Blue Moon

Wolf Moon pt 2

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Chapter 2: Wolf Moon part 2

My feet ached after last night and then this morning's walk to school, so when Danny found me, I was seated on one of the benches out front. He stood over me with a grin, offering his hand. "Hey, Pixie," he teased. "Here," he added, handing over several pieces of paper and a coffee cup.

"Hi, Danny," I greeted him tiredly, getting to my feet. I took the papers, glancing down to see that they were my schedule, and inhaled the steam from the drink. "Caramel frappuccino?" I guessed.

"With skim milk," he confirmed. I sighed gratefully and stood to hug him properly.

I took his hand as one of his lacrosse buddies yelled, "Yo, Jackson, let's go, bro!"

A minute later, Danny and I fell in behind Jackson as he strode into school, the King of his castle on the hill. "Hi, Jackson," I murmured.

"Hey, McCall," he nodded to me, scanning the hallways for a certain red-head. "Have you seen-" he started, but I pointed my thumb over my shoulder. "Thanks Pixie," he smirked down at me, and I nodded with little energy as he headed for Lydia.

"Why are you so tired?" Danny asked, standing next to me as I opened my locker. He held my coffee as I put up my little white board, pencil holder, mirror, and the pictures I'd decided to put up this year. The binders and folders I could still use from last year went in, organized quickly by color. I was left with a single notebook and folder in my bag, along with my small makeup kit and wallet.

"Stiles and Scott kept me up till midnight and then I had a really bad nightmare, so I got pretty much no sleep," I explained quietly. "What class do you have first?" I asked, opening my schedule. He didn't answer, because he didn't have to. He'd already highlighted the classes I had with him on my schedule. Grinning up at him, I slipped my arm through his and let him lead me to our French class. I ended up seated behind him and surrounded by girls giggling at Jackson.

Lydia gave them one look, and they shut up instantly, and I sighed in relief. "Ami, sit up here," said red-head ordered. I picked up my bag and moved up to sit in front of Danny as she scanned my outfit. "I need to take you shopping, don't I?" she asked.

"Lydia, you know I can't afford new clothes very often," I replied softly.

"Same deal as last year, sweetie; I buy you clothes, you let me tell you how to wear them," she shrugged.

"Deal," I agreed, flipping my hair over my shoulder as I turned away from the creepy eyes of one of the boys sitting on Jackson's other side. Lydia laughed, and Danny glared at the boy. Danny might be gay, but I was still off-limits to the other guys. "Are you going to practice today, Lydia?" I asked my voice still quiet. Danny said that he'd never heard me any louder than quiet, and of course, everyone agreed.

"Of course," she replied, smiling at Jackson. He nodded a smug smile on his face.

"Are you going?" Danny asked me, looking up at me to where I was perched on my desk.

"Someone has to cheer you on," I teased, "but, Stiles is my ride to work afterwards so I have to stick around." As I met his eyes, another face came unbidden to mind. One with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line and steely eyes. I shook my head but couldn't banish the memory of my mysterious rescuer from my head. Blinking rapidly, I took my seat when the teacher came in.

"You okay?" Danny asked, leaning forward to whisper in my ear. I nodded, afraid that if I told Danny about the mystery man, I'd end up telling him about the red eyes still lingering in the back of my mind.

The rest of the day passed easily, with lectures on the classroom rules and the courses. I had a folder full of paperwork, but I knew I'd end up forging my mom's signature so I didn't have to bother her at work. At the end of the day, I opened my locker to find my whiteboard written on. "Keep your wings up, Pixie, we love you," it said. It was signed by Danny, Lydia, and Jackson. A second message told me there was a hug waiting from Scott and Stiles.

Smiling, I headed for the lacrosse field, my coat pulled close against the wind. I was glad I'd stuck over a dozen bobby pins into my hair to hold my knit beret on, because the wind would have taken it otherwise. It was easy to find Lydia and the new girl, Allison I thought her name was, sitting on the bleachers.

"Who is that?" Allison asked.

"Him? I'm not sure who he is," Lydia asked.

"That's my brother, Scott. Lyd, you've met him," I told them softly.

Lydia shrugged and asked, "Why?" to Allison.

"He's in my English class," the brunette told us. She smiled shyly, and I got it instantly. Scott had totally made some kind of impression; good or not, I had yet to know. Thanks to my over sensitive hearing, I winced when the coach blew the whistle, but my reaction was nothing compared to Scott's.

My brother doubled over, clutching at his head, and I watched him, confused. The first player in line, Jason I thought, launched a throw, and it slammed straight into Scott's facemask. He went down on his back, shaking his head. Even Coach laughed, and I glared daggers into his back. "Hey way to catch with your face, McCall!" Jackson called. I narrowed my eyes at Jackson, and prepared to give him a thorough scolding tomorrow.

Scott sighed, and on the bench in front of me, Stiles groaned, dropping his head. Then Scott got up, and I saw him lower his head and set his shoulders in determination. Then Brian went up, and he threw fast. I did a double take when I saw that Scott was staring at his cross. The whole line of players leaned around the kid in front of them to look at Scott, and even Stiles jumped in surprise. "Go, Scott!" I cheered. Through his mask, he flashed me a grin, and I offered a thumb up. Maybe his training was paying off.

When he caught the next one at his feet, Stiles cheered, and I let out a whistle. Stiles finally turned around to me after the fourth catch, and I laughed at the huge grin spreading across his face. "He seems like he's pretty good," Allison mused.

"Yeah, very good," Lydia replied, and I raised an eyebrow at her tone.

"What can I say, he's my brother," I bragged softly. Lydia laughed and Allison offered a smile.

Then Jackson slammed his cross stick into Corey's chest, stopping him fast. The captain lowered his head, and I was suddenly looking at two wolves circling each other. I blinked, and Jackson was charging the net, the whole crowd going quiet with baited breath. Jackson launched the ball t the net, and Scott lunged. Stiles shot up with a crazy cheer and a strange arm motion as I jumped to my feet, cheering. Lydia cheered beside me, and the crowd clapped, impressed. I glanced over at Lydia in time to see her smirk smugly at Jackson. I sighed, knowing Jackson had been caught leering over some new hottie. "That is my friend!" Stiles declared proudly.

"Yeah, Scott!" I called, watching him as he threw the ball with perfect aim back at the assistant coach who'd blown the whistle.

The boys ran through a few more shooting drills after that, but none of them scored on Scott. Not even Jackson. After the tryout, I waited at Danny's car, and he was quick to join me. He'd showered and changed back into his school clothes, and I was quick to notice the curious glances he kept throwing over my shoulder. "Your brother got good," he told me.

"He worked hard for it," I replied, hugging him quickly.

"Ami," he called as I started away, "His Majesty doesn't like the new threat."

"I know," I called over my shoulder, hurrying over to Stiles' Jeep. But right now, Jackson's ego was the least of my problems.

"Guys, I can't go in there dressed like this," I protested, gesturing to my skirt and tights.

"At least you have shoes on this time," Stiles said.

"And whose fault was that?" I snapped, following him into the trees with a sigh. "Scott, how did you do that today?" I asked. They jumped down through a stream and I was forced to pick my way across a tree that had fallen from one back to the other.

"I don't know what it was. It was like I had the time in the world to catch the ball. And that's not the only weird thing," I heard Scott say. I jogged after them, holding my skirt down, and heard him add, "I can hear things I shouldn't be able to hear; smell things."

"Smell things? Like what?" Stiles asked.

"Like the mint mojito gum in your pocket," my brother told him.

"I don't even have any mint mojito…" Stiles protested, reaching into his pocket. I caught them just in time to see him pull out a piece of green gum. I rolled my eyes at Scott as he held out his arms in a told you so expression. "So, all this started with a bite?" Stiles' voice instantly made me suspicious, and I turned to him warily, following Scott further into the woods.

"What if it's like an infection? Like, my body's flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something," Scott fretted.

"You know, I actually think I've heard of this. It's a specific kind of infection," Stiles started. Instantly I coughed, choking on surprise, and went ahead as Scott stopped to face his friend. I forced a laugh when I heard Stiles say, "I know! You're a werewolf!" They followed along behind me, Stiles still teasing Scott until I stopped in what looked like the clearing where the deer had kicked me.

I bent over, holding the back of my skirt down, rifling through the leaves as Scott crouched down where I thought he'd fallen. Then I looked up and my heart stopped. Standing less than three feet in front of me was a man in black jeans, a black shirt, and a black leather jacket. But when I looked up further, and saw his face, I took a step back in disbelief and slipped. I fell, throwing my hands out behind me to catch myself, but the very familiar man moved, without sound, catching me easily and setting me on my feet. "At least you have shoes on this time," he murmured in my ear before moving closer to Scott and Stiles. Then I realized that he'd pressed something cold and round into my hand. I looked down to see the flashlight I'd dropped when I'd been attacked.

I hurried toward my brother, and Stiles looked up. He spotted the man, and whacked Scott. My brother got his feet as I went to him, and I fit myself neatly between them. "What are you doing here?" the man asked walking closer. I ignored the icy, bitter look he directed at the protective hand Stiles had on my arm. When none of us replied, he said, "Huh? This is private property."

"Uh sorry man, we didn't know," Stiles said. But he clearly knew.

"Yeah, we were just looking for something, but," Scott told him. The man, who I knew to be twenty-four, jerked his chin, an eyebrow going up. "Uh, forget it, uh," Scott said. And then something white flew through the air and Scott was holding his inhaler.

Starting to turn away, the guy spared me once last look, and I swallowed. It had been this dark, intimidating guy who'd found me? He didn't look anything like I remembered. This surly kid had wiped my tears away? This guy didn't look anything like the type to be gentle. He moved his shoulders, drawing my eyes to his jacket, and I knew instantly that it was the same one I'd worn last night.

"Alright, come on man, I gotta get to work," Scott said, stepping forward.

"Dude," Stiles hit Scott in the chest, stopping him, "That was Derek Hale." But Scott showed no signs of knowing the name, though I recognized it with a pang in my chest. "You remember, right? He's only like a few years older than us," Stiles said.

"Remember what?" Scott asked.

"His family? They all burned to death in a fire like ten years ago," Stiles said, and then I remembered.

"It was six years, not ten. I knew the whole family before you guys adopted me," I told him.

"I wonder what he's doing back," Scott mused. Stiles scoffed, taking my hand to lead me back out of the woods. He helped me back into the Jeep, and I handed him the flashlight. We dropped Scott off at the clinic before Stiles headed across town. He left me at the front door to the book store where I worked after making me promise to pick up a few books on myths and legends.

When the storm rolled in, I was curled up on the old plush couch with my boss's big Border Collie and a cup of hot chocolate. Stiles' books on myths and legends were stacked up on the floor next to me. Though technically a store, people were welcome to come in and sit for as long as they liked to read. Mr. Roberts, my boss, had turned half the first floor into a reading lounge in front of the fireplace. Everyone in town called this place "the Den," since everyone felt at home here.

After the first peal of thunder made me jump a foot in the air, I decided to switch to a calmer book, and picked up Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver. Of course, the main character had to remind me of Scott.

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