Too Much To Ask For

Chapter 23

Author's Note:

Dandapanda-or this one…I needed another enemy I hope it's okay if this one dies

Chapter 23

Later, she would think that He knew it was the last sleep she'd get for a while. She'd think He was trying to save her once more. She just thought it a bit too late. But there wasn't anything she could do to stop herself from waking up in situations.

And she woke just in time as the trees around them erupted in dark forms and shadows. Evelyn was on her feet instantly, Moon clinging to her collar as she drew her sword. Spirit and Flame were there, defending her from what looked like two werebeasts. She whirled as a sound alerted her, ducking under a minotaur's battleaxe as she did. The Captain was there, taking on the beast that was determined to crush Evelyn. The other centaurs and Snowfire were occupied by other minotaurs, ogres, a hag or two, and something that flew over Evelyn's head, raking her with talons. At least, it tried to. Evelyn slashed at it, driving it back up above her, where she could see it against the lightening sky.

It looked like a winged monkey. 'A winged monkey?' she asked herself. 'I've never seen these before' she realized. She ducked as it dove at her, slashing at its wing. She heard bone crunch and it fell awkwardly to the ground, where she promptly sliced its head off. She shuddered and suddenly found herself being swarmed by Black Dwarves. She hacked and slashed and stabbed and dodged, but eventually they over whelmed her, and she fell.

They grabbed her, and dragged her into the woods, where she was tied up and thrown onto a rough sled being pulled by a quartet of white elk. The Dwarves jumped onto the sled, several sitting on her, and it jerked forward, sliding across the grass with difficulty. Eventually, Evelyn felt the change from Narnia to the Wild Lands, as they were going much faster across snow than they had on grass.

Moon was tucked inside the top of her shirt, right at her collarbone, and the kitten was completely still. Evelyn was tempted to see if she could roll off the side of the sled, but there was a good chance she'd get hurt. Plus, her legs were bound again. 'I'm sorry, Peter. I should have known they'd ambush us. But unless they were watching us the whole time, how did they know we were there? How did I not know they were watching us?' she thought as the sled continued on.

They went on for only an hour, and then they were stopping. She was grabbed from the sled by a minotaur, and thrown onto her knees. Her head was yanked back and she felt Moon flatten herself against her neck. She knelt before a black tent with a pitched roof that she recognized instantly as the Queen's pavilion. The Queen's army was gathered around her, and she watched the pavilion carefully.

When the Queen flung the heavy curtains open with her sword in one hand, Evelyn didn't flinch. When the Queen laid green-gold eyes on her, Evelyn didn't flinch. When the Queen moved in front of her in her gray dress, Evelyn didn't flinch. When the Queen cupped her face in both freezing white hands, Evelyn didn't flinch.

No, Evelyn didn't flinch until the Queen spoke. "Hello, my dear one. You've been gone for a while. Aren't you tired? You can come and rest," she purred, and Evelyn glared back.

"No," the girl snarled. She could hear the menace and evil in the Witch's voice now, but she was already at war within herself. She'd shattered because she'd fought the voice whispering inside her head to go back, back to where she belonged, back to the Queen's side. But she knew in her heart that she loved Aslan, that she loved the warmth in Narnia, and that she needed Peter now. She fought the freezing touch and tried to focus on the warmth Moon was sending her, but she knew she didn't have long.

"Come, dear one, you must be tired. I can get you food, whatever you wish to eat, and proper clothing. The Princess of the Wild Lands must be dressed properly," the Queen crooned.

"I'm not the Princess," Evelyn growled, swallowing. 'Defy it, Evelyn. Defy it,' she heard Peter's voice in her head, and suddenly, the whisper wasn't so loud.

"You say that out of tiredness and hunger. Come with me. I can give you whatever you want. I can get you your proper weapons and restore you to your beauty. I can get you your softest dress and your finest armor. I can get you your proper companions and I can get you your nicest bed. Just come with me," the Queen promised her.

But Evelyn knew. She knew the Witch's intent. And she wasn't about to be drawn back into the icy clutches. Not when He was with her. She had Aslan now. And she had His love now. She knew His love now. "No," she hissed at the Witch, and the whisper began to scream.

"Very well. Give her what she deserves," the Queen's entire demeanor changed, and Evelyn saw the Witch. "Throw her with the others," she ordered, and Evelyn was snatched up. She was hauled away from the pavilion and then dumped into a ravine. She fell, and landed with a cry on frozen snow. Then she lay still.

Moon crawled from Evelyn's shirt when the girl didn't move. "Evelyn?" she squeaked, nosing the girl's cheek.

"She'd been knocked out, small one," a feline voice told her from behind. Moon spun around, her claws digging into Evelyn's shirt, and her hackles rising. She hissed at the gryphon that stood nearby, half hidden in shadow.

"Small one is fierce," another voice added. Moon looked to see a female centaur come forward, limping on one leg.

"She is the girl's protector," a new voice observed.

"Yes I am! So stay away from her!" Moon hissed, lashing her tail.

"We can help her, small one," a fourth, and deeper, voice replied soothingly.

"Show yourselves," Moon ordered, trying to imitate the High King's commanding tone. A white elk, just like the ones from the sled, and a faun came forward from the shadows. A second faun, a dog, a Red Dwarf, a raccoon, and a cougar came from the shadows too, but Moon had a feeling it was the elk and the first faun she'd heard talking. "Is that all of you?" she asked, lashing her tail again.

"It is in this section. This ravine is long, and deep, and makes a very good cage. Others are scattered throughout, but we heard what was happening," the faun answered, and Moon matched him with the deeper voice.

"Can you really help her?" she asked, letting her fur flatten out.

"I do not need it," Evelyn's voice startled Moon, making the kitten whirl back around.

"You're okay?" the tiny cat asked.

"Yes. Could someone help me up?" the girl replied. The two fauns lifted her to her feet, and she found her sword gone. But her dagger, hidden two nights before on her upper arm, was still there. "Who are you?" she asked, and was relieved to find her gold chain still about her neck.

"I am Zephyr, and my sister, Zephyra, is down the ravine," the gryphon told her.

"I am Emmis," the centaur added.

Introductions continued until Evelyn had all their names. The elk was Snowwatcher, the fauns Owet and Kivin. The dog went by Dizzy, the raccoon by Shadow. The cougar gave his name as Ferro, and the Dwarf called himself Bican.

She was guided down the ravine to where the prisoners kept a fire going, and she curled up with the Animals to be introduced to the rest and hear their stories. A plan began to form in her head, but she fell asleep before she could think about it more carefully.

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