Arkenstone Heart

The Arkenstone

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The rest of the evening consisted of a tour of the royal palace and I suppose some quality time with my future nephews and husband. If I were to describe them as we wandered I would say that Fili's appearance, with his blonde hair and adorable braided moustache seemed to add some light to the place, whereas it was Kili's personality that seemed to fill the empty void. Thorin on the other hand I couldn't place. He mostly kept to himself and would offer a smile at the appropriate times but overall he was very distant and cold. Fili and Kili acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and continued pointing and chatting merrily and a small part of me wished that I was promised to either of the brothers instead.

We had gone through the whole royal section of the palace and seen room upon room filled beyond belief with unimaginable treasures. I unwillingly gasped a few times at the absolute splendour of what I saw. One in particular stood out. It was a small stone - no bigger than both my hands put together and it shone with an array of colours that was more beautiful than anything else I had seen before. We entered the throne room and even Kili fell silent. I carefully stepped across the mounds of gold and approached the four thrones that sat side by side. Thorin held out his hand with a stern face and I took it without taking my eyes off of the wonderful stone as he led me up the short steps to the chairs.

"Better be careful Leena," Fili warned "It has been said that one may suffocate from too much fly catching." a crooked smirk appeared on his lips and Kili nearly fell over he was laughing so hard. I playfully glared at him and proceeded to push Kili off the steps and into the gold pile. When he was finished I turned back to the mesmerizing jewel and reached out for it - just to touch it to make sure that it was real. For the third time that day I felt Thorin's strong hand touch me as he stopped my arm at the elbow.

"Never. Touch. That." he stated. I tried my best to suppress a giggle as I looked to the nephews for assurance that he was joking. I should have known. Thorin never joked. I waited for him to let go and I lowered my arm still feeling the pressure of where his fingers had been. I ignored it and walked over to Fili.

"You certainly have a good eye M'lady, - not only did you pick Thorin as a husband but you spotted the most precious jewel in all of Erebor; the..." I looked at him in shock; he didn't know.

" I didn't p-" I started to say.

Thorin interrupted at the right moment. It seemed everyone around here thrived on cutting people off mid-sentence.

"That... is the Arkenstone" Thorin said. I could almost see the pride dripping from every word.

"It's the symbol for Thorin's 'divine' rule!" Kili added, always happy to lend extra tidbits of info.

"And yours." Fili realized. I stared at him blankly as I came to that realization as well.

Soon enough Thorin led the way out of the room and down into the main hall. By now I assumed that it was nightfall as the area began to fill with people carrying plates and trays full of food.

"Fili, Kili you may take your leave now." Fili nodded and Kili pouted. I said my goodbyes and promised that I would see them again tomorrow. I felt as if my last hope flew away with the blonde and brunette locks that now receded into the distance.

I stared after them for a moment hoping that by some miracle one of them would come back and rescue me from a night alone with Thorin. But it was to no avail.

I heard a loud noise as Thorin opened the door to the royal dining room and I reluctantly followed him in.

There, a large oak table adorned with every food imaginable stood in the middle of the room. I laughed inwardly; of course it was an oak table. I was beginning to see my fiancee's little obsessions which seemed so trivial to me.

Thorin walked to the end of the table and stood behind a large royal blue chair. Without a word I sat down and made myself comfortable as he moved -quite gracefully for his size - to the other end. There were about two chairs on either side that occupied the space between us. Excellent, I thought. Too close to ignore but too far to talk in soft voices. We both began our meal and I watched with curious eyes as he picked up a fork and knife and proceeded to eat in that fashion. It was a rarity among kings to be sure. Before long he could feel my inquisitive gaze and he glanced up. To this I immediately dropped my gaze and continued eating. Then something small began to pull at my brain.

"Why didn't you tell them?" I asked. He paused, collecting his thoughts.

"I found it to be an unnecessary detail." he replied, "All that should concern them is that you will be their new queen, and aunt."

I considered this. I also considered the idea that maybe he was ashamed and that maybe he wanted this union to happen as much as I did (which was not at all!). But I couldn't let myself think like that. He was the enemy, the one that had ruined everything for me. Though I later found that more and more difficult to believe.

I was so lost in thought that I hadn't noticed that the next course was already being served. I yawned as I accepted the next plate. As I took another mouthful I froze. A ball of fear manifested itself in the pit of my stomach. Where was I going to sleep tonight? I swallowed a large gulp and focused on breathing. Looking across the table at him I imagined being next to that long flowing black mane and his strong muscular body and my breath hitched. No. I would not see this man as attractive. I had to stay focused. For the rest of the meal I remained keeping my panic attacks in check.

As I apparently wasn't the best at bringing up topics to the king I waited until he rose and moved towards me. He offered his arm for me to take but I refused; making an excuse for wanting to walk unassisted to my room for the first time. (And I did try to emphasize the 'my' part). He shrugged it off and led the way to a grand spiral staircase- an architectural masterpiece. As we headed for the steps I heard some whispering and turned to see a handful of servants and maids gathered in the corner.

"By the end of the week surely!" a stout woman with auburn hair offered. A few of the others shook their heads and replied,

"Well surely you dont have that much doubt in his abilities! Tonight is much more likely." I briefly froze. They were betting each other on how quickly it would take the king under the mountain to bed his soon to be bride. I blushed furiously and hurried along thankful to escape their stares.

It wasn't long before we reached a wooden door with a golden knob covered in clusters of emerald and rubies. I held my breath as Thorin stopped and faced me. He opened the door slowly and motioned me to go in first, studying my face the entire time. Stone cold was I as I entered the king's bedchambers. The ceiling was made of the dark rock of the mountain and the miniature gold fragments appeared to be tiny stars and if i hadn't known better I was looking into the black night sky. From this I surveyed the room. On the one wall stood a large black writing table that looked rarely used. I felt an anger growing inside of me as I pictured him sitting there writing to my step-father accepting the request of the marriage. On the next wall was an even larger piece of furniture which appeared to be a cabinet, and as I approached it I saw every type of weapon known to dwarfkind. There was a smaller door that was closed that I assumed was a simple closet. Finally, a king sized bed that consisted of four pillars of carved wood took up the majority of the space in the room. I examined it more closely and saw a whole manner of dwarves and landscape carved as intricately as if it were a painting. I sighed and gathered enough courage to face him. My heart stopped. He stood before me with his arms crossed and stared without blinking. For the first time since I had met the king under the mountain I saw the tiniest hint of a smirk creep onto his features.

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