Blue Moon

Raving pt 2

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Raving part 2

French blue worry. They weren't going to kill Jackson were they? I paused in buckling my tall gladiator sandals when I felt Allison's ribbon pulse. Chris was laying a trap for Jackson at the rave. And Scott was already gone.

Bright yellow guilt. I'd gotten my dad fired. Now that I was paying attention to the ribbons, the two Stilinski ones were heavy and all around felt pretty crappy. It didn't surprise me when Stiles climbed into the Jeep and scrubbed the tears from his eyes.

"Are you sick?" Danny asked when I slid into the passenger seat.

"No, why?" I asked, playing with the radio until I found a station I liked.

"You're pale. And you're tired all the time. Plus you hardly eat anymore," he observed, turning down the music so he could talk to me.

"I'm fine, Danny. It's just stress. There's a lot going on right now," I sighed, looking out the window. I didn't want to see the hurt in his eyes that I could feel on his ribbon.

"You can tell me, you know," he said, taking one hand off the wheel to lace his fingers through mine.

"It's not my story to tell, I'm just caught in the middle," I explained, glancing down at our hands. I looked so pale compared to Danny's naturally tanned skin.

"Well, when you can tell me, I'm right here," he told me, and I nodded. Raising our joined hands, I tucked them under my chin, savoring the warmth Danny gave off, even if it was less than any of the wolves. I wanted to tell Danny so bad, but I knew I couldn't. The less he knew, the better. Ignorance was his best defense right now, and until that changed, I wasn't revealing the supernatural world to him.

When we pulled into the warehouse where the party was being held, I closed my eyes and let my senses fan out around me. Scott and Stiles were on their way, my pack was already here, Jackson was here, and so were Matt and Allison. A scan for ribbons around the warehouse told me Chris, Gerard, and a number of their men were waiting, armed and ready for the hunt. "Do you see Scott?" I asked as we climbed the stairs.

"No, but I see Allison and Matt," he told me, and I glanced up at him sympathetically. "By the way, I like your outfit," he added, and I smirked.

"Of course you do. You gave me the shirt," I reminded him, and he laughed. Then I felt his ribbon flare and looked around. When I saw the group of boys, I slid my hand free and pushed him forward. "Go! Have fun!" I teased, and he pecked me on the cheek before he vanished into the crowd.

Cocoa brown confusion. What was she doing here? I groaned and looked around for Allison, realizing Scott hadn't told her about the plan. For once, keeping the huntress in the dark was backfiring. But at least Scott and Stiles were here now.

Bright yellow annoyance. What the hell was I supposed to do? Stiles only had to spread the ash around the building! Why did he need Scott?

I was jostled aside and quickly stepped out of the way. But when I looked to see who'd shoved me, I saw the two-tone gray shirt Danny had bought Jackson. Scrambling for Jackson's gray ribbon, I realized that he was being controlled. He wasn't Jackson at all. "Seen Jackson?" Isaac whispered in my ear. I turned to him and quickly nuzzled his neck as Erica wrapped her arms around my waist from behind.

"Be careful," I pleaded, gesturing at the crowd. He nodded, his cocky smirk settled firmly on his face, and I saw his eyes flashing between blue and glowing yellow. When I glanced sideways at Erica, she too had flashing eyes. But it was only due to the strobe lights, so I didn't worry. No one would think anything of it. "Where's Boyd?" I asked her.

"Outside with Derek," she practically purred, then detached herself to follow Isaac into the crowd of bouncing dancers.

French blue horror. They had a plan? But my dad…And Allison knew about Scott's plan. Hastily I looked around, but only spotted Matt standing alone.

Cocoa brown horror. Argent knew it was Jackson. "Matt? Where's Allison?" I asked, weaving my way to his side.

French blue indignation. I had to tell them! "Over there with your brother," he told me, and I followed his nod off the dance floor.

Cocoa brown refusal. This was going to get bad, and she couldn't get hurt. "Just stay out of the way!" Scott yelled as he hurried away.

"He's trying to protect you. We both know things are about to get ugly," I told Allison as I slid up to her side. "Please, Allison, just stay back, okay?" I asked, and she nodded, rejoining Matt.

A glance at Stiles' ribbon told me that he was alone out there, with the hunters in the area. But he was spreading the ash like we'd planned. I darted down a set of back stairs, intercepting Stiles as he passed with the bag of ash. "Good?" I asked.

"Good," he assured me.

"Hunters are here, so be careful. Derek's out here with Boyd, so yell if you need help," I told him. He nodded and I glanced up, feeling the knot of my own emotions tangle with everyone else's. I could feel the storm brewing in my head, and when I looked up, thunder rumbled across the sky. Then I scrambled back up the stairs and hurried after Scott, tracking his pulsing ribbon to Isaac.

"Why me?" my Beta asked as I joined them.

"Because I got to make sure Argent doesn't completely ruin the plan," Scott replied, holding up the syringe. "Look, you gotta do it intravenously, which means in the vein. Find him, and pull back on this plunger right here," Scott explained. Isaac took the slightly scary syringe as Scott continued, "In the neck is probably gonna be the easiest. So you find the vein, jam it in there, and pull back on the trigger." He watched Isaac examine the syringe, then ordered, "Be careful."

Isaac laughed, then assured my brother, "I doubt I'll even slightly hurt him."

"No, I mean you," Scott told him, making the taller Beta look over. "I don't want you to get hurt," my brother explained, and for a moment, I forgot how upset I'd been with him lately. This was why people trusted Scott. He was just so caring, even when people were so mean to him. And it was getting to Isaac too, if the pulse of confusion was anything. My Beta wasn't used to people caring about him, and he'd only been rude to Scott since getting the bite. Hell, he'd attacked him. And now Scott was looking out for him.

Scott moved away, leaving me to stretch up, kiss Isaac's cheek, and run out another set of stairs. I could feel Derek and Chris approaching each other, and we needed to not kill each other if this plan was going to work. Sliding out a door to the back lot, I waited only a minute.

Derek and Boyd came from my left, Argent and his four boys from my right. "Derek, back off," Chris ordered.

"Back off? That's really all you've got?" Derek asked. Chris's green ribbon flared with surprise, and his eyes narrowed.

"Derek, don't," I hissed, stepping between the two and raising a hand in either direction. Lightning cracked across the sky as I did, and the hunters glanced up.

"I got to be honest, Chris, I was really expecting more from the big bad veteran werewolf hunter," Derek seemed to be willingly provoking Argent, and I couldn't stop him. My annoyance and anger bubbled up, and the wind whipped my hair out behind me as I stood between the wolves and the hunters.

"Stop. We're all here to catch Jackson," I told them, but they just ignored me.

Chris smiled, and he said, "Okay then, how about didn't anyone ever tell you not to bring claws to a gunfight?" I felt my eyes widen as I found four guns cocked and leveled at my head, and took a step back towards Derek.

"That one sounded pretty good," Boyd told Derek, whose only response was to glance at him and raise his chin. I felt him sigh and tense for the fight, but I was still standing in the middle, and the Alpha didn't like that one bit.

"Mr. Argent, please, don't. We're trying to save Jackson," I pleaded, raising both hands towards the gunmen.

"You don't save something that dangerous, Ami," the hunter replied.

"He's a teenage boy!" I snapped, and I felt the air shift around me. The storm was about to break.

"He's being controlled by someone else into killing people," Allison's father reminded me.

"So why don't we prevent another murder instead of fighting each other?" I demanded, taking another step back towards my brother. Derek lunged forward, hooked one arm around my waist, and yanked me behind a dumpster as the hunters opened fire. Boyd crouched beside me as I covered my head with one arm, but Derek was hunched over me. "Jackson's here. He's upstairs," I hissed at Derek.

"We'll buy you some time. Get up there and stop him," the alpha ordered, his eyes flashing red.

"Erica and Isaac have him. They're trying to sedate him," I murmured, reaching for the two blue ribbons. He nodded, and there was a pause in the shooting as they reloaded. Boyd sprang from his hiding place and quickly knocked one man out. He moved onto another, who gave chase, and Derek pushed away from me to leap up onto the top of the dumpster. He rolled off and kicked another down with that ridiculous flip thing he'd taught me.

At his growl I darted out from behind the dumpster and ran for the door, leaping over the fallen hunter. As I yanked it open I heard Boyd growl, but the crackle of electricity made me turn. I cried out when I saw the wires shot into Derek's chest. Blue-gray fury. Ami, go! I gasped when I realized Derek had used my abilities to talk to me and yanked the door closed behind me.

"He belongs to me," a voice snarled in my head, and I felt two sharp jolts of pain. One was Erica, the other Isaac, as Jackson shoved his claws into their skin. The Betas collapsed, and Isaac lost his hold on the syringe. I scrambled up the stairs, following the pounding of the music, and reached Isaac in time to haul Erica off the dance floor.

"Get Scott," Isaac ordered, dropping an unconscious Jackson in a chair in a side room. I nodded, slipped out from under Erica's arm, and reached from the cocoa ribbon. Thankful I hadn't worn heels, I ducked under the garage door and saw Scott standing at the bottom of the ramp. "Scott!" I called, running down to his side.

He turned to me just as the SUV behind him lit up and rushed forward, slamming into my brother. I was thrown back and felt my head crack against the pavement as Scott fell beside me. Black spots appeared in my vision as the door to the SUV opened, and a pair of heeled feet got out. I looked up as Mrs. Argent prodded Scott with one foot and blackness swallowed the pixies. "Victoria," I wheezed, and my eyes closed on her triumphant smirk.

There was a throbbing in my head when I opened my eyes. Scott lay beside me, and Victoria was sitting beside us. "You probably recognize this device," she told me, and I felt Scott stir. "Pot used to be smoked in a rolled up piece of paper. These days it seems like all you kids are given a free vaporizer with your medicinal marijuana card," I sensed a bitterness in her voice that told me she had not been one of the people to approve medicinal marijuana. Then she raised a vial of purple powder. She took a whiff of it and smiled, saying, "This type of wolfs bane is one of my favorites. Lovely smell." She placed the vial in the vaporizer as she added, "You probably won't think so."

"What are you doing?" Scott asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm killing you. Both of you," Mrs. Argent replied calmly.

As the first of the vapor reached me, I started coughing. Of course she knew I was a half-blood. It might take longer for the wolfs' bane to kill me, but it would work. Baby blue pain. Let go, let go, let go! Cerulean blue confusion. Why wasn't it working? Bright yellow fear. What the holy hell? I clawed at the side of my head as I coughed, trying to get the pixies to shut up so I could think.

"It's going to look like an accident. Like you had an asthma attack and couldn't get to your inhaler in time," Victoria sounded almost sad, but she didn't even care about how much pain she was going to put Melissa through by taking her son. "Your school records show you have a pretty severe case of asthma. And Ami, well, you've been in and out of the hospital lately. Who knows what they gave you to weaken your lungs," she added, and I felt my eyes turn vibrant purple as I coughed.

"Stop!" Scott pleaded, clawing at the wood. I turned my head towards him and saw his yellow eyes and fangs. His ribbon told me he was panicking, and I was too.

"Too late. It looks like it's working," the huntress replied as I sat up. But I didn't go far. Doubling over to cough, I fell off the table as Scott pushed himself up. Victoria quickly shoved him off the table with one foot, and he landed with a heavy thud.

"Scott," I wheezed, crawling towards him. My eyes were streaming as I fought to breathe, making it hard to see Scott as I crouched protectively beside him. Pixies failed inside my head as black spots danced across vision already blurred by tears. Fear, anger, suspicion, and pain all faded before I could pinpoint who they belonged to. Scott rolled over onto his stomach, trying to shield his nose and mouth with one arm, but he was growing weaker and weaker.

"I wish it didn't have to be this way, Ami. But your half-blood status makes you my enemy. It's a shame really, Derek is going to be crushed when he finds his last family member dead. The poor Alpha," Victoria told me, reaching over to smooth my hair away from my face.

"Derek," I coughed, knowing the rage and pain would drive him over an edge he couldn't survive. "Alpha…" I was choking, coughing too hard to breathe, to scream loudly enough for Derek to hear me and save us.

"Alpha, Beta, but what are you Scott? Omega. Don't you know the lone wolf never survives without a pack? I've heard the cry of an omega. It's a miserable sound; the howl of a lone wolf," she continued, standing over my brother.

"I'm not," Scott breathed as I curled into his back.

"What? What is it?" Mrs. Argent asked, stepping closer.

"I'm not…alone," my brother wheezed, lifting himself up enough to throw his head back and howl desperately.

"Scott," I coughed, as he collapsed onto my shoulder, his howl fading to a choking yell. I knew we didn't have much time when the wolfs' bane forced Scott back into human form.

"Allison," he choked, one arm curling around me. "Please tell her I'm sorry," he gasped, burying his head in the crook of my neck.

I turned into his shoulder and felt him go still, but I fought to keep my eyes open. "Derek!" I coughed, hoping beyond reason that he was near. The door behind us opened, and I raised my head enough to see Derek stumble as he inhaled the wolfs' bane. Victoria lunged out of the shadows, knife raised, and I saw the blade sink into my brother's back.

"Der…ek," I coughed, watching them fight in the strobe lights. Derek's furious roar would have made my eyes flash purple if I hadn't been breathing in the wolfs' bane, and I heard what sounded like flesh ripping. Heels clicked as Victoria fled and Derek rolled to a crouch by Scott's feet. Then he scrambled over to Scott and me, and lifted Scott. "Go," I gasped, coughing violently. But I knew I was getting weaker and crawled after them as my Alpha dragged my brother from the room. As I pulled myself out the door, tears washing away my carefully applied makeup, I felt hands close around my arms and lift me.

Stiles stood in front of me, Scott's inhaler in his hand, and pressed it into my fingers. "Ami, come on, breathe," he urged, holding me upright. Frantically, I shook the inhaler as hacking coughs racked my body and sucked in the medication. I had to use it twice before I could breathe properly, and then Stiles half-carried me out to the Jeep.

"Scott?" I asked softly, my voice rough and weak.

"Derek took him to Deaton," he assured me, pulling out of the parking lot. "Do you want to go to the clinic or the hospital? Stupid question, the only way to explain it to the hospital is to say asthma attack, and you don't have asthma. Plus you probably want to be with Scott and Derek. Because, you know, they're your brothers, and Derek is your Alpha, and I read that you puppies need to be around your Alpha to heal faster. Is the correct term puppies or cubs? Puppies makes sense, since you're wolves, but I bet Derek says cubs. Cubs sounds manlier, and Derek is definitely manly. And now you look like you can't decide if you want to hit me or laugh," he rambled, and I couldn't help the tired giggle.

"Cubs," I told him, grinning, "but I say puppies. It's cuter." He grinned at me and pulled into the clinic, helping me into the vet's office. Deaton was bent over Scott, who lay on the examining table, and Derek was leaning against the wall, looking exhausted. When he saw me, he straightened, and I hurried over, pressing against him as I nuzzled into his chest. Stiles slipped out, waiting out front, and once he was gone, I felt Derek rest his forehead on top of my hair.

Deaton finished whatever he was doing to Scott and gently touched my brother's head, waking him up with a distinctly father like touch. Scott's eyes fluttered open, recognized Deaton, and closed again as the vet moved away. "Thank you," Derek said. Scott's eyes fluttered again, reacting to the Alpha's voice, but stayed closed. Derek sounded more tired and less hostile than I'd heard him around strangers in a long time.

"Hey, Scott," I murmured, limping over to run my fingers through his hair. He leaned into my palm and I leaned down, pressing the side of my face to his chest. The steady beating of his heart calmed my own pulse until they matched and I felt Scott's hand come up to the back of my neck. He threaded his fingers through my hair, exhaustion and weakness making his hand heavy. "I'm so sorry, Scotty," I whispered. "I was going to tell you about Victoria, and then with everything, I forgot until it was too late. I'm so sorry."

"Not your fault," he murmured, slowly sitting up. I backed up so he could swing his legs over the edge of the table, but he stayed seated. So I moved to stand beside him and leaned against him, once again seeking his heartbeat. His arm came around my waist as he rested his head on my forehead. "What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know. Stiles can probably tell us," I murmured, and Derek called the skinny boy into the examining room.

"Jackson got away. He got his target," he sighed, and I heard Derek sigh.

"Did any of it work?" Scott groaned.

"Well the ketamine worked, but Isaac used it all, so we couldn't keep Jackson out. And, yeah, no, not really," his best friend sighed. Scott groaned and slid down off the table, but I wasn't strong enough to hold him up as he stumbled. Derek reached out and steadied him, catching him with one hand on the younger wolf's chest.

Scott looked up, meet Derek's eyes and sighed, "Tonight officially sucked."

Derek laughed darkly and told him, "For once, I agree with you."

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