Blue Moon

Unleashed pt 2

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Unleashed part 2

I was sitting in lunch with Danny and some of his lacrosse friends when I choked on the blood. Raising a hand to my lips, they came away stained a reddish black. "Ami?" Danny's panic tinged voice caught Scott's attention, and my brother was there as I stumbled out of my seat. He caught me with one arm around the waist, the other around my shoulders to keep my head down. My eyes flickered violet with pain, and Scott hurried me down the hallway to the locker room.

He shouldered open the door, revealing an empty-thankfully-room. He let go as I staggered to the sink, retching blood in the white basin. A glance at my hands told me my fingers were tipped with short, white claws even as I fought the wolf back. "Breathe," Scott ordered, standing behind me as he covered my hands with his own. "Come on, Ami, you know how to do this," he coaxed as I leaned against the strong chest behind me.

"It's not me," I gasped, pain radiating from the center of my abdomen. My back and shoulders ached where Kaden had torn them. Cora's bite on my wrist throbbed and I lurched forwards. Scott let go of my hands to hold me up by the waist and hold my short hair out of my face. But this time, when I threw up, it was blood and the water I'd drank at lunch.

Straightening was a bad idea. My head throbbed and I groaned, staring at the girl in the mirror. As I gazed in horrified fascination, Scott sighed and ran a hand over my hair like he was sorry. But I didn't know why he was sorry. The ashen coloring in my skin and bruise like bags under my eyes that refused to be hidden by Lydia's foundation would never be his fault. The blurry, glazed over look in my blue-gray eyes and the slump of my once strong shoulders couldn't be his fault. The shakiness of my hands and the weakness in my limbs wasn't his fault. This wasn't his fault. So why was he riddled by guilt like he could make it any better?

"Stop it," I ordered softly, my voice as soft as the day I'd moved into his house. The bewildered look in his eyes prompted me to explain, "I'm not your fault. Whatever is happening to me isn't your fault. You've always protected me, Scott. This is not your fault."

"Then why do I feel like I failed you?" he demanded, so strong behind me but so weak too. As I gazed at our reflections, so different yet so unchanged, I shuddered. Scott was so very different. He hadn't just changed physically because of the bite. Strong, dependable, loyal to a fault, protective, and loving, I knew he'd become a mature young man with a heart of gold and eyes to match.

"Don't ever think that. I wouldn't change a thing, Scotty," I whispered, forcing my claws back with success. He sighed and dropped his head to bury his nose in the crook of my neck. With a sad smile, I dragged a hand through his hair. With my other hand, I reached out for a paper towel and used it to swipe the blood off my lips. My brother sighed again, turning me around and taking the towels to wipe the sweat from my skin with gentle hands. When that was done, he rinsed the sink and took my hand. There was a sad smile on his face as he led me back to the cafeteria. We gathered Scott's stuff as Danny carried over my bag and water. My best friend pressed a kiss to the top of my head before Scott led me passed the staring crowd.

But I made him pause in the hallway when I saw the memorial on Kyle's locker. Digging a purple sharpie from my bag, I wrote a small thank you and a trail of little stars that he'd called pixie dust. He'd overheard Danny call me Pixie, so when he'd watched me doodle the stars absently on the edge of my lab sheet, he'd named them appropriately. "Stiles is trying to figure out a pattern, isn't he?" I asked quietly as we walked away.

"He's still going with human sacrifices of virgins," Scott muttered as we sat down in the lounge.

"It's not that hard to believe considered what we've seen. I did a bunch of research on druids when I was trying to figure out what I was, and apparently the Ancient Celtic druids made sacrifices under sacred oaks to elemental gods and spirits," I told him.

"Why?" he was dumbfounded, and I understood perfectly. He was so loving and trusting that he could never imagine killing someone for something like that.

"The spirit would give them power if the sacrifice was good enough. Three were needed to ensure that the power was strong enough," I explained.

"What kind of power?" he asked, thinking in terms of physical power. Just like Derek.

"Storms, earth, fire, water," I replied, suddenly remembering the thunder storms that had been happening recently when I was really agitated.

Then both of us straightened, like a hunting dog getting a scent. God, was I making my own dog jokes now? "Did you hear that?" Scott demanded, his voice a furious rumble in his chest. "A door slam, and something being dragged?"

"No, but I hear Isaac freaking out," I told him, tilting my head to the side as I tried to read the beta. The screen was painful to work around, but I managed. "Oh my god, go, go, go. Janitor's closet, second floor," I gasped, throwing my bag aside to spring to my feet. As we ran down the hallway, I caught a glimpse of Isaac's terrified flashback. "Scott, hurry!" I cried, my stiletto heels skidding under me as I ran.

When we saw the vending machine shoved in front of the door, Scott yanked it away. Isaac's growling and Allison's terrified screams were loud to our ears even before my brother threw the door open. I caught Isaac as the older beta flung him into the hallway, holding him down until Scott moved to stand over him. Seeing another pair of glowing eyes, Isaac snarled and tried to rise. Scott caught him by the neck and snarled, "ISAAC!"

I released the beta as he went still, eyes fading instantly. Scott held him up until the wolf was gone, then let him go. Behind my brother, Allison slowly emerged from the closet, holding her bleeding wrist. Isaac skittered back, back hitting the wall beside me as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "I'm okay, I'm fine," she assured her former boyfriend as he gently touched her uninjured arm. She released a shaky breath, quickly regaining her composure as I carded my fingers through Isaac's hair.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that," the beta gasped, looking plaintively up at Scott.

"I'm okay," Allison assured him.

"I'm so sorry," the taller boy insisted, and I pulled his head down onto my shoulder.

Looking up at Scott, I saw that his jaw was clenched to hold back his own wolf. But it was the dark fury in his eyes that made me see Derek in him again. "It's not his fault," I hissed, and Scott looked away, diverting his anger.

"I know," my brother replied. I watched him glance at the vending machine as he put the scent in the air and the weight of the machine together. "I guess now we know they want to do more than get you angry," he told Isaac. "They want to get someone hurt," he explained, and I could feel my hands clench on Isaac's shoulders in fury.

He lifted his head from my shoulder to ask, "So are we gonna do something?"

"Yeah," my brother decided. "We're gonna get them angry." Meeting my questioning gaze, he finished, "Really angry."

A class period later, I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. "This is going to get someone killed," I told Scott as I stood over him.

"Please, Ami, just help me," he sighed, looking over his shoulder at me. Grumbling, I balanced in a crouch on my heels and took the parts he removed from Ethan's bike. Shoving them in his bag, I looked around for anyone watching.

"Come on. I don't want to be late for English," I sighed, standing to my full-yet still lacking-height.

"Here, take these," he ordered, handing me something that looked like ignition plugs. I didn't really know. Working on the cars had been a strictly Dad-sons thing in the Hale house. Plus, Scott took way too much pride in his bike to let me help him make repairs to it. When he got his feet, he slung his full bag over his shoulder and we exchanged devious smirks.

Scott's phone lit up as we walked into Ms. Blake's room. I glanced down at the picture of Isaac on Aiden's bike and grinned. "Okay, everyone I know this is the last class of the day," my older doppelganger said as she held a slightly crazy stack of paper to pass out. Scott and I sat on either side of the twins, exchanging grins before flashing them at the Alphas. "To be honest, I want to get out of here too," Ms. Blake continued.

Scott pulled one of the bike pieces from his bag and spun it around his hand. Aiden sat forward first, Ethan sparing me a glance before he followed suit. "That looks kind of important," Scott told them as I smirked behind their backs. Rage pulsed down their ribbons as I set a plug on my desk. "I have no idea what this does," my brother said as he pulled another piece out. The four of us heard the bike start outside, the twins straightening noticeably.

Aiden eyes bored furiously into mine as I set the second plug on my desk, and then he was gone. "Wait, Aiden, don't!" Ethan cried as the Alpha ran past her. I felt slightly bad for her bewilderment and hurt, and this was totally worth it.

I raised a hand to my mouth to hide a smirk as I quickly checked for blood again. When they came back stained again, I raised my hand and excused myself to the bathroom. I hurried down the hallway towards the bathroom as I heard the bike grow closer. We all heard the bike skid to a halt in the hallway as Aiden roared, "Get off my bike!"

But I was the only who saw Isaac pull the helmet off his head and heard him say, "No problem." As I slipped past them, I nodded in approval at the flip off the Alpha's shoulders. Scott, Allison, Ethan, and a bunch of other kids stood on either end of the hallway as Ms. Blake hurried after the huntress.

"You have got to be kidding me," she exclaimed as I ducked into the ladies' room. "You realize this is going to result in a suspension?" Aiden's fury did not go unnoticed as I watched Allison and Scott smirk at each other.

It took three mouthfuls of tap water to force the black blood back down my throat. But a sudden thunderstorm in my head broke the screen on the pixies. I collapsed against the sink as Derek's pain over ran me. Heaving into the running water, I watching blood swirl down the drain, mixing with my tears. When I was done, I grabbed paper towels to wipe away the signs.

Then a very familiar chant rang in my ears. "No, oh please no," I sobbed, heaving myself to my feet. Knowing the mess I'd see in the mirror if I looked up, I hurried out of the bathroom towards the music room where I felt Lydia's horror. She whirled, phone in hand, as I slammed through the doors. "Who was taken?" I demanded, moving to her side.

"The teacher," she told me, holding out a phone that was not hers. She hit play and I stepped back from the chant.

Closing my eyes, I sighed, then looked up as the final bell rang. "I'll be right back. I need to go get my bag," I told her, leaving her pacing as I strode out.

Ms. Blake looked up as I entered her room and winced at my mess of an appearance. She handed me the homework, gently patting my shoulder as she wished me better health. "Next time, stay home," she suggested. I nodded ruefully and hurried back to Lydia's side.

A few minutes later, Stiles and Dr. Deaton hurried into the room. Stiles went straight to searching the desk as Lydia handed the vet the phone. I sank into a chair, bloody paper towels still clenched in my fist. "Can we get a copy of this?" Deaton asked. Lydia nodded and quickly took the phone back.

"Hey, Doc, any help would be uh, you know, helpful," Stiles said from the desk. He looked up at us and I got to my feet.

"Each grouping of three would have its own purpose, its own type of power; virgins, healers, philosophers, warriors," the vet listed off.

'And guardians,' I thought, but didn't add the fifth group.

"Wait, w-wait. Warriors. Could that also be like a soldier?" Stiles asked, straightening as he drew something from the desk.

"Absolutely," Scott's boss replied, and I sighed.

Stiles held up a picture of the band teacher in his navy uniform at his wedding. "Kyle was in ROTC with Boyd," he explained as he slammed the photo onto the desk.

"That's got to be it. That's the pattern. Where's Boyd?" Doc realized.

Stiles was already fishing his phone out of his pocket. "He's probably at home. I'll try and get him on the phone."

"The pattern is warriors. Soldiers, military, fighters," I muttered, pacing behind Lydia. Were we going to have to protect all the ROTC kids? She glanced at me, but I didn't see her eyes widen as she took in my appearance. Then she realized something.

"Lydia?" Deaton asked, seeing her face. "Something wrong?"

"No, I was, uh…" she closed her eyes and composed herself before saying, "I mean, I just thought of someone else with a military connection."

"Who?" Stiles asked as I paused my pacing.

Then I saw Ethan and Aiden walk by the doors. "Oh come on," I muttered. "Sorry, I've got to go," I told them, hurrying out into the hallway. Pausing, I drew my shoes off and peeked around the corner. It was easy to follow the Alphas' ribbons, and I nearly groaned aloud when I heard Scott and Isaac talking about the little incident earlier.

"Kind of like that," Scott told Isaac as I peaked around the corner. I watched from the corner as the twins shed their shirts. Scott and Isaac shared a confused what the hell look as I edged nearer, and then Ethan was kneeling on the floor. My jaw dropped when Aiden's hand plunged straight into his brother's back, and the tree of us betas watched in shock and confusion as they merged into one massive body. From behind I was able to watch as their spines melded together, and I shuddered.

When the merged Alpha roared, I felt the floor vibrate under my hands and bare feet. Isaac dropped his duffle bag and pushed up his sleeves, and Scott's shock blossomed into fear. "We can take them," Isaac said.

'No, you can't,' I thought, panicking as the Alpha roared at them. He shook his head, and Scott's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding?" my brother demanded, grabbing the other beta's arm. He turned and ran, reaching for the other boy. "Isaac!" he cried, running for the stairs in a hope of losing the merged twins. But the Alpha caught them by the backs of their necks, lifting them both into the air as they kicked and struggled.

"Ethan, Aiden, stop!" I cried, running down the hallway. I threw my shoes, catching the twins in the back, and they slammed the boys' together before throwing them onto the floor. "Enough!" I snarled, springing over Scott to crouch in front of him. They roared in my face until the click of a cane caught all of our attention. The twins straightened, cutting off their snarl as I spun around to look up.

Scott hooked his arm around my waist and drew me to him as the twins unmerged. We watched the blind man uncap his cane, revealing a sharp, short blade. He flicked the cane, slashing open the cheek of both twins. Scott and I flinched, and I drew back under Scott's arm as the older man stepped between the twins. They followed, both casting furious looks over their shoulder as their Alpha slipped out the doors.

"Who the hell is that?" Isaac asked, staring in shock after them.

"Deucalion," Scott and I replied. I stood, slipping my shoes back on as the boys got to their feet. As they picked up their bags, I gathered Ethan's shirt and Aiden's shirt and jacket. It didn't take me very long to open either locker, using wolf hearing to get the combinations. Isaac found me on the side walk, having grabbed my bag from the music room. We walked to Derek's loft together, Isaac increasingly annoyed with my much slower pace.

"It's not my fault I can't keep up with your freakishly long legs!" I snapped playfully as he huffed at me.

"Then don't wear heels!" he retorted, grinning down at me.

"I'm a pipsqueak even in heels, I look like a munchkin without them," I reminded him.

"Yeah, but you're our munchkin," he teased. I sighed, shaking my head up at him, but I knew he was right. I didn't even come up to the middle of his chest.

As we hurried up the stairs to the loft, I watched Derek's ribbon darken with dread and apprehension. Cora was hiding behind the wall when Isaac slid the door open, and the first thing I noticed was the faint smell of blood and bleach. Perching on the spiral stairs, I watched Derek pace. "Derek, what's going on?" I finally asked after several tense minutes of the two of us watching the Alpha.

"I need you to move out," my elder brother eventually said, turning to face Isaac. "Both of you," he added, and my heart skipped a beat.

"What? Why?" Isaac demanded as I ran a hand through my hair. I should have seen this coming. I knew Derek was looking after Kaden and Cora, which meant the beds Isaac and I used upstairs were needed. But I couldn't help the bitter idea that Derek wanted the sister who was actually a Hale by blood.

"I don't have room for all four of you right now," Derek replied, refusing to look at me. Isaac turned to look at me pleadingly, but I knew there was nothing I could do to change Derek's mind. All I could get off his ribbon right now was that he wanted to protect us. 'But from what?' Shaking my head sadly, I turned to look at my brother, who stood by the rain soaked window.

"I don't get it. Did something happen?" Isaac asked as lightning flashed through the windows.

It glanced off the glass in Derek's hand, and I narrowed my eyes. There was nothing in the glass, so why was he holding it still. "It's just not gonna work with all of you here," he sighed, and I knew it was a lie. "I've got Cora and Kaden now, it's too much." There was another indicator that something was very wrong. Derek would never admit to something like that. "I need you both out tonight."

Isaac and I both looked up as the lightning flashed, but it was Isaac who laughed incredulously. "I don't have anyone else, Derek. Ami's got Scott. Where am I supposed to go?"

"Somewhere else," my elder brother replied scathingly. I snarled low in my throat at the tone.

Then Isaac's insecurity played up, thinking of the flashback he'd had at school. "Did I do something wrong, Derek?"

"You're doing something wrong right now by not leaving," the Alpha snapped, resorting to anger. Anger was familiar. Easy.

"Oh come on," Isaac sighed, pushing off the column and moving towards him.

"Get out," the alpha ordered.

"Don't. Come on," Isaac pleaded as lightning flashed.

"Go!" Derek snarled, throwing the glass at the beta. Isaac ducked reflexively and I gasped as it shattered on the column behind him.

"Isaac!" I cried, sliding off the stairs and running to his side. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I snarled at Derek, gently pulling Isaac's hands from his face. The beta cast a look filled with betrayal over his shoulder, but Derek stood firm. "Come on," I urged Isaac softly, taking his hand. Pulling him along with me, we picked up our bags from the floor, and I glanced at the wall where I knew Cora was hiding.

Isaac was halfway down the first flight of stairs as I paused in the doorway. Derek was braced on his desk, head bowed, but looked up when he felt my gaze. There was pure confliction and apology in his green eyes, but I couldn't forgive him right now. So I shook my head and slammed the door shut behind me.

At the doorway of the building, Isaac peeled off his sweater and stuffed it in his bag. I followed suit, unbuttoning my purple button down. I led the way to Scott's house through the thunder storm in a white tank top, jeans, and heels, Isaac trailing behind me like a lost puppy. Then his anger faded, leaving him determined to talk to Scott on his own.

When we reached the house, we resembled drowned rats more than werewolves. I knocked on the front door, opening it as Melissa hurried towards us. "Ami, are you alright?" she gasped, taking in the wet shirts and jeans that clung to our bodies.

"Bathroom is second door on the left," I told Isaac quietly, letting him slip by me as Melissa hurried to the closet to get a towel. "I'm fine, Mom, just really wet," I assured her as she wrapped me in it.

"What happened? I thought you were sleeping at Derek's?" she told me.

"I was supposed to," I sighed, sitting down on the couch with a huff. "Derek kicked Isaac and me out. Cora and Kaden needed the beds," I explained. "Can Isaac have the guest room?" She gave me a sad look, nodded, and hugged me to her chest. Isaac came back out of the bathroom, still in dripping clothes, and I sighed. "Come on," I coaxed, leading the way up to Scott's room.

I raised my hand to knock, only for Isaac to wrap his long fingers around my wrist. He gave me a look and I stepped back, letting him rap his knuckles against the wooden door. "Come in, Mom," Scott called. I nodded to Isaac, and he let the door swing open.

"I was wondering if I could uh ask you a favor," the tall beta said. I watched the surprise fade from Scott's eyes and he stood quickly. Stepping back to allow him into the hallway, I watched him move to the closet and grab spare sheets. When Scott disappeared into the guest room, Isaac leaned down and kissed my cheek, whispering, "Thank you, Ami."

I watched from my doorway as Scott coaxed Isaac into the guest room, and I listened to their quiet conversation about what had happened. Eventually Scott sat down on the bed next to me, his warm arm wrapping around my now dry shoulders. I tilted my head back to look up at him, and he pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead. "It'll be okay," he murmured against my skin.

"How do you know?" I asked softly, looking up into his chocolate eyes.

He sighed, pulling me tighter, and whispered, "I just know."

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