Arkenstone Heart

The Most Vile of all Punishments

*** k so I believeto have pushed past my somewhat of writers block and will be hopefully updating more frequently now! Anyway, here we find out what exactly Thorin was up to on the eve of the wedding... Enjoy! ***

"Maybe if you weren't so helpless and easy to kidnap I would consider it."

I instinctively clenched and unclenched my fist as our last complete conversation resurfaced in my mind. My anger had got the better of me once more; and it was she who was its unfortunate target. If only she could understand how...infuriating it was.

I dwelled on this further as I began to pace across the moonlit balcony stretched out before me.

No, it wasn't the girl herself that infuriated me. It was her unyielding desire to disobey me, to constantly prove herself, that fire in her eyes that never went away. That unwavering feeling of worry and protectiveness that overcame me whenever Leena and pain met in the same situation.

In fact it was Leena that infuriated me.

Had I not scorned her for hating this king without validity?

I sighed. Was I making the right decision? This sudden doubt was beginning to make me uneasy; to waver as the ruler of Erebor was fatal.

But that's what she seemed to me as now; fatal. Whichever choice I made seemed to have a dire outcome.

She had been like a poison; sneaky, undetected as she made a place for herself in my heart. I came upon this realization when I seemingly existed in a world that she did not. So what was it that 'my heart' was telling me then?

That I could not live without her. That I needed to lay my eyes upon hers, to touch her, to see those lips.

I stopped.

Those lips dripping with words of disdain.

I increased my pace and turned in the other direction. As I did, the Arkenstone weighed more heavily as it swung around in my pocket.

This was Leena I was thinking about! A girl who had managed (quite easily enough) to hate me with all her being from the moment she first laid eyes on me. A girl who would have loved nothing more than to be rid of me if not for her apparent weaknesses.


I suddenly halted and turned with a feral-like stance. It irritated me that someone would interrupt my train of thought as that was not the voice I was waiting on.

"Have you heard anything?" I demanded, perhaps a little too harshly.

"No." Raessa commented. "That's why I came everything ok?" she gave me a slight sideways look as she approached. Possibly sensing the minefield of emotions before her.

"What do you think." I stated, exasperated. I turned and leaned against my elbows on the ledge.

"Oh Thorin, not this again!" she cried as she placed a hand on my shoulder. It irritated me even more that I was being treated like a dwarfling with a crush.

"It cannot go on like this." she declared. "The two of you are making your lives miserable because of your stubbornness! Now, I have a husband to get back to and so help me if none of this is resolved then I am telling her myself!" she cried. I turned and looked at her in surprise at this sudden outlash.

"...Your highness. I mean, Uncle." she looked at me with light, happy eyes at those words.

With that I stood up and pulled my new niece into my arms for a hug. Realizing that I had not yet had the chance to congratulate her. Also because I was thankful that at least someone had put their faith in us.

Raessa stepped back after and smiled. "Have I been wrong before? Did you not see the way she burst through those doors after the ceremony?"

I snorted and looked down, yes I had.

"And what was her reason for doing so? You. You're both waiting for the other to make a noticeable move and that was it."

I suddenly wrapped my fingers around the Arkenstone at this remark. Would relinquishing the hold it had on me finally be the 'noticeable move' to her?

I reflected on this some. "How is it, that my irresponsible, juvenile nephew can have this sorted out?" I furrowed my brow in utter confusion.

Raessa laughed. "Simple. Because unlike you, he doesn't have this," she pointed to the oakenshield, "over his heart."

And with that she walked away, alleviating me of my current burden - somewhat. Before her figure disappeared through the doorway she turned. "And do hurry up once she gets back; her meal will get cold."

And with that one sentence the world was ripped out from underneath me.

"What." I took a deep breath. "Did you say."

She froze and looked up to meet my eyes slowly. "She was never here was she." she realized. "I thought..."

My footsteps thundered across the terrace until I had the feeble girl by the shoulders.

"Where is she?! I have not been with her!"

The girl could give me no answer.

"Did she get the note?!"

"Y-y-yes I thought she did! Kili placed it there, I could have sworn..."

"You swear? No. You listen carefully. Wherever she is, wherever - Leena is, I will find her. I have chosen her and she is mine now. Do you hear me?" I cried through gritted teeth.

"If she has left willingly it matters not. This woman - this creature, has bestowed upon me feelings that I did not wish to have in a thousand years. Every word that fell on me like a knife only dug roots deeper into my soul. I loathe her for making me feel this way! And that is why I will make her pay for this, with the most vile of all punishments." I gazed at the fear I had created, creep into her eyes.

"What will you do?" she managed to whisper.

"I will make her spend the rest of eternity by my side."

***Awww! Isn't Thorin the sweetest? Granted, it was a little rage fueled but he finally admitted that he cares for her! Squee! :P ***

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