Too Much To Ask For

Chapter 3

Author's Note: This chapter isn't really new, just edited and added to.

Chapter 3

It took her four days to find the port-city. Four days of glancing over her shoulder along the road she found the second full day away from the castle. Four days of hunting small game and cooking it over small fires. Four days of talking to the horse, the wind, the trees, and the water, none of whom answered her. Four days of restless dream filled sleep during midday and midnight. And while she didn't mind roughing it in the woods, she was more than relieved to see friendly, human, faces. It also meant she could find clothes to change from the shredded and stained white dress she wore.

She made her way slowly through the city, looking for a decent inn where she could get directions. When she found one, she tied the mare, which she'd nicknamed Satin, to a hitching post and ducked inside the taproom that greeted her. She looked around until she spotted a woman with a set of keys on her apron. The woman was more than ready to lap up the story of being kidnapped and now lost, and immediately sent a maid to draw a bath and find clothes for her. When the maid fetched her, the older girl handed over a pair of worn brown pants and a white shirt with patched elbows. A pair of darker brown boots, old though sturdy looking, and a sailor's coat completed the assemble. The maid also led the exhausted girl up to her room and handed over a key before departing. "Thank you!" the girl called down the hallway, leaning out the doorway. The maid turned and curtsied, surprise evident on her face.

When the girl had soaked, scrubbed, and rinsed thoroughly, she climbed from the cooling bath and stretched. There were towels waiting for her, and she used one to tie back her dripping hair. After she'd dressed, she towel dried her hair the best she could and brushed it out. Then she set about braiding it back, creating a headband like loop in the front before continuing the braid to go under the rest of her hair and pulling all the rest into a braid that fell over her shoulder. Once it was done, it created a very pretty coiling look. As she walked down stairs, the mistress found her and asked, "If you're lost, you'd probably like a look at a map?"

"Oh, yes please, mistress," she replied, and eagerly followed the woman into an office. A map hung on the wall, and it was easy to see the distinction between countries. Mostly three lands dominated the map, and the innkeeper put her finger close to the southern border of a country called the Wildlands and another called Narnia. The Wildlands were shaded a light brown color, Narnia red. "Why is it called the Wildlands?" she asked.

"We're known for having strange wild creatures in our mountains. Now, where are you looking to go?" the woman replied.

"I'm not really sure. I think I got hit over the head, because I don't remember anything before four days ago, when I escaped. I don't even know how I got there in the first place," she admitted.

"You could sail south, to Narnia. I would, if I could," the woman suggested.


"Word is that the Kings and Queens are leading them into a Golden Age."

For this, she had no answer but to agree to sail to Narnia. She asked the woman if there was a place she could sell Satin and her tack. The woman introduced herself as Verona, and took her to a livestock dealer. Verona haggled for a price until they were both satisfied, and then she paid for a room for the night. Verona then took her to the harbor, where she was able to buy passage on a ship sailing to Narnia the very next midday. Even after paying both expenses, she had the money to buy a new cloak, a sheath for her knife, and a real pack. Yet, she still had some to stash away in her gear.

That night, lying in the bed, she found she couldn't sleep. Something was calling to her. Something that had to do with Narnia. Something that knew what she didn't about herself. Something that knew where her destiny would take her.

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