Red Bones


Key Fifteen: Horse:

The color drained from Lavi’s face.

“What did she tell you?” he asked. Ami looked ready to cry. The angel rushed forward and grabbed her.

“What did she tell you?!” he shouted.

“Stop!” Ami shouted. “Stop, you’re scaring me!” The angel let go of her trembling.

“I’m sorry,” Lavi said. Ami looked down at her six-month belly.

“What is our son?” she asked. “What is he?” The angel lowered his eye. Their son. Their son. Bookman said not to get attached. But she was right. This child was his. No, he couldn’t be thinking this way. But still…

Lavi dropped his shoulders and sighed.

“She told you, didn’t she?” he asked. “What all do you know?” Ami held onto her stomach.

“She said that the baby was a nephilim,” she said. The heiress looked him in the eye. “Is it true? Am I having a nephilim?” Lavi clinched his teeth and lowered his head.

“Yes,” he mumbled. Ami’s body started to tremble. Lavi pulled her into his arms.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I will protect you both.” The angel felt her eyes resting on him. He didn’t want to look down at her face.

“Please…” Lavi pleaded. “Trust me.” Ami looked ready to push away from him. His words felt so hollow.

Suddenly, her he felt a force at his abdomen pushing him away. Lavi was about to speak when he looked down. The little heart pounded in his ears. The angel trembled as he let go.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Heh? What are you talking about?” Ami asked. Lavi could hear her voice. The little heart pounded louder. The angel’s eye widened.

I see. That’s how it is. I get it.

The heart settled back to a normal beat. Lavi gulped as his own heart sank.

-Fallen City-

In the city, an image of a giant horse appeared in the sky. The animal was so big that it blocked out the sun. The angels on the ground were quick to take notice. That temporary relief from that bleak burning sun couldn’t last. As soon as they looked up, they saw why.

The beast looked like it was in pain. Cracks of red showed through the blackened skin. The horse seemed to be crying in pain. The sounds made the angels’ ears bleed.

“What is that?!” Cricket cried aloud. Tate pulled him into his arms.

“Shhh. Shhh. Shhh,” he whispered. The smaller angel looked up at him. The horse in the sky didn’t move natural even. If the angels had known better, they would’ve said that the poor creature looked like it was in pain. Some even thought that it was dying. The neck stretched around as if it was tied down and getting shot at.

“What’s wrong with it?” Grace asked as she stared up at the sky. Kit tugged on her arm.

“Right,” he said. “Let’s just go.” He pulled her along with him. Grace still stared at the sky.

Meanwhile, Harry and Tyrone felt how bad the effects were. The men looked up at the sky and shivered.

“That’s not good,” Harry whispered.

“Let’s just go,” Tyrone whispered. “Come on, don’t look at it.” The other angel nodded as they moved further into the sixth circle.

Just as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared. The sun came back out. But, the angels were left wondering about what that horse in the sky. It had to be an omen, but an omen for what? Those that had a guess feared the worst.

They weren’t the only ones, however.


The angels in the tower saw that same giant horse as well. They saw that giant beast projected on the ceiling. The cracks deepened on the black body. Its eyes glowed like fire.

The angels in Paradise cowered in fear. Alma crawled up in a little ball in the cage. Marion pulled her into her arms.

“Stay by me, okay?” she whispered.

“Yes,” Alma whispered.

Meanwhile, Allen couldn’t tell if it was real or Aizen messing with his head. The angel rubbed his head as he looked at the horse. Its cries of pain blended with the howling in his head. Allen narrowed his eyes. That horse seemed to be looking down at him. It cried out in such pain as the cracks moved deeper across its body.

Road grabbed Allen by the hair.

“Come away from that,” she said. “I am way more interesting than that ugly creature.” Allen doesn’t say a word and doesn’t take his gaze away from the horse on the ceiling.

Just like in the city, the horse disappeared from view on the ceiling. There wasn’t a single trace left. What did this horse want with the city and the tower? Just like the angels in the city, the angels in the tower suspects that it is an omen. Only the monsters know what it is, but they won’t say anything, will they?

Still, they weren’t the only ones, however.

-Living World-

The people in living world saw the horse as well. However, it came with something else too. The world heard long horns blaring through the sky. When the humans looked up, they took saw the horse. By now, they could see the horse’s blood running through its veins. The youth filmed that dying beast in the sky. Its cries blended in with the horns in the sky. Women with their bodies couldn’t figure it out. Bookman gritted his teeth.

“This is not good,” he whispered to himself. The horse threw back its head and cried out in pain. The poor beast fell on its side in the skies. What was left of its body broke into tiny pieces. The blood spilled over into the clouds. Despite this, the horns and cries grew deafening loud. Humans ran into building and took cover. The “attack” lasts for ten minutes before the dead horse disappeared and the sounds stop.

What does all of this mean? The humans and angels have their own theories. Again, only the monsters knew the answers. Yet again, they won’t say a word.

Meanwhile, Lavi and Ami had bigger problems to worry with.

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