Too Much To Ask For

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

"Nothing bad, dear sister. I simply suggested she go to the healer, speak to the Quartermaster for a room, and take a nice steam bath. Unfortunately, Milady here seems to refuse to let things go smoothly," Peter assured his sister, pulling out Lucy's chair for her.

"What happened, Milady?" The Gentle Queen asked.

"Well, Your Majesty, every room your Quartermaster offered was far too grand and ornate for the likes of me. I also had a bit of a panic attack at the healer's. It seems I have a fear of needles and need to be in control of things such as that," she explained sheepishly.

"They had to remove the stitches she put in herself, restitch the wounds, and bandage them," Peter elaborated as he sat.

"You stitched yourself?" Lucy exclaimed, slightly horrified.

"Well yes, Your Highness. I didn't want the wounds to get infected and I didn't want to bleed out, so I stitched myself up. I didn't feel quite as much of it as I should have, because most of my body was either numb or asleep from the wreck and being unconscious for so long," she told my little sister quietly.

"Yes, Peter mentioned that you were shipwrecked," Edmund told her.

"I think I was shipwrecked, Your Highness. You see, I don't remember ever being on a ship. I also don't remember anything of before the wreck. I don't remember anything that's happened to me. I don't remember where I come from, when my birthday is, how I got here, or where I supposed to be going on that ship. I don't even remember my name, Your Highness, which is why your golden brother hasn't introduced me," she replied, turning slightly to smile at Peter.

The High King laughed and smiled back, and the other three understood that the golden brother part was a joke between them. "But you haven't seem to forget everything you've learned, clearly someone taught you to speak properly," Susan said, unfolding her napkin to place it in her lap. The others did the same as the Gentle Queen began to serve them.

"No, Your Majesty, I've just forgotten learning them. I haven't forgotten what it is I learned, but I don't remember who taught me, when I learned, where I learned, the actually learning itself. I do not remember events, names, dates, things like that. But I do know things. I know that even though King Peter's patrol found me just south of the Wildlands, I am not from the Wildlands. I do not know how I know that, but I do. It's like I'm playing elimination in my head. I know what I'm not," she explained, covering the top of her goblet when Susan went to serve wine. "See, Your Majesty? How did I know to do that? I don't remember learning to do that, but I know to do it," she said.

"Why? Why have you lost your memory?" Edmund asked, taking a bite of his salad. She noticed that their meals were simple, and she guessed there would be some kind of welcoming feast for the Calormen party. They probably didn't want to each a lot now so they could actually eat at the feast.

"Aslan took it," Lucy said with absolute certainty. The others turned to look at her, questions clear in their eyes. "Can't you feel her mark? She's been Aslan-marked, and I'm betting it's because he took her memory," she explained.

"Is Aslan a great lion?" she asked softly, making Peter turn to see her head down and her hands fiddling with the tablecloth.

"Yes, he is. Why?" Lucy replied gently, and they all heard a note of fondness in her voice.

"Because the night after the wreck, the day I woke on the beach, I dreamed of a great lion," she told the young queen.

"Did he say anything?" the queen asked.

"Yes. He told me to find the silver cat on its banner of red. He told me the banner needed to be raised and needed to learn to believe in its self," she told them softly.

"You need to raise a red banner with a silver cat? Isn't that your personal standard, brother?" Edmund asked.

"Yes, brother, it is," Peter replied, never looking from the girl he had brought into this situation. A faint color tinged her cheeks and her knuckles were white as she held the tablecloth that hung in her lap. He reached over, discretely, since she was sitting right next to him, and placed his hand on top of hers. He slowly unclenched her fingers and smoothed her hand on her lap. She gently squeezed his hand and he withdrew his to his own lunch.

He didn't see Susan and Edmund exchange a swift glance, but if he had, he probably wouldn't have minded. The Aslan-mark explained the draw he had felt to her, but it didn't explain why he was so comfortable around her, or why he felt such a strong desire to help her and hurt those who had hurt her. He had yet to realize it, but she was quickly becoming his in his mind.

"So Aslan sent you to help Peter become the king He believes he can be," Lucy summarized.

She looked up to meet the Valiant Queen's eyes and nodded. And suddenly each one of the Kings and Queens had a quick vision of a queen with no crown.

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