Arkenstone Heart


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{Leena's POV}

I woke up with a start. The room was dark and my eyes only just began to adjust when I noticed another presence in the room. I cursed myself for sleeping for so long and reached over for the candle that was at my night table.

The sound of a match being struck made me turn. The light didn't last that long however, for a hand brought the match up and the familiar scent of smoke filled my nostrils and lungs. I glared into the darkness wondering just how long Thorin had been watching - or rather listening to me sleep in the pitch black room.

"I suppose you've come to collect me." I stated, my confidence wavering slightly in the darkness.

There was no reply. Maybe he was remorseful about his last visit.

"I want to make it very clear that -" I was unable to finish as I felt a cold, weathered hand wrap around my jaw.

"I too would like to make something clear," an eerie voice replied. I recognized it with a chilling fear. "I am not your beloved husband, but I am here to collect you." Lord Vorin whispered in my ear.

*** {Thorin's POV}***

I found out very quickly that I was in no mood for celebrations. Today should have been a proud and joyful day for myself and my people - but something was interfering with that.


Even being crippled as she was she still breathed a fiery vengeance. Which seemed to only fuel my anger.

"This is terrible!" Kili cried, with a slight defeat. "What do they think the point of the celebration is anyway?" Her sister slightly chuckled.

I sent him a reproachful look. "I imagine it is to admire you, Kili. As you have done so much in way to help this kingdom." Fili coughed back his laughter at the sheepish and embarrassed face of his brother.

"Tell you what brother, we shall go to the dancers' tent and see how much of a female 'following' we can get for you." Fili offered.

"As long as I get first pick!" Kili shouted as he took off in the opposite direction - oblivious to my vocal disapproval.

Raessa was a quiet thing - and the immediate silence seemed to unnerve me. Gone were the days when I actually lived in peace and quiet - I had now grown accustom to the constant female voice in the back of my mind.

"This way." I held the heavy door open for her and we entered the archery arena. We took our seats on the raised platform - the best view in the house. From here we could see each archer and their arrows as they flew towards their target.

But it all seemed to be for not.

I rolled my eyes as the next contestant failed miserably. Dwarves were not made for archery. Kili however could easily defeat each one single-handedly. I sighed as I could only imagine what kind of mischief my sister-sons were getting into right now.

Suddenly I was dragged from my thoughts by a small voice.

"Thorin?" Raessa questioned hesitantly. I blinked as I came back to reality and gave her my full attention. "How is she?" I knew to whom she was referring.

How was I to reply? Besides her impalement, her spirit was intact so she seemed fine to me. I considered the idea that I had only known her to be distant and short with me and that maybe she wasn't ok.

"She..." I felt a soft touch atop my rough hands. I looked down and realized that I had the death grip of a thousand wargs around the arm of the chair. "I do not know." I answered more gruffly than I had intended. I glanced up and met a warm smile. So it was possible - a smile coming from someone of her kin - though it was a little more difficult to place one on her.

"I know." She nodded. "I understand this reaction you have."

I tensed. She knew what? And this 'reaction' she spoke of...

She tried to sound a little more convincing. "It takes time. Leena, she - she doesn't accept people very...easily."

When I realized that she was referring to Leena actions and not my feelings towards her I reconsidered what she was saying.

"You must understand that it is not you - exactly."

I scoffed. "Have you not seen the way she addresses me? The way she looks at me!"

"Yes I have! Thorin, you see just what she wants you to see - anger and hate. What I see, is another matter entirely." She said searching my face for some recognition of what she was trying to explain. "I saw the way you looked upon her today. Stuff like that does not stem from a simple business transaction. I think you care about her as much as I do."

I chose to ignore the last part. "I might point out that you could be saying that to ensure your sister's safety -that when her venom words fall upon my ears I am to remain unaffected and take no action."

"It is true that I have my sister's best interest at heart; but I only wish to see her happy. You have no idea what she has gone through... If I could only assist in getting her to realize what's right in front of her!" She seemed to be getting ahead of herself as she realized what she had just said and blushed momentarily.

I looked at her carefully. "So you would have be believe that she may have feelings for me?" The words stayed on my tongue and though I had to force myself to admit it, I did like their taste.

"I'm saying that their is a very good chance. If she really did hate you, I believe your highness, you would already be dead. "

This impossible reality weighed heavily on my mind. How could this naive, innocent child see something that she was convinced was real and as clear as day? What if she was right? Or wrong? I could no longer dwell on it. The current event was becoming tiresome and I searched for any other topic to discuss.

"Let us discuss your marriage." I suggested, having a new found respect for the petite frame beside me.

"Oh! Well...Lord Vorin is quite a wealthy and powerful dwarf - he would be more than able to provide for me..."

"And how are you?" I asked solemnly.

She looked a little taken aback by such a question. "Me? I am, happy I suppose." She pulled her sleeves further down to cover her arms completely and my eyes caught a fleeting glance at the bluish-green skin underneath.

"She is determined to save you, you know."

"What? How can she? It's impossible, there's no way to escape.. I've tried -" she cut herself short as she admitted it. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked back at me.

"It doesn't matter; he's supposed to accompany me here and then we are to return home to be married. It's too late. In fact, he should've been here by now..." She looked around haphazardly as of she expected him to be sitting in the crowd around us.

"I promised your sister that I would help her save you. Once we are married, she will have the power of Erebor at her disposal to give to you." This resulted in a small smile and an even smaller, "Thank you."

This festival was turning out to be a little less than the distraction I had been hoping for.

***. ******. *******

"This is excellent!" Kili cried as the four of us made our way back home from the festivities. He had just stopped staring at his prize long enough to reflect on the days activities. "The only golden arrow in all of Erebor!" He gloated as he walked alongside Fili and I.

Fili hit his sibling in the shoulder. "Yes! I do believe we have to rename this day to 'Kili's Day' !" Kili laughed heartily as he was in too much of a good mood for anything else. I however, was more preoccupied with the upcoming task - and what was waiting for me when I got there.

I considered the attitudes I could adopt as I went to collect my Queen. That's what she was, after all. It would be difficult for me to take back what I had said earlier; for words that escape in the heat of the moment are always difficult to recover. I thought about applying brute force and simply carrying her there; but risking her other leg was too much, not to mention the difficulty I would have asking my people to follow me when their Queen wouldn't! No. Neither force nor remorse would solve my current problem. I looked to my nephews in the hopes that perhaps by sending them in first it may soften the blow. But I was a dwarven warrior - and I knew I had to face this battle alone.

As we approached the door to the chambers the three young dwarves stepped back as I quietly unlocked the door and stepped inside.

The darkness was blinding as I entered. As my eyes adjusted the light from Fili's lantern threw long shadows over the room. And the empty bed. I marched over to examine more closely and threw the covers back when I found nothing there.

"Where is she?!" I demanded angrily to no one in particular.

"She's gone." A voice noted - Fili or Kili I couldn't tell which.

"Then FIND HER!" I roared. A sudden feeling of loss was overcoming me and I didn't like it.

My sister-sons moved with blinding speed searching cabinets, chests, and looking under every object they touched. I huffed and stormed over to the smaller door, grabbing Fili's light source along the way. Trying the handle I turned it violently but to no avail. Muttering every curse that came to mind I turned my shoulders towards the flat surface and shoved with all my force. It was a silence inducing move and I briefly looked back to see Fili with standing by the desk holding stacks of paper - absolutely covered in ink and Kili with an armful of what appeared to be my clothes... But I gave them no further thought and continued into the room. I held the torchlight up and peered into the darkness - each darkened shadow being chased away from the light and into my heart. She was gone.

I had been a fool once more. This sister of hers led me to believe that Leena actually had a reason to stay. But it was not truth that she spoke. For her to leave in the state that she was -crippled, would have been no easy task. But neither was caring for me.

"Uncle?" A young voice called. It was Kili. "Thorin!"

"What?!" I demanded, not bothering to look at what my nephew was concerned with.

"Is this yours?"

That's when I lost it. I burst out of the smallest room. "Yes. Everything here belongs to me! I am king! These walls, this kingdom, you, as my heir." I grabbed him by the shoulders." It is mine. And yet she left. She left because she is not mine ; and never will be." I lowered my voice as I came to this realization.

I looked up to see Kili's wide eyes. He said nothing. It was his brother this time that addressed me.

"Thorin, in his hands." I glance down immediately. There, held in his tight grasp was a pipe of origins unknown to me.

"Where did you find this?" I asked curiously. This certainly, was not mine.

He motioned towards the bed. I narrowed my eyes as I studied it. It was of dwarfish make but unlike any I had seen crafted by my dwarves. The end had a large lion head carved into it, with the fiercest features I had ever seen.

"It is his." Raessa spoke solemnly. We all turned to look at her. "Lord Vorin's. I have seen him with it before."

I moved over to the bed and sat down. I was feeling light headed all of a sudden. "So what should we do Uncle?!" The brothers cried. "We have to go after him!"

I closed my eyes and held my brow in my hand. I could hear more talking, but most of it became a blur as I tried to sort my thoughts out. Soon though, I felt the mattress depress slightly beside me. I removed my hand to see Raessa looking at me, concerned.

"What am I to do?" I asked, as if this child-like girl had the answers.

"This may be hard, but what is your heart telling you to do?"

" I stopped listening to that thing long ago."

"Well then, maybe its time you did. Aren't you worried?" She searched my eyes.

"If she is gone, then I will lose the Arkenstone for certain ; and I cannot let that happen. It means too much. I cannot..." I bowed my head, ashamed.

"So you're telling me that this episode you had was because you feared for the loss of the Arkenstone? That you broke down a door for it?"

I faltered. She was like her sister; always questioning my actions and motives. It sparked something in me that I couldn't quite place.

She continued. "No, I know you don't believe that. You did not give it a thought. You did not think that Fili or Kili would find it..."

I faced her immediately, trying to hold back that glower that had crept onto my face. I had removed that addictive thing from the throne room to keep a closer eye on it. I never dreamed that it would be in danger of being found. Slowly, she revealed a cloth - round in shape- that she had been hiding from me. She handed it to me tentatively and I let the covering slip off and onto the floor. The light dazzled me and enveloped the entire room. The Arkenstone felt heavy in my hands, but that was nothing compared to the weight that it had in my heart. I sighed and handed it back to her, turning away from its intensity. I could no longer argue.

I knew what I had to do then.

I called the boys back into the room. As the three dwarves stood before me, their naive inexperienced faces bestowing an irritatingly knowing look upon me I looked at each of them.

"Stay here." I commanded as I secured my swords sheath around my waist. I silenced any objections with one look and stormed out the door.

It was time to fight for what was mine.

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