Blue Moon

Party Guessed pt 2

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Ribbon vs 'memory'

"Speech" vs 'thoughts'

Party Guessed part 2

"Find your anchor, Ami," I urged myself, staring into purple eyes as Erica's pixie screamed at me. "What means everything to you?" I asked myself, leaning forward. As I did, my locket swung into view, and I grasped it, feeling the triskele pressing into my palm. 'The triskele,' I realized, looking down at it.

'It's the Hale family symbol,' I'd told Isaac. 'It's the Hale pack symbol,' I corrected myself, thinking of how many family members Derek had lost in the fire. We knew at least eleven people had died, and some of them had been human. All three of the grandparents who'd still been alive, both parents, an uncle, an aunt, both cousins, the eldest brother, and the youngest brother had all been confirmed dead and buried in the Beacon Hills Cemetery. They hadn't been able to confirm that Cora, the sister who'd been a few months older than me in human years, had actually died. When they'd never found her, Laura had moved just turned eighteen year old Derek to New York with her, and I'd been without a pack.

Slowly, Melissa and Scott had earned their places in my heart, and Stiles had come with them. Now I had a pack again, with Derek, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, and Scott. Family and pack meant everything to me now. Thinking about Hale pack nights, lunch with Lydia, Danny, and Jackson, curling up on the couch with Scott and Stiles sprawled around me, and my Betas sneaking into my room to spend the night calmed me down enough to blink my eyes back to blue-gray and smile. "She's okay, it's just the headband," I rationalized to myself, nodding.

Moving slowly back down the stairs, I shuffled out of the way as the front door opened. "Hey Jackson," I greeted, taking the present from his hands. He followed me into the dining room, and I glanced at him as I set it on the pile. "You okay?" I asked him, watching his eyes for a flash of yellow.

"Just a headache," he assured me, but I wasn't convinced. I led him out to the pool and saw Scott stand across the patio.

"Glad you could make it," Lydia told him as I moved back towards Scott and Stiles.

As the moon rose higher over the trees I stuck closer to Scott. I had to keep thinking of the pack to fight back the urge to hit something, but I knew I was going to slip eventually. So I sat behind Scott as he perched on the arm of the patio chair, watching people dance and make out and be drunk teenagers. Scott was watching Jackson as I tracked Lydia in her now blue dress. Weaving his fingers through mine, I watched him flew his other hand only to have Lydia place a punch glass in his hand. "Uh, I can't drink tonight," Scott told her.

"Alright, what is with the two of you?" she asked, not having seen me hidden behind him.

"Oh, no, Stiles is drinking," he assured her, and I giggled behind him. I could said mentioned boy dancing drunkenly on the other side of the patio, and it was quite the show.

"Not Stiles," she cut him off. "You and Allison," she explained, glancing at the girl standing by the edge of the pool. "I don't care why you have to keep your little love affair a secret. But right here and right now seems like the perfect time just to have a good time," she told him.

"Scott," I hissed in warning as he let me go and stood.

"You know something, you're right," he told her, making Lydia laugh. As I watched, he sipped the punch then looked at the cup curiously.

"See, isn't it good?" Lydia asked, and I watched her ribbon pulse from pink to gray and back to pink.

"Actually, yeah, really good," my brother told her, and she laughed. Patting his shoulder she smiled and spun away to refill her tray as he downed the rest of the punch. Scott looked for Allison, but the poolside was empty. She'd disappeared back into the house.

"Scott, what are you doing?" I asked, getting to my feet.

"It's fine, Ami, I can handle a little alcohol," he assured me, kissing the top of my head before he slipped into the crowd. Sighing, I followed him into the house, catching a pulse of fear and dread from Allison's ribbon. I paused in the sunroom, reaching for the ribbon instead of fighting my way through the crowd. Lydia pressed a punch class into my hand, and I took a sip without realizing what I'd done. The punch burned its way down my throat and I coughed, caught off guard. Pushing my way through people all taller than me I hurried to the kitchen and dumped the punch down the drain, nudging some random couple out of the way to swipe a water bottle out of the fridge.

"Never drank before?" someone asked, mockingly.

I shook my head and felt my eyes shift. "Oh no," I gasped, stumbling away with my head down. I bumped into just about everyone as I fought my way to the stairs and the bathroom on the second floor. I tripped over my heels on the stairs and caught the railing, dragging myself up the mirror on the landing. Vibrant purple stared back at me as Stiles' ribbon flared with confusion.

Reaching for the yellow pixie, I saw Sheriff Stilinski in black, drunk and furious. Stiles flared with pain and grief and I searched for the ribbon that would show me the Sheriff. But it wasn't there. The Sheriff wasn't there. So why was Stiles seeing him?

Locking myself in the bathroom, I downed the water bottle and dug out my phone. I send a desperate text to Scott, telling him I had shifted, was losing control, and needed help. I could feel him coming up the stairs, stumbling and suddenly furious. When I looked down his ribbon, I saw Allison and Jackson making out on the window seat, but Allison's ribbon was on the other side of the house. Then Jackson became the Kanima and Scott lost control. I heard him growl and stuck my head out the door. Scott looked up, sweaty and gasping, and he realized, "Lydia."

"Scott, what is it?" I asked as he turned away.

"It's not the moon, Ami. There's Wolfs' Bane in the punch," he told me. "Did you drink any?"

"Only a sip," I replied, stepping out of the bathroom.

"Go, before someone sees you. I'll find Stiles," he ordered, and I nodded.

"Jackson drank it too," I told him as he helped me down the stairs. "He's hallucinating. You all were," I explained, and he nodded.

"I'll take care of it. Now go," he ordered, opening the front door.

I pulled off my heels at the bottom of the stairs and watched him close the door behind me. My phone vibrated in my pocket as I walked down the driveway and I pulled it out to see Derek's name. I answered nervously, hoping he wouldn't be able to tell I'd shifted, "Hello?"

"I need help," he told me, and I swallowed.

"I'm on my way. Derek, Lydia poisoned everyone at the party with Wolfs' Bane," I replied.

"Just get here, Ami. I'll take care of it," he assured me and I broke into a run.

"Just hold on, I'm almost there," I told him, hanging up. Shoving my phone back into my jacket pocket I hiked up my skirt and ran, cutting through as many front yards as I could. But I skidded to a halt when Derek stepped out from the shadows. "Derek?" I asked, confused.

"Go back, Ami. I don't need you," he told me, his face cold and hard. I blinked, confused, and took a step towards him. "Don't. I don't want you around. What kind of Alpha wants a girl who can't even transform? You're not my Beta, or my sister. You don't even have my name," he told me. I felt tears form in my eyes, and he smirked, "No one wants you, Ami." Then he lunged, claws extended, and I flung my hands up to shield my face. But he never came. When I lowered my arms, I was alone.

"The Wolfs' Bane," I realized, trying to calm my racing heart.

I felt the three Betas transform and took off again, ignoring the sharp sting of the pavement under my bare feet. Erica broke free, urging me to run faster. I felt Derek's pain as the Betas attacked and winced, turning down the alley to the depot as Isaac broke free. Throwing open the depot door, I could heard vicious growling before I was tackled at the top of the stairs. Isaac growled in my face as me crouched over me, fully shifted and ready to kill.

Snarling, I whacked him across the face with my shoes. He jerked back with a confused growl and I pulled up my feet to kick him in the chest. He tumbled down the stairs and I leaped over the railing to slam him back into the floor as he started to get up. "Find your anchor!" I snarled in his face, snapping at him as swiped at my neck. "Think, Isaac! Think of happy memories!" I ordered, dropping my shoes to hold his claws away from my neck.

He froze, stiffening, and blinked. "Ami?" he rasped a moment later.

"Got your anchor?" I asked, and he nodded. I crawled off him, letting him up, and he raced across the cement floor to lunge back into the subway car. He slammed into Boyd, knocking the bigger Beta into a seat. I followed him in as he held Boyd down and watched him nod to a panting Derek. The Alpha was bleeding, his tank top torn and filthy.

"Alpha?" I asked, stepping towards him. He reached out, cupping my cheek in his clawed hand, then stepped aside so I could crouch over Erica. Then I jerked away as I felt Victoria's cerise ribbon turn into a wolf. Second later, Mrs. Argent died in Chris's arms.

"Oh my god, no," I gasped, staggering out of the way so Derek could chain Boyd up again. Clawed hands slid under my arms, lifting me, and I looked up to see Isaac's yellow eyes. He set me on a bench seat as Derek came back to tie him up again.

Reaching for the four Argent ribbons, I managed to sort through the grief and pain to find the anger. I just needed the reason, why Victoria has killed herself.

"I think you'll be okay now," Derek told Isaac as he set to work on the chains. "Looks like you found an anchor," he observed.

"My father," the curly haired Beta told him. I looked up, forgetting the ribbons for a moment in curiosity.

"Your father locked you in a freezer in the basement to punish you," the Alpha reminded him, confused and a little wary.

"He didn't used to," Isaac told him, a faint smile on his face. Derek checked the chains one last time and stood, taking me by the arm to lead me out of the car.

I opened my mouth to speak, only to have him turn away at the sound of footsteps. "Lydia?" I asked, dropping the Argent ribbons to reach for my best friend's. But it slipped from my fingers, gray and glazed over. Derek watched her approach, wary, shocked, and confused, as she raised a hand in front of her mouth. Opening her fingers, she revealed a fistful of purple powder, and blew it in our faces.

Derek shook his head, stumbling a step back as the powder covered his face and shoulders. He collapsed, unconscious as I staggered and fell to my knees. "Lydia?" I gasped, choking, and she smiled down at me with vacant eyes. My eyes closed as the Wolfs' Bane took effect, and I fell forward onto Derek's chest.

When my eyes opened, I was lying on the floor in the Hale house. Pieces of the wood floorboards were scattered around me, and I tilted my head as Lydia dragged Derek next to me. "Lydia," Derek breathed, his eyes still closed. "Lydia," he tried again as I saw the hole chopped in the living room floor. Lydia stopped, dropping his arm to sink to her knees beside the hole and look in. "Lydia, stop," Derek ordered weakly.

I watched her take his arm and extend it down into the hole, and I suddenly understood. "Derek," I wheezed, my chest tight with pain and fear. "It's Peter," I told him.

"You don't know what you're doing," Derek breathed to Lydia, feeling something close around his wrist. Lydia stood and took the locket from around my neck. I blinked still purple eyes at her as she opened it and took the shriveled Wolfs' Bane flower from inside it. She dropped it in the hole, on the braided rope of Wolfs' Bane roots, then walked over to something behind me.

"Lydia, please," I tried, feeling Derek's other hand brush my arm. I turned towards him, took weak to do anything else, as moonlight bounced around the room above us. Something hissed in my ears as pain laced through my brother. "Derek," I gasped, but it was drowned out by his pained groan. He gasped beside me as Lydia knelt, and I turned towards the hissing sound coming from the hole.

The floorboards erupted in a cloud of dust as something broke free. Derek gasped as Lydia started to hyperventilate, and a dusty hand landed on the floor. A filthy but healthy looking man pulled himself from under the floorboards, completely naked, and I gasped in horror. Derek pushed himself away from the hole until he hit my side, but we were both too weak to do anything else.

Peter Hale stood, covered in dust and dirt, but fully healed and "Alive," I gasped, placing my hand over the claw marks in Derek's arm.

"I heard there was a party," Peter said, his voice sending shivers down my spine. Lydia's ribbon pulsed with fear and horror as she looked up at him. Derek stared up at his uncle, lifting himself as much as he could to shield me from the former Alpha. Peter lifted his head and told Lydia, "Don't worry, I invited myself." Then he smirked, and I drew a shaky breath of horror.

The Alpha who'd tormented Scott and his friends had literally just dragged himself out of his own grave. The wolf who'd bitten Lydia had just used her to bring himself back to life. Peter, the man Derek had killed, was alive. The man who claimed he was my father was standing in front of me, smirking.

And he had no ribbon. As the thought occurred to me, Lydia realized who was standing before her. My hand tightened on Derek's wrist and when he looked over at me, he saw blue-gray eyes full of tears. Before I'd even realized what I was doing, I was sobbing and my jaw had dropped.

Anyone crazy enough to be on the preserve this late at night would have heard Lydia if she'd screamed, but I didn't think anyone besides Scott would hear me. I screamed anyway until Lydia fled and a heavy hand slammed down over my mouth.

Peter leaned over me and held a Wolfs' Bane flower in front of Derek's nose, forcing him to inhale the scent. Once Derek was unconscious again, he moved the flower to my face, and I couldn't even fight back as he held me down. My eyes fluttered closed, and Peter whispered, "Such beautiful eyes for my beautiful little girl."

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