Blue Moon

Pack Mentality

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Chapter 6-Pack Mentality

On Monday morning, I had a funny feeling in my head. It was almost like I was remembering a conversation; I could hear the voice, but not the words. I tried to ignore it as I dressed, but that was easier said than done. Standing in front of the mirror, I smiled at how different I looked from yesterday morning. Today I wore teal, black and white Aztec print jeans with a fitted teal North Face sweatshirt and black sneakers. A silver anchor necklace, white stud earrings, and silver heart rings completed the outfit, along with silver based makeup.

The outfit made me sad, but in a good way I guessed. Teal had been Laura's favorite color, and the necklace had been a gift from her. I thought it was better to wear them and remember her life than to wear black and mourn her death. I wasn't going to ignore her death, but I knew I couldn't let it control me. I had to keep going; I had to keep living now that she couldn't.

I'd already finished up in the bathroom, but I didn't hear anything that sounded like Scott getting ready. So I knocked on the door and peaked in to find him braced against the sink, his head bowed. "Scott, you okay?" I asked, holding onto the door. He looked up, facing me in the mirror, and my breath caught. His eyes were yellow, his canines exposed, but it was his blood stained hands that made me scream.

He lunged, and I leaped backwards, flinging the door shut. A furious snarl erupted from him as the door slammed on his face. I scrambled out of my room, snagging my bag as I fled down the stairs. My brother's enraged howl followed me out the door as I ran, but I didn't dare look back. The image of bloody claws reaching for me urged me to just keep running.

Then the black Camaro came flying around the corner and I skidded to a stop as Derek braked. The car spun, sliding to halt facing the complete opposite direction. I dove into the passenger seat and Derek took off. He drove me straight to school, and stayed with me in the parking lot to wait for Danny. "I need to find a way to protect myself," I sighed, leaning against the Camaro.

"There might be a way to keep Scott from getting too close to you, but it would keep him away in human form too," he told me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, and I leaned against his side contentedly. "It would keep you safe from the Alpha, but it would keep me away too," he added.

"What is it?" I asked my curiosity spiking.

"Do you still have the locket my mother gave you?" he asked. When I nodded, he told me, "I was thinking we could put Wolfsbane inside it."

"No, I can't do that to you and Scott," I protested. But I was torn. It would keep me safe from the Alpha and Scott's wolf, since inhaling the scent enough could kill them.

He nodded, almost relieved, and said, "I'll think of something." I looked up at him and realized I could see real emotion in his eyes for once. The worry melted a bit of the ice from the green, and I thought they were much more appealing when they weren't so cold. "Your friend is here," he told me. I looked up to see Danny getting out of his car next to Jackson's Porsche. "I'll pick you up for work, okay?" he asked.

"Thanks," I murmured, stretching up to kiss his cheek before I headed for Danny and Jackson. As I walked away, I noticed a lot of people staring at the Camaro and smirked.

"You look good today," Danny told me when I reached him. He hugged me, holding me tighter than usual, and I knew he was worried about me.

I grinned up at him and took the coffee one of the boys had grabbed me. "What would I do without you guys?" I asked.

"Not drink coffee," Danny teased. I laughed and looked over in time to see Scott and Stiles walk by. I could hear Scott telling Stiles about attacking somebody, and as we followed, I heard enough to figure out he'd dreamed about killing Allison in the school bus.

"I'll meet you in class, okay? I have to ask Scott something," I murmured to Danny. He nodded and I hurried after the pair.

I reached them in time to walk outside with them. "Like it actually happened," Scott said.

"It was a dream, Scott, it couldn't have happened" I assured him. Only to stop short when I saw the scene in front of me, and stare, horrified.

"I think it did," Stiles said. Scott whirled, yanking the door back open, and Stiles ran after him. I took in the blood on the bus, and the wrecked back door, and swallowed. I snapped a picture on my phone to send to Derek, and ran after the boys.

"Scott, breathe. You can't shift in here," I ordered, taking his arm and pulling his hand from his hair. But he yanked away and turned the corner. I heard him yell, and the locker being slammed, but didn't hurry after him. I followed though, just keeping an eye on him, and saw him back straight into Allison. They talked as they picked up her books, and we all groaned when the announcement was made about our classes.

Then Jackson slung his arm around my shoulder, and I looked up at him. We both stopped short when we saw the damage done to Jackson's locker. "What the hell?" Jackson demanded to nobody in particular, trying to close his locker.

"Nice one, Scott," I muttered when I saw that Scott was staring.

"What are you looking at, ass-wipe?" Jackson snapped. I slapped him upside the head as Scott walked away. "What do I do with my stuff?" Jackson asked.

"Well, half your classes are by Lydia's locker so ask her to share till they fix it," I suggested.

"And the other half?" he asked.

"You can put your books in my locker if you want," I shrugged. I had plenty of room, since I'd put in a second shelf, and I had a full locker. He nodded and I helped him carry his books to my locker. He brought the rest to Lydia once I'd arranged them on the top shelf.

I sat in Chemistry first period, deep in thought, worried. I could hear Scott and Stiles easily, though I sat a few seats away. The adrenaline rush from a dream like that would have been enough to make Scott shift this morning, but it didn't explain the blood. Was it possible Scott actually had attacked someone? "Mr. Stilinski, if that's your idea of a hushed whisper, you might want to pull the headphones out every once in a while," Mr. Harris said smugly. "I think you and Mr. McCall would benefit from a little distance, yes?"

"No," Stiles protested, and I snickered into my hand. He sounded like a little kid. But he and Scott moved anyway.

"Let me know if the separation anxiety gets to be too much," Harris smirked. Stiles laughed humorlessly as I glared at Harris, not bothering to mask my hatred of him.

"Hey, I think they found something!" the girl now next to Scott cried, and everyone hurried to the window. I tried to look, but Jackson was in front of me, so I ducked under his arm and squeezed between him and the window. I watched, horrified, as the paramedics wheeled the stretcher towards the ambulance.

"That's not a rabbit," Scott muttered to Stiles, who was standing beside Jackson. Then the bloody man shot upright with a yell, and everyone jumped. I yelped and fell back into Jackson, who steadied me with one arm.

"Okay," Stiles breathed, and I turned to see Scott backing away. Stiles and I went to him, Stiles saying, "This is good, this is good. He got up; he's not dead. Dead guys can't do that." But I could see that it wasn't helping Scott.

"Stiles, I did that," my brother realized.

"Alright, everyone back to their seats," Harris ordered, shooing us away from the window. I moved my stuff to Scott's vacated seat, not wanting to be able to see out the window the way I could, and Harris didn't protest. I might have hated the guy, and he might have taken special pleasure in tormenting my brother and Stiles, but he respected my capabilities and didn't question me.

"We don't know that you did that, Scott," I murmured. I spoke too quietly for my new partner to hear, but I knew Scott could.

At lunch later that day, I found my usual crowd sitting with Scott and Stiles per Lydia's unspoken order. Danny sat down next to Stiles and I sat down next to him, raising an eyebrow at Scott. He shook his head in an "I don't know, don't ask me," look, and I sighed.

"Get up," Jackson ordered the kid next to Lydia.

"Why don't you ever ask Danny to get up?" the kid asked Jackson.

"Because I don't stare at his girlfriend's coin slot," Danny retorted, and I laughed softly into water bottle. Lydia smiled at Danny, and Danny continued, "So, I hear they're saying it's some type of animal attack, probably a cougar."

"I heard mountain lion," Jackson told him.

"A cougar is a mountain lion," Lydia told the blonde. Then, realizing that sounded like she was smarter than him, added in her faked dumb voice, "Isn't it?"

"Who cares? The guy's probably some homeless tweaker who's gonna die anyway," Jackson replied.

"Actually, I just found out who it is," Stiles told the table. "Check it out," he held his phone out so we could see, but I had to lean around Danny, and ended up sitting in his lap.

Stiles played the video, and when it was done, Scott said, "I know this guy."

"You do?" Allison asked.

"Yeah, when I used to take the bus back when I lived with my dad; he was the driver," my brother explained, looking right at Stiles.

"I remember him," I realized, nodding at Scott.

"Can we talk about something slightly more fun, please? Like, oh, we are we going tomorrow night?" Lydia asked, turning to Allison. I choked on the bite of apple I'd stolen from Danny, and Jackson whacked me between the shoulder blades. Spitting the apple into a napkin, I glared at him and he shrugged. "You said you and Scott were hanging out tomorrow night, right?" Lydia pressed.

Swallowing, Allison said, "Um, we were thinking of what we were gonna do."

"Well, I'm not sitting home again watching lacrosse videos, so if the four of us are hanging out, we're doing something fun," the strawberry blonde informed the brunette couple.

"Hanging out?" Scott asked, turning to Allison. She shrugged, and Stiles shook his head, covering his mouth in horror. Personally, I couldn't believe this was happening, and I don't think Danny could either. He looked down at me with wide eyes and I could only shake my head. "Like the four of us?" Scott continued. "Do you want to hang out, like us and them?" He was talking straight to Allison, thinking she had changed the plans for their date.

"Yeah, I guess, it sounds fun," she replied.

"You know what else sounds fun?" Jackson asked, leaning to take the fork from Lydia's tray, "stabbing myself in the face with this fork."

Lydia took it from him and placed her hand on his knee, suggesting, "How about bowling? You love to bowl."

"Yeah, with actual competition," Jackson told her gently, but it was still a dig at Scott.

"How do you know, we're not actual competition?" Allison challenged, leaning around Scott. "You can bowl, right?" she asked my brother. My eyes went wide, and I figured I looked pretty much the same as Stiles. Scott couldn't bowl at all.

"Sort of," Scott replied.

Jackson sat forward, hearing the opportunity to make a challenge. "Is it sort of, or yes?" he asked.

"Yes," Scott replied firmly, meeting the challenge in the blue eyes. But I could only watch as the train wreck continued. "In fact, I'm a great bowler."

After school, I left with Scott and Stiles, silently agreeing with Stiles the entire way, until he mentioned gay best friend. "Hey! Leave Danny out of this!" I ordered, catching Stiles' lacrosse stick. But of course, he was stronger than me, and it just slid from his backpack instead of stopping him. So I whacked him with it as he contemplated whether or not Danny liked him. Meanwhile, Scott was freaking out over the bus guy, his date failure, Jackson's vendetta, and the fact that he was late for work. And I was going to be late too. "Crap," I muttered, running after him.

Derek was walking from the parking lot when I left the school. I realized I'd never sent him the picture as he took my bag. "Did you hear what happened?" I asked. He nodded, and I showed him the picture on my phone. "It gets worse. Scott had a dream last night that he attacked Allison on that very bus, and I guess the damage is the same as he caused to the bus in the dream. Plus this morning, when I found him shifted, he had blood on his hands," I told him.

"I'll look into it. Don't worry too much, okay? Just focus on staying safe," he replied. I nodded and got into the Camaro, but not before I noticed Stiles watching. I shook my head at him and he nodded. He wouldn't tell; he couldn't. Scott couldn't know that I was spending so much time with Derek.

After a quiet shift at the store, I found Derek outside with a takeout bag. "You bought me dinner?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't I?" he asked. "I stopped at your house and grabbed the locket. How about we put the Wolfsbane in it, but you don't have to wear it if you don't want," he told me. I nodded and slid into the Camaro, noticing that Bandit wasn't barking at Derek.

When Derek pulled up to the shed that had survived the fire, I understood that he was hiding the car. The burned out remains of his house now belonged to the county and I realized I hadn't been back here since the fire. I hesitated on the front porch, holding my bag, and touched the door with shaking fingers. "Ami?" Derek reappeared in front of me, having expected me to follow him in. I looked up at him, and he must have seen the answer on my face. He sighed and pulled me into his arms as my tears started to fall again. It was easy to remember my childhood spent in this house, but it was so hard to forget the pain. The ghosts of memories flashed by as Derek half carried me through the house up to what had once been his father's study.

"Are you actually keeping Wolfsbane here?" I asked when I saw the purple plant on the desk.

"Dad used to grow it out of the woods so he could use it to control the pups, remember?" he replied.

I nodded sadly and sat down on the edge of the desk as he passed over the locket. I held it in my palm as I stared at it for a minute, and he waited. Stylized to be a triscalade made of Celtic knots, the silver pendant had been meant to mark me as part of the Hale pack. Using my nail, I flipped it open to reveal two pictures that I hadn't looked at in a long time. On one side, Laura and Cora smiled at me, one an older version of the other. The matching picture was Alec, Derek, and Eric, the latter a blue-eyed and younger Derek. It took everything I had not to cry as I looked down at the pictures, and Derek took the locket from me with gentle hands.

A single Wolfsbane flower fit in the locket, and then Derek brought the plant back out to the woods. When he came back, he picked me up and dropped me on the air mattress in his old room. I started to get up, but he held me down, and motioned for me to listen. I heard the car engine and my eyes widened. He moved to the broken window, and I heard the police officer's voice. Then the dog barked, and I nearly sighed in relief. Derek lowered his head, and the police canine went absolutely nuts, barking loudly.

The cop took off, but as the car pulled away, I heard footsteps in the leaves. Derek stiffened, and I heard, "I know you can hear me. I need your help." I flopped back onto the mattress, soundlessly groaning when I realized that if Scott knew I was here, he'd kill me and Derek.

"Stay here. Don't come downstairs no matter what you hear," Derek ordered me softly, and I nodded. He went down, and I heard the door close behind him. I thanked my extraordinary hearing once again, because I could hear pretty well.

"Okay, I know I was part of you getting arrested, and that we basically announced you being here to the Hunters, also, I don't know what happened to your sister, but I think I did something last night. I had a dream about someone," this made me giggle, "but someone else got hurt, and it turns out that part of the dream might actually have happened. And I nearly attacked Ami this morning," Scott said.

"You think you attacked the driver," Derek said simply.

"Did you see what I did last night?" Scott demanded.

"No," Derek replied, and I knew he was being honest. He hadn't seen Scott do it. But, I had shown him the picture, so technically, he was lying.

"Can you at least tell me the truth? Am I going to hurt someone?" Scott pleaded.

"Yes," Derek told him. Because that wasn't a slap in the face.

"Could I kill someone?" Scott asked.

"Yes," Derek said. There was the punch in the gut.

"Am I gonna kill someone?" Scott was starting to freak out.

"Probably," Derek's voice still hadn't shown any emotion, and I could picture the look in his eyes as he delivered the kick in the ass to Scott. "Look, I can show you how to remember. I can show you how to control the shift, even on a full moon," Derek went on, "But it's not gonna come for free." At that, my head shot up. Derek knew we had nothing to give him.

"What do you want?" Scott asked. His voice was a lot softer, and I had to strain to hear the words.

"You'll find out," Derek assured him. "But for now, I'm gonna give you what you want. Go back to the bus. Go inside. See it, feel it. Let your senses: sight, smell, touch; let them remember for you."

"That's it; just go back?" Scott asked.

"Do you wanna know what happened?" Derek responded.

"I just want to know if I hurt him," Scott explained.

"No you don't. You want to know if you'll hurt her," Derek told him.

When Derek rejoined me in his room, I asked, "What do you want from us?"

"I want him to do me a favor when I ask for it," he replied, "I want you to stay alive so you can be my sister again."

"Even if it means staying away from you?" I asked, torn.

"I'd rather be able to see you for a few minutes and know you're safe than see you all the time and worry about you being dead the next day," he told me wrapping me in a hug.

I buried my face in his chest, protesting, "I just got you back."

"I know. But I'll still be here. I just won't be able to hang around for long," he assured me.

I sighed and nodded into his jacket, and he stepped back. The takeout bag on the floor caught my eye, and my stomach rumbled. He laughed, a real laugh, and I grinned. I could handle this, especially since he was trying to help. Deciding it was worth it I said, "I'm telling Scott about the Wolfsbane, but I'll wear the locket."

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