Too Much To Ask For

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

That night, after the ball was over and everyone had returned to their rooms, Evelyn found herself unable to sleep. The bed was perfect, at least to her, but she tossed and turned and eventually lay staring at the ceiling.

She suddenly felt it, the pull on her arm, and she sprang out of the bed, flinging the covers away. The pull was a yank, a desperate, last resort yank. Spirit got to her paws as she rummaged in the drawers for a pair of leggings and an over shirt. She stuffed her feet into a pair of boots then yanked the door open. She ran down the hall and straight to a guard. "Where's the High King's room?"she asked, not bothering to keep the urgency out of her voice.

"Milady, you should return to your own quarters," the guard protested.

"Listen, I do not know what it is you have been told about me, but you are a creature of Narnia, therefore you can feel that I have an Aslan mark. The great lion brought me here to help the High King, and helping seems to include freeing him from nightmares. So I suggest you take me to him immediately," she snapped. Her eyes flashed and the guard felt her mark compelling him to help her.

"Follow this hallway down to a courtyard. You'll find the cats or some of the dogs there. They can take you," he told her, gesturing to her right.

"Thank you," she whispered as she and Spirit ran down the hall, down two flights of stairs, and out into the courtyard. She found a leopard and a tiger there, already on their paws and waiting.

"How do you know the King's having a nightmare?" the leopard asked.

"It is part of whatever abilities Aslan has given me. I can feel the King's need," she replied, following the cats as they raced through the palace. They slowed their pace to hers, but she was sprinting faster than she knew she could. They stopped at a door laces with shadow and Evelyn realized it was carved and very ornate. The guards stationed in the hallway didn't stop her, and she knew they felt her mark.

Just then, the door was flung open and there stood Edmund, looking worried and slightly fearful. "Oh good, you're here," he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the room, closing the door behind the cats. He dragged her into the bedchamber, where Peter lay thrashing in the sheets."I can't help him. Usually he doesn't have nightmares once I come to him, but this..." the younger king told her. At her glance, he explained quietly. "I keep away his nightmares and he keeps away my cold," he murmured.

She nodded, knowing this was nothing strange for two siblings who shared so much. She instead moved to the side of the bed and her hand seemed to move on its own as it rested on the High King's chest, just over his heart. She felt his thrashing slow and still as her hand grew cold. She could feel the chill seeping up her arm as she drew more of it out of the High King, and when it reached her shoulder, his eyes opened.

"Pete? Are you okay?" Edmund asked, moving to help his brother sit up. She drew away, feeling the cold begin to burn its way to her heart and her head, and she knew no way to stop it. She retreated to the King's sitting room, where she fell to her knees as memories began to return.

"I am now," Peter replied, swinging himself out of the bed. "What happened?" he asked.

"You were thrashing and fighting and I couldn't help you. I was going to get Lucy and Evelyn, but Evelyn was there when I opened the door," the dark haired king told the golden haired one.

"That would be part of Aslan's gift to her. She can sense when I need her," the elder king explained quietly. "Speaking of Evelyn, where is she?" he asked, looking around his bedchamber.

They found her on her knees in the sitting room, cradling her arm and crying. "Evelyn, what happened? What is wrong?" Peter asked her, kneeling before her.

"I remember some of my old life. I have four elder brothers. The cold I drew out of you, it was causing your nightmare and now it's giving me my memory," she told him.

"But the cold works against Aslan's gifts. That's why it gives Peter nightmares and makes me frozen. Why would it help you and give your memory back?" Edmund asked from where he stood over them.

"It isn't helping. Aslan's main gift to me was to take my memory. There are things I don't want to remember, things I don't want to know or have on my shoulders. He doesn't want me to remember," she told him, looking up.

"The cold knows how to get to you. You have to draw it out of me, which you're probably going to have to do when it gets to me. How do we keep it away from you? Edmund can usually keep it away from me by just being there, and vice versa, but what could be your key?"Peter asked her.

"Dreams. Somehow, I need to dream to counter your nightmares. That way I don't have to draw it out of you, because it can't get in in the first place," she realized after a moment.

"How do we make you dream?" Edmund asked her, helping them up from the floor. They all moved to the couch, sitting as close as they could. Peter sat between Evelyn and Edmund, an arm around each of their shoulders, drawing them into him as he shielded them from cold.

"This," she told him, pulling a blanket over the three of them.

Author's note: This is supposed to be an innocent scene between friends and brothers, not a hint at Peter and Evelyn sleeping together. Also, FYI, I intent to throw you all for a loop.

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