Blue Moon

Second Chance at First Line pt 2

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Chapter 5-Second Chance at First Line, part 2

When Stiles came running into the house, without Scott, I knew something had gone wrong. "What did you do?" I snapped, getting to my feet. They'd been gone all night.

"Um, I might have made Scott shift by exposing him to Wolfsbane," he replied, taking in the fact that I was wearing Danny's jersey over black leggings and maroon Toms. "You ever going to wear Scott's jersey?" he asked curiously.

"Once he can play safely, sure," I retorted. "But he's probably giving it to Allison," I added on second thought. "Go home, Stiles. Get ready for the game. I'll find him," I said, pushing him out of my room. I had to push him all the way out the door, but he finally gave in and left.

"Where the hell did they find Wolfsbane?" I asked myself softly, pulling my leather jacket on over the jersey. Grabbing my bag, I was about the run out the door when it opened to reveal Scott. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm good," he grinned down at me and hurried up the stairs. Shaking my head, I dropped down on the couch to wait for Mom.

By the time she got home from the shift she'd taken to avoid working tonight, I'd texted Stiles that Scott was fine, and Scott was gone. I'd changed into black jeans and boots, since it'd gotten colder than I'd expected, and swapped my leather jacket for a Northface. My hair tumbled around my shoulders in loose curls, and I was finishing my makeup while Mom changed out of her scrubs. "Is that Danny's jersey, Ami?" she asked when she came downstairs.

"Like he'd let me wear anyone else's," I replied, smiling at her. It was nice to see her in normal clothes, looking like a normal mom. To my surprise, she let me drive over to school, and we chatted about my classes and friends.

"Any boys catch your eye yet?" she asked. I sputtered, shocked that she'd asked so directly, and shook my head. "One will come eventually," she assured me, and I nodded mutely. I figured out how excited she was when she looped her arm through mine as we walked to the field, and I was glad to spend some time with her. After she'd adopted me at the age of eight, Mr. McCall had left only a year later, and she'd been forced into working all the time to pay for everything. It had been a long time since I'd had some mother-daughter time.

When we got to the bleachers, Mom waved to Scott, and I grinned at him. But I was still worried, mostly because Scott didn't have any kind of anchor against his anger to keep him in control. I was going to have to count on his conscience and his super hearing to keep him calm. But I forgot about Scott's temper for a minute when Jackson checked Scott so he could get the ball and scored. "Isn't that your friend Jackson?" Mom asked me quietly as the Beacon Hills fans jumped up, cheering.

"Right now, he's not my friend," I told her, narrowing my eyes as I watched Scott and Jackson. Mom got her feet, clapping reluctantly. I didn't even bother to stand, since I was now quite mad at the blonde. Apparently I needed to slap him harder. Then I saw something in the stands catch Scott's eye, and looked over to see Lydia and Allison holding up a sign for Jackson. I groaned and murmured, "oh no, here we go."

Jackson gathered everyone but Scott in the middle of the field, and I saw Danny arguing with him. But Jackson pushed, and Danny gave in with a sigh before returning to the goal. "Derek, where are you?" I asked softly when I realized Scott was fighting the shift as he bent over. The ref stopped, but took Scott's nod for granted and walked on, thankfully. The MFH kid behind Scott backed up a step, and I realized I needed to help. "Scott, listen to me. Listen to my voice. Everything is okay. Just focus on winning the game," I said. Thankfully, Mom wasn't listening, and it seemed to work for a minute.

Until Allison got up with another sign for Jackson. "Scott, she likes you, not Jackson. Lydia's just pushing your buttons. You're okay," I spoke quickly, but Scott flicked his hand on his stick, and I knew he'd heard me. Mom gripped my shoulder from where she stood beside me and I watched in horrified fascination as Scott leaped off the MFH player to grab the ball. He ran for the net, dodging other defenders like they were hardly moving. Then he scored, and I jumped up, cheering for my brother. But I was worried. He wasn't in control at all, and I'd seen Mr. Argent in the stands with Allison and Lydia.

"Oh, Scott, no. Focus!" I hissed when the MFH defender actually willingly passed to him. "Easy, easy. Breathe. Relax," I kept talking when I realized how much danger everyone on and off the field was in. Derek wasn't here, and I could only keep speaking. But when I saw the hole torn straight through the goalie's cross, I swore, "Damn it, Scott, listen to me!" Mom cheered, astonished, and I tried to smile at her. Then Scott got the ball again, and the defenders just backed away from him.

They made a circle around him, and when I saw the time on the clock, I hissed, "Scott, they aren't prey. They're defending their goal." But that went out the window when they charged him from all sides. "Shoot!" I cried, springing to my feet, and he did. The goalie made a hopeless swipe at the ball, and I laughed, hugging my mom excitedly. I joined the rest of the fans as they ran down onto the field, and felt myself being picked up from behind.

"Danny!" I admonished, laughing. He spun me around, and then set me back on the ground as I stretched up to hug him. I didn't mind the smell of sweaty boys after living with Scott and usually Stiles too. Danny grinned at me, his helmet gone, then joined his teammates in their celebration.

Then I saw Stiles on the bench, and Scott running towards the school. Allison was going after my brother, and I swore. The Sheriff was on the phone as I ran over to Stiles, but when he saw me, the teen jumped up. "Allison just went after Scott!" I told him.

"Hold on," he whispered, gesturing to his dad.

"Mr. Stilinski, everything ok?" I asked when the Sheriff got off the phone.

"Yeah, just the medical examiner's findings from the body the boys found. Guess you were wrong, Stiles. Derek wasn't the killer. It was an animal that killed her," the Sheriff replied.

"Well, that's good. Does that mean you'll release him?" I asked. The sheriff nodded gravely, and moved away to make that call.

"Shit. Come on," Stiles took my hand and ran for the locker room, and I found I could actually keep up. We ran through the hallway, but skidded to halt in front of the locker room door. Scott's helmet was lying on the floor, and I bent down to retrieve it as Stiles went in. I followed, only for him to grab me before I went into the shower area. He jerked his head in the direction I'd wanted to go, and I saw Scott and Allison. Making out.

Blanching, I pulled back and gathered Scott's dropped glove. I heard Allison say, "Stiles," as she walked out and smothered a giggle.

"Hey, yeah," Stiles replied, and then I actually laughed softly. He sounded so awkward.

Scott came out with a goofy grin on his face, and I laughed at him. "Oh, Scott, you're so whipped," I teased.

"I kissed her," Scott said. He sounded like he was in la-la land.

"We saw," Stiles and I chorused.

"She kissed me," Scott went on.

"Saw that too," we told him.

"It's pretty good, huh?" Stiles asked. I whacked him with Scott's glove, but laughed at the look on Scott's face.

"I don't know how, but I controlled it. I pulled it back. Maybe I can do this. Maybe it's not that bad," Scott said.

"Oh, Scott," I sighed sadly. He had no idea about the Alpha controlling him.

Then Stiles tried to avoid ruining Scott's mood. "We'll talk later, then," he decided, slapping Scott's shoulder. I stepped aside to let him walk away, nodding appreciatively.

Scott grabbed his jersey, stopping him. He knew something was wrong. "What?" he asked gently.

"The uh medical examiner looked at the other half of the body we found," Stiles tried to stop the conversation, but now Scott was interested.

"And?" my brother pushed.

"Well, I'll keep it simple. Medical examiner determines killer of girl to be animal, not human. Derek's human, not animal; Derek not killer; Derek let out of jail," Stiles told him.

"Are you kidding?" Scott replied.

Stiles glanced at me, then dropped the bomb, "No, and here's a bigger kick in the ass. My dad ID'ed the dead girl, both halves. Her name was Laura Hale."

"Hale?" Scott gasped. I whimpered, clutching Scott's glove to my chest. Stiles words had a completely different meaning to me than they did to Scott. Scott and Stiles had no idea about the real relationship I'd had with the Hales, since I'd never told them, and Stiles had just confirmed that my older sister was really dead.

"Derek's sister," Stiles sighed.

I passed Scott his glove, seeing the horrified look on his face, but I didn't stay. I needed to leave before my tears came. I ran back out into the parking lot, and found Danny waiting for me. He was talking with my mom, and I wormed my way into his arms. "You okay?" Mom asked me, and I nodded.

Danny smiled down at me, and saw how close I was to tears. "I'll bring her home before midnight, Melissa, I promise," he told her, and ushered me into the car. I saw Scott getting into Mom's car, and Stiles throwing his gear in the Jeep, but I still couldn't see Derek anywhere.

When we got to Danny's house, he carried me into the house, since I barely recognized that we weren't at the school anymore. He made me a cup of hot chocolate and brought me up to his room. There, he set me down on the bed and covered me in a blanket. Then he jumped in the shower, and I stared at the wall, my mind reeling.

Danny's phone went off, and I recognized Jackson's ringtone. I picked it up and managed a choked, "Jackson?"

"Pixie? Are you guys coming?" the blonde's voice greeted me.

"I don't…I can't…" I tried to respond, but only succeeded in breaking down.

"What happened, Ami?" Jackson asked.

"She's dead, Jackson," I cried, and as I said the words, the reality hit me.

"Who's dead, Aim?" he pressed.

"Laura! My Laura," I sobbed, pulling my legs up to my chest.

Warm arms came around me from behind, and I recognized Danny's scented shampoo and body wash. He took the phone from my hand, and said, "We aren't coming, Jackson. She just found out from the Sheriff. Remember, Laura and Derek weren't there during the fire. Ami's been hoping Laura would come home all these years, and now she's dead." There was a pause as Jackson spoke, and I turned into Danny's chest, my tears instantly leaving wet marks on his blue tee. "I don't know, Jackson. She might not like that. You weren't exactly nice to her brother during the game," Danny protested.

"Don't care," I murmured through my tears.

I didn't hear much more until Danny put the phone down and whispered, "He's on his way." Then he sat down on the bed beside me and pulled me up into his arms. I cried for a long time, and when Jackson got there, I ended up squished between them on the bed.

When I woke the next morning alone in Danny's bed, I realized my mom was probably freaking out. I got up to find that I wasn't in my own clothes. A pair of Danny's flannel pajama pants had replaced my jeans, and I wore one of his tank tops over my cami. My stuff was sitting on his desk, my boots by the door. I glanced in the mirror and stopped, appalled. The skin around my eyes was red and raw, my eyes bloodshot and empty. Knots had formed in my hair, so I grabbed the brush Danny kept for me on his dresser. It took a few minutes, but I managed to untangle it. It ended up in a messy bun, but there was nothing I could do about my eyes, or the paleness of the rest of my face. My lips were thin and white, and even when I bit them a few times, they stayed that way.

I finally gave up on my appearance and headed downstairs. I found Danny and Jackson; both dressed the same way as me, in the living room. Mrs. Mahealani jumped up when she saw me and wrapped me in the tightest hug she could manage. "I made you peppermint hot chocolate, sweetie," she told me.

"Thanks, Mrs. Mahealani," I smiled at her, and leaned over the back of the couch to hug Danny when she left. Jackson reached up and pulled me over the back of the couch with ease, and I ended up laying across their laps.

"Mom called Melissa," Danny assured me, and I nodded into his chest, "you can stay all day if you want."

"Can I? No one is at home and I don't want to be alone," I murmured.

"So much for McCall being a good brother," Jackson sneered.

I threw a pillow at him, but he caught it easily enough. "Leave Scott alone, Jackson," I protested. But my heart wasn't in it. I knew better than to blame Scott for not being there, since he was dealing with being a werewolf now, but I couldn't help but feel alone. Scott was too busy trying to learn, Stiles was too busy researching werewolves, Derek was too busy trying to help, and Scott wasn't letting him, Lydia was too busy trying to make Jackson jealous while using Allison to piss off Scott, and Jackson was too busy trying to figure out Scott's secret.

"So it's true?" Danny asked. I nodded and sat up, moving off the couch to curl up in one of the recliners.

"We've had some problems come up and Scott is having a hard time with them," I sighed.

"But you're okay," Jackson reminded me.

"Yeah, because I already knew! I've already dealt with it!" I exclaimed. "They weren't problems for me. I grew up with it in foster care, I was used to it. It wasn't a big deal to me, but it's brand new to Scott, and school just started, and he made first line," I explained, then turned to Jackson and snapped, "And, you by the way, need to grow up and get over the fact that he's good without using drugs. I don't care if you don't like him, be a team player and pass him the freaking ball."

Then I looked over at Danny's face and realized I'd said something that startled him. "What? What did I say?" I asked.

"That was the first time you mentioned your foster care," Danny told me softly. "We thought you'd bounced around, had it really rough, that was why you never talked about it."

"Wait you don't know?" I realized.

"Know what?" Jackson asked.

"I grew up in foster care here in Beacon Hills. I was only in one foster house until Melissa adopted me when I was eight. You knew my foster sister," I told them.

"We do?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, you did. Cora wasn't just my best friend. She was my foster sister," I replied.

"Wait, so the guy you were dancing with at the party was your brother?" Jackson realized.

I looked back and forth between them, seeing that they really didn't know, and sighed. Then I said, "Yeah, Derek's my brother just as much as Scott. My foster family was the Hales."

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