Too Much To Ask For

Chapter 9

TMTAF chapter 9

Peter turned and walked out, leaving his new guest waiting for a bath attendant. He had her knife in his mind, and Tahki padded along beside him as he made his way to the armory. Inside, he searched until he found exactly what he was looking for. He took a dagger from his personal collection of weapons and drew it from its sheath.

The dagger was one of his favorites; a coronation gift from one of the red dwarf clans, it was much like Lucy's dagger, only this one was thicker and longer. The lion's mouth on the pommel was open, bearing vicious silver fangs. He tucked it into his belt and nodded to the Weaponsmaster. The centaur gave a half bow as he walked out, and the High King found himself in the Spymaster's office.

Each king and queen had an office off the Spymaster's, and they used them as headquarters for their separate groups of informants and spies. The Northern Patrol was his own group, and the office walls were covered in maps of northern Narnia. He laid the dagger on the desk and sat in the chair behind said desk. He folded his arms on the desk and laid his head on them. He found himself drifting off until a knock on the door roused him.

"Come in!" he called, quickly combing his hair with his fingers. He stood up and quickly stuck the dagger back into his belt.

The door opened to admit the patrol that had found the girl, and the centaurs filled the room quickly. "Sire, did we wake you?" one asked.

"Yes, it's okay, though, Bardel," he assured him.

The centaurs were quick to go through the reports, and Peter suddenly found himself alone again. He had pages of notes in front of him, and he slid them into a folder to store away. Glancing at the time, he bolted from the office, and hurried to the balcony where Susan had set up the meal.

When he got there, he found that she was absent. "Is she coming?" he asked his siblings.

"Did you invite her?" Susan asked.

"Yes, but," he started, but Susan cut him off with a gesture. She was looking beyond him, and when he turned, he saw her. She was partly hidden by a column, and she kept to the shadows. The balcony was a few steps above the main floor it was off, and he stepped down a step, hoping to coax her forward. "Milady, I'd like you to meet my siblings," he told her encouragingly.

She stepped forward, hesitantly, out of her hiding place, and the High King was rendered speechless. She was absolutely beautiful in a dark green dress and cream shawl around her shoulders. Her hair was twirled and braided with cream ribbon and she wore soft green slippers. "Your Majesties, Your Highnesses," she curtsied carefully, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

"My sister, Queen Susan the Gentle," Peter started, having to swallow several times before he could speak. She was stunning, really, and she carried herself like a queen, alibit a nervous queen.

"Welcome to Cair Paraval," Susan said, instantly adopting a kind of motherly attitude, as if she can feel the girl's need.

"My brother, King Edmund the Just," Peter continued.

"I hope my brother's not given you too much trouble," Edmund joked gently.

"And my youngest sister, Queen Lucy the Valiant," Peter finished, offering his hand to help her up the stairs.

"How do you like Narnia?" Lucy asked, turning from the edge of the balcony.

"I don't know, Your Highness. Most of my time in your kingdom has been spent unconscious, or abiding your brother's wishes," she replied, carefully moving up the stairs.

"What exactly did he have you do?" Susan asked, looking at her older brother, who was pulling out one of the five chairs for her.

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