Tekken 3: Mirages


Fighters all over the world are vanishing as an ancient evil awakens. The Mishima Zaibatsu has also announced the Third King of Iron Fists Tournament. Coincidence? The world thinks not...

Action / Romance
Loki B. Mohammad
Age Rating:


As a die-hard fan of the Tekken series, I feel it is important to put this here as a prelude to the fanfiction you are about to enjoy. If you, like me, have followed the Tekken lore since the game was first introduced in December of 1994, you know that the canonical timeline shows that Tekken 3 takes place nineteen years after the events of Tekken 2. When you get into the following story, however, the lapsed time has been shortened to eight, and I feel I owe it to true Tekken fans to explain why.

For starters, I have declared this fiction as an “alternate universe.” Though most of the canonical story progresses as the familiar tale we all know and love, the addition of a few original characters and their connection to the Mishima Family and other fighters just did not fit with the 19-year gap between tournaments. This will be true for future fictions--which are already in planning stages--that canonically have 4 tournaments in one year--that’s one tournament every 3 months! Now, realistically speaking, that would be very taxing for our beloved hosts to pull off, especially with the massive war that had been started between the events of Tekkens 6 and 7. Needless to say, liberties have been taken, and they will continue to be taken for the sake of limiting the chaos that is the Tekken storyline.

Most of the history will be explained through the reading of the story, so I won’t take up any more time here. Just remember that as you read, I am not intending to pass anything off as canon, regardless of how close to the source material I am trying to stay.

This is Tekken AU. Enjoy.

--Shei B. Mohammad

PS: PLEASE NOTICE THE AGE RATING FOR THIS SERIES!! While the games themselves were rated T for “Teen”, this series is rated M for “Mature”. It may not seem reasonable in this first installment, but the coming sequels will justify the rating. If you cannot handle mature content, do not start reading this series, because you won’t be able to see it to the end.

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