Arkenstone Heart

Reliable Hubby

***A/N: Ok. So I am severely loathing myself for not updating sooner, to save you the trouble. However, I am finally not overwhelmed with school and can focus more time on this! So, because I don't want to keep you waiting any longer I have posted this super tiny, itsy-bitsy filler, which may clear some things up and may add to the confusion. :P Anyway, enjoy!***

***Raessa's POV***

It was wonderful. The ceremony had been exactly as I had imagined it and the reception afterwards had been so too. The only part about this whole ordeal was witnessing the look on Leena's face. That killed me. She tried her best to mask the internal agony she was in, but she couldn't hide it so easily from me. I had even tried before the ceremony to get her to admit her feelings; but being the stubborn dwarf that she is it wouldn't happen. It practically took all my courage to not come out and admit the trick we had been pulling all night.

I leaned over and whispered something to my new husband. He nodded in agreement, saying that he had indeed placed the note at Leena's seat before she was to arrive at the table. I could barely control my excitement.

Eventually, the moment of truth came and she sat down without a word, without a smile. I looked over with concern at Fili who had just sat down beside her. He gave me a reassuring nod and I tried to push the antagonizing thoughts from my mind.

Finally though, around the end of dessert, I saw her glance up at the door, eyes becoming seemingly brighter. Yes! It was going to happen! My plan was going to work splendidly. When she excused herself from the table I let her go immediately, knowing what would be waiting for her.

Now that she had left, I could focus my attention and energy into being the happy bride. Fili took the opportunity to raise his mug of ale and start banging on the table for everyone's attention.

"To the bride and groom!" he cried. "Raessa; may your beauty never fade, and your patience never wither," he laughed. "Take it from me this one can be a handful!" this earned a roaring laughter throughout the hall.

"And Kili; may your beard grow ever longer, for I never dreamt of the day that my baby brother would accomplish something before I!" He hit his fist on the table in time with the applause that followed.

"To Kili and Raessa!" and with that the whole gathering lifted their drinks and chugged wholeheartedly.

I looked at Kili and smiled, laughing at the sudden embarrassment that was creeping up onto my cheeks. Without another word he pulled me in close and kissed me for all the world to see. In that moment I couldn't have been happier, and wondered for a moment if Leena was feeling this way too.

If only I had seen the note that Kili had placed laying at the foot of her chair, where it had fallen out of sight; covered in the still damp ink of Thorin's words.

*** Muhahaha so i married Kili off xD. It seemed to make sense cause he has the same hair colour as Thorin. Plus, Leena wouldn't have been able to see Raessa's braid in Kili's hair as easily as they share the same brown hair colour. All in all it made confusing her so much easier lol. ****

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