Arkenstone Heart

Caged Beast

***ok, so no I have not given up on this story. If you are reading this thank you for sticking around this long to wait for an update. It's readers like you that I appreciate greatly! Anyways, here it is, kinda the same as chapter 18 but from Thorin's POV. Just so I can get back into the swing of things. Enjoy!***

~Thorin's POV~

Three months. That was how long my anguish was dragged out. Like grinding shards of glass into an open wound. The wound that was left when she was ripped out of my life -again.

The thought that I was leading myself into a trap had crossed my mind. But I went into it blindly anyway.

There she was.

Standing with her back to me, she took my breath away at once. Her golden tresses hung heavily down her back; their disheveled appearance stealing nothing from her beauty.

I stood there I know not how long taking in the sight my eyes had been denied for so long. If only she would turn around!

Just to see that disapproving stare one more-

I froze; my legs quickly forged into motionless steel.

A rope.

Without another thought I charged forward, unsure of what my next move was going to next thing I knew it was I who had her by the neck, pulling the rope tighter towards me.

The rage that had been held inside for so long was finally surfacing. I couldn't control myself.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!" I thundered viciously.

The thought of her trying to take her own life fuelled the monster inside that sought vengeance against those who would dare try to separate us.

The beast ignored her continual attempts to free herself, and the resulting claw marks left on my skin served as a reminder for my failure to protect the most important being in my life.

It wasn't until the fight in her began to fade away that the clouds of anger slowly dissipated far enough that I could think clearly once again.

With a short gasp she leaned back against me and I collapsed to the floor; exhaustion finally defeating me.

I grabbed the rope and threw it to the side, slowly running my fingers over where it had left its mark on her neck.

"Mahal forgive me..." I breathed as I studied her face. I gently pushed a few strands away from her face so she could see me.

The look I received was anything but expected.

The moment our eyes met I saw relief flash through hers; as if she knew I would come for her.

It was the look that immediately followed that one that got my blood boiling again.

The way in which she screwed up her face - like she was cringing at the sight of me, was horrifying. It was as if my being here disgusted her in some way.

My mind raced as to who else she would have been expecting to save her. I could come up with no other dwarf.

This only increased the anger within me.

She was disappointed with the fact that the only male dwarf she has ever had any interaction with came to save her? I was so revolting to her that she would rather fade away in this dismal place than spend another minute with me?

Without taking my eyes off of her I reached across the floor and carefully grabbed the glass shard laying before me.

I no longer had time to reflect on the events that had led up to this would be my final pledge to her. I had come to realize that life without her was unfortunately no life at all.

She had lost everything. And in return I had given her nothing.

In my mind there was only one way to rectify the situation in this moment. I breathed in deeply, trying in vain to steady my shaking hand.

In one quick swipe I aimed the blade through the braid that which held my royal her I would give the symbol of my pride and my devotion. For without Leena those things no longer existed within me.

Awaiting the sound of the crafted metal to hit the floor, I was shocked to see instead a red drop fall and land on her face.

A sudden pain manifested on my cheek and my palm returned red to my eyes.

I looked back at her.

It was as if she has been awoken, for the gasp that shaped from her calloused lips revived her from that disgusted expression.

"R-r-real." She whispered in the faintest of tones.

It was when she tried to lift her arm up to me that her eyes rolled back and she was gone.

"Leena!" I cried, placing one arm behind her to support her neck and head like a fragile dwarfling.

"Bravo." Came a voice. "Very heartwarming."

I glanced up to see the one man I dreamed of killing.

"Now tell me, Thorin, was it before or after your attempt at strangling her that you were going to announce your undying love ?"

I turned and sneered at the guards behind him chuckling to themselves.

For a moment I pondered the idea that perhaps the real danger she faced was me all along.

"You left her no choice; I had to stop her."

He sauntered over to a nearby chair and made himself comfortable.

"No choice? You must think me to be a cruel man. "

"The evidence speaks for itself." I replied venomously.

"I gave her a choice!" He said, leaning forward in his seat. "But unfortunately she picked the wrong one. A frequent decision for her, by the looks of things." He added, scanning me up and down.

I growled in response, not willing to let Leena go.

"Tsk tsk. Always so eager for violence! I'll tell you what, why don't I give you the chance to take your anger out on someone, hmm? Let the animal out of its cage for awhile?" He smirked with an evil glint.

In an instance a sea of guards were upon us and I was overtaken. She was ripped out of my grasp and disappeared out of sight.

Before I could call after her I felt a skull shattering blow to the back of my head.

The last thing I heard was his malicious voice commanding, "Ready the cage."

*** teehee! Havent lost the knack for cliffhangers yet :P wish I could promise a faster update but no guarantees :D***

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