Arkenstone Heart

Surprise Visitor

*** Whew! so after that steamy scene with Thorin I decided to put him on the backburner and focus a little more on Fili and Kili. Cause they're the cutest. And I needed to recover. Anyway I dont own them... Enjoy!***

I woke up with a start. Someone was knocking on my door. I adjusted my eyes to the darkness and sat up. An eerie darkness enveloped me and I wondered how I was ever able to get to sleep last night. There were obviously no windows and my candle was a little too far out of reach to change that.

"Yes?" I replied wearily, having absolutely no idea who it might be.

Without so much as a word the door flew open. I flinched and instinctively pulled the comforters close to my chest. There stood Kili grinning from ear to ear.

"You're still in bed?" he cried. His eyes dramatically widened. "Whatever is the matter? You're not sick are you?" he accused. I was a little taken aback as he just strolled right in. His presence across the room made it seem all the more small and cramped in here.

"No." I defended. "Im just not used to being underground!" he laughed and walked around to the other side of the bed.

He, without the slightest bit of hesitation, jumped onto it, laid down and folded him arms behind his head. I hesitated and looked over at him trying to hide my shock. To say I was awkward at that point would have been an understatement. There, lying beside me was my nephew-sort of, and he didn't seem to be the least bit concerned about it.

I paused, trying to come up with something to say. I didn't want to get up and have him see me in my nightgown and I also didn't need Thorin coming in from his room and seeing the two of us. That would have been a little too much for my nerves to handle after just waking up.

"So...where's Fili? Aren't you guys like, inseparable?" I questioned.

"Oh yeah, he's here. He's just going over a few things with Thorin you know..." he closed his eyes and left it at that.

My mind started racing. Going over what things?! New sleeping arrangements? Kili just seemed to be bit too calm about... everything.

I sighed and looked over at him. He was such a cutie. His beard seemed to be more present since the last time I saw him - a detail I'm sure he was proud of. To my horror though, I began to see qualities that reminded me of Thorin. His dark wavy hair, the way his chest rose and fell as he rested. Which just brought back memories of the night before. I drove those thoughts away though; the images of his face with those piercing eyes so close to mine, the overpowering nature of his presence. I shuddered at the last view I got of him; his bare broad chest, the strong muscular shoulders, and the way his long mane draped to perfectly accent his being.

I had just closed my eyes, trying to get back to the lost sleep I had only minutes ago when I heard a familiar laugh.

"Kili! In bed with a girl you've known less than 24 hours! I believe that's a new record!"

Our eyes flew open. "Better believe it! A record for any dwarf this side of the misty mountains!" Kili burst out laughing. I however was a perfect shade of crimson red.

"Aww, now look what you've done! She's turned into a blushing bride!" Fili sat down on the end of my bed. If I had any curiosity as to what it was like to have brothers, it was well satisfied.

"Are you finished?" I asked, trying to hold back my giggles. Kili took this as his cue and leaped up from his comfortable position on my bed. They both nodded.

"Good. Now shoo so I can get ready!" They both glanced at each other.

"We can help!" I rolled my eyes. Without another word Fili went over to my suitcase and started throwing things haphazardly towards his brother. I shrieked but started laughing when Kili managed to catch every single dress and hang them up without so much as a crinkle in the fabric. They were a travelling circus these two. Suddenly I was bombarded with flying fabric as one hit me in the face.

"Hey!" I cried and picked it up to look at it. It was a royal blue strapless gown. I glanced up at Fili inquisitively.

He leaned over the suitcase, "It's Thorin's favourite colour." he winked at me suggestively. This sent the two brothers into uncontrollable fits of giggles.

I was lad someone found this funny. Just then I got up, not caring if they saw me in my nightgown. My long blonde hair flew behind me as I marched towards the door.

"Ok children, let mommy get dressed." They laughed and quickly exited, their pounding footsteps receding into the adjacent room.

I could here them playing around in there; they weren't leaving until I came out. With that in mind I hurried over to where the dress lay and got ready. After securing the final braid and checking myself once more in the mirror trying to see myself as anything else but an animal going to the auction. It didn't work.

As I stepped out into Thorin's room. Fili and Kili stood up from where they were sitting. They remained in silence, staring.

"What?" I demanded, feeling a little insulted.

"I don't know!" Fili cried enthusiastically. Kili gave a little whistle. "Thorin's going to love you!" Kili had no idea of the gravity of those words. I smiled as best I could before being dragged out by one arm.

I tried in vain to pull back on my arm, but the grip that Kili had was so strong there was no hope. I asked them repeatedly where they were taking me, but each time they just kept answering, "You'll see."

Soon enough, we were travelling along the dark, twisted paths through Erebor and I had lost all sense of direction. It took the brothers no effort at all to navigate along and after what had felt like travelling for hours I saw the tiniest glint of daylight. Eventually we emerged to the top of the castle barricade- the happiest moment since I had arrived here.

I breathed in the cool mountain air and let the wind rush through my hair sending it into floating, twisting, golden spirals. I gazed along the horizon at the hills in the distance and took myself back to my home. It was wonderful once upon a time.

The rising sun splashed Kili's dark features in yellow tint. He looked so peaceful that I couldn't resist walked over and hugging him.

"Thank you." I heard his light chuckle.

"Don't thank me. Thank him." and he directed my sights to a dark figure approaching the front gate of the kingdom. Of course, it was Thorin. But who was that that he had with him? I gasped and instinctively hid my head in Kili's shoulder. It was my step-father.

*** Ah cliffhangers, how I love them! So I like writing about those nephews... any thoughts? If I get more reviews I may be more inclined to write about Thorin (teehee) :D:D:D ***

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