Arkenstone Heart


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{Leena's POV}His hand grasped my hair with such force that I cried out in pain. I could feel his disgusting nails digging deeper into my scalp as he dragged me alongside him with one hand careful holding mine behind my back. The whole scenario and positioning was a little awkward and he was cursing as he tried to hurry me along.

"Where are you taking me?!" I shrieked as I saw the main pathway fade out of sight as he turned to advance deeper into the mountain.

"Shut your mouth" came an angry reply.

I gasped for air as a sudden horrible pain shot through me as his boot made contact with my injured leg. I crumpled to the ground - not even his grip on my roots could prevent gravity from overcoming me.

"Worthless twat!" He spat viciously. He removed his grip from me and I almost sighed in relief. Vorin stepped away from me and observed his surroundings suspiciously. I looked up cautiously too and realized that we had come to the beginnings of the mines - the empty mines. No wonder he had no intention of using the front door, the sheer number of dwarves gathered outside would make this kidnapping impossible. He planned to keep me down here until he saw his chance to leave.

Before I had time to think of a decent plan he was in front of me again. How helpless I felt looking up at this evil from my place down on the ground - and I could see he enjoyed every minute of it.

"What now, queen of Erebor? Lost the fight already?" He knelt down and clasped my face in his creepy touch. "I should have done this sooner. That precious stone of his is mine. Your stepfather should have given it to me! He had no right... But no matter, I will have something far more valuable and with it," he turned my face back and forth to examine either side more closely, "I will make him bend to my will. Your beloved doesn't stand a chance." My eyes widened as the thought of Thorin came flooding back to me. Against my better judgement, tears began to blur the vision of this terrible man before me, but I continued to hold his gaze nonetheless.

"You look so much like your sister now; fragile, helpless and utterly at my command." His laugh echoed through the stone and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

"Leave her out of this. You have me, she is of no value to you!" I managed to blurt out in a moment of courage.

"Oh no, see you don't understand: I need two sets of heirs , for each of my soon to be acquired kingdoms." I shuddered and drove the thought from my mind. He had to be stopped.

"You're a monster." I choked. He laughed again and I felt myself being dragged back up to a standing position.

"You haven't seen anything yet." He whispered casually. "Now run."

"What?" I demanded. He..he was letting me go?

"Run. Now." I glanced over at the small blade he was pulling out of his sleeve and I realized he wasn't kidding. That sick bastard.

I gathered my courage and began limping away at a brisk pace, looking back every so often to see his looming figure watching me. The fear that I had been desperately trying to subdue finally crept up and flooded my chest, filling me with a horrible sensation that seemed to slow my legs down. The situation would have been fine if I had known where I was going; I was just as familiar with this place as Vorin was - which terrified me even more.

I continued to stumble my way along the narrow path, entering further and further into the darkness. Before long I could hear stalking footsteps behind me and I made a desperate effort to increase my pace. Deeper and deeper into the mines I went, not knowing whether I was going down or up, I just knew that I had to keep going, to try to distance myself from that torturous man.

My heart stopped as a felt something soft press against my arm. He had come to save me. Thorin. Only in my wildest dreams could I have hoped for that hand to reach out once more and pull me to safety - to him. I no longer felt the urgency of my oncoming attacker and breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I was finally safe.

My eyes squinted in the general direction of the touch that I had felt. He wasn't saying anything, and I was unsure of what to do next. Just as I opened my mouth to speak, a loud, piercing sound filled my ears. Suddenly I felt the battering of wings against my arm and came to the horrible conclusion that it wasnt Thorin at all; but a resting bat. The creature took off out of sight and left me utterly alone.

I whipped my head around as I heard the footsteps approaching and that eerie voice once more. I turned and ran as fast as my painful extremity would permit, my bare feet noiseless on the hard stone floor. When I had finally convinced myself to stop and rest, I looked down to see that I was in a bright white nightgown that would make me stand out immediately in this hell hole. I had to stop running and find a place to hide - but where? There was hardly any time!

That's when I saw it. A small flicker of light out of the corner of my eye. Daylight. I couldn't have gone down that far underground then... Without another thought I moved my way towards this light, focusing all my energy toward my goal - bound determined to get there, even if it killed me. Soon enough the darkness of the cavern was washed away by the dusk setting in the distance. I clambered over to the light, drinking it in as if I was a dehydrated animal. It was no more than a hole about two feet in diameter carved out of the stone wall - but it was enough. My spirits were renewed by this grace of daylight and I was able to make a few coherent thoughts.

I peered through the opening and gasped at what I found on the other side. A large water current rushed past me and seemed to disappear off into the distance. Judging from the sound it produced, I assumed it was an even larger waterfall that came out by the main gates. This was not good. I could see no other way to escape and I had seemingly come across a dead end. Not to mention that I couldn't swim.

Out of nowhere I felt the cold, hard metal of a blade pressed against the back of my neck.

"Gotcha." He sneered. "I had so hoped to have a little more fun than that..." I flinched as I felt an even colder hand pushing my dress over my shoulder.

"Don't touch me."

"Oh! How very brave of you Leena, I could've only hoped that your dear sister was as resistant and feisty as you are."

Before I could let him continue any further I threw my foot behind his calf and gave one quick backward thrust of my elbow, sending him tumbling backwards and falling to the ground. I spun around and ripped the blade out of his hand.

"You EVER so much as LOOK at her again and ill make you eat those words." I brought the edge closer to his right eye. "And your eyes." I made a small gash over the eye to emphasize my point. I took a deep breath and dug my knee further into his throat.

Now was my chance. I could finish this right here. Raessa would be safe. I could rid Middle Earth of one more evil.

I raised the knife higher and prepared to send it hurdling towards its target. But a moment of doubt ceased my movement. All I could see were images of Vorin in my place looming over Thorin, or Raessa. The look of satisfaction on his face once the deed had been done. Was I turning into him? My hand began to shake slightly and that was all he needed. One moment I was in power, the next I felt the jagged edge of the stone in my back as Vorin threw me towards the opening in the wall.

"Weak." He cooed into my ear. "Couldn't even finish the job."

I held my breath as he pushed me further back. His face was a horrible sight, blood stains covering his one eye from the wound I had inflicted, mouth twisted into an evil grin. "I'm going to make you wish you had." And with that he shrank back into the distance as I saw stone walls flash past my sight. I fell with such force that the cry that escaped my lips when I hit the ground was foreign to my ears. I tried to open my eyes to get up but the pain that began to appear was too much and I slowly drifted out of consciousness.

{Thorin's POV}It was a chilling sound. As if all the pain and fear in the world had been combined in one audible noise. What terrified me the most was that it was her voice that made it. And the though of what things had transpired to cause such a horrendous cry.

I moved with incredible speed through the twisting paths of the mountain. As I travelled through it I couldn't figure out why he would kidnap her in her own home. Did he not fear my wrath? Yes. Any sensible dwarf would. Unless- unless his motives had nothing to do with Leena directly... Unless he really wanted the Arkenstone. I tentatively considered returning for it, but I brushed the idea away with the reminder of the imminent danger that cry suggested.

That's when I saw him. I could feel my blood boiling and years of suppressed anger resurfacing as I watched him looming over her lifeless body.

"No." I breathed. I was too late.

I proceed to climb on the nearby ledge, assuming a higher position over him.

"Back away!" I ordered from my vantage point. The beast stopped and smiled. He smiled.

"Ah! Thorin! We meet at last. I have waiting a long time for this." He bowed his head in mock respect.

He turned suddenly to glance down at Leena and then back at me, surveying my expression. "Oh don't be alarmed ; she's not dead -yet. But I assure that can be arranged if I do not have your cooperation."

"You are in no position to bargain with me. Now move away." I commanded with more force. My eyes never left his seedy figure as he back up slowly, but not without hitting her face with his heel as he did.

I growled menacingly. My eyes darted towards her being as a muffled groan came from her as she attempted to turn her head in my direction. It killed me inside to see her like this. Lying crippled and helpless on the ground - I could not bear the sight of it. In one swift move I pounced down to the ground before Vorin and unsheathed my sword taking on a threatening stance.

"Thorin, your hostility is so unbecoming...just like your pitiful motivation for love."

My response to that came with the clashing of metal on metal as our weapons locked. My enemy leaned in closer to me. "Did you really think you could have both?" He chided. I took the moment to swing out and attack his side that was blurred by blood stained vision. He blocked it swiftly and noticed my observance of his wound. "Courtesy of your wife." Now it was my turn to smile. The thought of Leena still being able to fight back with her usual tenacity seemed to empower me. My movements became sharper and I could tell he was beginning to slow.

Just as I prepared to launch a final defeating blow, a soft echoing through the cave stopped me.

"Thorin." She wheezed softly. I turned with a look of desperation, unsure of what to do next. I could see her frail arms were trying to lift herself up, "Stay down." I roared, perhaps a bit too harshly knowing perfectly well that she would ignore me anyway.

"Yes, Leena stay on the ground ; where you belong." The evil stated innocently knowing as well as I that any use of what little strength she had left would be futile.

With that I swung my heavy sword and stopped it mere inches from his jugular. My eyes bored deep into his, searching for any speck of light ; when they found none I did what any dwarf would do any head butted him unconscious. When I was satisfied that my enemy was out. I turned and approached Leena who had now managed to crawl over and lean against the wall, propped up on her elbows.

I managed a slight smile as I moved closer. I hadn't the words for her now. She looked at me intently. My heart lept into my throat though when I reached out for her and I received widened eyes and a desperate, "-orin!" I was too confused to realize that that had been a warning and the sudden pain across my back was proof enough for me. Vorin's blade came out red and it slid across my back, leaving a fiery line of excruciating pain. I stumbled away from where she lay, in the hopes of saving her from any harms. My breathing deepened as the second blow came, this time the blunt end of the hilt against my jaw. I turned my head and spit out a mouthful of blood, reaching for my weapon once more.

"Look at you, king under the mountain! Why, you're no better than she! You're both weak - love is weakness!" He shouted fiercely.

As he did so, I slowly backed up until I could feel the cold of the stone structure behind me. If I was to truly defeat him, I would need a running start. As I pushed off of the wall, my battle cry tearing from between gritted teeth his voice suddenly chimed in.

"Ah ah ah! Not so fast.." I saw three rotating discs flash by as I began to move but was suddenly slammed back to where I started. I looked over my being frantically until my eyes laid upon two sharp edged discs on either arm and one against my hip. I began yelling and thrashing about - which did nothing against the weapons embedded in the thick stone behind me.

I could do nothing but watch in horror as he recovered himself from his accomplishment and began approaching Leena. I was shocked to see that in that short time she had gotten up and was now standing up on unsteady legs - but even closer to the river bank than she was before.

The gut-wrenching feeling that developed was intolerable as I witnesses the look of fear manifest in her eyes. I was supposed to protect her, to keep those fears at bay - yet I could do nothing.

"To wait to have my way with her would be a shame, considering I have an audience now, don't you think Thorin?" I growled viscously in response.

"Do not touch her."

"Why not? Don't like to share?" The wicked gleam reappeared in his good eye. He didn't wait for a response and continued towards her.

What happened next can only be described as that first chilling scream I had heard ; for this time it was I that made the sound.

I did so because I witnessed my Queen shoot me a fleeting glance before lunging - or rather throwing herself towards her attacker ; causing him to go hurtling over the edge and into the water - bringing her down with him.

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