Blue Moon


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Chapter 20-Abomination

"Ami, get the gauze please," Doc requested, jolting me into releasing Jackson's ribbon. I moved to the drawers as the vet pulled out rubbing alcohol and tape and a cotton swab. "They're coming back, so we don't have much time to talk," he told Scott, who was holding up his shirt to bare the wound. The vet was pulsing with urgency, yet he was keeping Scott calm.

"What is that?" my brother asked nervously.

"Rubbing alcohol. You don't want it to get infected do you?" the older man replied. I hissed as I felt the burn in my head and held out the gauze "It'll heal the same, just not as quickly because of Derek," the vet explained.

"Okay, how do you know all this?" Scott asked. "Actually, how do you know anything?"

"It's a longer story," Deaton replied, taping the gauze over the wound. "What I can tell is that I know about your kind. Your kind I can help." Then he turned to look at the hunter on the table and added, "This, this is something different."

"Do you know what did it?" Scott asked as I quickly cleaned up, running things back to their places.

"No, but the Argents will. And this is the crucial part. They'll have some kind of record or book. It'll have descriptions, histories, notations of all the things they've discovered," Doc told my brother.

"All the things? How many different things are there?" Scott asked, worried. Then the SUVs pulled up, and Scott grabbed me around the waist. He held me against him in Deaton's office, closing the door and hiding as the Argents came in.

"I'm starting to think I need to buy a more prominent closed sign," Deaton remarked as Chris's ribbon stopped behind him. The hunter was resigned, and moved aside as a darker olive ribbon came in. The big, brutish lackey I ignored; he was just muscle.

"Hello, Alan," Gerard said, making my eyes widen. They knew each other? "It's been a while," the old hunter remarked, moving closer. Deaton read brief confusion as he took a step back, but Gerard continued, "Last I heard you'd retired."

"Last I heard, you followed a code of conduct," Deaton replied acidly. I felt my eyes shift at the reminder, but Scott tightened his arms around me.

"If you hadn't noticed, this body is one of ours," Chris told the vet.

"I did. I also noticed the gun powder residue on his fingertips, so don't assume I'll be swayed by your philosophy just because I'll answer a few questions," Deaton told him flatly.

Gerard perked up, a little surprised as Chris said through a clenched jaw, "He was only twenty-four."

"Killers come in all ages," Deaton replied, looking pointedly at Gerard.

"All ages, sizes, shapes. It's the last one that concerns us," the old hunter told him.

"How about you tell us what you found?" Chris suggested.

They moved to stand around the body, and Deaton asked, "See this cut?" I blanched at the sound of dead flesh moving as the vet turned the hunter's head to expose a slice on the back of his neck. "Precise, almost surgical, but this isn't the wound that killed him. This had a more interesting purpose."

"Relating to the spine?" Gerard asked.

"That's right. Whatever made this cut was laced with a paralytic toxin potent enough to disable all motor functions," Deaton told them. If the hunter had been paralyzed first that could explain why his ribbon had frozen before I'd seen it be ripped apart. "These are the cause of death. Notice the patterns on each side?"

"Five for each finger," Chris acknowledged.

"Each claw," Gerard corrected his son. This instantly made Chris suspicious; guessing his father already knew what had done this.

"As you can see, it dug in, slashed upward, eviscerating the lungs and slicing through the bone of the ribcage with ease," Deaton told them. I looked up at Scott, a little afraid, because this thing sounded really vicious.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before?" Chris asked.

"No," Deaton shook his head.

"Any idea at all what killed him?" Chris pressed.

"No, but I can tell you it's fast, remarkably strong, and has the capacity to render its victims essentially helpless within seconds," Deaton told Gerard. I really didn't like the sound of that.

"If you're saying we should cautious, we get it," Chris assured him.

"I'm saying you should be afraid," Deaton corrected. "Be very afraid, because in the natural world, predators with paralytic toxins use them to catch and eat their prey. This prey wasn't eaten. That means whatever killed him only wanted to kill him. In fact, killing may be its only purpose." Scott swallowed; dread pulsing down his ribbon as I leaned my head against his bicep, my eyes squeezed shut. This night just got worse and worse.

Once the Argents left, taking the body with them, Scott took off, checking his phone. I knew he was meeting Allison tonight, so I didn't follow. Instead I started my walk to home, my hood up against the misting rain. I was letting the ribbons flash in front of my eyes, catching only glimpses.

Bright yellow fear, panic, even horror. He was dead! 'Oh my god, Stiles just saw the cloudy thing!'

French blue jumpiness and impatience. I was going to miss Scott is Gerard kept talking.

Cocoa brown resignation. Allison wasn't coming and Stiles kept calling.

Mahogany brown worry. Stiles seemed afraid, like he was holding something back.

Bright yellow annoyance and resignation. Seriously, my Jeep too?

French blue regret. I'd missed him.

The next morning, I got up early to walk to the depot, since Derek had my school bag. I got there to find Boyd sitting on the stairs as Derek threw Isaac to the floor. He nodded to me, allowing me to just sit beside him as Isaac went after the Alpha again and again. But I could see what was wrong. Isaac used the same approach every time. Then Erica leaped at Derek from the beams overhead, but Derek just threw her down beside Isaac. "Does anyone want to try not being completely predictable?" Derek asked only to have Erica jump on him as he turned. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped as the blonde kissed the Alpha. To my shock, Derek kissed her back and then threw her down onto the floor. Boyd got off the stairs, leaving me in plain sight of people, werewolves technically, who really didn't want me there.

"That's the last time you do that," Derek told her, walking away.

"Why, because I'm a Beta?" she asked.

"No, because I have someone else in mind for you," he told her, making both of us a little confused.

"Are we done?" Isaac asked, sitting up. "I've got about a hundred bones that need a few hours to heal," he told the Alpha.

I winced, knowing he'd made a mistake as Derek approached him. "Here?" the Alpha asked, taking Isaac's arm. Then to my shock, he broke Isaac's wrist, twisting it painfully. Isaac cried out, making me wince, as Derek held him down. "Hundred and one. You think I'm teaching you how to fight? Huh? Look at me!" Derek snapped. Boyd looked down at them, concerned, and Erica jumped, a little afraid. "I'm teaching you how to survive," the Alpha snapped.

But Isaac stopped him, asking, "If they wanted us dead, why aren't they coming for us now? What are they waiting for?"

"I don't know," Derek told him. "But they're planning something. And you especially know that's not our only problem. Whatever that thing is that killed Isaac's father, I think it killed someone else last night. And until I find what it is, you all need to learn everything I can teach you, as fast as I can teach you," he told all of them.

"Well, there are better ways to do that than breaking them," I said, moving around the three Betas.

Erica and Isaac whipped around, their eyes yellow as they snarled at me. I let my eyes flash purple and they backed down instantly. "What are you doing here, Ami?" Derek asked.

"You took my bag yesterday. I'd like it back for school," I explained. "And apparently I need to teach you patience," I snapped, gesturing to Isaac.

"You don't get to teach me anything after you picked Scott over your own pack!" he snarled at me. His eyes flashed red, but I didn't care.

My own eyes flashed purple, burning just as angry as the red. "If you didn't want me to stop you from killing my younger brother, maybe you shouldn't have brought me to your little power display! And I'm sorry if you didn't like hearing the truth about you and Scott, but you can't hide these things from me! I can literally read you, or had you forgotten?" I yelled, hurt and angry and confused.

Derek growled and the Betas backed away. He stalked right up into my face, his fangs sliding out. But I held up what I'd found. The Alpha stopped short, his eyes locked on the silver pendant slowly spinning in my hand. "Where did you get that?" he demanded.

"I found it in the school parking lot last night when I was walking home from the animal clinic. I had to walk with Scott because you hurt him and then made me choose between my two brothers," I hissed, watching him take the triskele (1) locket from my hand. His fangs and eyes faded away, leaving my older brother staring sadly at the reminder of our lost family. "Look, Derek, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I interfered, but I couldn't let you kill him. You and Scott are all I have," I murmured. I reached up, pressing one hand to the side of his face. Then, knowing that I'd disobeyed my Alpha, I titled my head to the side, exposing my throat. "I'm sorry, Alpha," I whispered, lowering my eyes in submission.

"I'm sorry, too, Ami," he whispered. He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me to his chest as he buried his head in the crook of my neck. The gentle prick of his fangs against my skin told me I was forgiven by both my brother and Alpha. I hugged him back, the guilt and confusion, hurt and anger all fading away.

"Is that why I can't kiss you? Because you're sleeping with her?" Erica asked, making Derek tense up instantly.

"Derek and I were raised as brother and sister, Erica. His parents were my foster parents from the time I was born until I was eight," I replied, catching Derek's face in my hands as he went to turn around and Alpha out on her.

"I thought you were Scott's sister," Isaac said.

"Melissa McCall adopted me when I was eight," I told him. Then Erica's ribbon pulsed angrily and indignantly, and I snapped, "Mr. McCall moved out of town when I was nine, forcing Melissa to work twenty four/seven. I may have a woman to call mom, but she's never home, Erica, so don't try to tell me I have a family. My family burned to death in a fire when I was ten." Derek leaned his forehead against mine, calming me instantly.

"Get your stuff. We leave for school in five," Derek told them, excluding Isaac of course. Then he pulled me into the car he was using as his own now and sat me down. "You need to tell me whatever you're holding back," he ordered.

I sighed and took the locket back from him. "Stiles was there last night when the creature killed the mechanic. He said he thought it knew him, like it's someone we know," I told him. He nodded and caught my hand when I went to put the necklace in my pocket. Holding my curious gaze, he took it from my hand and clasped it around my neck.

"If you're going to be the Alpha female, you might as well wear something to show the whole world," he told me. I smiled and got to my feet. He took my bag from the seat behind him and tossed me the keys. "Consider it an apology," he told me when I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Well, in that case, apology accepted," I laughed. He shook his head, smirking, and pulled a gray Henley over his tank top. As he shrugged on his leather jacket, I smiled, having had missed the familiar sight. Erica and Boyd were already in the backseat of the Camaro when we got up there and Erica glared enviously at me when I slid into the driver's seat.

At school, I brushed over peoples' ribbons, knocking away the pixies with shallow, typical teenage emotions. Lydia's was interesting; she was in the guidance office with Ms. Morrell. Except she clearly didn't want to be there, so I knew it wasn't her choice.

Stiles was delivering a message to Scott from Allison, and was seriously weirded out. And then he was running back and forth between the two, acting as their communication. It didn't surprise me when he used Scott's old inhaler that was still in his bag.

At lunch, I sat with Danny, watching him working on his tablet. Eventually, he called Matt over, asking a couple questions about the video and the camera. "What's up?" I asked.

"Just something for Jackson, but there's footage missing," he explained. I watched them work and wondered briefly if it was possible Jackson had footage of himself shifting. The rest of the day passed normally, and I secured permission from Derek for Erica and Boyd to come to the lacrosse game.

"Don't shift," the Alpha ordered. "Ami won't be able to help you," he explained. They promised they wouldn't and told me they'd see me there when they dropped me back off at the field. Being a manager for the team, I had to be there when the team got there, so I got to sit on the bench, getting the other team's roster from their manager. I was wearing my new team sweatshirt, loving the warmth of the red hoodie, even if it was a man's small instead of a woman's extra small.

Jackson's jump of betrayal made me look up as the other manager left. Danny, Matt, and Jackson were standing nearby, and I listened to the two tell Jackson there was footage missing. The blonde was shocked, and then realized it was possible he actually was a wolf. His joy didn't last very long, because then the other team came out to warm up. "Coach?" I called, spotting what had halted all the Beacon Hills boys. "Is he allowed to play?" I asked, gesturing to the giant, beefy kid on the other team. Coach shrugged, just as shocked as the boys.

When the first Beacon Hills player took a hit from the giant, I winced, feeling his shock and pain. The kid landed heavily on his back and had to be helped from the field. The next time it happened, Coach yelled, "Come on! Is that thing even a teenager? I want to see a birth certificate!" He sat down between Stiles and I muttering, "Who or what is that genetic experiment gone wrong?"

"Eddie Abomboids, Coach," I replied.

"They call him the Abomination," Stiles added.

"Oh, that's cute," Coach grumbled as the downed player was helped off the field. I saw Jackson grab Scott, demanding why my bother wasn't taking down the Abomination. Then Stiles got up, disappearing between the bleachers, taking Gerard's keys from Allison.

Then Danny went down, distracting me as I jumped up. He was one of two down, so I had to help get him off the field. I could hear my mom talking to Matt and caught a glimpse of Stiles finding Lydia crying. But I couldn't pay attention, because Coach was talking to Danny, who clearly had a concussion. Then to my shock he put the goalie back in. But we still didn't have enough players, and Stiles wasn't back, and no one else was on the bench…

"You!" Coach spotted Boyd and I sank onto the bench. Everything was literally just slipping out of my hands. "Can you play lacrosse?"

I heard Erica stop Boyd, telling him Derek wouldn't like this, and I grinned into my hand when Boyd replied, "Yeah, but I will." I watched him come down onto the field as Coach celebrated.

"Be careful," I ordered. "Give me some kind of sign if you're shifting," I whispered. He nodded, and then pulled on one of the injured kid's gear. And of course, the Abomination went right for him, and I felt Coach clutch my sleeve. I bit my pen, covering my eyes with one hand, but it wasn't Boyd who went flying back. Coach leaped up, celebrating, and I cheered for my Beta.

Scott and Jackson stared at Boyd, both realizing what had happened as he took off the helmet. Then I felt Erica leave and put the book down. Coach didn't need me anymore, and Scott could handle Boyd. So I ran towards the school, realizing Erica had found Stiles. I followed them in time to beat Erica to Derek. I found him in the pool with a basketball in his hand. "What are you doing?" I asked my brother.

"I just want to talk to Stiles about what happened," he assured me. I nodded, crossing my arms as I stood beside him.

Then Erica dragged Stiles in by the ear and came to stand on Derek' other side. "Ah," Stiles sighed, both in relief and realization.

"Stiles," Derek greeted him.

"Derek," Stiles returned.

"What did you see at the mechanic's garage?" my brother asked.

"Several alarming EPA violations that I'm seriously considering reporting," the boy told us. Erica and I exchanged grins as Derek sank his claws into the basketball in his hands. "Holy god," Stiles muttered.

"Let's try that again," Derek told him, throwing the deflated ball at his feet. Suddenly, Scott's ribbon flared with pain and I gasped, dropping to one knee as my brother's leg broke. Derek turned to me, his eyes wide, but I shook my head. The pain was already fading as Scott's leg healed. I got back to my feet, holding Derek's arm while my brother got up on the field.

"Alright the thing was pretty slick looking, um; skin was dark, kind of patterned. I think I actually saw scales," Stiles told him. "Is that enough, okay, because I have someone I really need to talk to." Derek just gave him a look, making him continue, "Alright, fine, eyes; eyes are uh yellowish, and slitted."

Then I felt a new presence, and looked up as a cloudy, mottled ribbon appeared. "Um, has a lot of teeth," Stiles went on as I tugged Derek's sleeve. The Alpha looked up as Stiles added, "Oh, and has a tail, too." Erica looked up, fear pulsing down her ribbon, and Stiles asked, "Are we good? What? Wait, have you seen it? You have this look on your faces like you know exactly what I'm talking about."

"We do," I told him, my heart pounding as I reached for the knives in my boots. Whatever it was hissed from the balcony railing, making Stiles turn around. Then it roared, and Stiles moved behind Derek. It leaped down to the floor, landing in front of Erica, and Derek roared, making my eyes flash purple.

It threw Erica into the wall, knocking her out, and Derek pushed me back, yelling, "Run!"

"Derek!" I cried as the thing slashed my brother's exposed neck.

"Derek, your neck!" Stiles realized, and then Derek fell. Stiles ran forward, catching the paralyzed Alpha and pulling his arm over his shoulder. I darted passed him, crouching over Erica's prone form on the floor.

"Get out of here!" I gasped, looking around for the lizard thing.

Stiles pulled Derek with him heading for the door at the back of the pool. "Where is it?" he called to me. "Do you see it?"

"No, I can't find it!" I gasped, clutching my knives.

"Call Scott," Derek ordered. Stiles dug his phone out of his pocket, but his fear made him fumble and drop it on the floor. He leaned down to get it and Derek fell over him, landing in the pool with a splash.

"Get him!" I cried, realizing he was going to drown. Stiles sighed and dove into the pool, leaving me crouched on the edge of the water with just a set of throwing knives. When they erupted to the surface, I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Where'd it go?" Stiles called. "Do you see it?"

"I don't know!" I called back, my voice echoing.

"Maybe it took off," the boy suggested.

I shivered as the creature shrieked, looking around wildly for it. But it's now mottled green ribbon was too murky to pinpoint, making it useless. "Maybe not," Derek replied.

As more time passed, I had to keep batting away Scott and Allison's ribbons I swallowed, keeping my back to the pool. I couldn't afford to be distracted right now. I went to reach for my phone, only to remember that it was sitting in my bag under the bench on the field. "Can you get me out of here before I drown?" Derek snapped.

"You're worried about drowning?" Stiles asked incredulously. "Did you notice the thing out there with multiple rows of razor sharp teeth?"

"Did you notice that I'm paralyzed from the neck down in eight feet of water?" Derek retorted.

"Okay, Ami, do you see it?" Stiles called.

"No," I squeaked, my fear making me tremble with tenseness.

Stiles started to pull Derek over to the side of the pool, but Derek cried, "Wait, wait, wait, stop!" I pressed my back against the wall as a shadow crawled towards me, and then the giant lizard walked by. It hissed, meeting my eyes, and dismissed me. Then it crawled around the pool and I realized my knives were going to be no use against that skin. Moving slowly, I tucked the blades away and shook Erica, hoping she'd respond. It kept me backed against the wall as it circled, which meant I couldn't get to Stiles' phone.

I heard Stiles ask, "What's it waiting for?" as it moved to the edge of the pool. Then it stuck one clawed hand in the water and jerked back with a shriek. I raised my hands to cover my mouth, hoping to muffle my breathing, since it was right in front of me.

"Wait, do you see that? I don't think it can swim," Stiles realized. I paled as I realized that meant if it wouldn't go in the water, the target on land had just gotten a lot easier. The lizard crawled away, and I saw an opportunity. It was circling, trying to get closer to Stiles and Derek, but moving away from me. "I don't think I can do this much longer," Stiles gasped, spitting out water.

"No, no, no, don't even think about it!" my brother cried. It was pretty easy to see that Stiles was looking at the phone lying on the side of the pool.

"Can't you just trust me this once?" the younger boy asked. I eased my boots off, my sweatshirt already lying on the tiles beside me, knowing they'd weigh me down.

"No!" Derek snapped.

"I'm the one keeping you alive, okay, have you noticed that?" my other brother's best friend asked.

"And when the paralysis wears off, who's going to be able to fight that thing, you or me?" the werewolf asked.

"So that's why I've been holding you up for the last two hours," Stiles sniped.

"You don't trust me," Derek pointed out, "I don't trust you. You need me to survive, which is why you're not letting me go." My eyes widened as I realized what Stiles was going to do and looked for the lizard thing. It saw me moving and started towards me, but all I heard was "Stiles!" as my brother went under. So I dove in, the angry shriek of the monster muffled by the water.

As I sliced through the water, Stiles swam over me, and I opened my eyes to see Derek lying on the bottom in front of me. I had to swim back to the top to get a breath and saw that Stiles was right next to me, holding his phone to his ear. Gasping in the biggest breath I could manage, I dove back down for Derek, and grabbed his hand. I pulled, desperate, kicking furiously, but he was too heavy for me. Then Stiles shoved me away, grabbing Derek by the front of his shirt and hauling him back to the surface. Kicking off the bottom, I shot back towards the surface, pushing Derek from underneath. The three of us burst into the air, gasping for breath.

I moved under Derek's arm, trying to take some of his weight off Stiles as he said, "Tell me you got him." Stiles scoffed and I knew Scott hadn't answered.

As I held Derek up, I could feel Stiles tiring, and we both knew this couldn't last. Stiles sagged, Derek's head going under, forcing me to push him back up as I went under too. We spit water and Stiles said, "Alright, I can't stay up here any longer. I need something to hold on to."

"Over there!" I jerked my head at the diving blocks, because there was no way I could hold Derek on my own, let alone both of them. Stiles nodded and we started swimming, dragging Derek between us. Then a familiar ribbon pulsed and I realized, "Scott's here!" The lizard shrieked and I got an idea. Derek had said wherever I was he'd hear me, right? So I screamed, "Scott! Help me! I'm in the pool! Scott!" Stiles reached out for the diving block, but his hand slipped, and he let go of Derek. My brother went under, his weight pulling me down as Stiles went under next to us. I fought furiously, my chest aching, and then Derek was yanked off me.

Instantly I shot to the surface, grabbing the diving block as I saw Stiles and Derek lying on the floor. A furious and protective roar made me look up, and I realized Scott was crouched over me. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then the lizard was there, tackling Scott from the side. I jerked back, the scaly tail slashing open the back of my hands, and I scrambled for a hold on the edge of the pool.

The lizard hissed and Scott roared above me and then Scott went flying into a mirror on the wall. I cried out, trying to climb out of the pool, but I was too tired. I didn't see what my brother did to drive away the lizard, but suddenly it went bounding up the wall, leaping out a skylight. Glass rained down into the pool and I looked up to see Derek leaning on the block I was holding. "You okay?" he asked softly.

"Get me out, please," I whispered, and he reached down to grab me. With his help, I was able to crawl from the pool, crying as I put pressure on my hands. He stood, pulling me with him as I cradled my bleeding hands to my chest. Sure, chlorine might kill all the bacteria in the wounds, but it hurt so bad.

Scott helped Stiles up and they vanished back into the school for whatever Scott had actually come here for. Erica was getting shakily to her feet as we reached her and helped me put back on my boots and sweatshirt. Derek put his arm around me as he walked out, but he redirected us towards Scott and Stiles upon my request. "How are we supposed to figure out what this thing is?" Scott exclaimed.

"It's called a Kanima," Derek told him, making the boys straighten.

"You knew the whole time," Stiles accused.

"No, only when it was confused by its own reflection," the Alpha told him, tightening his arm around me.

"It doesn't know what it is," Scott realized.

"Or who," Derek finished.

"What else do you know?" Stiles asked.

"Just stories, rumors," my brother assured him.

"But it's like us?" Scott asked.

"A shape shifter, yes, but it's not right. It's like a…" Derek trailed off as he searched for the right word.

"An abomination," Stiles realized, thinking of the kid at the game. Derek nodded, meeting his eyes. My brother let me go, since I wanted to go to the hospital with Scott and looked at Erica as he turned away.

"Derek," Scott stopped him. "We need to work together on this, maybe even tell the Argents."

"You trust them?" Derek asked angrily.

"Nobody trusts anyone, that's the problem! While we're here arguing about who's on what side, there's something scarier, stronger, and faster than any of us and it's killing people!" Scott replied. "And we still don't know anything about it!"

"I know one thing," Derek told him, pressing a kiss to my dripping hair before he turned away. "When I find it, I'm gonna kill it." Erica followed, looking at me worriedly, but I motioned for her to go.

"Come on," Scott sighed, getting into the car. Stiles opened the door for me, allowing me to climb into the backseat before he grabbed the laptop and keys and got in the passenger seat. Scott had retrieved our bags from the lacrosse field while Stiles downloaded the bestiary, and they were sitting on the backseat. I wanted to get my phone, but there was still blood dripping into my lap, so I didn't touch my bag. We dropped Stiles off on the way to the hospital and Scott pulled up to the pick-up spot.

He went to open my door but was stopped when Gerard Argent grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to turn. To my horror, the old hunter stabbed my brother, making him gasp. I clapped bleeding hands over my mouth to muffle my cry of pain and watched, horrified. "Don't move," Gerard ordered. "Even though I can practically feel the tissue around the blade already trying to heal, you never know with a Beta." I whimpered as he pushed the blade deeper, Scott and I both convulsing in pain. "Besides, we'd this perfect picture of a kind old grandfather embracing his favorite grandson after hearing good news from the doctor," Gerard told him, pretending to hug him. As he straightened, he pushed the knife deeper and I gasped in pain. "That's right. I can play the nice dottering grandpa who likes to cook and tell stories and be sweet and charming," he continued, ruffling my brother's hair. "And trust me, I can do it far better than you playing average, broken hearted teenage boy." He pressed on the knife, asking, "Are you listening?"

"Yes," Scott and I hissed, glaring at him.

"Perfect. Now, you're gonna do me a favor one of these days, and you're gonna do it because if you don't, this knife goes in her," Gerard told him, looking at our mom through the door. "Or her," he added, turning Scott's attention to the fact that I was in the backseat. "Scott," he called, forcing my brother to break his hold on my terrified gaze. "I truly believe that it's so much easier when bad things don't have to happen to good people," he went on, digging the knife deeper. "Don't you agree?" he asked.

"Yes," my brother choked out, and Gerard yanked the knife free.

"Hey there," Mom said, having come out of the hospital. "You okay?" she asked, seeing Scott' face.

"Yeah, fine," Scott told her. She got in and I pulled my sleeves over my hands. My hair was tied up, nor could she see through the darkness to tell that I was soaking wet. But I watched the blood drip off my brother's shirt, realizing it was already healing. I met his eyes through the window and shook my head. We couldn't tell her, no matter what happened. Especially since she was at risk now.

Author's Note: 1. Triscalade (Derek's tattoo)

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