Blue Moon

Ice Pick

Author's Note: underlined stuff is texts.

Marine- you're very welcome

Sarah-My intention was to create Ami as Derek's gentler side, kinda of like Scott and Stiles balance each other. And yes, drama ahead

Teresa- I hope so!

Chapter 19-Ice Pick

"You going to be okay, sweetheart?" I asked Isaac softly. I was sitting beside him, putting on my shoes.

"Can you bring me back White Fang this time?" he asked hopefully. I smiled and stood, leaning over to press a kiss to the top of his curly hair. Even if it was just for a few hours, I didn't particularly want to leave Isaac alone while I went to work, but I didn't have much choice. After we'd taken him from the police station, he'd become a fugitive; he couldn't come to the store and be seen. Derek was back at the den, and I wondered how long it would take for the house to be done.

At the bottom of the stairs, I looked back at him worriedly, but if I didn't leave now I'd be late. "I'll be back at nine thirty, sweetie," I called, and then hurried up the wooden stairs. It didn't take very long to walk to the store from the depot, which was why Derek was fine with me walking. Though the condition for walking was sensible shoes, so I was wearing flat boots with my oversized sweater and leggings. Bandit saw me before Erica did and bounded over to wind around my legs. Erica looked up, giving me a shy smile when she saw me. The blonde was wearing plain jeans and a baggy sweatshirt with sneakers, her hair pulled back in a messy bun. She didn't speak as she handed me the keys to the register, taking an old backpack with her as she left.

I watched her sadly, her cerulean blue ribbon pulsing with weakness and tiredness. Derek had said he'd only give the bite to those who were willing. Erica would be willing, wouldn't she? There had to be any number reasons for her to accept the bite. The problem was if Derek would be able to present his nice side to her. As I sat down at the counter to check the register, I fished my phone out of my bag, a little worried.

"How many Betas do you want?" I finally asked after debating with myself for a while.

"Three if Scott won't accept."

"I think I found another for you, if you don't mind a she-wolf."

"Ami, I don't mind you, I think I can handle a full she-wolf."

I smiled at the sarcasm and stuck my tongue out at my phone. "Her name is Erica Reyes. She's epileptic."

"She the one who works with you?"

It didn't surprise me that he knew who she was. He seemed to be everywhere now; seemed to see everything now. "Do you want me to talk to her about it?"

"No. I'll take care of it. You just worry about Isaac's books." After that, I got up to help a customer, Bandit following me contently.

I was sitting down when Allison's fear pulsed down her ribbon. It quickly shifted to panic and I gripped a knife in the top of my boot. Bandit came over, nudging me and whining, but I relaxed when I saw Chris's hunter green ribbon beside Allison. There was another, younger hunter with them, and I watched him curiously. 'Were they training Allison?'

Anger. Disbelief. Realization. It was my mother who was calling the shots.

Two and half hours and a lot of annoyance later, Allison was free of whatever binds she'd been put in and was leaving what felt like the Hale house. I caught a brief flash of triumph before she got in the car and I sighed. Vehicles blocked my readings, probably because there was nothing natural about them. But I watched the other hunter curiously. He was proud of her and he liked Allison's fiery spirit. I didn't know him, so there was no color to his ribbon as it pulsed with confusion. Allison was gone, but that clouded, mottled being was back.

The hunter drew a weapon, the gun bringing him a brief sense of security before he fell. He was panicking, and I watched, confused, as his ribbon went perfectly still. Then the cloudy ribbon moved closer and the hunter' ribbon was ripped into shreds. I gasped, my eyes shooting open as I realized I'd watched the hunter be murdered. My hands were shaking so badly that it took me a long time to close and lock up the store. Thankfully, I'd gotten Isaac's books at the beginning of my shift, because I probably would have forgotten them if I hadn't.

Once the doors were locked, I bolted, my heart pounding in my ears. Derek was coming out of the depot when I slammed into him at full speed. I fell back, startled, but he wrapped his arm around me and yanked me inside, closing the door behind us. "Ami, what happened? I could hear your heart beat from here," he said as he carried me into the sleeping car.

It took me a minute of deep breaths with my ear resting over Derek's heart to calm down. Isaac crawled over cautiously as I spoke. "I was watching Allison train. There was another hunter with her, keeping an eye on her. After she left, that cloudy scrambled being showed up. It paralyzed the hunter and then it ripped him to shreds," I explained. The two wolves kept quiet, opting to just curl around me on either side. Isaac was at my back, his arm over my waist, his head resting on my shoulder. Derek pulled me under his chin, letting me use his arm as a pillow as he held me. Eventually, I slept, unable to fight the warmth of the two werewolves curled on either side of me.

The next day brought a normal day of school and a fun challenge in PE. Coach had set up the climbing wall and threw the harnesses at Jackson and I first. The boy raised an eyebrow at me once we'd gotten hooked up to the wall and I smirked. Danny, standing off to the side, rolled his eyes, but called, "Go!" Jackson started up the wall and I leaped upwards, barely touching the rocks. We were evenly matched for once. Jackson was stronger with a further reach, but I was faster with smaller feet, so I could use all the little rocks he couldn't. Our hands shot out to tag the top at the same time and collided painfully. "Tie!" Danny yelled before we could start arguing over who'd won. We both turned to glare down at him and dropped down the wall.

"Other McCall and Argent!" Coach barked once we got our harnesses off. I tossed mine to Allison, since it would be more her size than Scott's, but Jackson slammed his into my brother's chest. Scott didn't even blink, he just took the harness. "Hey, tiny McCall, Whittemore, take a lap," Coach called. We shrugged and took off, Jackson taking the lead instantly. I fell in behind him, my eyes trained on his back as I managed to keep up. We got back to the group in time to see Allison kick my brother off the wall.

Laughing softly at my brother, I helped him up, and then helped Erica into her harness. "You don't have to do this," I murmured to the blonde. She didn't reply, instead she started up the wall as Stiles monkeyed his way up. She stopped about twelve feet up, looking down at me. I motioned for her to come down and she started panicking.

Everyone moved closer, murmuring, as Coach called, "Erica, you dizzy? Is it vertigo?"

"Vertigo's a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear," Lydia told him. "She's just freaking out."

"Lydia, quiet," I ordered.

"Erica?" Coach called.

"I'm fine," the blonde replied. But she was terrified and embarrassed.

"Coach, maybe it's not safe," Allison started.

"You know she's epileptic, right?" I asked, shoving people backwards off the mats.

"Why doesn't anyone tell me this stuff?" Coach complained. "Erica, you're fine. Just kick off from the wall. There's a mat to catch you," he called up to the panicking girl.

I sighed and moved them all back. "Erica, sweetie, you're okay. Just listen to my voice. You won't get hurt. Just hold onto the rope and lean back from the wall. It'll be slow, you won't fall," I called gently. She came down and I caught her, steadying her on her feet as I helped her out of the harness.

"That's it, you're on the ground. Shake it off, you're fine," Coach told her. I glared at him as Erica walked away and looked around as people laughed at her.

Looking around, I clenched my jaw and snapped, "Everyone who just laughed gets to run three laps."

"Ami, you can't make us do that!" one girl protested.

"Except for the fact that I am, Jessica," I snarled. "Start running!" People backed away before they turned to run around the gym and I was glad to see that nobody tried to claim they hadn't laughed. After class, people weren't angry at me, instead most of them were ashamed. I didn't understand why someone's suffering could make people happy or amused, but maybe that was just Scott and I.

In the locker room, I sat down on a bench, my head spinning. I tried to focus on changing out of my gym clothes, but only managed to get my shorts off and pull my jeans on before blood filled my mouth. Gagging, I saw Erica's ribbon start shaking and ran for the gym. "Erica!" I cried as she fell from the wall. But I felt Scott race past me, and he caught her. "Thank god," I murmured, hurrying over with Allison. "Turn her on her side," I ordered my brother. Erica gasped, clutching Scott's hand as I smoothed her hair, murmuring to her softly.

After the ambulance took Erica away, I shakily got my feet, everyone's emotions hitting me all at once. "Allison," I murmured as the tall girl walked by. She turned in time to see me stumble and caught my elbow. "Just walk normally," I requested as she headed for the locker room. The huntress guided me to the bench, where she helped me sit. Listening to her steady heart beat refocused me, allowing me to look up at her with a smile and move to finish changing.

My dark purple stilettos clicked as I strode out of the locker room, texting Derek that if he wanted to turn Erica, he needed to move now. I had a research period for history after PE for a project I'd already turned in, so I was able to find a quiet corner in the library to watch as Derek approached Erica. She was nervous, disbelieving, and curious, but the worst feeling I got was smitten. My brother was clever and smug with his success. She'd heard him out, heard all the risks, and still accepted.

Charcoal gray distraction, then realization, and finally anger. I'd gotten the bite, and so had Lydia. But she was immune, and I'd rejected it. She had done this to me.

"Crap," I muttered, grabbing my bag as I hurried for the door. I reached Lydia just as her magenta ribbon pulsed with fear. She didn't have a clue why Jackson was so upset, so angry. "Jackson!" I called, making him clench a fist in annoyance. He turned, his jaw clenched in anger, leaving Lydia pressed against the wall. Just in front of me, he turned to look back at her, reading regret and shame. Then he stalked away and Lydia fled into the bathroom. I wanted to follow, knowing she was crying, but I also knew she just wanted to be alone.

Then I got a text from Derek. "Erica healing fast. Come out to parking lot," he told me. Shaking my head, I dropped my books off at my locker and clicked out the doors. Derek was waiting, leaning against the Camaro. Erica was sitting in the backseat, the pain nearly gone from her ribbon. "Full moon made her heal faster," he explained when I quirked an eyebrow at him. "Look, she needs to make an impression with her transformation. Care to help?"

"By doing what?" I asked suspiciously.

"Take her shopping to get an outfit that will knock everyone on their asses," he replied. Grinning widely at his plan, I nodded and ducked into the passenger seat. It was a good thing I had free period right now. Within minutes of leaving school, we were pulling up at the Beacon Hills Mall, and Erica and I crawled out. Derek followed me as I took Erica's hand and pulled her into Macy's, knowing exactly where to go.

"We'll come back tonight and get you more clothes, but for now, let's just find an outfit to go back to school in, okay?" I told her. She nodded, allowing me to hand her a white shirt and black mini skirt. She, of course, was bigger than me; otherwise I would have let her borrow my clothes for this. Then I hunted around the section until I found a black leather jacket. Derek nodded his approval as I handed it to her and sent her to the changing rooms. When she came out, I clapped happily. "Do you want leopard, tiger or colored zebra print shoes to go with that?" I asked.

"Leopard," she decided, and I went searching for the perfect pair as she changed out of the clothes. When I handed her the shoes, she looked a little surprised to find they were the correct size. Then I whisked her away to the checkout, where Derek procured his credit card. To my relief, there was a hair and nail salon there in the mall, and the woman understood immediately when I explained what I needed for Erica. Derek paid for this as well, and I was glad I'd gone with Macy's brands instead the super high end stuff they sold. I didn't have a clue where the Alpha stood financially.

I ended up bringing her to the makeup store in the mall, where they taught my Beta how to create the look they were doing for her. Derek bought the whole makeup kit for the blonde, and I realized he was taking this all as pack takes care of its own. He'd bought Isaac a leather jacket, since the boy didn't really need a new wardrobe, and I knew he'd do the same for the last Beta he created.

When Derek pulled back up to school, Erica and I got out of the Camaro. It was lunch time now, so she'd make the perfect impression. She'd changed into her new outfit at the mall, so all we had to do was go back inside for the whole school to see it. I left my bag in the backseat, not intending on returning for the single class I had after lunch and strode up the walkway beside her. All around us, heads were turning, and I grinned at the taller girl. She laughed, and I realized how nice of a sound it was as I opened the door. Shock, awe, envy, amazement, and desire swirled around my head, but they were shallow feelings, making them easy enough to ignore.

No, it was Scott and Stiles' reactions I wanted to read as I slipped into the café behind her. I strode over to my younger brother, leaned over his shoulder, and whispered, "I picked her." Then I returned to the café doors and took the apple from her when she walked by. Smirking, we left the school again, and I waited for Scott and Stiles to burst through the doors after us before climbing into the backseat. Erica flashed the boys a grin before she got in, and Derek grinned triumphantly at Scott before speeding out of the parking lot.

Scott's anger with Derek and hurt towards me were easy to read, but I really only cared about the hurt. He didn't have any right to feel betrayed. I'd tried to stand by him when he'd been bitten, but he hadn't let me. He'd seen me as weak, as too afraid to handle everything and had relied on Stiles alone. He'd never taken Derek seriously; now he refused to join the pack because he thought the arrogant, power hungry Alpha was the real Derek. As much as I loved Scott as my brother, and was proud of his growing up and taking responsibility, I wasn't going to let him ruin having a pack for the first time in almost seven years.

Derek dropped me off at work, and then took Erica shopping for more clothes. I found I didn't really need to pay attention to them, since Derek was mostly amused, and Erica was ecstatic. So I decided to keep an eye on my other brother, starting to feel really bad about the way I'd been treating him.

Anger. Why couldn't Derek ever listen to me? Frustration. Why was Ami letting him do this? Shame. I couldn't blame her for picking him over me; he'd been so much better to her. Worry. Sure, the bite had worked on Isaac and Erica, but how many times was Derek going to risk the life of a teenager before he was satisfied? Hopelessness. How was I supposed to protect the new Betas, keep Ami safe, stay away from the hunters, play my best at lacrosse, and not fail every class at school?

When the jar of sand finally fell through Scott's hands I realized how seriously he was taking the fact that the Betas were his responsibility. Then Dr. Deaton's cadmium green ribbon started reading reassurance and wisdom, and Scott calmed. When Scott read unsure, resignation, and finally delighted surprise, I had to look closer. Then I sat upright, startling Bandit. Deaton was paying Scott two fifty more an hour! I couldn't help but laugh softly at Scott's reaction and relaxed. He'd be just fine. Plus, he was going ice skating with Allison, Stiles, and Lydia tonight.

Derek picked me up at six, dropping off Erica in my place. Bandit growled at Erica when she first came in, and I knew the transformation was almost done. But then he was fine, and I was able to pass off the keys and get in the Camaro, two new books for Isaac tucked under my arm. As I buckled, Derek leaned over, startling me as he pressed his face into my neck. "Sorry," he muttered, "but you smell like pack and I kind of need it."

"She dragged into the perfume store, didn't she?" I asked. He nodded as he sat up and I laughed. "What else is bothering you?" I pressed, though I had a pretty good guess.

"Erica made a suggestion for the third Beta. Do you know a Boyd?" he replied.

"Vernon Boyd, yeah. His locker is next to mine. He's a big loner, though he's perfectly nice. I don't really know much about him other than he lives with his parents and they're pretty poor. Boyd works at the ice rink in town after school," I told him.

"Do you think he'd say yes?" he asked.

"Yeah. He'll be drawn to the idea of belonging somewhere, of having others by his side. If he's willing to risk it," I assured him. He nodded thoughtfully and pulled the Camaro up to the depot. Getting out, I grimaced at the filthy puddle I had to walk through to get to the door. "When I the den going to be done? I hate this place," I asked.

"Everything should be done by spring," he replied, following me in. That's when I really looked at his outfit. He was wearing a plain gray tank top under a black running jacket with jeans and sneakers. It made him look younger, like a college kid, but the stubble brought out all the angles of his jaw and cheekbones. All in all, it made for a very attractive, bad ass vibe.

"You seduced Erica, didn't you?" I asked quietly, pausing at the top of the stairs. "When did you figure out how to charm people?" I realized as he gave me a look.

"When you told me to smile at that cop," he told me, moving around me. Seeing a perfect opportunity, I leaped onto his back, clinging piggyback style as he walked down the stairs. Isaac was waiting, and he hurried over to take his books and my bag from me. "I'm ordering food, what do you want, Isaac?" Derek called as the Beta walked away.

"Can I have sausage pizza?" the younger wolf asked shyly.

"Of course you can, sweetie. If you don't mind me stealing a piece," I replied, jumping down once I'd kicked off my shoes. He grinned at me, and I plopped down in his lap. He immediately rested his chin on my shoulder, and Derek rolled his eyes. "Oh, stop it. Just because you can't show them affection doesn't mean I can't," I told him.

Then, to my surprise, he tossed a box to Isaac. The wolf caught it, regardless of the fact that I was sitting on him, and stared down at it. "You bought me a phone?" he asked, looking up at Derek in shock.

"Pack takes care of its own," I told him, opening it when he didn't. We spent the next hour setting the phone up once Derek assured me it had already been activated. I programmed Derek, Scott, Stiles, and my phone numbers in, and then added Coach, Allison, and my mom just in case. I didn't know Erica's number off the top of my head, but figured he could get it from her on his own. When the pizza arrived, the Beta handed me the first piece of sausage and proceeded to eat the entire thing.

I remembered that I needed to ask Derek what he was doing for work when I saw that the Alpha had eaten an entire large pizza and half of a second on his own. Isaac snagged a piece of the remaining pizza, making me shake my head. At one point in time I had thought Stiles and Scott ate a lot. But now that they were wolves, Scott and Isaac easily ate twice as much as Stiles, and Derek doubled the Betas without blinking. I could barely eat two pieces of pizza, let alone the amount they shoveled into their mouths. A kind of latter formed in my head, and I knew we were going to spend a lot of money on food. If I ate like a human teenage girl, a human adult or a teenage she-wolf doubled me. One human teenage boy doubled that. Teen wolves doubled their human counterparts, leaving adult wolves at the very top with a ridiculous amount of food.

Derek left to pick Erica up from work, and ended up bringing Boyd back with them. It was a little unexpected, but not surprising. I took the two Betas out onto the floor to give Boyd some privacy as Derek spoke to him about being a werewolf. In the end, Boyd said yes, and I winced as Derek bit him. A coppery brown pixie flitted to the front of my mind, and I smiled. "Ami?" Isaac waved his hand in front of my face, and I laughed as he caught my attention. He grinned down at me and I dove at him, tackling him to the depot floor. I might have been small, but even I could use the basic law of gravity to my advantage. We wrestled, and he easily pinned me to the floor before Erica kicked off her heels and jumped on his back. I was just glad she'd changed out of her skirt in favor of black skinny jeans.

"Erica!" Derek called, and we looked up from sitting on Isaac to see him at the base of the stairs with Boyd. She got up, putting her shoes back on, and I stopped her to hug her before she left. Then Isaac tossed me over his shoulder and carried me into the sleeping car to dump me on the mattress. I laughed as I landed, but Isaac stepped out so I could change into pajamas. When I called him back, he sprawled on the mattress beside me, and I stared up at the roof of the car. After two nights of sharing a mattress with him, I'd learned that I liked having him there. It was reassuring, like Derek, but more innocent than bonded like I was to Derek. It was also Isaac who craved the contact and comfort instead of me needing Derek there to sleep without nightmares.

I dozed off only to be jolted awake by Lydia's horror and fear. Stiles' confusion, Scott's worry, and Allison's dread reached me as Isaac and Derek shot upright on either side of me. "What is that?" Isaac gasped.

"Lydia," I gasped, the redhead's screams sounding in my head instead of to my ears. "She's…I think she hallucinated," I realized, scrambling for my phone. Scott picked up instantly when I tried him, not even bothering to say hi. "What's happening, why is she freaking out?" I demanded.

"She says she saw Peter Hale trapped under the ice, alive," he told me. I could hear Allison and Stiles talking to Lydia, trying to calm her down, but the other girl was sobbing.

Reaching for her magenta ribbon, the pixie came quickly, pulsing confusion and fear and horror. Closing my eyes, I imagined it like a screen so I could see what had happened. My eyes shot open when I saw, and I told Scott, "She did. Scott, she saw Wolfsbane on the ice. Get her out of there right now." He assured me he was trying then hung up. Derek took my phone as I fell back onto the mattress, thoroughly concerned. Isaac curled around me, growling protectively. I reached up, threading my fingers through his hair, murmuring that I was okay. Derek's eyes eventually faded back to normal and he took my other hand as he laid back down. "Did Peter's bite do this to her?" I asked him.

"It's the only explanation I can think of," he admitted, and I nodded, but sleep was a long time coming.

Danny had to buy me three coffees the next morning to get me through our classes. I had to get my headache medication from Stiles in Chemistry, because it seemed like the more tired I was, the more the pixies liked to race around inside my head at full speed, all of them chittering and squeaking and babbling. By the time I got to lunch with Danny, all I could do was slump into a seat across from Jackson and put my head down on the table. I couldn't even hold onto Stiles' ribbon long enough to figure out why he was freaking out about an empty table.

When I got in the Camaro after school, Derek handed me another, stronger headache medication. He must have known the other had done absolutely nothing. Suddenly Jackson's pixie popped up with a burst of fear and shock, but I couldn't see it long enough to know why.

Hunter green realization. Jackson's still looking to get the bite.

Charcoal gray fear. Why the hell was there a dead guy at Derek's house?

Bright yellow urgency. Gotta find Boyd, gotta find Boyd, holy shit that's Erica.

Cerulean blue amusement. The geek was trying to keep his eyes off me, ha!

Bright yellow pain, then nothing. "Why did Erica just knock out Stiles?" I demanded, sitting up.

"So he won't interfere," Derek told me smugly. I raised an eyebrow, realizing we'd pulled up in front of the ice rink where Boyd worked. Scott was already here.

Cadmium green confusion. Why was there a dead man on my table?

Hunter green satisfaction. Deaton was exactly what I'd suspected.

Derek helped me out of the Camaro, but it was Isaac-wherever he'd come from-that actually walked me onto the ice. Erica walked on my other side, having run here easily. Derek was giving off a weird feeling, but I couldn't really read it. It was smug, confident, and arrogant even. The ribbons were blurry, which hopefully meant the headache medicine was working. Then my brother pulled me up to his side, standing me at his shoulder as we stopped.

"If you're looking for friends, you can do a lot better than Derek," Scott told Boyd as Isaac and Erica stopped behind us. The big teen was sitting up on the zamboni, silent.

"That really hurt, Scott," Derek said, making both boys look over. "I mean, if you're going to review me, at least take a consensus. Erica, how's life been for you since we met?"

Derek's ribbon was curling around Isaac and Erica, influencing them the way an Alpha could. It turned my pups into arrogant, confident badasses. "In a word, transformative," the blonde replied, growling as her fangs elongated. Scott shifted his weight, but his ribbon was strong, sure of himself.

"Isaac?" Derek asked.

"Well, I'm a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I'm great," Isaac told Scott.

"Okay, hold on, this isn't exactly a fair fight," Scott protested.

"Then go home, Scott," Derek replied, his smugness growing. Derek nodded, and Erica and Isaac moved towards my younger brother with great pleasure.

But Scott wasn't leaving Boyd when he thought he could still save him. My younger brother slammed his fist down into the ice, shifting instantly. He looked up, telling Derek, "I meant fair for them." He roared, and Isaac and Erica launched themselves at him, both completely wolfed out.

"Derek, what are you doing?" I asked softly as the Betas fought.

"Making a point," he told me, still not looking at me.

I gasped when my brother threw Isaac across the rink to slam into the boards. "Stop them!" I ordered as Scott kicked Erica into Boyd's zamboni. As I watched, listening to the three wolves' growl and snarl, I tried to figure out Derek's motive for this.

Scott kicked Derek's Betas' butts easily, standing over the two as they lay on the ice. Derek still had that smug smile on his face, and now I was worried. "Don't you get it; he's not doing this for you! He's just adding to his own power, okay, it's all about him. He makes you feel like he's giving you some kind of gift when all he's done is turn you into a bunch of guard dogs!" Scott told the Betas, sliding them across the ice to Derek's feet.

"It's true, it is about power," Derek told Scott.

"No, Derek, don't!" I grabbed his arm, but he shook me off as his claws shot out. I watched him approach my younger brother, hearing his roar as he shifted. "No!" I cried as he head butted Scott. "Derek, stop!" I screamed, Scott's pain from the slashes making me move closer. "Stop it!" I gasped, scrambling closer as Scott elbowed Derek in the face, making the Alpha stumble back. But Derek was enjoying this. Scott was powerful for an Omega.

But the last straw was when Derek slammed Scott onto his back and my younger brother spat out blood. Derek went to put his foot on Scott's chest and I launched myself forward into Derek's knees. The Alpha fell, rolling to his feet on Scott's other side, roaring at me. But the power behind the roar didn't affect me when I was this angry. I roared right back at him, crouching over Scott, furious purple meeting astonished red. "Do you get it?" I demanded, knowing the truth. "Your power doesn't come from just having two, now three brand new Betas in your pack! Whether or not either of you like it, Scott is part of this pack, and you both get your power from the fact that the other is strong!"

But Derek just snarled, rising to his feet. I sensed that he was going to leap over me and grab Scott, and snarled, "Enough! You made your point. Now walk away!"

To my relief, he did, shifting back as he looked at Boyd. The black kid jumped down off the zamboni chair as Scott gasped in pain. I turned, my eyes dropping back to normal blue as I cradled Scott's head in my lap. "Don't!" Scott told him, realizing Boyd was going to follow the Alpha. "You don't want to be like him."

"You're right," Boyd told him, and I looked up, surprised. Then, lifting his sweatshirt to reveal the healing bite on his side, he added, "I want to be like you." Scott and I watched him walk after Derek and Isaac and Erica got to their feet, and I bowed my head to rest it on Scott's shoulder. Isaac was reading hurt that I'd chosen Scott over them. Erica was angry with me. Boyd actually admired Scott and I. And Derek…Derek was furious with me.

"What have I done?" I murmured.

"The right thing," Scott assured me, shifting back to human.

"Then why do I feel so horrible?" I asked, helping him to his feet. In my head, I felt Stiles wake up and find himself in a dumpster, and I sighed. Scott hugged me, allowing me to help him limp off the ice. We headed for the clinic, since Scott needed to be at work, but he was soon able to walk perfectly fine. I was the one limping in exhaustion when Scott let us in the back door of the clinic. "Let me see your side," I murmured.

He lifted up his shirt and I winced at the vivid redness of the wound. "Why aren't you healing?" he asked.

"Because it's from an Alpha," Dr. Deaton told us, startling both of us into dropping Scott's shirt back down. We saw the very dead man lying on the table and I gasped. Scott looked at his boss in confusion, shock, and then dread as the man continued, "I think maybe we better have that talk now."

I walked over to the man, realizing how young he was, and touched his arm. A colorless pixie drifted forward, but he was pulling a shredded, lifeless ribbon. As I realized it was the hunter who'd been killed at the Hale House, I grimaced and backed away. In need of distraction, I rifled through the ribbons I could see, and touched Jackson's.

My friend was frustrated and angry, not to mention confused. He still didn't know why the bite hadn't worked for him. I stuck with him, watching as he grew more and more frustrated and wished I could call him. But I couldn't tell him how'd I knew, so I just kept watching. I saw him fall in the mud as he tried to push his truck, and then to my absolute shock, he lifted it clear out of the mud. Shock and then triumph washed over me and I realized that maybe the bite had worked after all. But Jackson couldn't shift, so did that put him in the same boat as me?

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