweatpants at him and a pair of boxers fell onto the floor. "You have batman boxers?" I sputtered, shocked.

He glowered at me, swiping them off the floor, and I burst out laughing. He was blushing! Derek Hale was actually blushing! "I'm sorry, this is too funny," I wheezed, earning myself a red-eyed glare. But it just made me laugh all the harder and he fled into the bathroom. I took a few deep breaths, hearing the shower start, and flopped back onto my bed. Apparently, I was exhausted again, which didn't really surprise me, because I fell asleep before he'd gotten out of the shower.

I woke in the middle of the night, fighting my way free of the arm draped across my back. I was gasping, sweating, and shaking. Derek was awake instantly as I threw myself at the window, inhaling the cool night air. "What did you see?" he asked, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me.

"Nightmare," I told him, "Allison's grandfather went after you and Isaac. I couldn't do anything!"

"You're okay, Pixie, it was just a dream," he assured me. His head dropped and I felt him nuzzle the side of my face.

"Are you scenting me?" I asked suspiciously.

"Yes," he replied, completely unaffected. I sighed, but I was actually used to it. All of the Hales had done it, whether they meant to or not. Scott had started doing it, though he didn't do it often. But Derek knew it calmed me down, like listening to his heartbeat did. "Why shouldn't I? You're pack," he added. That was all I needed to hear to completely relax and Derek tugged me back to the bed he really didn't fit in. I fell asleep soon after Derek curled around me, his arms still wrapped around me.

The morning brought uneasy feelings from Isaac, but he was going to school. I also found a text from Lydia saying she was coming back to school, and she wanted me to wear a purple dress she'd bought me. I knew I had to give her that today, so I fought my way into the long sleeve, form fitting nightmare. Derek watched from the bed, chuckling quietly when I ordered him to help me. When he saw the low v-neck front, he threw my black leather jacket at me, scowling. "Please don't take that jacket off," he requested, making me roll my eyes. A black bead necklace and a pair of black wedges completed the outfit. I didn't even attempt to put my hair in anything except loose curls, knowing he'd just take it down.

"Keep an eye on Isaac for me today, please?" Derek requested when he dropped me off at school.

"Since you said please," I teased, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. As I did, I felt a spark of over protectiveness and knew I was going to turn around to see some idiot teenage boy staring. "Would you relax? I smell enough like you to drive a human boy away, never mind a werewolf," I murmured before I got out and to wait for Lydia and Allison on the walkway.

I was getting pulses of feelings from Scott and Stiles, but I brushed them off, since they were completely fine. Until of course, Scott figured out there was another werewolf. Territorial protectiveness and confusion made me realize he had no idea who the new wolf was. Isaac was relieved, so he was safe for now.

"You really don't remember anything?" Allison's voice made me turn around, forgetting about Scott and Isaac for a minute. The two girls joined me, and I fell in on Lydia' other side.

"They called it a fume state, which is basically a way of saying we have no idea why you can't remember running through the woods naked for two days. But, personally, I don't care. I lost nine pounds," Lydia replied. I shook my head, thinking it was probably a good thing she didn't remember.

"Are you ready for this?" Allison asked, knowing perfectly well what rumors could do.

"Please, it's not like my aunt's a pseudo killer," the red-head sniped, opening the door.

Allison flared with hurt, and I touched her arm before we followed the other girl inside. We moved to either side of Lydia as everyone literally stopped and stared. Awkward confusion swarmed me and I sighed. "Maybe it's the nine pounds," Allison suggested softly to Lydia, who was confused and a little stricken.

"You're the Queen here, right?" I whispered to Lydia, feeling that she needed some kind of push. Then the red head flicked her hair back, lifted her chin, and strode down the hallway. Allison and I smiled at each other before we followed, and I glared around at everyone. Instantly, they went back to their own business, not one of them mentioning Lydia. That was much better.

At Lydia's locker, I excused myself to go down to the practice field, where Coach wanted me to go over a new play with him. He thought I needed to be familiar with all the plays so I could report which ones were the most successful in certain scenarios. It was easy enough to do; I just had to pay attention. I sat on the bench in the spot Coach had tossed the books, watching curiously as Stiles ran by with the goalie equipment from Danny.

After Scott laid out the first player, I kicked off my shoes and walked over to Coach. "Why'd you let him play goalie again?" I asked softly. Coach barked at Scott, but he just kept charging out of the goal to knock the attacker down. The defender leaned against his stick, standing out of Scott's way. When I realized my brother was sniffing them, it made sense. But I couldn't help but snicker when he sniffed Danny and told my best friend his cologne was nice.

Then Jackson stepped out of the line, knowing perfectly well that Scott would hit him hard. The co-captain walked passed me, leaving Isaac next in line. Isaac was fighting a shift, panting heavily through his nose, and I read Stiles' surprise and realization. The new Beta lowered his head as my brother met his eyes, but I knew it was a challenge, not submission. 'Shit! Scott's about to figure it out!' I realized, biting the pen in my hand.

The two wolves slammed into each other, landing on their hands and knees in the grass. They raised their heads, and I felt yellow eyes meet yellow. Realization flooded me from my brother and Derek's, so technically mine as well, Beta. Coach, thankfully, blew the whistle and startled the boys back into human, and with a jerk I felt my own eyes return to normal. I hadn't even felt them shift. Then the three of us heard the police radio, and turned to see Sheriff Stilinski and two officers approaching.

"Don't tell them," Isaac said, meeting Scott's eyes. "Please don't tell them," he begged. Scott nodded, and the boys got to their feet.

"Coach, can we speak with Isaac Lahey, please?" the Sheriff requested. Coach moved towards the cops, Isaac meeting my eyes as he walked by me.

"It'll be okay, Isaac. Just stay calm," I murmured, watching him walk away. Hurrying back to the bench, I checked on the boys who'd been hit by Scott. Danny was only winded, thankfully, and I hugged him before running over to my brother. I was still barefoot, having found that the grass was not easy to walk on in those particular shoes. "What's going on?" I asked Scott quietly.

"His father's dead," my brother told Stiles and I. "They think he was murdered."

"Are they saying he's a suspect?" Stiles asked.

"I'm not sure, why?" Scott replied.

"Because they can lock him in a holding cell for twenty-four hours," Stiles explained. I groaned softly, biting my lip, knowing this was really bad.

"What, like overnight?" Scott checked.

"During the full moon," Stiles told him. It was Isaac's first full moon, which made this ten times worse.

"How good are these holding cells at holding people?" my brother asked.

"People, good, werewolves, probably not that good," the other boy replied.

"Stiles, remember when I said I don't have the urge to maim and kill?" the wolf asked.

"Yeah," the human assured him.

"He does," Scott explained as Isaac looked over his shoulder. But he wasn't looking at Scott. He was looking right at me, worry and apprehension streaming down his ribbon. Coach dismissed us all to first class, and as I walked across the grounds, I called Derek to tell him about Isaac. They were allowing him to go to classes today, but the cops were here, interviewing teachers and students, looking for anyone who knew Mr. Lahey or Isaac. When he didn't answer, I left a message, hoping he actually listened to it.

Before last period, I was intending on calling Derek again but I was stopped by one of the secretaries from the main office. "Ami McCall?" she asked.

I got a glimpse of intimidation from her before she plastered on an appreciative smile as I replied, "Yes, ma'am."

"The Principle would like to see you in his office," she told me. I nodded, since she wasn't offering any more information on the subject, and followed quietly. She escorted me into the office, and I sat, relaxed but at attention. I had no reason to worry about this; I hadn't done anything wrong.

"Ms. McCall," a voice behind me said. I jerked around, seeing not my principle but Gerard Argent standing in the doorway. Confusion must have flashed across my face, because he continued, "Oh, how thoughtless of me. I'm sorry, my dear, you must have been expecting your former principle. I'm afraid he's unavailable to continue with the position, and I was more than happy to take up the role."

"Oh, well then, welcome to Beacon Hills High School, sir," I replied, meeting his eyes. It was easy for me to remember Victoria ordering me to meet her eyes when we spoke during a training session, and I really didn't want to get on his bad side. I hoped he couldn't hear my heart beating rapidly as he moved around the desk to sit. He had my folder open before him, and I watched curiously.

"You see, Ms. McCall, I was hoping you'd be able to do something for me," he explained, setting the folder on the desk.

"Sir?" I asked, digging my nails into my wrist to keep my voice from shaking with nerves.

"Your file says you've got perfect grades, and there's numerous notes from teachers assuring me that you're actually ahead in most of your classes. You've also got lacrosse manager and tutor here, so I see that you're well balanced with academics and extracurricular activities. I've heard that socially, you're quite a role model here, reaching into every corner of the school's population. But I was wondering if you could explain why you've got a number of absences on your record?" he replied.

My eyes widened, but I nodded. "Well, sir, it's a bit of a long story. When the school year started, animal attacks became frequent in town. The first three absences are due to one of these attacks. I was injured and unable to come to school. There should be a doctor's note in my file," I told him.

"There is, but I must admit I was curious. And not long after this you missed another five days of classes?"

"Yes sir. I was…" now I had to pause and look out the window. This was the first time I'd talked about the kidnapping since it had happened. "I was kidnapped, sir, and tortured. I was held for three nights, and then spent a weekend and three days in the hospital. I believe there is another doctor's note and a police report."

"And you don't know who kidnapped you?" he asked through a mask of concern. I straightened; this was a test. He knew it was Kate; he wanted to see how much I knew.

"No, sir, the only one I saw was the man who tortured me, and the police caught him," I assured him, meeting his eyes evenly. From the reading I was getting from his now olive green ribbon, I'd passed. He hadn't been expecting me to hold his gaze.

"Very well, Ms. McCall, I apologize if I touched an uncomfortable subject. If you wouldn't mind, the police would like to speak to you, since you were Mr. Lahey's tutor," he told me, standing.

"Of course, sir," I replied, but I stayed put. Jackson was sitting outside, and Principle Argent ushered him in to sit next to me. "Nice sweater, Jackson," I murmured. He smirked at me; I'd picked it out for him on one of Lydia's shopping trips.

"Jackson, Ami," Sheriff Stilinski joined us, a notepad in his hand. "We'll start with you, Jackson. Can you tell me anything about the Lahey's; unusual behavior, loud noises, things like that?"

"So, you mean, the shouting every night, the shattering glass, the way Isaac always seems to have a black eye or a split lip, that stuff?" the boy next to me replied. I turned to him, aghast, but he just shrugged at me.

"Wait, so you're telling me you knew Isaac's father was hitting him?" the Sheriff realized. I raised a hand to my mouth, understanding now.

"Hitting him? He was kicking the crap out of him," Jackson said like it was no big deal.

"Did you ever say anything to anyone, a teacher, parent, anyone?" the Sheriff asked.

Jackson was reading carelessness and arrogance, and I realized how very appropriate charcoal gray was for him. "Nope. It's not my problem." I raised an eyebrow at him, wanting to hit him.

"No, of course not," the Sheriff assured him sarcastically. I smirked, knowing Stiles hadn't gotten his sarcasm from nowhere. "You know it's funny that the kids getting beaten up are always the ones who least deserve it," Mr. Stilinski remarked.

"Yeah," Jackson agreed, and then thought his words over. "Wait what?"

"I think we're done with you," the Sheriff told him, dismissing him. Once the blonde had left, he turned to me, rubbing his temple. "Do you know Isaac well?"

"I know him well enough to know that he's ridiculously sweet and he's not capable of killing anyone, even if his father deserved it. But the beating makes sense. He told me once that his dad insisted his grades stay up, but I never realized he meant physically insisted. And Jackson's right; Isaac always seemed to be hurt. I brushed everything off as lacrosse injuries; I've seen them all get hurt pretty often," I sighed. I wished now that I'd asked; wished that I'd pushed him to tell me the truth.

"It's okay, Ami, it doesn't seem like anyone else knew either," he told me, lifting my chin. I nodded, and he escorted me out of the office. Stiles scrambled to hide his face with a magazine, and Scott's eyes widened comically. "Hi, Scott," the Sheriff said, and I could read annoyance and disbelief without the ribbon. "Come on, kiddo, let's get you to class," he told me, and I nodded gratefully.

"Heads up, Scott," I whispered, feeling Gerard coming out of the office. As I clicked down the hallway, I bit my lip, my brother reading anxious and nervous. Stiles was just reading sarcasm and annoyance. Sheriff Stilinski walked me to the door of Mr. Harris's room, where he promised once again that it would be okay. I nodded, grateful but still worried, and watched him walk away.

Then I turned and fled, running around to another door just as Scott reached it. He burst through and in the cruiser in front of us, Isaac turned around. Scott started to run down, but Sheriff Stilinski started the car and pulled out, leaving the two of us staring at a wide eyed Isaac. My brother turned back, heading for the door, but I'd already seen the Camaro. Derek's brakes squealed as he stopped, and Scott turned around. "Get in," the Alpha ordered us.

I hurried down the stairs immediately, but Scott stayed behind. "Are you serious?" my younger brother asked. I stopped by the door, looking back at him as I read annoyance, disbelief, and refusal. "You did that, that's your fault," Scott told Derek, pointing after Isaac.

Derek sighed, his eyes hidden by his sunglasses, as he said, "I know that. Now, get in the car and help me."

"No, I've got a better idea," the Beta told him, coming down the stairs. "I'm gonna call a lawyer, because a lawyer might actually have a chance at getting him out before the moon goes up."

"Not when they do a real search of the house," the Alpha told him.

"What do you mean?" the teen asked.

"Whatever Jackson said to the cops, what's in the house is worse. A lot worse," my older brother explained.

"Scott, we can't let the police hold Isaac. He has no idea what to do," I murmured, opening the door. Scott sighed, and I felt him give in as I climbed in the backseat. "I get shotgun on the way back," I grumbled, fighting with my dress. Scott slid into the passenger seat and slammed the door, allowing Derek to speed off.

When we got to Isaac's, Derek handed Scott and I flashlights, knowing we both preferred them to our wolf-eyes. I also wasn't sure I could shift without some kind of trigger. I didn't have much control over anything I could do lately. "If Isaac didn't kill his father, then who did?" Scott asked.

"I don't know yet," Derek replied calmly. Looking at him from behind, it didn't take much searching to see that he was going to tease Scott.

"Well then, how do you know he's telling the truth?" the smaller wolf pressed.

"Because I trust my senses, and it's a combination of them, not just your sense of smell," the Alpha replied, following Scott further into the house. I smirked as Derek took the jab at Scott, and felt the younger's wolf's embarrassment.

When I walked into the kitchen, my shoes crunched over broken china and glass. "You…saw the lacrosse thing today," Scott realized uncomfortably.

"Yeah," Derek replied, giving Scott an are-you-stupid look.

Scott sighed, and then asked, "Did it look that bad?"

"Yeah," the older wolf told him, and I couldn't help the small laugh. "You wanna learn, start now," the Alpha offered, opening the basement door. I walked over, but Derek caught my arm as Scott started down the stairs.

"What's down there?" my younger brother asked.

"Motive," my older brother replied, and I understood. This was where the beating had taken place. If the police searched this house, they'd find any number of reasons to think it had been Isaac.

"And what am I looking for?" Scott asked.

"Follow your senses," Derek advised.

"What happened down here?"

"The kind of thing that leaves an impression." I looked up at Derek, wanting to see, and he nodded. I slipped my shoes off and followed him down to where Scott was standing by a freezer. My brothers were reading two very different things. Derek was angry, guilty, and insistent. Scott was apprehensive, confused, and startled. "Open it," Derek ordered, having startled Scott with my flashlight.

I reached out to touch the freezer, just wanting to see what had caused to become horrified. The instant my fingers made contact, the whirlwind erupted in my head, the pixies vanishing. Images and emotions flew passed my eyes, steadily getting worse until Derek yanked my hand away from the freezer. I turned into his chest, tears running down my face as Scott realized, "This is why he said yes to you."

"Everyone wants power," Derek replied, absently wiping away my tears with one hand.

"If we help you, then you have to stop. You can't just go around turning people into werewolves," Scott told him. "And I better not find out that you bit Ami, so don't even think about it."

"I can if they're willing," Derek argued, still holding me tightly.

"Did you tell Isaac about the Argents, about being hunted?" Scott demanded.

"Yes, and he still asked," Derek replied. I looked up, a bright yellow pixie catching my attention. When I touched the ribbon, I saw dread.

"Then he's an idiot!" Scott declared.

"And you're the idiot dating Argent's daughter," Derek told him. I barely heard them now, since I was a little preoccupied. I touched the freezer again, this time searching for one image in particular. It was the oldest, the first, and the reason from the very beginning.

"Wait," Scott ordered, making us turn around. "I'm not part of your pack," he insisted. Then he looked down at the freezer, and I knew he was doing this for Isaac. "But I want him out. He's my responsibility too."

"Why, because he's one of us?" Derek asked.

"Because he's innocent," Scott hissed and I nodded proudly. Even if Scott wasn't part of the pack, Derek would benefit from Scott's hero complex. Then I got a reading on Scott and realized we'd run out of time. "Go, Ami, get Isaac out," he ordered.

"Allison's on her way," I assured him, knowing Allison had the chains from Stiles. Then I let Derek carry me up the stairs and out of the house to the Camaro. Allison joined Scott a minute later, and I urged Derek to hurry. "Isaac's already shifted," I cried.

"Cut Scott off, he's going to hurt you," he told me. He parked the Camaro down the road from the station, where we climbed into Stiles' Jeep. I had more room than in the Camaro, so I didn't end up flashing Stiles as I climbed in. Wishing I'd remembered not to wear heels on a full moon, I threw my shoes down in the back with a huff. Derek glanced at me, smirking, as we parked in front of the station.

"Okay, the keys to every cell are in a password protected lock box in my dad's office. The problem is getting by the front desk," Stiles told us.

"I'll distract her," Derek said simply, and my jaw dropped.

Stiles hand shot out, catching Derek's jacket as he protested, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you? You're not going in there." I giggled when I saw Derek looking incredulously at Stiles hand then back at Stiles. He did this like three times before Stiles finally realized, "I'm taking my hand off."

"I was exonerated," Derek reminded him.

"You're still a person of interest, especially since they know you found Ami at the same house as Kate's dead body!" Stiles protested.

"An innocent person of interest," Derek corrected.

"You? Yeah, right," Stiles scoffed. Derek raised both eyebrows, and I just sat back to watch. "Okay, fine. What's your plan?" Stiles relented.

Derek looked away, and I realized he was so pulling a Scott. "To distract her," he said.

"Uh huh, how?" Stiles replied. Point to Stiles Stilinski. "By punching her in the face?"

"By talking to her," Derek sneered.

"Alright, okay, give me a sample," the Sheriff's son suggested. Derek huffed, looking away, and then looked back, wordless. "Dead silence, that should work beautifully, any other ideas?" he replied sarcastically. And win to Stiles

Derek looked back at me, but I just grinned. "Thinking about punching you in the face," he told Stiles, who was speechless for once.

"Okay, both of you knock it off. Derek, just smile at her. You'll have her in seconds. Stiles, shut your mouth and let me out," I finally cut in before it actually got violent.

Stiles and I peeked around the front door, and I had to press my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing at my brother. He was so bad at this! Stiles saw me struggling not to laugh and pulled me with him, sneaking us passed the sidetracked woman. We crept into the office, and Stiles went to lock box. But when I heard the jingle of keys not from Stiles, but from the hallway, I swore softly. Stiles and I hurried out, and ran right into the deputy. "Oh, uh, just looking for…" Stiles said, and we spotted two different things. Stiles saw the bloodstain and the arrow; I saw the syringe in his hand that smelled of Wolfsbane.

"Oh shit," we gasped, turning to run. He grabbed Stiles, covering the boy's mouth, and kicked my down onto the floor. When I got up, briefly overwhelmed by Allison's fear, a clouded, scrambled, not human thing, and Scott's worry, the fire alarm was ringing. I pulled my knives from the two thigh sheaths Victoria had given me and ran into the holding room in time to see Isaac slam the deputy against the wall.

Isaac was completely shifted, and his pixie was furry and wolfy. Stiles scrambled away as the syringe dropped to the ground, and I darted forward. Leaping up onto the desk, I crouched, knives ready. The deputy fell to the floor, out cold and I nodded. When the wolf and I both turned to the syringe, Derek came in and stomped on it. Then Isaac spotted Stiles, and I growled. He hissed, sounding way more cat-like than Derek or Scott, and stepped forward. Derek stepped in front of Stiles and I and roared. The effect was instantaneous.

Isaac jerked back, curling into a ball, his wolf overridden by submissive fear as he whimpered. But I yelped as my eyes shifted, and dropped my knives in pain. Allison, Stiles, and Isaac's fear, Scott and Derek's anger, and my own pain filled my head even as I forced myself to drop off the desk and run to Isaac. I wrapped my arms around him as we both looked up at Derek. Isaac had been forced out of the shift, but I'd been forced into it.

"How did you do that?" Stiles asked. The human was still sitting on the floor.

Derek looked over at him and explained simply, "I'm the Alpha." Stiles eyebrows went up, but he didn't say anything.

In my arms, Isaac whimpered, and I ran my fingers through his hair. "Shhh, Isaac, sweetie, you're okay. Derek wasn't trying to hurt you; he just wanted you to stop. I know, he didn't do it very nicely," I assured him.

Derek leveled a look at me, but I glared at him with still purple eyes. "This is why you're the pack-mom," he sighed, picking up my knives. He went to help me up, but Isaac flinched away.

The Alpha backed away, and I helped Isaac stand. "And that's why the big bad Alpha is going to go get the car," I told him, fighting back Scott and Allison's pixies. Derek sighed and left, leaving Isaac and I to follow. It was a lot harder to hug Isaac now that he was standing, so I settled for just holding his hand. Looking back at Stiles, he waved me away, surveying the room. "Come on, sweetie," I murmured to the shaking boy, guiding him after me.

"Your eyes," he finally said, following docilely.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. My father was a werewolf, but we don't know why they're purple," I replied. The Camaro pulled up, and I tucked Isaac into the passenger seat. "Stay," I ordered Derek, not feeling particularly inclined to be nice to him. I stalked over to the Jeep, swiping my shoes from the back before I returned to Derek's door. He got out with a sigh, sliding his seat forward so I could climb in the back. When I was seated, I took Isaac's hand again and watched him play with my fingers, comparing the size of our hands. Once he got back in, I slapped Derek upside the head, earning myself a glare in the mirror. With my free hand, I pointed to my glowing eyes.

I'd been trying to avoid shifting on the full moon, because I didn't know whether or not I could shift back on my own. Derek drove to the train depot, where I found our air mattresses inside one of the train cars. He threw me my duffel bag and his sweats, nodding to Isaac. "Here, sweetheart, put these on. I'll be right back, okay?" I said, handing them to him. He nodded mutely and I slipped my hand free. Hurrying into the other car, I wrestled with my dress, trying to get the zipper. Frustrated, I snarled, and Derek chuckled. He unzipped it for me, and I yanked it off with annoyance. Two months ago I probably would have turned bright red having been seen in my underwear by my older brother, but after he'd slept in boxers for a few nights, I didn't really care.

I managed to get my tank top on without issue, but Derek stopped me when I pulled on my pajama pants. He pointed to the sheaths and I explained, "Victoria said every huntress should be able to wear her favorite dress and still carry weapons." He held out his hand and I dropped them into his palm with a sigh. Shaking my head at him, I finished dressing and ran back out to Isaac. He was sitting in a tiny ball on the mattress, looking unsure of himself. "Come on, sweetie, let's get some sleep," I murmured, curling up on my side. It took a few minutes but eventually Isaac lay down beside me, our finger tips brushing.

Early the next morning, when I woke, Isaac was curled around me, his nose buried in my shoulder. I was holding his hand, his arm draped over my waist. Looking up, I saw Derek watching us, a small fond smile on his face. "It's over?" I murmured. He nodded, and I relaxed, my eyes closing again. "Derek?" I asked.

"Ami?" he replied.

Just before I drifted back to sleep, I told him, "I like being pack-mom."

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