Red Bones


Key Fourteen: Aizen:

Allen lay on the floor in a daze. That damned creature continued to eat through his body. How was he still alive after this? The angel stared breathing heavily. Her body felt like it was to fall apart. How many days had Road kept him like this? Rope burns deep into his wrists and ankles. Whip scars along his back. Hole and cock abused severely. Lower jaw aching. Whole body sore all over. Even his eyes started to look lifeless.

How much lower could he go with this?

But, Allen wouldn’t give up. No, he still had most of his mind left. Aizen was not going to take him so easily. Right now, that beast wrapped around his spine. Allen let out a voiceless scream as he crawled around on the floor.

Then there was the whispering. That damned whispering.

The voices didn’t sound so clear at first. Allen thought that it was all in his head. But then, it sounded like they were coming from the city.

Can you hear them?

Allen’s eyes moved out to the empty darkness. Leda? That wasn’t her. It was definitely a woman’s voice. His heart jumped in his chest.

Who are you?

You can hear us? You can hear us? You can hear us? Hear us? Hear us?

Allen pressed his lips together. Yes. Did Aizen get to his brain after all? He smiled and shook his head. I am going crazy, aren’t I?

No, you’re not. I really am here. We all are. We all are.

Who are you?

We are us. We are us. We are us!

What do you want with me? He winced as Aizen dug deeper into his back. Each little bite, each little step. Was that damned beast going for his bones now? That was all that was left now. That and his brain and skin. His organs ran on empties at this point. How was he still alive? Oh that’s right, he was an angel. They couldn’t die.

Help us.

What do you mean?

We are trapped. Help us! Help us!

Aizen moved down his spine. Allen tried to push himself to his feet. He froze as a realization came over him. The angel looked down at his legs. They lay there like limp noodles. He tried to move them again. Horror washed over him.

“No…” he murmured.

Then the door opened in the distance. Allen’s heart sank. He didn’t want to look up. He willed himself not to look up. Footsteps walked up to him. A rough hand grabbed him by the hair. His body was dragged along the cold black floor. Here is came again. The abuse. The humiliation. He could hear her humming.

The door closed behind them.

Road threw him onto the bed. Allen looked up to her grinning at him. She seemed to be daring it go further. She could break down his body if she wanted. Her knees came on either side of him. His mistress started talking to him. He couldn’t understand what she was saying. In fact, her silhouette looked blurred.

“Heh?” he asked. She smacked him across the face.

“I said hush,” Road hissed. Allen stared at her with big eyes. Her lips curved into a smile. Road gently caressed her cheek. Shivers ran through his body. He hates it, but his body wants it. Allen broke down whimpering. She made an odd face at him.

“Hm?” the monster asked. Road leaned down to his lips.

“Fuck… me…” Allen whispered. His mistress looked rather amused by this.

“Fuck you?” she asked. “You want me to fuck you?” The angel nodded like a sad little puppy. Road began to snicker.

“Well then,” she said. “You’re starting to get it.” Fear washed over Allen’s eyes. No! No! Road leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Aizen happily jumped around in his body. These were the only times that he didn’t try to feed. Allen’s body would get a rest from the inside. But the abuse from the outside had just began.

She doesn’t go easy on him. Once she starts riding him, Allen’s mind disappears into twisted bless. The angel lays there and just takes it. He had a cracked-out, disturbed smile on his face. His eyes looked so empty and dead like they have been lately. Small moans escaped from his lips.

“More… more…” he pleaded. She’s happy to supply. Allen’s body shook as the monster on top of him pounded harder. Blood started to form around his mouth. It’s been getting worse lately. The angel could hear his own bones cracking in his body. Or was that Aizen crawling around on his bones again? They both sounded the same. Road kept her eyes locked on him. Little bursts of fear swam up from the surface. It felt like she was sitting on his chest. But, he doesn’t move.

His mind went blank. Everything about him was blank. Was Aizen finally winning over him? No, that couldn’t be right. He was still Allen. He still had what was left of his sanity. He knew that he had to get out of this hellish Tower again.

Help… me…

Road reached her climax after her sex slave did. He doesn’t even feel that. She goes to sleep with her arm across her chest. Allen stared up at the ceiling with no life in his eyes. Aizen’s going to wake up and start feeding again. I have to get out of here.

However, that’s going to become a lot more complicated.

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