Too Much To Ask For



She looked over at her companion on his black Horse, and she smiled. His golden hair was still as neat as it was before they'd ridden out, which did not surprise her in the least. Her eyes fell to the gold band around the ring finger of his left hand, and her smile grew wider.

He looked over when he felt her eyes on him. Her gold braid was swept over one shoulder, leaving the other free for the gray Cat with the old signet ring on her collar. He followed her golden gaze with his blue one, and when he saw what she was looking at, he looked to her left hand. The matching gold band was paired with a gold bridal ring. His fond smile spread, and he reached out to her.

She interlaced her fingers through his, and their mounts moved closer. This had happened enough times that the Horses did not fuss or even pay attention anymore. He leaned over and kissed her, and when he drew back, both of them were reminded of that first kiss over four years ago.

Even after two years though, seeing the other wearing the ring hadn't ceased to send them into a glorious smile. To anyone who saw them together, their love was clear.

That didn't mean it was perfectly happy and peaceful, because they'd had their share of fights and disagreements, and they knew they'd have more. That was part of marriage. And sometimes, having your wife as your adviser was both a great thing and a bad thing. But they always worked it out.

Because their hearts were forever joined.

Because Evelyn had found the one who accepted her.

Because they had found the one to love and to be loved by.

Because Peter had found the one that was too much to ask for.

Author's Note: It's over and done. Until the next time, my readers. Farewell.

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