Blue Moon


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Chapter 22-Frenemy

Derek started to pull away, but I refused to let go just yet. He turned back to me, eyebrows raised over red eyes, and I whispered, "Please be careful." His eyes softened, fading back to green and he kissed my forehead, lingering for just a second. I loosened my hold on him and he took off, my hand falling back to my side without his there to hold it up.

I turned to see everyone else standing on the lawn like they were in some kind of trance. I sighed and clapped my hands, jarring them all back to attention. "Boyd, take Isaac and Erica back to the hideout. You scratch the Camaro, I can't save you from Derek," I told the huge wolf. He nodded and I tossed him the keys that had appeared in my hand just before Derek vanished. "Stiles, take Allison, Lydia and Scott back to school so Allison can get her car. Allison, take Lydia home. Stiles, Scott, go after Derek," I finished.

Stiles and the girls moved back into the house to grab their bags as Scott took me by the shoulders, forcing me to face him. "What about you?" he asked.

"The cops are coming. Someone has to deal with them. Look, I'll just say I locked myself in the bathroom, called, and he took off when we heard the sirens. None of you were here," I shrugged and then pushed him towards the Jeep. "I'll be fine," I assured him when he looked back. Sitting down on the front steps was apparently a bad idea, because Stiles nearly fell over me in his rush to get to the Jeep.

Then they were all gone and the sirens rapidly grew closer. But my attention was focused on Derek, following him as he pursued the Kanima. I knew Allison was already back at school, so I called her, with only a single question in mind. "Ami? Did something happen?" she answered.

"Did you call your dad?" I asked.

"What, no, why?" she replied.

"I'll explain later, I promise. Just don't be surprised if he's not home when you get there," I assured her, hanging up. Then I dialed a number I still couldn't believe I had in my phone.


"Mr. Argent? It's Ami McCall. We found the lizard. It's heading for the parkway," I said.

Chris Argent sighed and I heard the jingle of keys before he said, "On my way. Get out of there, Ami."

"I'm home, Mr. Argent," I assured him before he hung up. Then the police cars flew around the corner and pulled up to my house, lights flashing brightly enough to make me cover my eyes.

"Ami?" Sheriff Stilinski called, his gun drawn as he crossed the lawn.

"They're gone, Mr. Stilinski," I told him, turning my head up to face him. But I kept my hand over my eyes, so I'm sure I made quite the comical, pathetic image.

"We're gonna check the house anyway, okay, kiddo?" he replied.

"Fair warning, it's pretty bad," I gestured behind me at the open door in a universal go ahead signal.

"And yet you aren't hurt at all?" one of the Deputies asked, moving up to crouch beside me.

"I wouldn't say that. I'm sure I'll have some pretty spectacular bruises in the morning," I replied. Then we had to go through the typical statement process and all that fun stuff before I could go inside and start cleaning up. And then I was able to reach out and pull readings from the ribbons.

Blue-gray anger. This thing wasn't getting away so easily again.

Magenta pink sorrow. What the hell just happened and why were they hiding it from me?

Dark hunter green coldness. Four bullets to the abdomen should put this rabid lizard down.

Blue-gray pain. I couldn't take the Kanima on my own.

Dark hunter green confusion. It had been Hale I was after, so where had he gone? Pain. This thing had more strength than a wolf. Horror. What was my father doing?

Olive green satisfaction. It was exactly what I'd expected.

Cocoa brown confusion. Why wasn't Gerard doing anything? Resignation. There was no point in hiding from Gerard if he already knew. Determination. There was no way I was letting them kill Jackson.

I sighed and righted the overturned couch. All of these were old feelings. I needed right now. Especially because no one was calling me, not even Boyd to tell me there were all okay.

Cocoa brown startle. How had he not heard Stiles approaching? The kid was never quiet.

Bright yellow fear. That was a freaking tail in the window.

Cocoa realization. Danny. Horror. Jackson was here to kill his best friend!

With a cry I reached for Danny's ribbon, and sure enough, there were Scott, Stiles and the Kanima. Along with a number of the guys I'd met through Danny because of Jungle. "Oh my god, Jackson's going to kill him at the club. Oh my god, Danny, Danny, Danny, no!" So I threw as much of the house back into order then shoved my way out the door and took off. I knew the instant he'd seen Kyle and I growled. Danny hadn't told me they'd broken up. But that also meant he was inside and closer to the Kanima that wanted to kill him.

Thankfully Jungle really wasn't that far away, and the bouncer knew me pretty well so he barely glanced at the fake ID Danny had made me. I don't know how much it said about me that I was well known around a gay club, but the drag queens were quick to welcome me with open arms. "Hey, look, Pixie Dust is back!" Sapphire crowed, pulling me into the group. To my absolute shock, they had Stiles in their custody, and all I could do was laugh at him.

"Hi Stiles!" I called over the music as Sapphire whipped makeup out of her purse to doll me up a little. Thankfully, she knew better than to make me a drag, and I had a pretty good vantage point of the club from over here. So when Scott grabbed us away, Sapphire pressed a quick blue kiss to my cheek and I grinned over my shoulder. They were pretty awesome to party with and they always had open arms for someone like me. I laughed at Stiles' attempts to get him and Scott alcohol, then called to the blonde, shirtless bartender, "Tony, want some help?" He grinned and leaned over, hoisting me over the bar. I had a strange knack for fruity, tropical type drinks, and all the guys knew it.

Tony was kind of my personal bodyguard as I got to work until I heard Stiles say, "Hey, I found Danny." Scott was tensing up for a fight when I heard him reply that he'd found Jackson.

"Sorry, guys, I'm needed. I'll be right back," I called, vaulting over the bar with ease of practice. Tony waved me away and I tugged Stiles into the crowd. "Danny!" I called, weaving my way through the dancing boys around me. "Stiles?" I called when I felt him yanked out of my grasp. He was right behind me, but I couldn't see him. Danny was in front of me, so I called again, "Danny!" Then a weird scent made my head jerk up to see the fog machines turn on from the ceiling. "Shit. Danny!" I called, but the fog was making everything blurry around me. A pulse of frustration told me Scott had lost Jackson to the fog too.

Suddenly I was shoved down, and I looked up to see the Kanima standing over me. He hissed at me and turned around, slashing down the boy beside me. His drink splashed into my hair as he went down, convulsing. "Scott!" I cried, catching my brother's attention. I was lifted to my feet by some random guy as two more went down, then two more. "No! Danny!" I gasped as I felt him go down. I crouched beside my friend, feeling my eyes shift to flash purple in the gloom and fog and I snarled up at the Kanima.

"Jackson!" I heard Scott cry, and then Derek was there. "No, don't!" Scott yelled, and Derek slashed his claws across the Kanima's neck. I screamed as the Kanima wailed and fell on top of me, but Derek lifted me up and the Kanima was gone.

Panic ensued as people realized something was wrong and I fought Derek as I saw Danny lying frozen and helpless on the ground. "Danny!" I cried, but Derek clamped his hand over my mouth and dragged me out of the club. Furious, I bit Derek's palm and succeeded in making him pull back his hand. "Stiles! Back door!" I yelled as I was carried right by the other teen. He took off and I felt him find Scott crouched over a passed out, naked Jackson.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Derek demanded once we were away from the club.

"I got a reading on Scott and came to help Danny. I was just going to keep an eye on him and then I couldn't get to him when it mattered!" I snarled, furious with myself. Then I flinched away from Derek, a purple spark flying across my vision. "Sorry," I wheezed, my chest beginning to ache. "I'll let you handle the fighting I guess," I sighed, wrapping my arms around myself as I doubled over.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his hand coming down on my shoulder.

"Everybody's pain from tonight. I ignored the ribbons enough to push it off but I lost control. Now I'm getting it all at once. Just back away for a minute," I told him. "I'll be fine," I assured him, backing away. He had a worried look on his face, but he took a few steps back and I could breathe again. "Jackson broke your rib?" I accused, and he nodded. "God, Derek, don't ever take him on alone again," I ordered, wincing as Isaac is knocked out in my head. Then Erica is paralyzed and I convulse, shaking. I can't help the whimpers of pain as I convulse seven more times because of the club. Sobbing as my breath returns, Derek is there, holding me up. "That was horrible," I gasp, exhausted.

"Come on, I'll take you home. Let Scott worry about Jackson for a few minutes. Melissa is probably freaking out by now," he told me, allowing me to scramble up onto his back. Once I locked my legs around his waist, he's running, and my hair whips out behind me. I don't notice when he knocked on the front door and no one answered. I barely notice the fact that Derek sits on my bed and I fall backwards onto the mattress. I finally notice when he leaves and I grow cold again. Danny is at the hospital by now, and I'm relieved to see that it's Melissa tending him and the others.

Stiles is ridden with guilt that he's lying to his father yet again and Scott can't believe he's trying to help Jackson right now. I feel Isaac wake up, but Erica is still paralyzed, and now Jackson is unconscious. It really doesn't surprise me when Isaac leaps through my window a little while later and throws himself at me. "Hey, puppy, it's okay. What's wrong?" I asked, shoving the ribbons away as I lean my forehead against his.

"Derek's mad. Scott stopped him from killing Jackson. And he said you were there too and I was worried," he whispers, because by now we can hear my mom moving around the kitchen.

"I was trying to help Danny," I sighed, and he starts playing with my hair. There's something between the two of us that has made touch secure and calming, like I am with Derek. "I'm not hurt, pup, I'm just tired," I assured him, and he nodded against my forehead. I like calling him pup; he's my big, sweet, adorable, affectionate puppy with a little bit of a badass streak now. "You can stay. It beats the depot," I told him, and he huffed in my face.

I woke to a bolt of charcoal gray fury as Jackson roared at Scott and Stiles. But I don't care what they did to him right now, because Jackson's alive and everyone else is okay. Derek picks Isaac and me up from my house, Isaac having used the clothes I stashed for him in my dresser. During the day, Jackson's anger and annoyance gets to me. So does Allison's nervousness and wariness. Then it gets worse when Victoria is my substitute teacher in English. I'm waiting outside English for Allison when I spotted the security camera and hear Victoria using Scott against Allison. I snarl then plaster a smile on my face when Victoria walks Allison out to me and her daughter propels me away.

"Find Scott. Tell him my parents know about Jackson," she writes on a piece of paper as I steer her to her locker. I nod and take the paper, bolting down the hallway after my brother.

Instead I caught Isaac and Boyd and jumped in the Camaro with them. "Can you drop me at the hospital? I need to talk to Danny," I asked Derek. When he pulls to a stop outside, I kissed his cheek, ruffled Isaac's hair, and darted up the walkway.

"You're sure everything's okay between you and Jackson?" I hear Scott ask as I skid down the hallway. I slid right passed Danny's room and had to grab the doorframe to pull myself to a stop.

The boys barely glanced at me as I came in, and Danny replied, "Yeah, everything's fine." Scott hung his head as Danny checked his wallet. "The cops have to take my fake ID?" my friend sighed, dropping to sit on the bed.

"The keyword there is fake, Danny-boy," I teased, slipping under Scott's arm. I really liked the sweatshirt Scott has on and remembered that I should; I picked it out for him.

"You didn't do anything to make him angry?" Scott checked.

"How angry?" Danny scoffed.

"He has a point; Jackson's an angry person," I pointed out, by Scott shushed me.

"On a scale of one to ten, one being kind of irritated and ten wanting to kill you, violently," my brother told him, biting his lip.

"Jackson's kind of always at a four," Danny remarked, pulling his shirt on over his head and I laughed softly. "But we're good," he assured my brother. Scott sighed as Danny got up, adding, "I was actually doing him a favor."

"What favor?" the wolf asked.

"I was recovering a video for him," the human told him, and I clap a hand to my forehead. I'd completely forgotten about the video. "I put it on my tablet," Danny added. "Which is in the trunk of my car, and probably still at the club," he realized, annoyed.

"What was on the video?" Scott demanded. I nudged him gently having already realized his intentions here.

"I'm not really supposed to say," Danny protested, uncertainly meeting Scott's eyes. I get a sudden reading that makes me cock my head. He trusts Scott, wants to tell him the truth. Almost like his loyalties are shifting to the other captain.

"Danny, what if I told this could be a matter of life and death?" Scott pushed.

"I'm not supposed to say," Danny insisted, still holding Scott's eyes. For now, his loyalties lie with Jackson.

"Okay," Scott sighed, letting his head drop. Then Danny starts thumbing through his wallet again, and I nudged Scott. "What if I told you I could get your fake ID back?" he offered.

Danny looked up and quirked an eyebrow at me. "We'll get it," I told him, and then Scott is pulling me out of the room.

And we're stopped in the hallway by Mom. "While I think you being here to check on your friend is all sorts of commendable, I've got to play tough mom right now. Even though I'm not very good at it," she told us.

"Right now?" Scott and I chorused.

"Yes, right now! I got a call from your principle. You are failing two classes?" she replied to Scott.

"I know," Scott sighed. "And that's why I'm studying with Stiles right now," he added.

"Do you know that if you fail even one of your midterms they're gonna hold you back?" she cautioned.

"He said that?" we groaned.

"Yes. All your friends are gonna be juniors while you're still a sophomore. Do you understand? Scott, you cannot fail," she warned.

"I know," Scott told her.

"Okay. Thank you," she replied, looking down.

Scott walked away and I kissed her cheek. "I'll try to help," I assured her, hurrying after my brother. I run out the doors in time to jump on the back of Scott's bike, my feet on the weird silver spoke things. Scott passed me the helmet and I sighed. We really needed a car. The good thing was that since Scott had become a wolf, he'd put on a lot of muscle, and now I could actually hold his shoulders and not worry about falling off. The trip to the club took like half the amount of time it would if I were pedaling, and I hoped off the back as Scott glided to a stop.

As Scott opened the back, I realized, "Danny always locks the car." But the broken locking mechanism inside solved the mystery. And the tablet was gone. Scott sighed angrily and ran his hands through his hair. "Go to wherever it is you stashed Jackson. I have to find Derek now," I told him, handing off the helmet.

"Thank you for staying out of this one," he murmured, quickly kissing my forehead before he leaped back onto the bike.

A minute later, the Camaro pulled up and I slid into the passenger seat. "What's wrong? You're angry and frustrated," Derek observed.

"Can I use the punching bag? I really need some kind of outlet right now," I replied, earning myself a look. He just nodded, speeding his way back to the depot. He throws me over his shoulder when we reach the depot and I snarl a protest. He drops me in front of the punching bag and I lash out with a spinning kick Chris taught me. He's forced to leap out of range and my eyes flash purple. "Everyone leaves me alone for the next hour," I ordered, and the Betas nodded.

Derek threw me the tape, and I wrapped my hands. Then I shed my boots, socks, jacket, scarf, and two over shirts. I'm left in leggings and a tank top, and then I wrap my ankles. When I'm done, I lean against the bag and let the pixies free. Instantly a swarm of emotions nearly made my knees buckle and I snarled. "Fight back, Ami," Derek rumbled, and I heard Isaac murmur in confusion. I stepped back and sized up the bag. Before I realize what I'd done, I'd lashed out at the bag, pounding into it with my fists and feet and knees and elbows. Then I'd leaped forward and flipped off the bag the way Derek loved to literally flip off his opponents. The bag had crashed onto the floor and I landed in a neat crouch, one hand splayed on the floor. Flinging my hair back as I lifted my head, I looked up to meet Derek's eyes. He nodded, and I know it's enough for today.

"You all saw how she didn't stay still, right? How she didn't plant her feet and make herself a solid target? You have to learn to do that. You can start right now with everyone for themselves. You have five minutes to take down both opponents," he told the Betas, turning around to face them. I rose, lifting the bag back to its standing position and started undoing the tape around my hands and feet. Once I finished dressing, I shake my hair out of my face and examined my knuckles. They're red and will bruise tomorrow even through the padding I'd worn. My elbows and knees are red, but they don't hurt so much.

Scott, Stiles and Allison are all with Jackson, and Scott's train of thought is steamrolling. And then Stiles has to suggest killing Jackson to solve the problem. Scott instantly shoots it down; reaching for whatever help Jackson has given us since this mess started. I know Jackson is listening as I sit on the stairs to wait for Derek because I can feel Jackson's surprise at Scott defending him. Then it hits home when Scott pointed out that Jackson had no one to help him. To my shock, I read it clearly when a tear rolled down Jackson's face. He was overwhelmed by sorrow and guilt and shame, and he's realized he didn't deserve Scott's help.

Then pain laced through my hands and I closed my eyes to grab Jackson's ribbon again. When the screen lights up, I'm staring down at handcuffed hands that had covered in scales. I fumble for my phone and dial Scott, but his phone is off, and I realize he's with Allison. I growl in frustration but it feels like ants are racing up and down my spine and I can't scratch them off. Stiles isn't even there anymore and I'm curling in on myself in Jackson's pain. "Damn it, Scott!" I gasped and then Derek's at my side.

"What's wrong?" he asked, leaning over me.

"Jackson' shifting and I can't get a hold of Scott and Stiles left and it really hurts!" I told him. My chest is collapsing, and my jaw aches and I'm itchy everywhere, and I'm whining.

"Isaac!" Derek barked, and my pup was there instantly. He wrapped himself around me, using his own body to straighten my spine out. His head is pressed into my shoulder and he's nudging my neck, running one hand through my hair. "Ami, listen to me. Breathe. This isn't your pain," Derek said, taking my hands.

Using Isaac as a stabilizer, I take a deep breath, trying to slow my heart rate down to his. I meet Derek's eyes, and watch as his shift to red. "Call Stiles," he ordered, handing me my fallen phone. I don't remember setting Stiles' speed dial, but I have it, and I'm glad. "Stiles, Jackson's shifting. Scott and Allison aren't paying attention at all. Get over there right now," Derek snapped before Stiles even said hello.

"How the holy hell do you know that?" the smaller teen cried, but we all heard the Jeep start in the background.

"Ami felt it. Just go!" the Alpha snarled and hung up. I followed Stiles as he drove to the preserve, checked the van, and woke up Allison and Scott. Annoyance built up inside me with Scott and Allison; yeah, I got it, they couldn't see each other, but they had a freaking job to do! Instead they'd pretty much had sex and fallen asleep while Jackson escaped!

"What is it?" Erica asked from behind Derek.

"Jackson escaped," I sighed. "Allison's going to tell her father he's the Kanima. Scott and Stiles are going to tell the Sheriff everything," I told them, holding Derek's gaze. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair and let me go. I watched him pace and sighed. Allison's impatience and Lydia's sudden appearance made me even more annoyed. Allison was being a complete bitch to Lydia, brushing her off like yesterday's newspaper.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles were at the station and I suddenly realized Jackson and his father were there. "Jackson's okay, he's at the Sheriff's office. He's pretty smug, and his father is very annoyed. The Sheriff is royally pissed. But you don't have to go after him, so stop pacing," I told Derek.

He sighed, his eyes fading back to green, and knelt before me. "What else can you feel?" he asked, taking my hands again.

"Lydia's translating the Bestiary. Someone…shit. The Kanima isn't seeking a friend, he's seeking a master," I replied, holding onto Allison's ribbon.

"What does that mean?" Erica asked.

Derek sighed and raised my hands to his forehead as he bowed his head. Then he said, "It means he's not doing this alone. Someone's controlling him."

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