Blue Moon

Chaos Rising pt 2

Author's Note: Thanks to Ash B Bramble, Teresaseda28, Aliciasellers75, and FizzWizz2011 for reviewing!

Chaos Rising part 2

"She's not dead," Derek insisted, pacing in front of me as I curled into Isaac's side. The Beta was sitting up on the table, back against the wall in his dry shirt and wet jeans.

"Derek, he said, 'There's a dead body. It's Erica.' Doesn't exactly leave us much room for interpretation," Stiles pointed out.

"Then who was in the vault with Boyd?" the Alpha demanded, turning to face the human with an icy glare.

"Someone else, obviously," Stiles replied. He knew Derek was stubborn, but his ribbon was flaring with disbelief at his disability to face a fact.

"And maybe it was the girl on the motorcycle," Scott hypothesized. Turning to Isaac, he suggested, "Okay, the one who saved you?"

"No, she wasn't like us. And whoever was in the vault with Boyd was," Isaac replied.

"What if that's how Erica died?" Stiles suggested "They, like, pit them against each other during the full moons and see which one survives," he explained, making the others' ribbons darken with dread, anger, and worry. "It's like werewolf Thunderdome."

"Then we get them out tonight," Derek snapped.

"Be smart about this, Derek. You can't just go storming in," Deaton cautioned.

"If Isaac got in, then so can we," the Alpha rationalized.

"But he didn't get through a vault door, did he?" the vet reminded him.

"We need a plan," Scott urged, pushing away from the table where he'd been leaning against my knees.

"How are we gonna come up with a plan to break into a bank vault in less than 24 hours?" Derek challenged, and I sighed. Scott was just trying to keep the rest of us from getting hurt when Derek rushed into something.

"Uh, I think someone already did," Stiles said, reading something off his phone. 'Beacon Hills First National closes its doors three months after vault robbery.' Doesn't say here how it was robbed, but it probably won't take long to find out," he explained, looking up at Scott as he put his phone away.

"How long?" Derek demanded.

"It's the Internet, Derek," the smaller boy scoffed. When Derek raised his eyebrows, unimpressed and waiting for an answer, Stiles laughed, "Okay? Minutes."

I woke sitting on the floor with my back to Stiles' bed as the door opened. Dragging a hand over my face, I looked up as he said, "Boys. Hey, time to wake up." There was no response except snores from where Stiles had half fallen off the bed and Scott was in the computer chair. Both were going to have pretty bad cricks in their necks from those positions. "Boys," the Sheriff tried again, sighing before he yelled sharply, "Boys!" Stiles fell off the bed, pulling a piece of paper off his cheek as Scott nearly tipped over the chair he'd fallen asleep in. "I got to get to work. You three get to school," he said, turning to walk out the door.

"Dad!" Stiles exclaimed, stopping the man in his tracks so he could ask, "Heather?"

"No, nothing yet," Mr. Stilinski sighed, and I knew he didn't really think she could still be alive.

"Ten hours and nothing," Stiles complained, starting to pick up some of the papers that had scattered around the room.

"We're gonna find something," Scott assured him as I gathered our discarded snacks and drinks from the night.

"Finding something doesn't make Erica any less dead or Boyd any less about-to-be-dead," Stiles snapped. It was a little odd to see their roles reversed like this. Scott was normally the one freaking out.

"Well, we still have time," my brother told him.

"Is this whole, like, "remain optimistic in the face of complete and utter disaster" thing a part of the "be a better Scott McCall" program?" his best friend demanded, annoyed.

"Uh, not if it doesn't work," the wolf admitted, giving him a rueful smile as I got to my feet.

"No, it works," Stiles sighed, then looked down at the papers in his hand. All but one fell to the floor as he stared at the picture on it. Shock and triumph shot down his ribbon before he yelled, "Oh, Dad!" Shoving the paper into Scott's hand, he shoved past me and raced down the hall. "Dad? Dad!" I leaned over Scott's shoulder to see a photograph of Sheriff Stilinski putting one of the bank robbers in the cruiser.

It turned out to be a very good thing that Scott and I both kept clothes at Stiles' house. The three of us jumped in and out of the shower, and when I joined the boys in the kitchen, we were dressed in fresh clothes. Scott wore a dark jean sweatshirt over black jeans, Stiles sporting a pair of brick red jeans and a light blue tee. I had on plain blue jeans with a black sweater and leopard print scarf. Stiles lived closer to the school, so we ended up being on time, and as we got out of the Jeep Scott reminded us, "All right, so we meet at Derek's at 5:00 to go over the plan, and then we don't get started until dark."

"'Kay. What do we do till then?" Stiles asked.

"What, right now? We've got English," my brother replied, and then I remembered Scott's book in my bag. Handing it over as he led the way to Ms. Bake's class, I made sure to put my phone on silent.

"Okay," Stiles started, opening a blueprint of the bank on Derek's table. "You see this? This is how they got in. It's a rooftop air conditioning vent. Leads down inside into the wall of the vault, which is here. Okay? One of the robbers was lowered into this shaft. Now, that space is so small, it took him about 12 hours to drill into that wall, which is stone, by the way. Then throughout the rest of the night, they siphoned the cash up to the guys back on the roof through that one little shaft in the wall. Boom," he finished, circling the vent in red sharpie that stung my nose.

"Can we fit in there?" Scott asked incredulously.

"Yes, we can, but very, very barely. Ami will fit the best. And they also patched the wall, obviously, so we're gonna need a drill of some kind. I'm thinking maybe a diamond bit..." the Sheriff's son was good at this, and I knew that if he hadn't been raised by the Sheriff, Stiles would be the law's worst enemy.

"Look, forget the drill," Derek ordered.

"Sorry?" Stiles turned to Derek with a frown, and I forced back a laugh.

"If I go in first, how much space do I have?" the Alpha asked, looking down at the blueprint on the table.

"What do you... what do you think you're gonna do, Derek? You gonna punch through the wall?" Stiles challenged.

My brother straightened, crossing his arms to meet Stiles' challenge, "Yes, Stiles, I'm gonna punch through the wall."

"Okay," Stiles nodded, and I glanced at Scott to see him hiding a smirk. "Okay, big guy. Let's see it. Let's see that fist. Big, old fist. Make it, come on." Derek made a fist, glaring at his smirking uncle as he did. "Get it out there. Don't be scared. Big, bad wolf," Stile just kept talking, and I looked up at Derek as he shook his head in annoyance. "Yeah, look at that. Okay, see this?" Stiles grabbed Derek's wrist and put his hand up in front of Derek's much tanner fist. "That's maybe 3 inches of room to gather enough force to punch through solid," I gasped as Derek punched Stiles hard enough to slam the smaller kid against the table. Scott gave Derek a 'what the hell was that for' look as the human walked around nursing his hand, and I just shook my head. The pain from the hit had jarred my tattooed shoulder, and I winced as Stiles flexed his hand. "He could do it."

"I'll get through the wall," Derek told him. He leaned against the table again and asked, "Who's following me down?"

"Don't look at me," Peter said from the spiral stairs and I stiffened. I was not feeling particularly accepting towards my father right now. "I'm not up to fighting speed yet, and honestly, with Isaac out of commission, you're not looking at very good odds for yourself."

"So I'm supposed to just let them die?" Derek demanded, unable to believe that this man was related to the woman who'd been such a powerful Alpha.

"One of them is already dead," Peter pointed out, and I snarled under my breath in anger.

"We don't know that," my elder brother insisted.

"Do I have to remind you what we're up against here?" Peter asked as Stiles came to the table. Scott was ducking his head, keeping the anger of the Alpha directed away from him. "A pack of alphas. All of them, killers. And if that's not enough to scare your testicles back into your stomach, try to remember that two of them combine bodies to form one giant Alpha," the former Alpha said. "I'm sure Erica and Boyd were sweet kids. They're gonna be missed." I stared at my father, eyes shifting as I tried to find a ribbon. It was strange, but I had the feeling like Peter wanted Derek to take Scott into this extremely dangerous situation.

"Could someone kill him again, please?" Stiles asked, and I huffed in annoyance. There certainly wasn't anything to make me disagree with that sentiment.

Peter glared at Stiles, then said, "Derek, seriously? Not worth the risk."

"What about you?" Derek asked.

"Yeah, if you want me to come..." Stiles started.

"Not you," Derek snapped, cutting him off.

"Scott?" Stiles checked, pointing over his shoulder and leaning out of the way.

"I don't know about Erica. But if Boyd's still alive, we have to do something," Scott told him, and I nodded, proud of him. He reminded me of Percy Jackson, whose fatal flaw had been loyalty. I just hoped I could be there to keep Scott's loyalty from killing him. He looked over his shoulder at Peter, who sighed. My father hated the Superman attitude Scott hated. "We have to try."

"But?" Derek pushed, knowing that tone of Scott's voice.

"Who's the other girl? The one locked in there with Boyd?" Scott asked, holding my gaze before he turned to Derek.

"And you?" Derek asked, looking over at me. I nodded, gesturing down to the boots I'd worn for this reason. He sighed, but knew he needed me there even if he didn't want me in danger. "I'll carry you. You still aren't fast enough," he told me, and I pulled off my scarf. Dropping it on the table, I followed my bothers out the door, leaving Stiles with Peter.

Shock flared down Allison's already apprehensive ribbon, and I turned my head into Derek's shoulder to watch. "Ms. Morrell?" I asked, pinned against the wall.

"Keep your mouth shut, and listen close. You have no idea what you just stepped into. Right now you've got maybe 20 seconds to get your ass hidden," the guidance counselor told me, eyes dark with worry.

"What are you doing?" I gasped, fighting the arm across my throat.

"Get in that storage closet over there. Lock the door. When you hear the fighting start, that's when you come out," the French teacher ordered.

"What fighting?" I demanded.

"You'll hear it. Now, go!" the older woman replied, yanking away to disappear into the gloom of the empty building

. I darted into the closet, locked it, and tried the switch that wouldn't work. Then I heard the footsteps coming down the hallway. Thinking quickly, I spilled the bottle of ammonia in front of the door to mask my scent. I waited for the shadow outside the door to move away before I dropped my jacket in front of the door. It stopped the liquid from spreading and kept the light from my phone from being seen.

Looking around the closet, it seemed to be a janitor's closet. The shelves were full of cleaning supplies that had to be open to mask the odor I was suddenly aware of now that I was focused. There was a shape in the corner, and when I turned my phone's flashlight on it, the blonde head dropped forward. Her skin was pale and mottled with the black of decay, and I backed away. Muffling a horrified gasp with my hand, I realized that Erica was dead.

Derek squeezed my knees as he heard my pulse pick up and I shook myself free of Allison's ribbon. He set me down as we rounded a corner, and I followed my brothers into an alley. Scott was looking up at the back of the bank, worry pulsing down his ribbon when he glanced at Derek. "What?" the Alpha demanded, knowing that look by now. Scott was clearly thinking of something he knew Derek wouldn't like.

"It's just something I can get out of my head," the Beta replied.

"The moon's rising, Scott, what is it?" the Alpha asked.

"Risk and reward," the younger wolf told him, and I understood.

"Which means what?" my elder brother pushed.

"We're not measuring the risk with enough information. We don't know enough," Scott explained, knowing it couldn't really be this simple. There was some motive for this.

"We know time's running out," Derek reminded him.

"Yeah, but think about it. They put the triskele on your door four months ago. What have they been doing all this time? Why wait until now?"

"We don't have the time to figure out every little detail," the Alpha urged, trying to get him moving again.

"But what if this detail, the reason why they waited, what if it's the most important one," Scott argued.

"Then we do nothing, and Boyd and Erica are dead," Derek pointed out, clearly unwilling to let that happen. He was responsible for them, just as much as I was.

"Please, Scott. Derek and I brought them into this life. We have to save them," I murmured, and Scott sighed.

"I know what I'm risking. My life for theirs," the Alpha added. Then he turned to the building and leaped up onto barred window from the trashcan. He threw himself up onto the fire escape, swinging against the bottom rungs before he pulled his legs up to look down at Scott and me. "And I won't blame you if you don't follow me," he added, climbing nosily to the actual fire escape. Scott drew a deep breath and followed Derek, leaping up the same way. Once he was on the window, I moved the trashcan under the ladder and backed up. With a running start I pushed off the ground, jumping off the trashcan to land neatly on the old, rusty ladder. Scott grinned down at me, his eyes flashing yellow as I looked up at him.

When I reached the roof, Derek was already halfway down the vent. It was a tight fit for my brothers' broad shoulders, but I fit nicely. It took Derek five punches to break through the wall, and Scott stepped through the hole after him. With one hand, Scott waved me back, his eyes ordering me to stay as Derek called, "Boyd?"

Now that we were in the same place, I could feel Boyd's starved ribbon, but not Erica's. The huge Beta was standing beside a column, fear and worry rippling down his ribbon as he growled. "Boyd," Derek tried again, his voice gentle and soothing. "It's me, Derek," he told the Beta as he stood.

Scott's phone rang, and all of us could clearly hear Stiles' panicking voice. I watched through the hole in the wall as Boyd whipped towards the sound, his growl deepening. I ignored Stiles' frantic words as I reached for Boyd's copper brown ribbon, trying to figure out what was going on with him. "We're here to get you out, okay?" Derek asked, attention completely focused on his beta.

"Derek?" I murmured, watching Boyd's fear spike as the moonlight came through the hole we'd made in the wall. A second tall boy moved to stand on the other side of the column, and I didn't recognize him at all. Neither did either of my brothers.

"Derek, we got a problem, a really big problem," Scott said, and Boyd snarled again. Then a new ribbon appeared as a girl walked out to stand beside Boyd. Her ribbon turned a dark teal blue and I gasped.

Derek flared with pain and shock before he managed to ask, "Cora?" His voice was on the edge of breaking and I wanted to step out of the wall to reach for him.

"Who?" Scott demanded, looking over at me to see that I was having the same reaction.

"Cora?" Derek tried again, unable to believe that it was really her.

"Derek, get out. Get out now," Cora ordered, fighting the moon better than Boyd. She'd had far more practice.

Stiles yelled through the phone, but Scott's attention was fixed on a familiar line of black powder. When the vault door opened, I realized in horror what was about to happen as Ms. Morrell crouched beside the line. "No! No wait!" Scott shouted as she poured a handful of ash down to close the line. I lunged through the hole as the mountain ash flared, rolling to my feet as the three Betas lost control. Boyd and Cora both still had yellow eyes, which was a relief, but their snarls were particularly wild. Cora sounded like a mountain lion.

The second boy was a blue eyed wolf, and I lunged into his path as he leaped for Scott. His claws raked across my shoulder and I spun, lashing out with a kick that knocked him away. He threw Scott into a wall instead of coming after me, and Boyd lunged for the downed Beta. Derek flung Boyd away from Scott only to be attacked by Cora. Scott leaped from the ceiling to kick Cora away, grabbing me as my brothers threw themselves against a wall to recover.

"You know her?" Scott demanded of both of us.

"She's my sister, my younger sister," Derek replied.

"What the hell is she doing here?" the younger of my brothers demanded.

"Like I have a clue, I thought she was dead," the Alpha snapped.

I looked up as Allison appeared in the doorway, and her appearance shocked Scott enough to prevent him from escaping Boyd's lunge. I scrambled away as Derek held off Cora, only for the blonde wolf to pounce on me. Snarling, I looked up into blue eyes as my own shifted to purple. He hesitated, growling, claws raised to strike, and I kneed him in the stomach. Shoving him off me I leaped to my feet and whirled as Scott's pain filled my head.

"Scott!" I screamed, lunging at Boyd. The blonde wolf tackled me, rolling me across the floor before I could free my brother, and Allison knelt over the ash line. I felt claws rake across the back of my neck and shoulders as the beta went for my face. When the claws slashed through the tender spot of my tattoo, I cried out, and Derek looked over as he fought off Cora.

"No, don't break the seal!" Derek yelled.

Panic tore through Allison as she looked between Derek and Scott, and then she yelled, "Boyd!" Swiping the line apart made Boyd drop Scott, and all three Betas took off for the doorway.

Derek stalked over to Allison, grabbing her by the arm in his fury. "Don't touch her!" Scott snarled, holding his bleeding stomach.

"What were you thinking?" Derek demanded, letting go of the huntress as Scott hobbled over.

"That I had to do something," Allison replied, her voice shaky with fear.

"She saved our lives," Scott pointed out to Derek as I pushed myself to my feet. Derek looked in at me and I saw the blood and fury on his face.

"Yeah and what do you think they're going to do out there?" Derek demanded of Scott. Then he turned to Allison as I helped Scott out of the vault. "Do you have any idea what we just set free?"

"You want to blame me?" Allison yelled. "Well I am not the one turning teenagers into killers," she pointed out.

She went to walk away until Derek said, "No. No, that's just the rest of your family."

"I've made mistakes," Allison admitted. "Gerard is not my fault."

"And what about your mother?" Derek asked. I closed my eyes, but knew this needed to happen, and limped down the hallway.

"What do you mean?" Allison asked, her anger fading to confusion.

"Tell her Scott," Derek ordered.

Scott sighed, his ribbon conflicted as I tracked the scent of ammonia. "What does he mean, Scott? What does he mean?" Allison asked.

I flinched as Lydia's ribbon lit up before a high shriek made me stumble into the closet.

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