Sunset Companions Re-Posted

Chapter 2

Sunset Companions

DISLAIMER: I still don't own The Silmarillion or any of Tolkien's works. Veronica the OC is mine and that's all I own in this.

Veronica returned to the beach the next year with her family. She told her parents she would be down by the water and went to the spot near the last lifeguard chair where she usually met Maglor.

"Hello again!" she smiled. Maglor chuckled.

"It is good to see you again as well." He replied.

"So…You promised to teach me how to play a harp when I came back." She stated.

"That I did." He laughed. Veronica smiled brightly. Maglor then gave her his small harp, positioned her hands and taught her a scale or two. Every night during that particular visit, he taught her more and more.

That does it. I'm going to be a musician when I grow up. The now sixteen-year-old concluded on the last night of her stay in California for that year.

"This is what I want to do when I grow up, Maglor." She stated.

"You want to be a musician?" he asked.

"Yes." She replied. Maglor smiled at her.

"I am sure you will be an incredible harpist someday." He told her. He then smirked slightly. "Until then, you shall have to play that scale again, you missed a note." He added. Veronica swatted his arm and they both laughed a bit. She played the scale he'd been teaching her again.

*Page Break*

"I did it." Veronica stated when she returned to that beach in California at age twenty-one.

"Did what?" Maglor asked. The (still quite young, in Maglor's eyes) woman sat down in the sand beside him.

"Became a musician as a career. My parents helped me buy a harp of my own and I play with an orchestra in New York now." She told him. Maglor laughed and pat his friend's shoulder.

"I knew someday you would. I am very proud of you, my friend." Maglor told her honestly.

"Thanks." Veronica replied, blushing slightly.

*Page Break*

Ten years after Veronica first met Maglor she went to their beach (she had begun calling it theirs some time ago) at sunset and found herself alone. There were no other people; no lifeguards, no tourists and most concerning of all, no Maglor. At first she was confused.

Where is he? He's not here…He's always here! Where could he have gone? What happened to him? She thought. Soon, Veronica began to panic. She took a few steps forward, not knowing what to do. She stood up on her toes and scanned the area with her eyes. There was no sign of life anywhere that she could see.

"Maglor?" she called to the empty beach. "Maglor!" she repeated, a bit louder with more of her panic showing in her tone. She continued in this way and began to search the beach. After an amount of time she did not bother to keep track of, she returned to their spot near the lifeguard chair furthest away from the boardwalk.

Nothing. How could there be nothing? She wondered as she flopped unceremoniously onto the sand. The answer she had been simultaneously hoping for and dreading hit her like a ton of bricks. He's gone back to Valinor. The Valar decided to let him go back and they sent a ship to come get him. He's gone home. Veronica realized.

She felt tears well up in her eyes, though whether they were tears of joy or sadness she either could not tell or simply did not care. She cried. She cried for a long while there all by herself.

After drying her eyes, she looked around the beach, memorizing the surroundings. I won't be coming back here. There's no real reason anymore now that my cousin has moved and Maglor has gone home. Besides, I never liked this city. She concluded.

Suddenly, she noticed something odd near the lifeguard chair. Getting up, she walked over and realized the aforementioned something odd was a package of sorts. It was wrapped in what seemed to be the brown paper bags she had packed lunch for school in when she was young.

She held the package in her arms and sat down a way's away from the lifeguard chair to open it. A strangled sob escaped her lips and she struggled not to cry again when she opened the package. Inside was Maglor's small harp (the very same one he had taught Veronica to play on) and a folded up piece of what she still referred to as printer paper. She assumed there was a note written on the paper and picked it up and unfolded it.

My dear friend Veronica,

If you are reading this letter, I am gone. As it turns out, my hoping was not in vain. A ship came out of Aman just after your last visit and I have gone home. Do not despair, my friend. I shall be all right. I hope you shall be as well, wherever it is that your life takes you. I look forward to the day we meet again. In the meantime, I have left you this small harp. I know you will recognize it as the very one I always had with me and that I taught you to play on. I am leaving it to you as something to remember me by. I am very proud of you, Veronica. And I wish you all the luck in the world. I truly do.

Your friend,


She read the note in a whisper to herself several times, just to be sure that she had been right and that he had gone home. After a moment or two, she cried again, though this time she was sure they were tears of joy. After who-knows-how-many-thousands-of-years, Maglor (more recently one of Veronica's closest friends) had finally been able to return home.

He was a great friend, and she would miss him terribly. However, at the bottom of her heart, she was glad he had gone home. She looked at the setting Sun in the West, and suddenly she could envision the whole scene.

In her mind's eyes, Veronica saw a beautiful white swan ship sailing out of Valinor towards the shore she now sat on. She saw Maglor's shocked face when he saw the ship and realized he was going home. She liked to think it was Maglor's brothers who had come for him, and so she saw him reuniting with them after all the long years. She saw him quickly explaining their friendship and having them wait as he rushed into the city to find a cardboard box and paper to write the note on. She saw the seven of them boarding the ship again and sailing home.

Veronica sat there for a long while, watching the Sun set in the West. Eventually, she took the small harp out of the box it had been in for a year. All her memories of Maglor and their friendship came back to her as she played. She did not try to stop them.

Remembering is all we have in the end isn't it? Because nothing lasts forever. I don't want to forget anything, be it good bad or somewhere in the middle. It's good to remember. History does not remember Maglor too kindly. But I will always remember him as one of my best friends. I look forward to the day I see you again too, my friend. Veronica mused. As the Sun finally dipped below the horizon, she stopped playing.

Author's note: Because I like to think that Maglor was able to go back to Valinor eventually. And because I am a sucker for happy-ish endings. *Please note that this has been revised and much of it has been re-written. Though I thank those who read and reviewed the first time, I ask that you do so again. I love to hear what others think of my writing! So please, read and review!*

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