Red Bones


Key Seventeen: Connection:

Allen lay in Road’s bed in a daze. But, his mind is still there. The proof came when something, or someone, called out to him.

Are you there? This wasn’t a voice he heard before. It sounded like a child, but not really. Maybe a man trying to sound like a little boy.

Hello? Hello? Anybody there?

I’m here.

Oh good. Somebody finally heard me.

Uh… Who are you?

Tell me who you are.

Who am I? Wow… Who am I? Pause. Well, I am called Allen. Or Red. You can call me either one.

What should I call you?

Allen, I guess.

Okay, nice to meet you, Allen.

Same to you. And you are?

I don’t exist yet.

Huh? So, where are you?

My mother’s belly.

So you’re not born yet?


When will you be born?

They say sometime in the winter.

The doctors?

I guess.

Why contact me? What do you want with me?

I wasn’t trying to contact you in general. I was just looking for someone, anyone really.


Where are you?

Heh. It’s worse than hell.

What is hell?

A really bad place.

Am I going to hell?


How do you know that?

I don’t.

Then why would you say that?

I don’t know.

Why are you in hell?

It’s not exactly hell.

What do you mean?

Wow. I don’t know how to put this. You still don’t know much about the world. I’m kind of confusing myself thinking about it.

Why is that?

I don’t know.

Why don’t you know?

I just don’t. I don’t even know much about you.


What’s the matter?

I’m afraid.

Why is that? What is the matter?

Too many voices are always calling out to me. I don’t understand what they want from me. They keep calling me some sort of a savior or something.

Is that what you want?

I don’t know. I don’t even know who I am yet. I don’t even exist yet.

Are you loved?


Are you loved? Do your parents love you?

Pause. I think so.

Heh. I think you will be fine.

Are you sure?


Okay. I have to go. My connection is dying.


The child spoke a little bit more, but Allen couldn’t hear him. Who was that? Who was he really trying to contact? Something about him didn’t seem quite right. He didn’t sound as innocent as he pretended to be. What could he be hiding? Who was he really?

When Allen came back to reality, he chuckled to himself. “I really am losing my mind.” The angel smiled to himself, shaking his head.

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