Blue Moon

Master Plan pt 2

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Master Plan Part 2

I crouched on a fire escape over the middle of the alley as the black SUV pulled up under me. Scott and Isaac climbed out on one side as Mr. Argent stepped out of the driver's seat. Scott looked up and nodded to me as Isaac said, "I think he stopped moving."

"Where's Derek?" Argent asked, looking at Scott. Scott and I gave him a look, and I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Did Argent really think Derek would trust him enough to wait in the open? A noise behind me made the three men turn to see Derek running on all fours through the fog. Scott's ribbon pulsed with disbelief, but Derek was just having a bit of fun. He was rubbing in the fact that he was a werewolf, an Alpha, and Argent could do nothing to him right now.

Derek launched himself into a front flip, landing in a neat crouch in the head beams. I leaped off the fire escape, flipping to land beside Derek as my hair fanned out around me. When Derek lifted his head, his eyes glowed red from the direct light. He stood as I flipped my hair out of my face and Argent told him, "I'm here for Jackson, not you."

"Somehow I don't find that very comforting," my brother replied, meeting the older man's eyes evenly. Then he turned to the Betas as I moved to open the rolling garage door. "Get him inside," he ordered. Scott nodded and slammed the SUV door closed so Chris could drive into the warehouse. Derek and I followed behind the Betas, and I paused at the doorway to glance over at Peter. Watching him duck into another doorway, I reached for Stiles' ribbon and was relieved to see that he was pulling into Lydia's driveway.

"Where are they?" Scott asked, looking around the warehouse.

Derek looked over his shoulder as I joined him and asked, "Who?"

"Peter and Lydia," the younger of my brothers replied. Derek didn't answer, choosing to move to stand over the body bag instead. "Whoa, hold on a second," Scott protested as the Alpha unzipped the bag. "You said you knew how to save him," he reminded the older wolf.

We're past that," Derek replied, opening the bag to reveal a half transformed Jackson.

"What about-" Scott argued, only to be cut off.

"Think about it, Scott! Gerard controls him now. He's turned Jackson into his own personal guard dog. And he set all of this in motion so that Jackson could get even bigger and more powerful," the Alpha snapped as Chris's ribbon pulsed with disbelief.

"No," Argent protested, making Derek straighten as he turned around. "No, he wouldn't do that. If Jackson's a dog, he's turning rabid, and my father wouldn't let a rabid dog live," the hunter explained to the three male wolves.

This of course, I already knew. Especially when I sensed the dark green ribbon flare with anger and scorn. I whirled before Gerard even spoke and backed away, staring in horror as I saw the French blue ribbon hiding behind him. "Of course not!" Gerard snapped, and the wolves whirled. All four ribbons pulsed with horror and I continued to back away. "Anything that dangerous, that out of control is better off dead," the old hunter snarled.

Derek took that as his cur to raise his claws and lean down to slash open Jackson's throat. But before he made contact, Jackson's eyes flew open and his arm shot forward. "Derek!" I screamed as the long claws stabbed into my brother's chest. "No!" I cried, Derek's pain and shock searing through my head. Chris caught me as I lunged forward. He had a gun already aimed at Jackson as the half-Kanima sat up and lifted Derek. We watched in horror as the Kanima stood and flung Derek through the old curtains.

"Well done to the last, Scott," Gerard said, walking forward. "Like the concerned friend you are, you brought Jackson to Derek to save him. You just didn't realize that you were also bringing Derek to me," the old hunter sneered, and a bowstring twanged behind him as an arrow sliced through the air.

Scott ducked and Isaac stumbled as the arrow slammed into his shoulder. He collapsed backwards, shock and pain flaring on his face and down his ribbon. "Allison?" Scott gasped, and the young huntress whirled back behind the wall. Spinning around, I darted for the place where I knew Peter waited out of sight as Scott heaved Isaac to his feet and dragged him away. Behind me, I heard Chris fire and the Kanima screech, and I skidded to a halt beside a standing pallet. Crouching, I watched as Chris fired again, shattering the window on his SUV. A second and third shattered window followed more gun shots until the fully formed Kanima leaped up onto the top of the SUV.

"Derek?" I called quietly as the Kanima used his tail to rip the gun from Chris's hands. "Oh shit," I muttered when Chris turned and ran passed my hiding place. He turned, yanking a knife from a sheath on his thigh. But the human Hunter was no match for an enraged Kanima. One shove sent Chris flying back into stacked pallets, and he did not rise.

The Kanima turned towards me with a hiss and I inched backwards, my eyes widening in fear as I stared back at him. Derek came out of nowhere, flipping over the pallet to crouch in front of me. He roared furiously, fully shifted, and I felt the power of the Alpha draw out my purple eyes. The Kanima hissed back at him, and Derek straightened. Behind me, I felt Scott and Isaac shift, and I turned to see two pairs of glowing yellow eyes.

Derek snarled and the Kanima lunged as the Betas approached from behind. Ducking behind the pallet, I peered around the side as the Kanima slashed Derek in the side. Scott stabbed the creature in the back only to be flung away. Grabbing the lizard around the neck, Isaac snarled, fighting too much like a human as the Kanima retaliated. The youngest Beta was grabbed by the throat and launched into the stack of pallets as Derek leaped down from the scaffolding. He slammed the lizard in the shoulders, forcing the thing that wasn't Jackson to whirl with a shriek.

Derek lashed out only to be grabbed by the arm and thrown at a heavy steel door. Instead of slamming into the slab, my brother ran up it and launched himself into a backflip, landing neatly behind the Kanima. I realized the lizard had definitely gotten stronger when I saw him catch Derek's fist and stop the punch cold. This time, he did hit the door, hard, and rolled away to catch his breath.

With a yell, Scott kicked the Kanima into the same door. He went to attack only to be kicked across the room into a wall of steel bars. I winced from my hiding place and scrambled to my feet, intending on attacking with whatever half-blood strength I had. But Derek lashed out again, slashing too high. The lizard ducked and slashed open Derek's stomach, ripping into his ribs. "Derek!" I cried as my brother staggered and rolled away, clearly not getting up.

Isaac looked up at my cry and saw his Alpha on the ground. Wincing, he got to his feet. But he was stopped by Allison, who slashed open his chest with two long ring daggers. I screamed in rage and pain as she stabbed him in the back, and I staggered as Isaac collapsed to his knees. The huntress turned her attention to Derek, and I launched myself forward, crouching over him with a furious snarl.

Sneering, Allison spun her daggers and stalked forward, undeterred. Apparently, I fell into the category of kill any of Derek's Betas who tried to protect him. "Allison!" Scott roared as she raised one of the daggers. I stared up at her through purple eyes, daring her to strike me down in front of Scott, but it wasn't Scott who stopped her. Instead a scaled hand closed around her wrists, yanking both of them down so her daggers clattered to the ground. Then the Kanima closed one clawed hand around Allison's throat.

"Not yet, sweetheart," Gerard told her, striding from the shadows. Scott's cocoa brown ribbon flared with shock, looking back and forth between his girlfriend and his sister and not knowing what to do.

"What are you doing?" Allison demanded, staring at her grandfather in shock. She'd thought the plan was to kill the wolves, and now he was stopping when they had the perfect opportunity.

"He's doing what he came here to do," Scott told her and I looked up in surprise.

"Then you know," Gerard realized, turning to him.

"What's he talking about?" Allison asked her grandfather, earning herself a levelled look.

"It was the night outside the hospital, wasn't it, when I threatened your mother," Gerard asked, and I remembered that night. Scott had pulsed with realization, but I hadn't known why. "I knew I saw something in your eyes. You could just smell it, couldn't you?"

"He's dying," Isaac said, taking a deep breath so he caught Gerard's scent. I looked over at the Beta to see that he was human, his lip bleeding as he lifted himself to his hands and knees.

"I am. I have been for a while now," the old man admitted, "Unfortunately, science doesn't have a cure for cancer yet." Then he turned to look at Derek, and I shifted uncertainly. "But the supernatural does."

"You monster," Chris snarled, furious and disgusted. There was betrayal on his ribbon, but I was just glad to know he wasn't dead.

"Not yet," Gerard replied.

"What are you doing?" Allison gasped, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

"You'll kill her too?" Chris demanded, his voice breaking as the Kanima lifted Allison off her feet.

"When it comes to survival, I'd kill my own son!" his father told him, and I got to my feet. Something was happening and I was at a huge disadvantage crouching on the floor with Gerard so close. Then the old hunter shocked me when he turned to my other brother and requested, "Scott."

"No," I whispered as my brother flared with confliction. His shoulders heaved as he forced the wolf down, looking between Allison and Derek.

He walked forward, closing his eyes as I stared at him in horror and betrayal. 'I have a plan, Ami,' he assured me, and I gasped, stepping away as images flashed through my head.

Derek flared with pain as Scott jammed his clawed thumb into the Alpha's neck, and I winced. The younger of my brothers pulled Derek to his feet, wrapping one arm around the Alpha's broad chest to hold him upright. "Scott, don't. You know that he's gonna kill me right after," Derek wheezed, his voice thick around his fangs. "He'll be an Alpha," he added, glaring at Gerard with red eyes.

"That's true," the older hunter told the Alpha. "But I think he already knows that, don't you, Scott? He knows that the ultimate prize is Allison." I watched in horror as Allison shook her head desperately at Scott. She couldn't believe Scott would turn her grandfather into a wolf just for her. Then Gerard continued, "Do this small task for me, and they can be together. You are the only piece that doesn't fit, Derek. And in case you haven't learned yet, there is just no competing with young love."

"Scott, don't! Don't!" Derek pleaded as Gerard removed his blazer and rolled up his sleeve.

"I'm sorry," Scott told both Derek and Allison. "But I have to," he apologized, forcing Derek to his knees as he pulled the Alpha's head back.

'Derek, you have to bite him,' I pleaded, knowing the plan wouldn't work if Gerard wasn't bitten. My elder brother couldn't resist as Gerard lowered his forearm to Derek's bared fangs, and Allison and I both had to look away. As Gerard screamed in pain, I took a step back towards Chris, his horror washing over me. Then Gerard stepped back, raising his bitten arm triumphantly and Scott let Derek fall over onto his side. Instantly I darted forward, sinking to one knee between Scott and Derek, watching forward in horror as the wound turned black.

All around me, ribbons flared with horror and confusion. All except Scott's. Cocoa brown disgust and triumph "What?" Gerard demanded, seeing everyone's faces. Lowering his arm, he looked up at Scott and growled, "What is this? What did you do?"

Derek looked up at Scott, who turned to him and explained, "Everyone said Gerard always had a plan." Then he looked back at Gerard and smirked, saying, "I had a plan too."

Gerard dropped his blazer, scrambling to dig the silver pill box out of his pocket. He dumped the blue and white pills into his hand, muttering, "No, no." On his ribbon, I caught sight of a flashback to the night in the sheriff's station. I'd already run after Matt, and Scott had knocked the pillbox from Gerard's hand. But he'd handed back the wrong one. Then Scot showed me a memory of Deaton helping him make pills of familiar black powder. Gerard closed his fist, crushing the pills so that a puff of black dust rose from his hand. "Mountain ash!" the old hunter roared.

Black blood began to leak from the old man's nose and eyes and he sank sideways to his knees. Scott and Allison watched in horror as blood ran from his ears, and Isaac furrowed his brow in confusion. Gerard leaned his head back, heaving, and I shrank back as he opened his mouth to spew a fountain of black blood. Chris looked away in horror and grief, after all, the man was his father. Closing his mouth and eyes, Gerard fell over sideways, too weak to move.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Derek demanded, looking up at Scott.

My younger brother looked down at him then replied, "Because you might be an Alpha, but you're not mine." Derek stared up at him, but I knew he understood. He'd done nothing to make Scott want to be part of the pack.

Then Gerard shifted, dragging himself up onto his elbows as he spit black blood. He glared at Scott and Derek and roared, "Kill them! Kill them all!"

The Kanima loosened his grip on Allison as it stared in shock at his master's still body. The huntress reacted instantly, slamming her elbow into the lizard's face. It didn't let her get far though and grabbed her by the shoulder, throwing her down to the ground with ease.

It turned as though to charge, and the rumble of an engine and breaking wood caught everyone's attention. A familiar blue Jeep crashed through the wall and drove straight into the Kanima, slamming to halt as it hit the creature. I stood as the lizard shrieked, but I could no longer see it. Scott stepped in front of me, his face portraying his shock and worry perfectly as Stiles and Lydia panted and gasped in the front seat. "Did I get him?" Stiles asked, opening his eyes. Scott laughed in relief until the Kanima leaped up onto the Jeep's hood with a hiss. Lydia screamed as Stiles flailed, and they scrambled out of the Jeep.

"Jackson! Jackson," the red-head cried, standing before the giant lizard. Stiles ran to Scott's side, putting the wolf between him and the Kanima as I watched in shock.

The Kanima reared up, raising one handed hand to strike, and Stiles cried, "Lydia!" Scott and I held him back, knowing what Peter had told us about Lydia and Jackson.

The red-head held up a key, catching the Kanima's eye, and he lowered his claws. I flinched away from the flashback, not needing to see that, and watched as the Kanima faded. Jackson took the key with clawed fingers, staring in shock as he recognized Lydia. "No," I gasped as Jackson understood what had happened. He backed away from her, the green scales rippling away, guilt and shame pulsing down his changing ribbon.

Across the room I saw Peter grin, flashing his fangs, and I understood. Stepping aside so Derek could stand, I knew my own eyes had faded when Derek's flashed back to red. He got to his feet as Jackson opened his arms in surrender and I covered my mouth with my hands. Jackson nodded, willing to die to keep this from happening again, and I muffled a sob with my hands. Derek stepped forward as Peter sprang out of his hiding place, claws ready and eager. Scott lunged forward when he realized what was happening, but he was too late.

Derek jammed his claws into Jackson's stomach, Peter's slamming into my friend's back as he convulsed. Cocoa brown understanding. They had to kill him to save him. Bright yellow horror. That was Peter…alive. French blue anger. Peter had been dead…and now he was killing Jackson. Magenta pink grief. The one person I really loved was going to die. As Jackson choked and convulsed, impaled on two sets of claws, I couldn't take it anymore. Crying, I set my hand on my brother's arm and Derek fought back his triumph to yank his claws free. Peter did likewise, backing away, and Jackson collapsed.

With a sob, Lydia lunged forward, catching Jackson as he fell. She lowered him gently to his knees, holding him, and Derek backed away. His wolf faded away under my hand, and Isaac backed towards us. The Alpha set his hand on the young Beta's shoulder as I took his hand.

Jackson looked up at Lydia, eyes searching and desperate. "Do you do you still-" he managed to whisper.

"I do," Lydia replied, biting her lip against a sob. "I do still love you. I do, I do still love you. I do," she nodded frantically, crying. She sobbed as Jackson fell forward onto her shoulder, and I heard the soft clink as the key dropped from Jackson's limp fingers. Turning my head into Derek's shoulder, I felt Scott take Allison's hand and the huntress flared with guilt and shame. She'd done this. Her order for Derek's death had led to all of this.

Lydia sobbed as she laid Jackson on the cement floor, and the last of the Kanima's scales faded away. Then Allison looked up and saw the puddle of black, but not her grandfather. "Where's Gerard?" she asked.

"He can't be far," Chris assured her from behind her. He came to stand at her shoulder as Lydia stood, wiping her tears away even as more replaced them. Stiles started to walk forward to comfort her, but a soft scratching sound caught everyone's attention.

Confusion pulsed down the ribbons of Scott, Allison, Chris, Stiles, and Derek as Isaac took a step back in fear. Lydia whirled around as I watched the wounds on Jackson's side close and Derek's hand tightened on my shoulder. Jackson's ribbon pulsed, the dark gray flashing behind my eyes before it was replaced with a soft fawn brown. We watched in shock as Jackson's eyes flew open, revealing the bright blue eyes of a Beta wolf. Then he sat up and unfurled his long body as he stood in Stiles' headlights.

Leaning his head back, the new werewolf roared, and I flinched away from the sound. It was strangely dragon like, nothing like Derek or Scott or Isaac. Shoulders heaving, Jackson pulled the wolf back and turned to Lydia, catching her in a tight embrace when she ran at him.

Fawn brown relief. Lydia wasn't afraid of me when she had every right to be.

Bright yellow heartbreak. I was never going to get Lydia to fall in love with me now.

Cocoa brown understanding. Once the Kanima had been killed, Jackson had been able to become what he was supposed to be in the first place.

French blue guilt. If I'd killed Derek he wouldn't have been able to save Jackson.

Hunter green concern. Did I really have my daughter back?

Magenta pink love. He was alive. Lydia ran her hand through Jackson's short hair as the boy buried his face in her shoulder, trying not to cry.

Blue-gray worry. Killing him had saved him, but had Peter known that or did he just want me to kill the Kanima?

Baby blue confusion. Did all creatures come back to life like this?

Jackson opened his human eyes and looked at Scott, swallowing as he did, and I saw. There was no anger, no hate, and no scorn in his eyes as he looked at the one who'd tried so hard to save him. Instead there was peace, though his ribbon flared with gratitude. I wondered if Jackson would ever be able to say thank you to Scott, but guessed it would be a little while coming.

Stiles went to walk passed Scott, only to be stopped at his best friend's look. Furrowing his brow in confusion, Scott could clearly see the tears on Stiles' face. Even though he knew Scott would hear his heartbeat Stiles said, "He scratched my jeep." Scott looked after him in understanding, but he knew Stiles just needed a little time.

I was relaxing on my bed when Allison's pain and disbelief washed over me later that night. I didn't watch as she broke up with Scott. I was too distracted by guiding Erica and Boyd through the woods as they ran from Beacon Hills. But when five new ribbons appeared around them, I latched onto Erica's terrified ribbon. Three wolves and a she-wolf stood around them, and a howl sounded through the woods and I launched myself upright. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late, and the ribbons had vanished, taking the two Betas with them.

The next day, after school, Derek drove Isaac and me out to the old Hale house. He parked at the edge of the trees where Peter was waiting, and I took in the three men's outfits. Derek and Isaac wore tee shirts, Isaac in blue, Derek in brown, and black jeans. Peter wore lighter pants and a black long sleeve, making me glance down at my own dark green dress and boots. But then I was distracted by the new addition to Hale House.

Clearly Peter could see the confusion on my face, which I was pretty sure was mirrored in Isaac's expression. "You haven't told him everything yet, have you?" the older wolf asked, looking over at his nephew.

"What do you mean?" Isaac asked, looking over at his Alpha.

Peter reclined against the nearest tree then replied, "Why do you think Derek was in such a hurry to build his pack? So eager to strengthen his power and his number?" He nodded to house and added, "When there's a new Alpha, people take notice."

"People like who?" Isaac asked. "What is this?" he asked Derek, pointing to the house and climbing up the stairs. "What does this mean?" he pressed as I followed him up the stairs.

"It's their symbol. And it means they're coming," Derek responded, his eyes cold.

"Who?" Isaac pushed and I stared at my brother through narrowed eyes.

"Alphas," my brother replied.

"More than one?" the yellow eyes Beta checked, hearing the plural in the word.

"A pack of them," our Alpha sighed.

"An Alpha pack," Peter said, then added, "And they're not coming. They're already here." I turned to stare at the three legged wheel and I knew Peter was right. Tracing the painted symbol with cautious fingers, Isaac met my eyes then turned back to face Derek. Gazing at the symbol, I flicked through the ribbons until I found the last emotion I had from Erica and Boyd. The four new ribbons flickered in my head, and the pixies turned around to paint a black symbol on the four colorless trails. When I let the ribbons go, all four bore the same mark, and I knew.

Erica and Boyd had been taken by the Alpha Pack. And I couldn't see the Alphas.

Then annoyance flickered across my head and I saw Stiles and Scott on the lacrosse field. "I said no wolf powers!"

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