Blue Moon

Raving pt 1

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Chapter 24

I flinched when I heard the phone vibrate on the desk beside me. Turning, I saw Jackson pick up his phone and his eyebrows went up. When he got up, I turned back to my paper and pulled out my phone. "Scott, Jackson's leaving. He's not Jackson," I typed the text quickly, hoping beyond reason that my brother understood what I was trying to say. I felt him leave, and knew he was following the blonde.

"Ami, are you done?" the teacher asked.

Startled, I looked up and nodded. She walked over and took my practice SAT, then nodded to the door. Murmuring a thank you, I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the classroom, my heeled boots clicking softly. In the parking lot, I found Derek already waiting for me, the Camaro idling by the sidewalk. Crawling into the backseat, I found myself between Erica and Isaac and Boyd quickly climbed back into the passenger seat. Isaac leaned over and buried his face in my shoulder, leaving me free to drag my fingers through his curly hair. On my other side, Erica sighed, so I reached over with my free hand and ran my fingers through her blonde hair.

"What happened?" I asked, meeting Derek's eyes in the mirror.

"They were training," the Alpha told me, and I understood. The Betas were just tired. Without me there to curb Derek's harshness, he'd probably pushed them a bit too hard.

We dropped Boyd off first at the ice rink. Then we swung by the book store for Erica's shift. I picked up my paycheck and Isaac came in to get a new book. Surprisingly, Derek came in with him, and when we left, he'd gotten a book on lease too. As I relaxed into the leather back seat, I got a pulse from Stiles' ribbon and latched onto it. "Stiles might have just found the pattern of the killings," I told Derek.

"Good," the Alpha replied, though Isaac turned to look back at me. Gray-blue hope. It was a step forward in preventing another murder.

Then I closed my eyes, sifting through the ribbons carefully. Melissa was at work, Danny and Lydia were at the mall, and Scott was following Jackson home. But Allison was not at all were I expected. She and Chris were at the hospital, in the morgue to be exact, and Chris was interrogating her. Pulses of apprehension, anger, and fear rolled down the French blue ribbon as the matching hunter green one pulsed with anger.

Derek's phone ringing snapped my eyes open. "What, Scott?" the Alpha said. There was considerable less annoyance in his voice than how he usually spoke to Scott, though I knew my younger brother hadn't accepted Derek as his Alpha.

"Come to the clinic. Deaton wants to help us," Scott said. "Bring Ami. He wants to talk to her."

"We'll be there in five," Derek assured him, hanging up. Then he accelerated, heading towards the clinic without a word. Pulling into the clinic parking lot five minutes later, Isaac climbed out, unfolding his lanky form from the low car. I crawled out after him and scowled inwardly as I stood between the taller males. They seemed to love to make me feel small.

Scott unlocked the front door as we approached, greeting us with a, "What's he doing here?"

"I need him," Derek sighed, walking in. We could all hear the dogs barking in the back kennel, but I more concerned with what Deaton wanted to talk to me about.

"I don't trust him, Scott told Derek, glaring at Isaac over my shoulder.

"Yeah, well, he doesn't trust you either," Isaac assured Scott carelessly.

"And Derek really doesn't care," the Alpha snapped as Isaac walked past him to sit on a desk.

"Enough. All of you," I snapped, annoyed. The two Betas were being so shallow, and Derek wasn't helping at all. "We're trying to work together, remember?" I asked, standing opposite Derek.

"Now where's the vet?" Derek turned to Scott and demanded, "Is he gonna help us or not?"

"That depends," Deaton said from behind me, and the boys turned to see him leaning against the wall. "Your friend, Jackson, are we planning to kill him, or save him?" the vet asked.

"Save him," Scott replied just as Derek said, "Kill him." Scott turned on Derek, disbelief and stubbornness flashing down his ribbon and insisted, "Save him!" Derek sighed in resigned annoyance, clenched his jaw, and looked back at the vet. "Save him," Scott told his boss.

The look on Deaton's face as he looked at Derek made me curious. How much did Deaton really know about the young Alpha? "Come with me," he ordered, leaving the four of us to follow. The males lined up shoulder to shoulder on one side of the examining table as I leaned my elbows on the cool tabletop next to Derek. The vet brought out a metal tray containing two rows of labelled glass jars and I noticed a series of Celtic symbols.

Deaton searched through the jars, picking out a few before he returned them to the tray with a frown. Isaac reached out curiously only for Derek to snag his wrist in an unyielding grip. "Watch what you touch," the Alpha explained quietly when both Betas looked to him. He pulled Isaac's arm back away from the table and released him, still not looking at him. I saw recognition in his eyes at a few of the labels, but only two were familiar to me.

"So," Isaac said, leaning down on his forearms between Scott and Derek, "what are you, some kind of witch?" he asked Deaton.

"No," the man replied, "I'm a veterinarian." Isaac pursed his lips, not really believing him, but kept quiet. "Unfortunately, I don't see anything here that's gonna be an effective defense against a paralytic toxin," he added to Derek.

"We're open to suggestions," my elder brother replied, meeting his eyes.

"What about an effective offense?" Isaac asked.

"We already tried," Derek told him. "I nearly took its head off and Argent emptied an entire clip into it. The thing just gets back up," he explained to Deaton.

"Has it shown any weaknesses?" the vet asked, his brow furrowing. He'd know it was dangerous, but this was just getting worse.

"Well, one, it can't swim," the Alpha replied.

"Does that go for Jackson as well?" the older man asked.

"No," Scott spoke up, making his boss turn to him. "He's a captain of the swim team."

"Essentially, you're trying to catch two people," Deaton realized, looking back at Derek. He turned away, and pulled something out of a draw. He held up a token in front of Scott and said, "A puppet."

"The Kanima," I added, making Deaton nod to me.

"And a puppeteer," he added, setting the token on the table.

"The master," I muttered, earning another nod.

"One killed the husband but the other had to take care of the wife. Do we know why?" the man asked.

"I don't think Jackson could do it," Scott told him. "His mother died pregnant too and she was maybe murdered," he explained to Derek. "I don't think he could let that happen to someone else."

"How do you know it's not part of the rules?" Isaac asked, straightening. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he thought. "The Kanima kills murderers. If Jackson kills the wife, then the baby dies too."

"Does that mean your father was a murderer?" Scott asked gently.

"Wouldn't surprise me if he was," Isaac replied, and I flinched. Derek glanced at me, his cold expression softening for a moment in understanding.

"Hold on," Deaton said. "The book says they're bonded, right?" he asked Derek. My brother nodded slowly, and the vet continued, "What if the fear of water isn't coming from Jackson but from the person controlling him? What if," here Deaton paused to pull out a jar of black powder that I recognized, "something that effects the Kanima also effects its master?" I leaned over and saw the powdery circle around the token, and glanced up at Derek.

"Meaning what?" Isaac asked.

"Meaning we can catch them. Both of them," Scott realized.

Deaton nodded and I listened halfheartedly as they laid out a plan. Then the vet pulled me aside. "Scott tells me you've developed some interesting abilities, Ami," he said.

"More like strange and terrifying," I told him quietly.

He nodded sympathetically and asked, "Would you mind telling me?"

I glanced at him, reading curiosity on him, but also a faint idea of what I might be. So I took a deep breath and started to explain. "It started with Peter. He told me he was my father, and the fact that he was an Alpha gave him the power to bring out the wolf in me. But he didn't. I didn't know I could shift until Kate Agent tortured me. All I can change is my eyes, and they're not normal. I don't know why," I told him.

"May I see?" he asked, turning to completely face me. I bowed my head and closed my eyes, letting them shift behind my eyelids. When I raised my head and opened my eyes, I blinked at the vet through a red haze. "Interesting. I'll admit, I've never seen wolf with purple eyes," he said, and I blinked the shift away. "What else can you do?"

"I've always had enhanced hearing, but it's gotten stronger since I could change my eyes. And now I'm faster, and stronger. But the others are all still stronger and faster than me," I replied.

"That would be because they are full wolves. You are only a half-breed. But that does not explain the purple eyes. I have seen mixes with the full capability to change, as well as some wolf-children without any wolf abilities at all. If I remember correctly, Derek had two cousins with a wolf father and human mother that were normal," he said thoughtfully, and I flinched at the reminder of the two adorable little girls.

"I can read emotions too. Ever since that night, I have these ribbons, in my head, one for every person. They're colored, if I know the person who the ribbon belongs to, otherwise they have this pale colorless pixie. You, for example, have a mahogany brown ribbon, and you're very interested in what I can do, but you're also confused. You've never heard of these ribbons, but it sounds familiar to you," I added. I was watching him for his reaction as I watched his ribbon, and was rewarded with a flare of surprise.

"Have you ever heard of the Celtic Druids?" he asked.

"Talia mentioned them, but I don't know what they are," I sighed, hoping he wasn't going to start speaking in his favorite riddles.

"Druids were ancient guardians of a magical and religious tradition. They were sages, collectors of great knowledge and wisdom, and served as judges and teachers and peacemakers. They fostered connections between the community and nature, which seems to have manifested as ribbons for you. Druids relied on emotional bonds and mental knowledge, which is why you see these ribbons in your head. But the werewolf is a physical being, and your half-wolf side created a physical piece for these connections and bonds. Your ability is the result of an extremely rare combination of the physical wolf and the mental druid," he explained, using his hands to emphasize his point as he spoke.

"So my mother was a druid?" I realized, and he nodded. "But what does that make me to the pack?" I asked.

"It makes you a leader in your own way, as well as the peacemaker within the pack and between the pack and its enemies. I think you have already begun to do this, haven't you?" he replied, and I nodded. "Druids are invaluable to a pack, but you must always have a pack. Other Alphas would do anything to claim an Omega Druid," he added, and I sighed.

Blue-gray protectiveness. I wasn't going to let anyone take Ami from me. Possessiveness. She belongs to my pack. Understanding. That was why she'd stood between Scott and I. It was in her nature. I glanced at Derek and offered him a half-smile, but his face was still blank. I was getting really annoyed with the cold mask he kept up around Scott and the others. It made sense, though, he pushed people away so they couldn't hurt him and he couldn't hurt them. He didn't want people getting close, especially after the Kate fiasco. As pain and anger flashed down his ribbon I walked over and tucked myself under his arm, calming him with my touch.

Cocoa brown confusion. So who the hell was Ami's biological mother? I didn't even want to think about that right now. Maybe I'd go looking after the Jackson/Kanima issue was fixed, but then we had to deal with Gerard and his hunters. Not to mention we had to keep our grades up for the rest of sophomore year. Plus we were practicing for lacrosse. And we had to work. Then, of course, we had to keep everyone from finding out about the whole werewolf thing. I groaned as I realized the list just kept going, and Derek tightened his arm around me.

"Night Doc," Scott finally sighed, and I called a thank you over my shoulder as Derek led the way out of the clinic.

I woke to early morning sunshine falling across my face. It took me a minute to remember that I'd slept in my room at Scott's and not in the depot, and there was a fading warm spot next to me smelling of Erica. "Everybody up! You've got six o'clock practice! Scott? Ami? Get up!" Melissa yelled from the kitchen.

"I'm up!" I called down to her, and Scott's alarm went off. I heard him shut it off, groaning, and then he stumbled into the shower. "Scott's awake!" I added, a smirk in my voice.

"I'm working late tonight!" she called back, and then she hurried out the front door. I frowned at how worn out the car sounded as I brushed out my hair. We really needed a new car. But I knew that we were going to have to keep saving to afford one.

Shimmying into a pair of blue and white patterned skinny jeans, I hunted through my closet for the blue shirt sleeve shirt and white leather jacket Lydia had bought me to go with the jeans. Blue Vans completed the outfit, but I was still accessorizing. A white ribbon to tie my hair back in a low ponytail with a princess bow, my locket, and a pair of blue pendent earrings and I was all set. Once Scott was out of the shower I slipped in to brush my teeth and wash my face, but the steam on the mirror made me take my makeup back into my room to finish. Lydia always said I was lucky, I didn't need a lot of makeup, and she was right. I used just a little bit of black eyeliner, three-tone eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss.

"Ami! Stiles is picking us up in five minutes. Do you want breakfast?" Scott called up the stairs. At that cue I grabbed my bag and books and hurried down the stairs to find him in the kitchen.

"Help me make egg sandwiches for after practice," I ordered, opening the fridge.

"Make one for Stiles, too, he never eats before practice," he suggested, and I nodded, darting from toaster to fridge to microwave.

By the time Stiles' beat up Jeep pulled up in the driveway I'd packed four fried egg sandwiches in a lunch tote and tossed Scott a granola bar for before practice. I dropped a second in Stiles' lap as I climbed into the backseat and was rewarded with, "Oh thank god." I laughed and pulled my feet back so Scott could shove the seat back and climb in.

Scott told Stiles about the conversation with Deaton from last night, and I jumped in only when Scott said, "Jackson got a ticket."

"Did you?" I asked him, leaning forward.

"No, I didn't have the money," he sighed, and I frowned. I glanced out the window as we pulled into the school parking lot and grabbed my bag and tote.

"How much were they?' I asked.

"Matt said they were $75," he replied, and I felt my eyebrows shoot up.

"And the party is tomorrow. I bet the prices are going up if they're still being sold," I sighed as the Jeep went quiet. Scott let me out, but left me to push the seat back and close the door.

"There's got be some other way to get tickets, right?" he asked as I joined them.

"It's a secret show, there's only one way to get the tickets and it's a secret," Stiles replied.

"Hey," Matt's voice from behind us made us all turn around, and I scowled at the fact that Stiles could see right over my head. "Any of you guys know why no one's getting suspended after what happened the other day at school?" Matt asked.

"Just forget about it, nobody got hurt," Stiles told him snappishly. Scott and I raised an eyebrow at him, surprised. Stiles was usually so nice to everyone.

"I had a concussion," Matt reminded him, annoyed.

"Well nobody got seriously hurt," Stiles replied.

"I was in the ER for six hours," Matt told him, and I felt my surprise rising.

"Okay, you want to know the truth, Matt? Your little bump on the head is about this high on our list of problems right now," Stiles snapped bending over to put his hand an inch above the sidewalk.

I grabbed Stiles' arm and hauled him upright as Scott stepped forward. "Are you okay?" he asked Matt to Stiles' annoyance.

"Yeah, I'm fine, now," Matt told him, glaring at Stiles. I nudged the pale kid and he turned away, clenching his jaw and biting his tongue for once. "So you didn't get any tickets last night either?" Matt asked.

Scott shook his head and asked. "Are they still selling?"

"Uh, no, but I managed to find two online. You should keep trying. Ami, I'm sure Danny could hook you up. Sounds like everyone's gonna be there," the photographer replied, walking away with one last look at Stiles.

"I don't like him," Stiles said as soon as Matt was out of earshot.

"As long as he's not killing anyone, we don't have to worry about him," I replied, patting his plaid-covered chest.

Stiles rolled his eyes at me but turned to Scott as my brother started towards school. "Hey, are you sure about this?" he asked.

"Last time whoever's controlling Jackson had to kill somebody because he couldn't finish the job? What do you think he's going to do this time?" Scott told him.

"Be there to make sure it happens," Stiles sighed, realizing for once that Scott was right. I followed them inside, but veered off to the girls' locker room instead of the boys'. I snagged my gym sneakers out of my locker so I didn't ruin the Vans Jackson had bought me and sat quietly on the bench during practice. Coach sent me to get coffee halfway through, slapping the money into my hand as he walked past. The good thing was it wasn't the first time, so I actually knew what he ordered.

After practice, when Scott and Stiles walked out of the locker room, I passed over their sandwiches noticing that they both looked a little shell-shocked. Isaac followed them out, smirking, and I handed him the last sandwich. He blinked in surprise at the kind act and I felt my heart sink just a little bit. Then, to distract myself, I asked, "Did you have to hit him so many times?" I knew exactly what my Beta had done to the freshman in the locker room.

"No, mother," Isaac teased, then flashed his cocky smirk and added, "but it felt good."

"Remind me to tell Derek to get another punching bag," I sighed, shaking my head at him. When I looked back at him next, his egg sandwich was already gone. So I handed him the second half of my sandwich and watched him inhale it as I shoved the tote in my locker. "Did Derek feed you this morning?" I asked.

"I walked here," he replied, shrugging, and I took it as a no. He glanced around then leaned over and pecked me on the cheek, like a son might kiss his mother when no one was looking. "Thanks," he whispered, and then he was gone.

I was walking Lydia out to her car when I noticed that Allison had yet to leave school. Since she tended to leave before me, I was curious. When I reached out for her ribbon, I found her in the chemistry classroom with Scott. To my surprise, he was telling her to date other people, but the reasoning made sense. If it kept Victoria from coming after him, then Scott apparently was fine with his non-girlfriend going on a date with Matt. I had to tune out when they kissed though, because I really didn't need to know what was going through Scott's mind at that.

The flare of absolute rage on a cerise ribbon made my head whip up in horror. "Oh, Scott," I muttered, and hugged Lydia goodbye. Then I raced back across the parking lot to the Jeep and climbed into the backseat. I tapped my foot against the floor impatiently before Scott came out, but as soon as he got in, he started laying out the plan to catch Jackson. I questioned every little detail that I could, but Deaton had thought of everything.

When we got to the clinic, the vet was waiting for us. "Come on in," he called, and Scott led the way into the examining room. "Good, you're all here. I have what you'll need to trap Jackson. For Scott," he held up a clear, small bottle, and a trigger controlled syringe.

"Ketamine?" Scott asked, reading the label.

"It's the same stuff we use on the dogs, just a higher dosage," Deaton assured him, setting the syringe and bottle on the table. Scott picked up the syringe as his boss continued, "If you can get close enough to Jackson it should slow him down enough to buy you some time." Then he held up the black powder from last night. "This is some of what you'll use to create the barrier. This part is for you, Stiles, only you," he added, setting the jar on the table with a click.

"Uh, that sounds like a lot of pressure," Stiles told him, reaching around Scott to take the jar. "Can we maybe find a slightly less pressure-filled task for me?" the human boy asked. I laughed softly, earning a small smile from Dr. Deaton. Scott looked at him incredulously, and Stiles gave him the "What?" look.

"It's from the mountain ash tree, which is believed by many cultures to repel the supernatural. This office is lined with ash wood, making it difficult for someone like Scott or Ami to cause me any trouble," the vet explained with a smile at Scott and me.

"Okay, so then what? I just spread this around the whole building and then neither Jackson nor whoever's controlling him can cross it?" Stiles asked skeptically.

"They'll be trapped," Deaton told him, nodding.

"Doesn't sound too hard," Scott pointed out, and Stiles nodded.

"That's not all there is," Deaton cautioned, making all of us look to him. "Think of it like gun powder. It's just powder, until a spark ignites it. You need to be that spark, Stiles."

"If you mean light myself on fire, I don't think I'm up for that," the fact that Stiles wasn't being sarcastic there made Scott and I both turn to him in shock. I was thinking that he was crazy, meanwhile my brother was suddenly very confused. He'd stopped listening apparently.

"Let me try a different analogy," Deaton suggested.

"Please do," I murmured, handing Scott the ketamine.

"I used to golf," the vet told Stiles. "I learned that the best golfers never swing before imagining where they want the ball to go. They see it in their mind, and their mind takes over," he explained. Stiles' ribbon pulsed with understanding, and I could almost see the light bulb go off over his head. "It can pretty extraordinary what the force of your own will can accomplish," Deaton added.

"Force of will," Stiles sighed, nodding. He looked down at the ash in his hands, and Deaton leaned forward.

"Hey," he said, catching Stiles attention once more. "If this is going to work, Stiles, you have to believe it," the vet advised him. I watched Stiles take a deep breath and nod, but I knew there was still doubt in his mind.

"And for Ami," Deaton's voice made me look over to see him place a green leather bound journal on the table. "I'd like you to keep track of your ribbons," he told me as I picked it up. Embossed on the front cover was a Celtic symbol, a series of five overlapping circles. "Write about how they appear, how you control them, the colors, anything at all. This is just to help you explore further into your abilities." I nodded, curious yet worried, and left with the boys.

And I forgot about Victoria.

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