Blue Moon

Wolf Moon pt 3

Author's Note: Hey everyone! So, I'm picking this chapter up during the storm. My sister came up with a good scene, and I decided it gets to lead the way. Also, fair warning, major out of character for Derek in this chapter. I had a little bit of fun with him, and now he's glaring at me. Oh dear.

. , Derek probably is my favorite character, but it's so gross how people pair 16 year olds with him with the age difference. Derek is going to be more an older brother figure towards Ami for when Scott is truly slacking.

Wolf Moon part 3

When the grandfather clock told me it was ten o'clock, I gathered Stiles' books into my bag and left my books on the side table. Mr. Roberts would leave them for me for tomorrow. I put Bandit in his crate, but left the door open. He was the security system for the store, since Mr. Roberts only had one camera on the front door. Locking the door to the basement storeroom, I walked through the store, turning off all the lights. After I pulled the blinds down, I slipped out the front door and locked it behind me. Plugging in my earphones, I shoved my iPod in my pocket and pulled my hood up. The rain was still coming down, and I knew I'd be cold and dripping by the time I reached the hospital. I had to walk almost a mile across town so Mom could give me a ride home after her shift.

In the dark, with thunder booming overhead, I tried to ignore the fact that I was very much alone. But I couldn't. The red eyes seemed to watch me from the darkness across the road. When the wind howled around me, I could hear the raspy laughter. I was shaking and terrified, on the verge of tears, by the time I'd gone just one block. When I looked back over my shoulder my heart stopped. Even from several doors down, I could hear Bandit barking insanely from the shop.

But the monster turned its head towards the shop and I heard the growl over the storm. Bandit went quiet instantly, and then those red eyes turned towards me.

"Oh, my god, no, please no!" I gasped, taking off. My bag thumped against my side, but I barely felt it over the frantic pounding of my heart. All common sense seemed to leave me as I raced, hopelessly, for the hospital. I darted across the road, barely missing falling in a huge puddle. In front of me was the bar and grill, but I didn't even think to run in there.

Then the door was flung open and I slammed straight into a very solid wall. I yelped and would have fallen flat on my face if two iron arms hasn't locked around my waist and held me up. "Thanks," I gasped, my voice cracking with my fear as I got my feet back under me. And I looked up into the steely green eyes of Derek Hale.

"We seem to be making a habit of this," he said. Had it been anyone else, the words would have sounded teasing, but not from Derek. His face was drawn, his eyes searching the darkness behind me. "Come on, I'll take you home," he decided, releasing me. Without waiting for my response, he tucked me under one arm, pulling me close, and led me towards a black Camaro parked on the street. Had I not been so scared of the monster in the darkness, I probably would have questioned the wiseness of getting in the car with him. He shut the door behind me, and I fumbled for the buckle, my hands shaking as I pulled it across me. He slid into the driver's seat, and took the buckle from me. "You're safe now," he told me softly. Then he pulled out, heading across town.

I shook my head, swallowing as I tried desperately to talk. "He's still out there," I managed to whisper.

"Who?" Derek asked.

"Whatever bit my brother last night in the woods? I saw it. He spoke to me. Then he was there, just now, just as I was leaving work!" I gasped out. Then another thought occurred to me. "My god, he knows where I work!" I sobbed, burying my face in my hands. My tears came now, and I found I couldn't stop them.

Instantly, Derek pulled over, parked, and pulled me into his arms. "I've got you. No one will hurt you," he promised.

"This isn't a school yard bully, Derek. You can't protect me from this like you did when Cora and I were little," I cried.

"It'll be okay, Ami," he soothed me, but he let me cry into his chest anyway. The Derek I'd seen this morning would have just kept driving and let me cry on my own, but I figured this was the Derek I remembered.

When I finally pulled away, he took my hand in his. He still didn't smile, but as he pulled back onto the street, I realized how warm his hand was. "It really was you last night, wasn't it?" I asked softly.

"I told you I'd look out for you. Those two fools you hang out with couldn't have kept you safe. Ami, you know what the monster is. You know what I am," he reminded me.

"I thought you never coming home. And I never believed you," I admitted. "I never thought one of you could go so bad," I explained, "your mom was such a good Alpha. I didn't think it was possible to give in to the animal so completely."

"Now you know. But you have to stay out of the woods. He bit Scott last night, didn't he?" Derek sighed.

"Yeah. Is Scott going to become one of you?" I asked.

"Check tonight and see if he healed. That'll be your answer," he replied.

"You'll help him right? You can't make him go through this on his own," I pleaded.

"I'll do what I can. I don't know how it works for a bitten wolf. I've never had to deal with one," he warned me.

"It's all we have," I sighed, nodding. Then another thought occurred to me. "Derek, if you're back, is Laura home too?" I asked.

Instantly, his hand tightened around mine, and I bit my lip to keep from wincing. "Laura...Ami, Laura is the girl they found last night," he sighed.

"What? No. No, how?" I gasped.

"I don't know. Look, just do me one thing," he told me as we pulled up to my house. I unbuckled, and he let my hand go. "Meet me Friday," he requested.

"How will I find you?" I asked, opening the door.

"You'll remember," he finally smirked, and I nodded. I closed the door and bowed my head against the rain as I ran to the front door. Fishing for my keys in my bag, I pulled them out only to fumble them trying to fit the key into the lock. But Derek was there as I leaned over to get them. He unlocked the door easily and handed me back the keys. "You're safe, Pixie. I won't let anyone hurt you," he promised, kissing my forehead. Then he was gone, and his car was started.

"I'm glad you're home, Derek," I murmured into the storm before I closed the front door behind me.


When I walked into school the next day in tight jeans, a blue button-down blouse, heeled boots, and one of Lydia's jackets, I looked more confident than I felt. I'd woken not to the storm but Scott returning to the house, soaking wet and in boxers. And I'd seen not only the lack of a wound but the shadowy shape at the edge of the woods.

I left the books in Stiles' locker, along with his washed and dried sweatshirt, and headed for the coffee shop in the school store. Danny met me outside, passing me a peppermint hot chocolate. "So, did you get any sleep last night?" he asked.

"Um, I got maybe four hours," I said, walking with him to class.

The next two days of school passed without incident. It wasn't until after school Friday that anything interesting happened. And of course, it was at the expense of my brother. Jackson's voice drew me near, and when I heard him, I felt my annoyance with him return. I rounded the corner just in time to see Jackson slam his fist into Scott's locker and walk off. Realizing he was heading for the locker room, I took a shortcut, stepping into his path when he came out of the locker room. With an icy glare, I slapped him across the face. "That's for thinking my brother would stoop low enough to take drugs," I snapped, "He trained all last year and all summer to be this good. And I don't care if you don't like it; you should be happy your team has another good player to make your bullshit leadership look good." Then I stormed away to find a place to sit for the tryout elimination game.

However much I tried to convince myself that Scott's sudden skills were coming from his training, I knew it wasn't true. Just the fact that my brother wasn't broken from Jackson's check made me realize that Derek needed to do something, and soon. The full moon was Friday. Scott's first full moon…was the night of the party…and it was tonight. I groaned quietly and looked down at the articles I'd printed out in the library on the Hale house fire.

I looked up in time to see Scott score. Everyone else jumped up, and I called, "Yeah, Scott!" But I flinched when Coach yelled for Scott. I hated loud noises, and having hypersensitive hearing didn't help at all. Danny thought that was why I was so quiet.

"You're startin' buddy; you made first line!" Coach declared, and everyone started clapping. Scott looked up at me, and I realized he was kind of in shock. He was bouncing and swaying.

"I guess that dream wasn't so pathetically unrealistic," I whispered, but I knew he heard me when the grin spread across his face. But now I was worried.

That night, when I got home from work, driven this time by Mom, I had a ton of emails from Stiles. When I saw the pages, and the picture of his computer chair, I realized why Scott was so shaken. "My god, no, Stiles, stop digging," I breathed. I typed back a simple response of, "I know. Don't push him. I'll talk to him, but I've got a plan. Just let me deal with it."

Then I dressed in black leggings, replaced my flats with heeled boots, and pulled my leather jacket over my long white shirt. "Mom, I'm going to meet a friend before the party, I'll get a ride home with Stiles or Danny," I peeked inside the living room to see her eating dinner in front of whatever TV show had caught her eye for tonight.

"Just remember your curfew!" she called, "love you!"

"I will, I love you too," I replied, running out the door. I ran all the way to the coffee shop where Cora and I used to get ice cream. The black Camaro parked out front told me I was in the right place instantly, and I darted inside. Mrs. Daniels, the owner, waved to me from the bakery counter, and her husband pointed to a booth in the back corner.

There I found Derek, who was sipping a coffee and had another sitting on the table. I slid onto the bench across from him, and he nodded to the coffee. "The pack takes care-" he started.

"Of its own. I know. That's what Cora always used to tell me," I told him, smiling shyly. When I took a sip, I found a hot caramel swirl with skim milk. "You remember," I realized, meeting his eyes with appreciation.

"You always loved caramel," he pointed out. "My mom used to buy those caramel candies just for you," he added.

"She did? I thought she bought them for Eric," I replied, smiling fondly when I thought of his elder brother. "Look, Scott's turning. The wound was gone on Wednesday. I was going to bring him to you, but we've got a bit of a problem," I told him.

"What kind of problem?" he asked.

"There's a party tonight. And he's taking Allison. If Jackson doesn't piss him off, she'll raise his pulse easily enough," I sighed, lowering my head without thinking.

"Allison who?" he asked. When I didn't answer, he reached across the table and caught my chin. "Ami, Allison who?" he repeated.

My eyes slid down, and I would have ducked my head if he didn't have an iron grip on me. "Allison Argent," I whispered. His hand tightened around my jaw, and I winced. "Derek, let go," I hissed, trying to pull back. I could feel my jaw grinding together and looked up to his eyes. They were angry and sad and ashamed, but so far away. "Derek, snap out of it. You're hurting me," I managed to say, and then he yanked back like I'd burned him. I fell forward, my hand coming up to massage my jaw. "What do I do?" I asked.

"Come with me. Get me into the party and I'll take care of Scott," he requested. I nodded and looked up at the clock on the wall.

"We've got time. It doesn't start for a little while and Scott's not going right away," I sat back, my hand dropping away from my jaw as I picked up my coffee.

"Next time you tell me something like that, make sure I'm not holding you," Derek mused, reaching out to gently run a finger across my jaw. When I didn't wince, I figured it wouldn't bruise. "How about we go have a little fun before your brother interrupts his own date?" he offered, getting to his feet. He held out his hand, and I got up, taking it. "It's been a long time since I took you anywhere," he said as we walked out the front door.

"The last time was my tenth birthday, and I wanted to go see some movie with Cora, but Mr. McCall had just left and Melissa couldn't afford it," I remembered.

"So Mom made me take you, since I'd just gotten my license," he added.

"And I remember thinking how we were gonna get pulled over because you werewolves like to drive fast," I teased, bumping him with my shoulder.

"Who taught you to drive?" he asked, nudging me back.

"Sheriff Stilinski and Danny's mom," I told him.

"Guess I'll have to teach you how to drive properly," he grinned down at me and opened the passenger door for me.

"You'd actually let me drive your car?" I asked, shocked, when he started said Camaro.

"You can't be that bad of a driver," he scoffed.

"I'm better than you were when you started," I laughed as we sped off.

"Hey, I'm a good driver," he poked me in the ribs and I let out a peal of laughter. Derek chuckled and soon we were pulling up to Lydia's house. "Come on, Pixie, let's see if you can dance," he dared me.

"You know I can dance," I replied, taking his offered hand when he opened my door, "Laura taught me everything Mom taught her."

As we were walking up, he leaned over and whispered, "I like the leather jacket."

"I thought you would," I murmured.

Then Lydia let us in, giving Derek an appreciative look over as she stepped aside. "I approve," she whispered to me, but I knew Derek heard her.

I grinned at her and shook my head. "Old friend," I whispered back.

When we walked in, there were only a few people dancing, and I knew it be a little while before everyone got out of work and got over here. "Hey, Lydia, can you play something off my playlist?" I asked.

"Sure. Which song?" she asked.

"Bette Than You," I requested. Derek gave me a look, and I grinned up at him. I shed my jacket, passing it off to one of Lydia's friends and turned my back on him. When the music started, he took my hand and whipped me around. I spun past him, kicking up one leg, and people already there came over to watch. He spun me up against his chest then did a very un-Derek thing; he reached out and pulled my hair free of its ponytail before running his hand through it. And we danced.

As we danced, I was aware of people around us taking pictures, and Lydia watched with a proud smirk on her face. My complete trust in Derek was pretty clear if our dancing was anything to do by, because I knew he wouldn't let me fall. It was easy to let him spin me, dip me, even lift me. I had forgotten how much I loved to dance like this. I was good at it, having once taken contemporary dance lessons along with gymnastics.

We ended with one of his arms coming across my chest so his hand rested on my neck, the other wrapped around my waist. I had my back pressed to his chest, and I was reaching up, my hands on either side of his face. We'd drawn the attention of everyone there, and they all clapped for us. When he led my over to the fire pit, he grinned down at me. "Been a long time, huh, pixie?" he teased.

"Six years, wolf-boy," I replied.

He smirked down at me, and I thought he was going to say something, but then his head jerked up. "Scott's here," he whispered. "Go," he ordered, nodding to Danny and Jackson.

"Thanks for the dance," I murmured before I hugged him quickly and moved away. Danny helped me back into my jacket, and Jackson passed me a drink. I took one whiff of it and handed it back. "Good try, Jackson," I said, sarcasm rolling off my tongue. I saw Scott and Allison come in, and Scott saw Derek immediately. Scott looked away for a minute and Derek moved.

A few minutes later Scott looked like he was going to keel over. I followed Allison as he fled, but Stiles stopped me. "How did you know?" he asked.

"I'll explain later, I promise. Right now, I have to go after Scott," I sighed. He nodded and I raced down the front steps in time to reach Allison as Derek introduced himself. "Derek, can you take me home?" I asked him, hoping this was his plan.

"Of course, Pixie," he replied, flashing me a smile. "Would you like a ride too, Allison?" he offered. The other girl sighed and nodded, and I climbed into the backseat of the Camaro. I saw Derek turn on the backseat heat controls, and I bumped it up enough that Allison had to take off her jacket. I remembered a story Eric had told me once of a new wolf being most dependent on its sense of smell, and I figured the jacket would be the easiest way to leave a scent marker for Scott.

Then Derek got her talking, and when he dropped her off, she got out smiling. With her jacket left behind on the seat.

"Go easy on him," I ordered, "he'll be confused." He rolled his eyes at me and I leaned over to kiss his cheek. "Thanks for the dance, big brother," I teased, getting out.

"Any time, Pixie," he replied, and then he sped off into the darkness.

Author's note: I know, I know, sooo OC! But I like big brother Derek so much more than angry bastard Derek, don't you? Please review!

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